X Factor 2 – Top 10 Performances – Who Was Your Favorite? (POLL)

You watched tonight’s X Factor Top 10 performances, now vote in the poll for your favorite performance!

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mj santilli

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  • http://twitter.com/AdamAlamillo Adam Alamillo

    Carly Rose for the win.

  • http://twitter.com/FordBrothersHD FB

    I voted for Emblem3 but I have this really bad feeling they are going to be a shock boot tonight. :(

    Either they will be the first one eliminated (no sing-off) or they will be eliminated via the sing-off against ANYONE but perhaps Arin. 

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Today i voted for Vino. It was one of his better performances. I just wished he didn’t do the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movement so much….

  • iluvai

    I can’t believe CeCe received any votes. She’s such a smarmy snake. Yuk.

  • http://twitter.com/cannon_x Cannon X

    I’m shocked that nobody mentioned the accidental kiss between two members of Fifth Harmony. After their performance, when they were standing with the hosts, the Black girl went to kiss the other girl on the cheek and they accidently kissed on the lips. The look on the Black girls face was priceless! She did lick her lips about three times before they went to commercial.

  • kcostell

    Favorite: Diamond and Vino.
    Least favorite: Cece, Emblem3, and Paige. 
    Most disappointing from someone I usually like: Tate.
    Most horrifically misguided performance of the night: Carly Rose.  Of all the songs to add unnecessary runs and glory notes to…

  • Xentusk

    I cringed the entire time CeCe was ‘singing’.
    …it’s painful how terrible she is, how can she be this bad?
    …don’t get me started on the ‘sad voice’ and fake crying…. truly excrutiating :P

  • Nedsdag

    I had to watch CeCe’s “performance” again just to confirm what I was thinking all along; she’s an actress, not a singer. She’s in the wrong field of entertainment.

    Carly was technically flawless, but she still leaves me cold. I liked Fifth Harmony, mainly because their “sob story” was the least offensive despite bringing the religious aspects into it. And for once, I actually heard harmony from them.

  • SapphireBlue9

    My favorite was the commercials.

  • Incipit

     OK, I listened to the vids. It plays even worse than it reads in the recap.  The recap at least lightened the mood. But, Good Lord, what a downer that show was, IMO. Quivering lips and bathos served up all around.

    The lack of imagination in what was chosen from the song list could do them all in. Or maybe it’s the song list, idk – but that got cloying, very fast.. And one or more of TPTB must have thought this was a good idea? With an open ended theme of “Things to be Thankful For” – no one could find an upbeat song on the list, where the Thankfulness made their listeners Happy? Even a little smile? One can only take so much uplifting…and camera cuts to tearful families in the audience. And tears were copious.

    Really, Tearjerkers, the lot of them – and the sheer weight of their collective songs was too much. One or two wouldn’t have been so bad…variety/spice and like that. But if even one person had sung an uptempo number, something about being grateful for anything joyous on some level, in a way that conveyed that joy, happiness, contentment, whatever – I think I may have actually voted for them out of pure relief! If I were watching in Real Time, that is.

    I can’t give an opinion on any of them individually, because I don’t want to listen to any of that again. It’s a wash, for me. No matter how ‘sincere’ any one of them may have been individually, it all just ran together in the end.

    And don’t worry about Idol copying this theme, btw – thy already do. Whenever they have an Inspirational Night. Same difference with the Deadly Determined to Be Uplifting shtick. It isn’t usually much better than this…but not usually so bad, either. 

    Producers, what were you ‘thinking’? This show had no dynamics.  Even “Hamlet” had the Gravediggers for light relief! And Cowell, that defined “self-indulgent”.

    All of the above is Just My Opinion, Of Course.

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    Yes, Carly was technically flawless, but come on Simon….You really think that was the best performance ever for “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”?  I liked Kimberley Locke and Katharine much more!

    This is the first time I watched the entire shoe and it was pretty good, but still prefer “The Voice.”  Oh, well….I can’t wait for Idol to begin!

  • Benjamin Morris

    Carly went a bit too big with it–especially at the end–but I thought her arrangement was more interesting than most versions of this song.  It wasn’t just a bunch of runs, it had a whole jazzy vibe that she was executing perfectly until the end.

    Her main problem in this competition is that she’s so professional.  I mean, even aside from the fact that nobody likes a ringer, she’s so flawless that she sometimes lacks that reality show magic. She reminds me of Melinda Doolittle in that way.

    I still think she’s the favorite to win, but if she wants to run away with this thing she needs some more vulnerable, humanizing performances.

  • vhill

    it just needs to be said that lyric 145 is sorely missed. i want all the contestants to do well, but the show w/o them lacks so much fun and creativity. 

  • vhill

    the person i want to do well the most is CeCe, because i actually liked her before the live shows. i can’t explain how she suddenly started singing out of tune other than lots of nerves. 

  • jennyl2

    Just caught up with the performances. My fav performances are Beatrice and Carly. Their performances come off as youthful, sincere and was fresh and enjoyable. Vino is next after them. Marly from Glee did a way way 100% better performance of Everytime than Paige.    

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    Ok my recap… cos i’m always late… I’m gonna go back to grades. 

    Tate: B
    Wasn’t as good as last week but still solid, competition wise agree with Simon no way in hell hes going.
    Daimond: A-
    Nice! I think this was her best performance to date. Still was a little too big though.. but the falsettos were spot on.
    Emblem3: B+
    Solid as always but still nothing stunning. I just feel like they have been limited by the song choices. They need to do an original ASAP. I will keep saying this until they do one because nothing compares. They’ve always been slightly rock if you check out their originals & Sunset Blvard was an indication. 
    Arin: C+
    This is completely the wrong style for him. I feel like it was appropriate for the thanksgiving theme but the theme didn’t do him any favors. Man this kid has originals too and he should do them. Like his audition one. Ne Yo feel except something that fit his vocals. When Britney agrees.. does this mean the producers ARE the ones choosing? If so SABOTAGE. 
    CeCe: D+?
    Uh. Again this theme does no favours for her performance and I’ll be damned if she gets the sympathy votes and kicks out someone that had a better performance. I mean I liked her before the live shows but she has had way too many chances now that even if that girl does return I hardly think its fair.
    Fifth Harmony: B
    Uh… song choice didn’t like for a group. Slightly lackluster solos this week and I couldn’t tell if they were actually harmonizing really nicely or there was  a backing track. 
    Beatrice: B+
    This was the most heartfelt performance that didn’t edge annoying for me tonight. Although her vocals are never consistent. I do feel Beatrice would be a really good pop rock artist very much like a young Avril. Good song choice.
    Vino: B+
    Alot of passion I could feel it. Strong very strong vocals and some moments of brilliance but it just all seems slightly corny. 
    Paige: B-
    This was good when it first started. Then it went crazy. You know what Sometimes you really owe it to your fans to hold yourself together. I mean you can emote but it cannot compromise your performance to a certain extent. 
    Carly: A+ 
    I completely disagree with MJ. Lackluster?! Only two money notes?! I’m actually glad there was only ‘2 Money Notes’ in there that is all a song like this needs. The nuance given to this version was gorgeous and unique IMO. I haven’t been WOWed by her since Feeling Good but this performance just confirms with me that these are the type of songs that she is best at.  Jazzy/Musical/Soul songs. She has the golden control and tone that is needed to pull them off. Step in the right direction producers…or Britney. 

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    Sorry I was gonna reply to you with this one.. and accidentally replied my recap haha. I was gonna say I completely agree with you its that jazzy vibe of this version that I loved! 

  • http://twitter.com/HighTensions Jake Williams

    My top 3 were 1st. Carly 2nd. Fifth Harmony 3rd. Diamond

  • kmd23

    My top 3 are 1. Vino 2. Tate 3. Carly Rose. I think that either Vino or Tate are going to win this in the end. I hope that one of them does. I think Fifth Harmony and Arin should go.

  • Levis501PW

    I like Carly, but she came across a bit phony.  She is way mature and beyond her years..and I know she can be very manipulative.

  • Oldhag

    Has that Arin kid done something to piss off the producers? No, he wasn’t great, but he sure wasn’t the worst of the night. He definately got trashed the most by the judges. It seems, at least from watching last night, that Demi judges way too much on her personal feeling about a contestant instead of their performance. She is the worst judge/mentor I have seen on any of these type shows.

  • DB987

    If I listen to what the judges said and what I heard I can only conclude I need to go get an hearing test. 
    CeCe has the worst voice of any top 10 contestant on any show I have ever heard.I do not believe one note was correct.
    Carly is a Broadway star  not a pop star oh wait she already does that.
    The rest are a blur and not a good blur.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XDQP2Y46M5B3OHOKALDDGDHQCM Leandro

    Dialidol is so funny these days. If these are the real results I’m gonna crack up. Finally something fun in this show.

    Emblem31-2–Paige Thomas1-2–Arin Ray3-4–Beatrice Miller3-4–Vino Alan5-9 (B3)–CeCe Frey5-9 (B3)–Fifth Harmony5-10 (B3)–Tate Stevens5-10 (B3)–Diamond White5-10 (B3)–Carly Rose Sonenclar

  • wordnerdarchie

     There’s very few people using dial software for xfactor, check it out on the geoprediction page.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RECDFG624DO7FWRCCST25Y62PU Linda Brand

    It almost looks like it’s upside down!

  • chillj

    Holy buckets.  That was so bizarre I had to go check your results.  it is still bizarre.

  • Keyera Mullins

    Cece is horrible. I really hope she goes home, but I have a feeling they are keeping her around for the “drama” There’s always that one person that makes it further than they should and unfortunately I feel its her. I just don’t see her making it in the “real world”