The Voice Top 6 - Sing Hard - Cute Action Movie Trailer Parody VIDEO

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Here’s the You Tube video Carson Daly mentioned on The Voice last night. It features the Top 6 in a parody of an action movie trailer called “Sing Hard.” Watch as the remaining contestants  dodge bullets and blasts in an attempt to recapture The Voice trophy.

Tonight, ONE of them will not survive…

  • MV007

    If the show would just stop trying to make the judges happen and just completely focused on these contestants then I think this could be a breakthrough season for the voice for me. The chemistry between this group of contestants has really drawn me in and made me look more favorably on The Voice in the inevitable Idol comparison.

  • Montavilla

    That’s way better than a Ford Video.

  • Amy Beth

    “If Michael Bay made a singing show, this would be it.”

    Too funny.

  • Miss Blue

    Hahahahahaha! Hilarious! James and Will could go into acting, they seem to have a natural flare for it.

  • Amy Beth

    Pardon my cynicism, but I think James has already gone into acting. As in his entire nerd persona is performance art.

  • dd999

    Ha!Ha! Excellent!!!!

  • lxt

    Talking about Jame’s acting, have you guys seen this? check it out.

  • Lauren143

    As a current student of CMU, I am almost certain he is actually just a nerd lol

  • macfae

    lmao – now THIS is awesome !! It needs to be televised, not just stuck on the Voice youtube page.