X Factor 2 – SirMac’s Top 8 Power List

Last week we had the brutal elimination that cost us Jennel Garcia and Lyric145. This week, we had the “not-so-brutal but hard to watch” eliminations of Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller. Beatrice, especially, looked like she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I kind of agree with the decision to send her home, rather than yo-yo her in and out of the bottom 2 each week. They ripped the band-aid off, so to speak. Although, her rendition of White Flag was FAR superior to CeCe Frey’s cover of Because Of You. Anyway, the list below:

8) Paige Thomas- If there’s a double elimination next week, Paige will partake in it somehow. She got a minor bump from having been in the bottom, which this week will go to CeCe (keeping her from the 8th place spot). If there are two eliminations next week, it’s entirely possible that Demi will lose both of her singers.

7) CeCe Frey- A small bump expected for her bottom finish, but having appeared twice now in the sing-off doesn’t bode well for CeCe, who many internet pundits believe is surviving her eliminations simply because she poses no threat at actually winning this competition. Jennel could have bounced back and knocked out a stronger act, as could have Beatrice. But CeCe will perpetually be in danger. Using her to kill off stronger acts is a power move by LA, Simon, and Britney. It’s actually entirely possible she would survive a third elimination just because of this, but it’s not likely.

6) Fifth Harmony- They dipped a bit this week, which is odd, because they’re actually starting to sing as a group. Maybe America prefers the 5 soloists group instead off the 5 singers as a group style of singing. Whatever it is, Fifth Harmony has to find a way to get back in this game, fast, because there’s likely one more double elimination coming down the pike.

5) Diamond White- Yeah, she sounded pretty fantastic last week. However, she’s going to run out of steam when she finally gets another up-tempo choice (ala Forget You), and that could put her in danger of elimination. America seems to like her doing power ballads, which is odd because she’s not Melanie Amaro.

4) Vino Alan- I’ve really moved this dude up in my rankings because it seems like he can do no wrong. However, I think there’s a push for Emblem3, which seems to be closing in closer and closer on Vino’s 3rd place spot. Personally, I thought that was the most aggressive performance of Proud To Be An American that I’d ever seen.

3) Emblem3- They started in 6th place, moved to 4th place, and then came within half a percent of knocking Vino out of the 3rd place spot. Their fanbase seems to be super aggressive, and pushing harder each week. I expect them to finally overtake Vino this week, and become the 3rd place act. If their fanbase can continue the aggression, who knows where they might finally end up (assuming there are 3 acts in the finale this year).

2) Carly Rose- Considering not even Mario Lopez knows what her last name is, I really hope she just drops it. Anyway, this fight is between Tate and Carly, and right now his frauen are rallying to launch him back into first place next week. Carly’s not down for the count just yet, but her taking Tate’s 1st place spot away from him this early may cause his fanbase to vote even harder for him in the coming weeks.

1) Tate Stevens- Proving that age is no longer a factor in the WGWG category. We haven’t seen him play guitar live on the show yet, but he’s been shown in his packages with guitars, so we can assume that he’ll whip that out at just the right moment so that he can lock in the white guy with guitar vote and win this whole thing. That being said, I do believe he has a huge career ahead of him in country music. He’s extremely likable, and he’s authentic country. He even struggled through Fix You this week because it was so out of his element. I think we’re looking at the winner here. The only thing standing in his way is the potentially rabid fanbase movement behind Simon’s Emblem3, and the fact that Simon would love to launch another One Direction type band in America. He might manipulate a bit to position them just right. Stranger things have happened.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below. Did you vote? Who for?


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  • fantoo1

    The guitar doesn’t have anything to do with getting votes-at least in Scotty’s case.

  • http://twitter.com/shoriagirl Shoriagirl

    Scotty plays guitar, therefore he is a WGWG. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    5th Harmony, Diamond White and Vino Alan (if he drops some positions, which isn’t likely) are so going home if they have to face CeCe or Paige on the bottom two. The bottom two exists to drag acts who aren’t good singers but make good TV either can be commercially  successful with autotune. Katie Wessel and Cher Lloyd (the two “mean” girls from X-Factor) were on the bottom two EVERY single week, like 10 weeks and they always survived against much better singers. I don’t know how miraculously both were never on the bottom two together. If Tate didn’t have so many votes he would be the same piece of expendable human material that the other acts are. Simon must be p.. off he can’t use him as fodder. This season he’s losing his fodders too quickly.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I find it ironically amusing that Tate is such a big vote getter on Simon “I-don’t-understand-or-like-country-music” Cowell’s show. lol

  • chillj

    I know, this must give him nightmares.  It makes me chuckle…a lot.  Simon could have achieved the same result at a cost of at least 25-30 million dollars less.  

  • fantoo1

    But he never used it to “flip” a song and he isn’t a soft rocker like the other 4.

  • http://twitter.com/shoriagirl Shoriagirl


  • jlscott13

    So. Scotty is still a WGWG.

  • fantoo1

    He was once he won. Paul McDonald was the original and “token” WGWG until Scotty won. Scotty wasnt called one until he won just to make the coincidence legit.

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t see any evidence of a rabid fanbase for Emblem3

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    Well, Twitter’s awash in teenage girls going gaga for Emblem3. I got tired of scrolling before I’d read 10 minutes back in the chit-chat raving at or about them. (It mostly amounts to “OMG, I am SUCH a FAN!”) How this translates to voting is, of course, anybody’s guess.

    I had to search, though; people in my normal timeline aren’t into them.

  • iluvai

    I don’t know what to make of this season. I don’t think Emblem 3 has a rabid fan base, although my 12 year old says she voted for them at least 50 times. I think Carly is the winner. eta: I wish Jennel and Lyric145 were still on the show.

  • iluvai

    I hope CeCe is gone next week. She seems so fake (imo).

  • Benjamin Morris

    I think Carly is a huge favorite at this point. The fact that Tate couldn’t win a 10-way vote with the country segment completely locked up is pretty deadly. He might move back into the #1 spot for a week or two, especially if Carly has some less impressive performances, but in the longer run Carly’s vote share should only increase as other non-country contestants are eliminated.

    The bigger threat to Carly is that someone else makes a big move, but ATM I’d guess the vote share was something like 35% Carly, 30% Tate, 12.5% Vino, 12% Emblem3, 10% other. Regardless, the point is we know Tate’s percentage was probably pretty high since he has been leading for 2 weeks, and we know Carly’s was even higher. Since percentages are zero-sum, this means everyone else’s must have been pretty low.

    In other words, anyone other than Tate has a lot of ground to make up, and Tate has the least upside potential. So advantage Carly.

  • http://twitter.com/cocoloids Franco Carlo Buendia

    we almost have the same ranking, except for the top2! LOOK! —> http://cocoloids.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/x-factor-usa-2-top-8-power-rankings/

  • Karen C

    It could also be that this week, being that the performance show was the day before Thanksgiving, that a lot of the audience was travelling or simply too busy to watch and vote.  This might have affected the results, especially among adults.

  • Hellraiser77

    Last week there was only 4% between the top 4 (as announced by Mario) so I suppose Tate and Carly are not that far ahead…

  • chessguy99

    Look harder, a large portion of E3’s fanbase aren’t from US. That’s also the problem for 5H, a sizable portion of their Twitter following can’t vote either. E3 does better in the voting because they are the only cute guys left on the show, and they perform to the audience. Camila and Ally are the only two on 5H who seem to understand performances are both visual and vocal. The same could be said of the top 3, they look to be the most comfortable ones on stage.

  • kmd23

    Tate wins even if he does not win. I predict he will have the best album sales when he releases his album of any of the contestants. It is not just because he is country because I don’t like many country artists and I really like him. I also think Emblem3 would be way more marketable of an act than Carly so they should win this. I like them too but I think the viewing audience might be older so I am not so sure they will. Carly belongs on a Broadway stage as the star of a new musical. Nothing wrong with that.  Would rather see Vino win then Carly.

  • Last Laugh Lane

    Amidst all the CeCe disdain, I want to see her like this again this week.


  • hcpoirot

    If I am Simon I will push for a win for Tate even if he dislike country music. He is a producer who want to make money in first place. And country music is HUGE in US.

    With the right songs and promotion, Tate can make it big . Not like Carrie big but maybe close to Scotty big which is very good.

  • Karen C

    I think Tate is the most likely to be successful, too, especially if he wins.  Of the ones that are left,  he probably would be the most marketable in the US.  Simply because of the difficulty of getting airplay from reality contestants on pop radio, which is where most of the rest of the contestants would probably fall under.  Country radio has been much more receptive.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    If I am Simon I will push for a win for Tate even if he dislike country music. He is a producer who want to make money in first place. And country music is HUGE in US.

    Wasn’t that the reasoning behind Nashville Star? It ran six seasons and produced only two stars: Miranda Lambert (3rd place, S1) and Chris Young (1st, S4).

    Of the six winners:
    –Buddy Jewell’s first album went gold, then his second did meh and Columbia Nashville dropped him when its singles all flopped.

    –Brad Cotter and Erica Jo had albums that sold poorly and singles that failed at radio. They were dropped by Epic Nashville and Universal South, respectively, after their first albums.

    –Chris Young’s first album did as meh as his predessors’ albums had, but apparently RCA Nashville saw something in him, developed him, and his second and third albums did better and had radio hits.

    –Angela Hacker and Melissa Lawson were dropped by Warner Bros Nashville without even releasing an album, after their lead singles flopped.

    There’s nothing magical about being “country” for reality-show winners. It’s worked for Idols — but being pop, being R&B, being rock, and even being Taylor Hicks has worked better for Idols than the kind of sales performance we’re seeing from XFUSA and Voice competitors, or from alumni of any other recent singing reality show that’s based in the U.S. (with the exception of those two from Nashville Star — and next best are Le’Andria Johnson from Sunday Best, Pentatonix from The Sing-Off, and maaaaaybe Steel Magnolia from Can You Duet?). [I didn’t go through records of the old Star Search from the 1990s.]

    Cowell wants his boy band, and his second choice is going to be Carly Rose Sonenberg, as he’ll be tempted to make her a big-voiced-urchin novelty act, and he likes novelty acts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jclaytonmusic John Rocketship Potter Clayton

    You can have a “rabid fanbase” without having the largest fanbase. Emblem3 has gone up each week, instead of fluctuating or trending downward. That’s why I said they have a rabid fanbase. 

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    I actually agree with this list completely. Except the winner may be a bit unpredictable and the who will make the finale will also be intense. Carly and Tate I think are a lock for the finale as long as they just keep the momentum going which I think they will. Vino and Emblem3 whoever has the breakout performance in Top 4 night will make it. Knowing Simon, I think he will have something up his sleeve to make sure its Emblem3. Then again he may think he will and then cock it up. who knows. If he’s smart he’ll let them sing an original right before the finale. I think Carly should go the…. actress in a big music movie route like Anna Kendrick/Jennifer Hudson but it has to be a hit movie this is her best chance at making it big. I saw an interview that she was never really a big fan of Broadway which is probably why she decided to pursue a different route otherwise she would have just stayed on Broadway. Although her career there was promising. Reviews seem to state that she was a good actress as well. Tate is country and country has no age limit and doesn’t seem like it ever is dominated by a few. He’ll be a winner as long as he’s signed to Nashville. 

  • Benjamin Morris

    Oh? I missed that. Very hard to work out a plausible distribution in that range. But if that’s true, it’s very good news for Emblem3, who I already considered the most likely to knock Carly off.

  • Klaine

    I vote for Carly Rose or Vino….Carly Rose seems like someone who could do well as a tween star but also has the chops to move into a young woman and really be a success which these shows all desperately need.  Im not a huge Tate fan but it seems country fans vote like crazy….I just hope Simon doesnt get his wish for Emblem 3 to win – but even if they come up in the top 4, he’s going to launch them.  Remember 1D came in third.  And Cher Lloyd was 4th.  The others are all forgettable.  And I hope in season 3, we stop this bringing back a contestant that was cut by the judges…Its just not fair.  Period.  If theyw ant to do that, let each judge cut 1 and then have a wild card that the viewers vote for.  Then you can get your top13.  Personally, I can do without double eliminations twice in a week.  If you need the ‘drama’ then do it once a season – but Fox plan your schedule better so we dont need to that..I dont know if that was caused by the Diamond additoin giving them an extra contestant…The sing off is getting tiresome also because even though Simon says the best singing act at that point should stay, its consistently not happened…and has a judge EVER voted out their own contestant?  Seems not…at least I havent seen it…And stop the shenanigans of SImon forcing Demi to vote out her own person and then be stuck with working with Paige who she voted to cut.  And someone give Britney a life transfusion.  She really has no personality..her amazing comments were bad enough (what happened to the great faces from auditions?) but her standing near a hysterical Beatrice and not even comforting her and just standing their stiffly really was embarassing. A ny positive feelings I had about Britney before have really disappeared.  Im not looking forward to he video with Will I am – it will be just more autotune and who needs that.  This season has been a mess…I hope they not only get rid of Britney, but Khloe hasnt done well either- not that I think people will watch or not watch because of her, but they didnt even get the Kardashian twitter bump…And not sure this revealling the positions work , esp since weve had the same top 3 – it seems to ruin a lot  of the suspense and the cynical part of me wonders if this was all a push to get those hormone ravaged tweens to vote vote vote for Emblem3, even though theyre not that cute and one of them needs to buy clothes besides those sleeveless tees he wears every day.   I wish we did have Simons old idea of the XF, Idol & Voice winners all competing for a super champion..and get all those judges in the same room – just imagine – Brit, Christina, Mariah, Nicki, Blake, Simon, LA, Adam< Cee Lo…Great trainwreck TV….Hopefully Idol comes up strong and not too manipulative and at least we can have 1 good talent show – and ironically it would be the old standby, whos managed to refresh the show with new judges…Id like to see some format changes though – surprise us Idol producers.  and less fake awful acts in the auditions…really dont care for those

  • http://twitter.com/AwesomeWillis Willis White

    I think your rankings are pretty spot on.  I do feel, based off the 3 main singing shows, X Factor seems the most scripted.  I think no matter how well CeCe sang in the sing-off that Beatrice was slated to leave. They mentioned both her medical and emotional issues and made it seem like the only humane choice.

    5th Harmony will have to deliver something great to survive next week.  I think the other elimination will be Paige or CeCe. Simon seems behind CeCe and this is the last chance she has for a break out. Maybe some GaGa? Paige must wow to continue.

    Diamond White is the wild card to me.  I can see her both going out this week, and ousting Carly from the top teen spot. Guess we’ll see…

    I could see Tate slip out of the top 3 at the last minute to make room for Emblem3. I think Vino could go to the finals with Carly, or maybe Emblem3.

  • dd999

    Carly’s voice for 13 is amazing! I’ve listened to her sing her version of ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ several times. Incredible!

  • iluvai

     CeCe for the win!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    She seems so fake (imo).

    IMO, this is exactly what the show wanted people thinking. But all the contestants have been vocal (on twitter and interviews) about how she’s actually a very sweet girl – especially Jennel, who said she became her best friend on the show and is rooting for her (she didn’t mentioned anything about her teamate Paige). I saw from the beginning she wasn’t that “evil” girl that TV edition tried hard to show as mean, just a very outspoken person. 

    However, it’s understandable that majority of people will look her now as fake, since they will always relate her with the first impression they saw on TV.

    Actually, I’d prefer her being the old Cece, the “mean girl”, sorta a Regina George with a very good voice. It would make great TV!!  But it’s kinda bummer that she’s definitely a sweet and good girl with a terrible voice.

  • iluvai

    A mean girl with a good voice would make great t.v. But she seems to be the mean girl with a not so very good voice. I don’t see her as sweet, but maybe she is. You only have once chance to make a first impression, and this show did her no favors.  :)