We’re Chatting American Idol Season 10! Milwaukee Auditions and More – Come Join Us

Mjsbigblog.com, Rickey.org, Zap2it, Idol Inferno and an all-star panel of Idol pundits are joining forces every Thursday at 10 amPT/1 pmET to talk all things Idol! After the jump, dive into our chat.

Bring your questions and thoughts on all things Idol!

Chat box after the JUMP…

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  • ptslittlecomment

    Loved the After Chat! Agree about Medina and want to know more about what Adam was doing at the party!

  • butterbean

    So, who is NotJLo in this chat? The one with the Adam gossip? Anybody know?

  • sagi

    ^I am guessing just a $h!t stirrer

  • butterbean

    NotJLo’s name was in bold, like all the Idol expert panelists – like Richard Rushfield’s, like MJ’s, like Jim Cantiello’s, etc. All of them were “talking” to this person like she was somebody they knew/knew of.

    I’m just wondering about her(?) qualifications.

    That brings up another thought. It would be helpful if there was a tiny bit of info given about who they all are b/c in some cases (like NotJLO) their screen names don’t clue you in.

    For instance, I’m guessing that Liz Lemon is a woman who started a Jason Castro website (that’s her name there) but not sure.

    You know, just something like “Richard Rushfield is a former reporter for the LA Times. He’s just written a behind-the-scenes book about American Idol” whatever.

  • Marie23

    I think that NotJlo is the Melinda Green (top Idol) girl but could be mistaken, don’t know a lot of the other guys either…

  • jewels

    MJ, would you clear up the NotJLo mystery please? Was that Melinda Green?

  • Mark

    I think that NotJlo is the Melinda Green (top Idol) girl but could be mistaken, don’t know a lot of the other guys either…

    Definitely not Melinda.

  • Marie23

    I don’t think that MJ is going to give us the answer to who NotJlo is, probably afraid that crazy Adam fans are going to bombard her/him on twitter or harass her/him etc. oh well, doesn’t really matter, I took it as a joke but whatevs….

  • jewels

    It doesn’t matter how you take it Marie23, what matters is that the idol chat is making unsubstantiated claims of illegal activity. That could be considered defamation in a court of law.

    And the ‘crazy’ Adam fans worked it out for themselves and I’m sure MJ can attest she hasn’t been bombarded or harassed, the information has simply been passed on.

    I am surprised that somebody who works for such a professional publication isn’t a little more….well professional.