X Factor 2 – Top 6 – Take the Polls!

You watched the X Factor Top 6 performances tonight. Now, vote in the polls! Who was your favorite contestant? Which was your favorite performance?

Who was Your Favorite Contestant?

Which Was Your Favorite Performance?

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  • Benjamin Morris

    Carly is still the best in this bunch, but Demi is right that she’s getting predictable. Like, name a song and I can picture approximately how she is going to sing it in my head.

    If you look up her older stuff on YouTube she seems like she has a lot more range than she has been showing, but that’s often the case on these shows.

  • Keyera Mullins

    Honestly Cece needs to go home. She had the worst performances by far for the night. Her personality sucks & she really was off key in my opinion. She’s just not likeable. 

  • http://twitter.com/JonKills Jon Glass

    I like CeCe. I don’t think she did as bad as everyone is saying :(

  • Keyera Mullins

     Honestly I really liked her during her first audition, but she (to me) seems to be so fake. I liked her Edge of Glory performance, but other than that I just can’t seem to figure her out. =/

  • Listening

    I couldn’t pick a favorite contestant b/c it’s been hit or miss w/ contestants lately. They’re not consistently good or believable. But I was able to pick the best performance Carly’s As long as You Love Me.  That was miles above what anyone else did tonight.I feel like she pulled out a totally new tone for that song and I loved it. I believed her completely and I loved the arrangement. She had just the right amount of tricks in the song. Carly didn’t have a hint of theatrics in that performance. But she’s not my favorite contestant b/c she’ll have performances like If I were A Boy where she’s not believable at all. Tries to hard to be precise and comes or as theatrical which isn’t my taste.

  • Listening

    I actually believed Cee Cee had one of her best vocal performances w/ Part of Me. I enjoyed it even though at times it was a tad overly exuberant/dramatic. You could tell she really connected w/ the lyrics.

  • Listening

    The worst of the night were easily Emblem 3 they could not sing in tune at all pair that w/ the speech impediments and it’s truly a disaster. It was insane that no one called them on their terrible vocals they actually complimented them on those awful performances. WHAT!

    I  wouldn’t be surprised if they were in a sing off tomorrow. Their fans think they’re safe b/c of the good comments they received and don’t vote as hard. Yet the general public see through the bald faced lies told by the judges and recognize they can’t sing and are terrible and vote for somebody else.

  • genius13

    It will be a crime if emblem 3 make it through tomorrow

  • Levis501PW

     I want them to go home!  And Demi Lovato saw through them and said something, but was ganged up by Simon Cowell.  Britney and LA were Simon’s bitches, they weren’t as brave as Demi.  Kudos to Demi!  That’s why I love her more and more.  (I used to hate her, I cannot believe myself!)

  • http://twitter.com/bignliddle BigNLiddle

    Wow! I’m surprised how well 5th Harmony is doing in MJs polls. I really dont think they’re as bad as people are saying. They have a great tone together, it’s just that I hate girl groups therefore I dont vote for them.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tate moves to 3rd or 4th place after last night, even if he is my favorite out of the bunch.
    Glad people are finally noticing Carly’s trend of ballad after ballad. She did an upbeat song the first week and people hated it.  But that’s not to say she couldn’t have a career doing slow songs…just look at Susan Boyle (Even if there’s an obvious age difference between the two, lol).
    Emblem 3 sings better together than alone.
    I’m hoping for diamind and cece to be voted out tonight, personally.

  • jobeob987

     I never thought I’d ever say that One Direction is better than Emblem3 but there you have it.  Ugh, they were easily the worst act of the night and that’s not saying much for the other acts (with the exception of Carly Rose, that is).

  • tati83

    Cece needs to be the instant elimination. I fear that Diamond and Fifth Harmony will be in the sing off; which is just annoying cause Fifth Harmony is a million times better than Emblem 3. I hope it would be Emblem 3 in the sing off. They were easily one of the worst of the night. 

  • thedeviledadvocate

    Are we in for a shocker tonight? Will Diamond be 6th and not be put through another tearful, nerve racking sing off? Will Carly retain her number one position and will Simon be successful in moving his boys up to number two? Will Demi’s fans and VFTW keep CeCe safe? Will Tate’s rendition of Living On A Prayer shockingly put him in a sing off with Fifth Harmony? Will all four judges have a horse left in the race at the semi finals?

    What scenario will bring the most drama?

    A. Cece dead in the water in 6th, with a sing-off between Diamond and Fifth Harmony? (this could easily happen)

    B. Diamond in 6th, with a sing off between Emblem 3 and Fifth Harmony? (shut up Simon, take that)

    C. Emblem 3 in 6th, with a sing off between Carly and Tate? (LOL)

    D. Diamond in 6th, with a sing off between Tate and Fifth Harmony? (sometimes strange results occur)

    I would like to see B happen, but A is more likely. If CeCe gets past number 6, she will likely lose in a sing off against any of the remaining contestants, so she will need to be 3rd or better tonight or she is going home and Demi will be horseless in the semi finals.

    My personal opinion of last nights performances

    Carly B-

    Tate C

    Fifth Harmony C

    Emblem 3 C

    CeCe C

    Diamond C-

    I think Carly is safe, and Diamond is going home, but as to which of the other four acts will be in the sing off, I think any of them could be in the sing off, but if CeCe is in the singoff, she will likely be going home.

  • tati83

    My ideal scenario would be Cece instant elimination and then Emblem 3 and Diamond in a sing off just cause I would think it would be incredibly awesome to have a 13 year show those boys how it’s done, you know that whole singing thing hehehehe. You know Demi will vote for Diamond over Jona Brothers 2.0 and L.A can get his revenge on Simon for the whole Vino thing last week haha. Now that would make for great tv!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ladymctech ladymctech

    tati83, will you produce this crappy show next year? I like your thinking.

  • sumidol

    Diamond needs to go, thats the only one I did not like, at all, last night – the others were either very entertaining and brought the fun, like CeCe or sang beautifully like Tate and Carly and 5th’s last song

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PNSH2QAGCCIS6VU4VOTPDH6BTM Jeanette

    I don’t think she even wanted to sing the song. I felt passion from her in As Long As You Love Me, but nothing for If I Were A Boy. Seeing her videos online, I can see what shes interested in musically, and I think shes done with these diva type songs, and wants to do her own thing. When she sang Feeling Good, she definitely had so much soul and passion to negate all the criticism against her. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PNSH2QAGCCIS6VU4VOTPDH6BTM Jeanette

    I actually loved her upbeat performance. What I hated was all the stupid production and dancers in the background. Totally unnecessary. Let this girl move on her own, she can do it. She was on Broadway, she knows how to interact with an audience. lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PNSH2QAGCCIS6VU4VOTPDH6BTM Jeanette

    I’m starting to think that the judges, (with the exception of Demi) are actually pulling for Carly more than their acts. Simon has never given her a bad criticism. LA looked so nervous while she was singing last night (even biting his nails) as if he was hoping she pulled it off. 

  • girlygirltoo

    I’d be happiest to see CeCe and Emblem3 voted off, but I have a feeling it will be CeCe and Fifth Harmony or Diamond who will end up leaving.

    Tate and Carly Rose are probably solidly ahead of everyone else in the voting, because they appear to have the biggest fanbases (or at least the ones who vote the most)

  • Allison

    I thought Cece was awful. I really liked Fifth Harmony on Demi’s song.

  • dd999

    I love Carly’s voice, it has a very nice tone to it, never screechy! Didn’t care  much for the song choices for her, but she sang them really well!