Wednesday Ratings: Survivor, X Factor Rise

X Factor and Survivor are up significantly from last week’s Thanksgiving Day showings. Nashville stayed even with it’s last airing two weeks ago. And, Christmas at Rockefeller Center, featuring Mariah Carey, Scotty McCreery and Cee Lo Green hit a 4 year ratings high!

Via TVByTheNumbers

ABC and FOX tied for number one network in adults 18-49 while CBS was on top with total viewers.

On FOX, The X Factor earned a 2.8, up 27% from last week’s 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. On CBS, Survivor: Philippines scored a 2.7, up 17% from last week’s 2.3 adults 18-49 rating.

Nashville notched a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating, even with its November 14 performance.

On NBC, Christmas in Rockefeller Center scored a four-year high 2.1 adults 18-49 rating up 11% from last year’s 1.9.

8:00 ABC A Charlie Brown Christmas – R 2.9/8 8.85
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 2.8/8 8.08
CBS Survivor: Philippines 2.7/8 10.35
NBC Christmas in Rockefeller Center 2.1/6 9.09
CW Arrow 1.2/4 3.70

9:00 ABC Modern Family 4.7/12 11.95
CBS Criminal Minds 2.9/8 12.27
NBC Saturday Night Live Christmas (9-11PM) 2.7/7 7.84
CW Supernatural 0.9/2 2.07

9:30 ABC Suburgatory 2.6/7 6.88

10:00 CBS CSI 2.6/7 11.99
ABC Nashville 1.8/5 5.65

Half Hour Breakdown via Marc Berman

8:00 p.m.

ABC – A Charlie Brown Christmas (R)
Viewers: 9.37 million (#2), A18-49: 3.0/ 9 (#1)

CBS – Survivor: Philippines
Viewers: 10.07 million (#1), A18-49: 2.5/ 7 (#2t)

NBC – Christmas in Rockefeller Center
Viewers: 8.86 million (#3), A18-49: 2.0/ 6 (#4)

Fox – The X Factor
Viewers: 7.30 million (#4), A18-49: 2.5/ 7 (#2t)

CW – Arrow
Viewers: 3.66 million (#5), A18-49: 1.2/ 4 (#5)


8:30 p.m.

ABC – A Charlie Brown Christmas (R)
Viewers: 8.34 million (#4), A18-49: 2.9/ 8 (#1t)

CBS – Survivor: Philippines
Viewers: 10.63 million (#1), A18-49: 2.8/ 8 (#3)

NBC – Christmas in Rockefeller Center
Viewers: 9.32 million (#2), A18-49: 2.1/ 6 (#4)

Fox – The X Factor
Viewers: 8.15 million (#4), A18-49: 2.9/ 8 (#1t)

CW – Arrow
Viewers: 3.75 million (#5), A18-49: 1.3/ 3 (#5)


9:00 p.m.

ABC – Modern Family
Viewers: 11.95 million (#2), A18-49: 4.7/12 (#1)

CBS – Criminal Minds
Viewers: 12.12 million (#1), A18-49: 2.9/ 8 (#2t)

NBC – SNL Christmas
Viewers: 8.41 million (#3), A18-49: 2.7/ 7 (#4)

Fox – The X Factor
Viewers: 8.34 million (#4), A18-49: 2.9/ 8 (#2t)

CW – Supernatural
Viewers: 2.24 million (#5), A18-49: 0.9/ 2 (#5)


9:30 p.m.

ABC – Suburgatory
Viewers: 6.88 million (#4), A18-49: 2.6/ 7 (#4)

CBS – Criminal Minds
Viewers: 12.42 million (#1), A18-49: 2.9/ 7 (#2)

NBC – SNL Christmas
Viewers: 8.15 million (#3), A18-49: 2.8/ 7 (#3)

Fox – The X Factor
Viewers: 8.53 million (#4), A18-49: 3.0/ 8 (#1)

CW – Supernatural
Viewers: 1.90 million (#5), A18-49: 0.8/ 2 (#5)


10:00 p.m.

ABC – Nashville
Viewers: 5.61 million (#3), A18-49: 1.8/ 5 (#3)

Viewers: 12.16 million (#1), A18-49: 2.6/ 7 (#2)

NBC – SNL Christmas
Viewers: 7.07 million (#2), A18-49: 2.7/ 7 (#1)


10:30 p.m.

ABC – Nashville
Viewers: 5.69 million (#3), A18-49: 1.8/ 5 (#3)

Viewers: 11.81 million (#1), A18-49: 2.5/ 7 (#1)

NBC – SNL Christmas
Viewers: 5.92 million (#2), A18-49: 2.4/ 7 (#2)

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

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  • Whatiswrongwithus

    It’s still a rather crappy rise in ratings for X factor considering last season they were at least, in the 3. somethings ratings. Now it’s just maintaing 2. average and the way it is going, it will either maintain or decline. XF will never be able to call itself an authentic singing competition.

  • Jepoy Ramos

    LOL Charlie Brown replay beat XFUS!

  • Klaine

    Not really s urprise that these showss are up vs Thanksgiving eve…But the XF has been so disappointing.  A lot of the talent is sub-par and the judges comments are way too generous…either that or my ears arent as good as they used to be…Very off key – and starting to hate that contestants are being harshly judged due to what their mentors have done…Thats really a problem with the show’s format.  I still think Paige cant sing and Simon wants to mold her because shes pretty, skinny, wears skimpy outfits, can dance and can be easily autotuned…(she should be on Brits team for that)…Britney still seems drugged with her few word comments that show absolutely no brain power…(if she comes back next year, Ill have lost all respect for Simon)….And whats with double eliminations 3 weeks in a row.  Someone isnt planning well or Fox cut down the episode order cuz its ridiculous..and takes away the whole sing for your life…Not sure I like this whole rankings being pubilc…I would assume at top 5 they might stop it.  But think Simon wants those tweens to power vote for Emblem 3 ,who he wants to win….(so that hes won 2 years in a row – convenient for the shows producer..hmm)….It all just smells.  And wow, RIcky Martin was passed up by all 3 US reality shows for an Australian VOICE?  I was recommending him for Idol or XF (but they wanted 2 women and keeping LA Reed- who is so funny bouncing in his chair)….(btw, Id like to see Carly Rose do an upbeat song vs songs that are so old for her – yes, we know she can sang, but shes also been on Broadway – shes not some girl plucked from a farm with no experience)..>Back to Ricky (got sidetracked) hes a great choice…in the US at least, there is a growing Hispanic market (maybe thats why NBC went with Shakira, even though she hasnt had a hit in years and probably came cheap to renew her career), hes been a star since he was a kid in Menudo, hes a mega international star, hes won several Latin Grammys among otherawards, hes been an actor on GH and probably elsewhere, and a Broadway star recently…Id think with his twins, hed want a stable job – so Im sure hed want to do that in the US rather than move to Australia….Just think he wouldve been better choice than Keith Urban on IDOL – and  Urban is Australian so it made sense for him to be on that show vs Ricky…oh well.  Want tos ee what Idol looks like ; hopefully like in the commericals, they will prove they are the original and best although I would like to see some format changes to make it a little bit fresher in addition to new judges.  Dont really care about  Urban but Nicki and Mariah will be good and Randy should make this his last season

  • Amy Beth

    Should Simon’s new motto be “Curse you, Red Baron!”?

  • harvestmoon

    It’s still a rather crappy rise in ratings for X factor considering last season they were at least, in the 3. somethings ratings. 

    Yes, during the equivalent week from last year, X Factor had a 3.7 demo (#1) and 10.93 million viewers (tied for #1).  Although, they weren’t competing with a 45-year-old cartoon special, heh.

    I’m pretty sure when Simon dumped Paula, Nicole, and Steve and brought in Britney, Demi, and Khloe that he was expecting ratings to go UP.  Given that only 3 weeks are left and the buzz surrounding the show is pretty minimal, I don’t think it’s possible for that to happen.

  • Leandro

    It’s pretty much understandable why almost anyone is watching X-Factor. The question to be done is…why are we watching?

  • hipflip

    Wow! You should just go and produce your own show or go replace Simon.

  • Taylor

    I ask the same question about DWTS or even shows like NCIS. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  • elliegrll

    The X Factor was adjusted up to a 2.9 in the final ratings.

    Last Wednesday’s shows, even at a sad 2.2 for the Thursday broadcast, continued the show’s streak of ranking in the top 25 broadcast shows for the week.  Family Guy and the Simpson’s were the only other Fox shows that made the list.