X-Factor 2- SirMac’s Top 4 Power List

It has all. Come down. To this.
On a serious note, this was one of the least suspenseful results shows, for me at least. I think I realized early on that between the combination of Fifth Harmony/Diamond White/CeCe Frey, it didn’t really matter as none of them can win the show, and whoever doesn’t go home this week, will go home next week. We basically have a top 3 that is set in stone, and it doesn’t change much. As we are constantly reminded, the Top 3 is separated by less than 1 percent, and then I suppose there are the others…

4) Fifth Harmony- I think we can all agree that Fifth Harmony is most likely to be eliminated going into next week. They definitely outsang Diamond in the sing-off, and earned their spot to have one more week, but they’re not going to be able to defeat Carly, Tate, or Emblem3. That being said, Marcus Canty did manage to get a record deal last year, and these girls are FAR better than he was, so maybe not all hope is lost?

3) Emblem3- I think the boys didn’t have the best song choices this week, and they just “made the best” out of it. But when we’re down to the final four acts, they really need some home runs to knock Carly/Tate down a peg. I’m wondering why they haven’t done a Gym Class Heroes cover yet, as that seemed like where they were headed. Another smart move might be for them to do Sunset Boulevard again. I remember Chris Rene was allowed to perform Young Homie last year in competition, so maybe these boys will get lucky and be able to perform their original song. That could be a game changer for them.

2) Carly Rose- I struggled a bit figuring out if it was Carly/Tate, or Tate/Carly. Carly was fantastic last week, and did manage to hold 1st place for two straight weeks. However, Tate was really average last week, and Carly was singing her butt off, and he somehow managed to pass her. I don’t know if Tate’s base has grown a bit, or if Carly’s got lazy, but there’s something to be said for allowing yourself to be surpassed by mediocrity.

1) Tate Stevens- I believe he’s got a huge career in country music ahead of him. He’s super likable. That being said, Living On A Prayer was NOT a good performance by him, and If Tomorrow Never Comes wasn’t the right song (of the choices given). In a race to the top between him and Carly (with Emblem3 nipping at their heels), he’ll need to give his fanbase the “moment” they’ve been waiting for. Can Tate deliver that moment?

How do you feel about X-Factor Top 4? Do you have any more burning questions? What would have happened if Fifth Harmony went AFTER Diamond White? Does Britney Spears have a soul, or is she a robot? If neither, how is it possible she remains so completely neutral on results night when one of her kids goes home? Will Khloe and Mario’s contracts be renewed? Was that Ke$ha or was that CeCe Frey dressed up to look like her?


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  • wkstrack

    I think that’s how the final 4 will play out. It was about damn time Cece left though. I actually liked her pre-live shows but with what the show did to her and she really just wasn’t good during the live shows :/ The XF final 2 looks a lot like an Idol top 2 haha :p

  • http://twitter.com/wanermania Kelli Waner

    CeCe stayed so long because Vote for the worst was backing her. She was terrible on the live shows. She should have been booted the first week. I think it will be Taylor and Carley unless Emblem Three can do something amazing.

  • thedeviledadvocate

    If all the countrified voters from season 10 AI are voting for Tate, chances for him winning are very good indeed, since in season 10 AI they voted in not only Scotty but Lauren as well. Interestingly though, Skylar only made it to fifth in season 11 AI.

    I actually like the remaining four. Does anyone know if next week they eliminate one or two? I prefer Carly over Tate and 5th Harmony over Emblem 3, but that is just personal preference because all the remaining contestants are talented.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, taking ALL performances into consideration:

    Carly 9.8 (she has been nearly flawless)

    Tate 8.5 (he has had several average performances)

    Emblem 3 6.8 (too many mediocre performances)

    Fifth Harmony 6.7 (recently very good, perhaps peaking now)

    Good luck to the final four. I hope Carly gets the right song choices the next couple weeks, because, in my opinion, Carly has by far the most talented singing voice in the competition.

  • tati83

    I was under the impression next week they only eliminate one contestant and 3 make the finale, just like last year. I definitely think Tate and Carly are locks for the finale and I doubt Simon will go without an act in the finale; hence I think 3 acts make finale. I just hope by some grand miracle; Fifth Harmony surpasses Emblem 3. Wishful thinking but a girl can dream haha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2KUBXA6MDSIHVCMAEQ5YODDO4 Didee

    Carly should win. But she need to change the game plan. Slow tempo with her voice alone, its not fresh at all. If next got to sing 2 songs again, she should sing up tempo or even sing one of county song. And show how talented 

  • http://twitter.com/JonKills Jon Glass

    I really want Fifth Harmony to win. We don’t have  a girl group in the US, I think it would be good for us :(

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    I must say I was very impressed with 5th Harmony’s sing off on Anytime you need a friend. It’s not easy taking on Mariah. But these songs should be what the girls are singing – R&B for the ballads and for the up-tempo something like Demi’s Give your heart a break.

    If they can improve on their harmonies more (each of their vocals are strong and i can start to hear more harmonies, except i really can’t stand that Minnie Mouse sounding girl), they have potential to make it BIG in the US. And that is a long time coming.

  • http://twitter.com/Loretta31 Loretta

    I would love E3 to be able to perform both Sunset Blvd and GCH as their other choice.  Carly is my fav but I grow so tired of the constant slamming of them, I would love them to make the finale.  

  • http://twitter.com/georgiarealist Susan Burge

    Can’t help thinking it will be funny if Nicholas wins The Voice and Tate wins X Factor. Probably won’t happen, but…

  • http://twitter.com/RyanJames2298 Ryan

    I know I’m delusional, but I’m holding out hope that fifth harmony can pass emblem 3 on that #3 spot. I don’t think it’s impossible, but it won’t be easy.

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    If E3 aren’t allowed to do any originals I want FH to be in the finale because I cannot stand watching Simon make a boyband out of them anymore. Does anyone know the format of the final performance night? Is it going to be the song they auditioned with? If it is Carly Rose will win. Even if E3 does Sunset its not the type of song that garners the moment on finale night just like Young Homie. If they are at any chance to beat Tate and Carly it will be with their original Tequila Sunrise. It is the intimate, huge songs which Feeling Good almost epitomizes that will get the win. Don’t know what Tate auditioned with but if its one of those coronation like songs he’ll take it. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I notice that VFTW is now championing Tate for the win. lol

  • Incipit

    Does anyone know the format of the final performance night? Is it going to be the song they auditioned with? Don’t know what Tate auditioned with but if its one of those coronation like songs he’ll take it. 

    Bazzle, I thought I read somewhere that they have to sing their audition song? IDK for sure. But, Tate auditioned with “Anything Goes”, and the smooth vocals on that got people’s attention from the very beginning. Even mine, and I don’t ‘do’ Country. 

  • kmd23

    I think that the final 4 will go this way. It is still hard to say that Tate is a lock to win but I hope he does to really make Simon unhappy.  I would get rid of Khloe but keep Mario for X Factor 4. Britney should go next year because she can’t even do the minimal that is needed to be a mentor/judge. She should at least be able to hug the young contestants when they leave. lol.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UHX5LYQ3ZJPMPFEYPSFX3ZEE4Q Jack

    I’m delusional too, Ryan, but at least we can try.  Vote, vote, vote like crazy for 5th Harmony and just maybe they can overtake Emblem 3.  I doubt it, but it never hurts to try.  Heck, if we vote so much that they overtake Tate and Carly that’s OK with me.

  • iluvai

    I thought Tate had it in the bag. But I was underwhelmed by his performances this week. I guess that whole song choice thing matters, lol… Carly is the biggest talent. But it really doesn’t matter. All of them have had tremendous exposure.  I think all of their lives will be changed in a good way. 

  • http://twitter.com/BazzleFjsm Bazzle

    Holy crap that was good! What a good song choice. All 3 acts had the best songs in their auditions…. Well This should be a good finale night then. Tate may take it after all! It will depend on who goes LAST.

  • http://twitter.com/cocoloids Franco Carlo Buendia

    Very witty and funny post!  Look at my own Power Rankings —-> http://cocoloids.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/x-factor-usa-2-top-4-rankings/

    Thanks guys!

  • http://twitter.com/LexieONeill Lexie O’Neill

    Except Scotty never performed last and won Idol…so you never know…