The Voice 5 Spoilers – The Top 20 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: This is an an AMENDED LIST.  It’s still partial. I hope to eventually post a complete list. Sorry, I don’t have final team affiliations. If you have a tip, contact me at mjsbigblog at gmail dot com.

The Voice 5 Spoilers Top 20

In order to juice up the Knockout Rounds (Because gah, they were BORING), The “steal” will be in play in BOTH the Battle and Knockout rounds. Each coach will get one opportunity to nab a rejected contestant from another coach during knock-outs.


The extra steals mean that a TOP 20 will compete in the live rounds, instead of a Top 16 as in the past.

UPDATEThis is an an AMENDED LIST.  It’s still partial. I hope to eventually post a complete list. Sorry, I don’t have final team affiliations. If you have a tip, contact me at mjsbigblog at gmail dot com.

The Voice 5 Spoilers Top 20  – See a partial (for now) list of The Voice Top 20 Contestants Who will compete in the semi-final round beginning 11/4.

  1. Nic Hawk
  2. James Wolpert
  3. Tessanne Chin
  4. Preston Pohl
  5. Will Champlin
  6. Grey
  7. Ray Boudreaux
  8. Josh Logan
  9. Olivia Henken
  10. Matthew Schuler
  11. Kat Robichaud
  12. Shelbie Z
  13. Jacquie Lee

(Added via Monday’s show)

  1. Cole Vosbury
  2. Jonny Gray
  3. Amber Nicole

(Added via Tuesday’s show)

  1. Tamara Chauniece
  2. Stephanie Anne Johnson
  3. Austin Jenckes
  4. Caroline Pennell

The semi final LIVE round performance episodes air November 4 and 5. The results will be revealed LIVE November 7 in a special Thursday episode.

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  • Amy Beth

    I wonder if any coach will steal back a singer that got stolen in the prior round.

    Really surprised Nic Hawk made it that far.

  • girlygirl

    Not surprised Donna got cut. Really good voice, but old fashioned

  • forever504

    I have to give major props to mj for getting these spoiler because most people who attend the voice taping are scared to death of spoiling anything because they have to sign stuff before they are allowed in the tapings

  • Kenna899

    Interesting, thanks.

  • Amy Beth

    Mini spoiler: Tonight’s winning iTunes are available. There are 9 singers who made a team.

  • Miz

    I’m watching now, and that’s what I felt about Donna too. Shame she got cut so early.

  • Miz

    So far, I think Matthew Schuler is my pick for the win. That guy has it ALL. I love his voice and his demeanor.

  • Miss Blue

    I”m going with Kat R. and James Wolpert. James reminds me of a young Rob Thomas and I’ve loved Kat for quite awhile so I hope they both make finals.

  • Ari

    or is she too ‘old’ – Ive always had her song from the Specialist soundtrack on my iPod. Aside from Susan Boyle, has there been an ‘older’ person launch a music career? Thats who 67 year old Cher should mentor

  • Tatiana

    Where are the rest of the top 20?

  • Wayne Alley

    What is the fate of Holly Henry. Would like to know.

  • Wayne Alley

    Can you please blog Tuesday’s top 20 results.

  • misc.

    This is actually not accurate!! My cousin is in season 5 and I know for a fact a few of these are totally wrong.

  • Rebecca

    ACK, where is the rest of the list??? You’re killing me!!! :)

  • Diva

    Well it’s a damn good thing he did.

  • sugarbpm

    Where is the other 12?

  • Thomas

    Nic Hawk – team Blake?! That doesn’t seem like the right fit….interesting.

  • Eri Furukawa

    From what I remember in the preview of the battle rounds we know for sure these are some of the pairings:

    Kat Robichaud vs. R. Anthony
    Grey vs. Nic Hawk
    Jacquie Lee vs. Briana Cuoco
    Shelbie Z. vs. Justin Chain
    Brandon Chase vs. Emily Randolph
    Amber Nicole vs. Timyra-Joi
    Donna Allen vs. Tessanne Chin

  • Eri Furukawa

    Here are my guesses on what some of the other battle pairings could POSSIBLY be:

    Will Champlin vs. James Irwin
    Monika Leigh vs. Ray Boudreaux
    Holly Henry vs. Brian Pounds/E.G. Daily
    Juhi vs. Caroline Pennell
    Olivia Henken vs. Destinee Quinn

  • D.

    I think she was paired against the girl who sang Try. the really good one

  • D.

    YES! Loves James, his audition was incredible and underrated.

  • lola

    Have no idea who any of these people are (by name). Guess I’ll have to watch the show. :-)

  • mchcat

    Me either and what type of music do they sing? The only reason I watched the live shows last season was because of the Swan Brothers

  • D. Kennedy

    In all honesty, I only remember 3 of these ppl without looking up anything, Matthew, Tessane, and Nic. The rest I couldn’t tell you, you have to stand out and it’s just so many singers on this show. lol

  • Danielle Fan!

    Very happy Grey made it. :)

  • Mel432

    Thurs, Nov 7 is Adam’s debut on Glee. Not nice of Voice to go against Glee on Thurs.

    One thing I like about The Voice is they don’t have joke contestants like XF and AI.

  • Pat S

    Yes! Grey and Will making it is awesome!

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Yay! Peston Pohl is my early favourite. Such a great, powerful voice and still an excellent falsetto, good presence, everything.

    Grey needs to add a last name. who you think you are girl? It sounds silly and bland.

  • Amy Beth

    If you knew her real last name, you’d understand why she dropped it

  • Thomas

    Holly Henry for the win. There is other talent that compares to her but it’s Blake so….

  • jeremy321

    I want it to be this way!!!
    James Wolpert
    Tessanne Chin
    Matt Cermanski
    Holly Henry (K/O round STEAL please!)

    Kat Robichaud
    Caroline Pennell
    Jonny Gray
    Monika Leigh
    Ashley DuBose (K/O round Steal)

    Team Xtina
    Matthew Schuler
    Olivia Henken
    Josh Logan
    Will Champlin (Battle Round Steal)
    Ray Boudreaux (K/o round steal)

    Team Blake
    Nic Hawk
    Shelbie Z
    Brandon Chase
    EG Daily
    Jacquie Lee (K/O round STEAL)

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    I do. And she could shorten it or change it to another last name. Grey sounds stupid. And she hasn’t earned the right to use a mono name yet. ;)

  • Thien Nguyen

    Sorry to disapoint you but Blake didn’t let Holly go. Even if he did, no one would have a chance to steal her. Matt was already out and no way Adam would let Preston go. If Adam has Holly, he will just destroy her chance like he did with Melanie so God wouldn’t hear you.

  • Damien Roberts

    None of my favorites on the list; c’mon Holly, Austin, Juhi or Caroline please!

  • gem2477

    Yes they do. They just compliment them after not turning their chairs or chosing them. :)

  • Shelly Sute

    What about Holly Henry?

  • Michael Grundland

    ahhh I think I might have caught on to a spoiler! Check out this preview of Cee Lo and Blake fighting over stealing a female off of Xtina’s team:

    At the very end, you can hear Cee Lo yelling “Amber! Amber!”

    …so, Amber Nicole is stolen in the K/O rounds? If so, I will be very happy.

  • forever504

    looks like she got cut

  • forever504

    if you pause the video at :25 second mark you can clearly see amber lol

  • Peter Prach

    if the spoilers are right, then holly got cut because the preview of the knockouts show Nic Hawk vs Holly Henry. &&& Nic is in the top 20. :(

  • Abner

    based on THIS (might be fake), she loses to Nic. 90% of that really happening.

  • poppy

    Spoiler Alert !,,20302134_20748804,00.html

    Some messed matchup though :(

  • Wealbcom

    hopefully she gets stolen!