VIDEO: Where’s Casey Abrams? Singing Like a Bum On Streets (Twitter Fun) (UPDATED)

The folks at TMZ were super-confused when they found American Idol 10 alum, Casey Abrams, playing guitar by the side of road with a giant stuffed gorilla. They wondered why the American Idol 10 alum had turned into a “dirty, singing, hippie person” and thought maybe Casey was pulling a stunt in an attempt to promote something.

Well, yes he was. Casey Abrams and his fellow Idol, Haley Reinhart, will be performing at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Friday.  It was also Casey’s 22nd birthday yesterday. What better way to celebrate a birthday and an upcoming gig than by behaving like a bum on the side of the road, waving to tourists on a TMZ bus?

Hells yeah!

Part of the plot, several  season 10 Idols played a fun game of #wherescasey on twitter yesterday:

  • Haley Reinhart: If @IAmCaseyAbrams can get his act together in time, he’ll be joining me Friday @ the HOB. He’s been busy bein’ a #bumonthestreets #iseenit!
  • Pia Toscano: I could’ve sworn I just saw @IAmCaseyAbrams picking his nose on Hollywood Blvd.. Dude, was that you? #wherescasey
  • James Durbin: @IAmCaseyAbrams, you’re not answering your phone, Im worried! Where are you!?!? #wherescasey
  • Jacob Lusk: #WheresCasey
  • Scotty McCreery: Been texting and calling @IAmCaseyAbrams all day… somebody said they saw him climbing through dumpsters in downtown hollywood?! #WheresCasey
  • Paul McDonald: I’m pretty sure I saw @IAmCaseyAbrams passed out under a “Live Nudes” sign on Sunset Blvd-he was all goo’ed up on the goo balls #WheresCasey
  • Haley Reinhart: Where’s Casey?? …WHERE’S CASEY?!??! I’ll tell you where he is, on Sunset and La Cienega! Being a bum.
  • Jacob Lusk: It’s my friend @IAmCaseyAbrams bday today, and I still haven’t talked to him. #WheresCasey

So, there you go TMZ. MYSTERY SOLVED.

Via: TMZ

ETA:  HA HA! And here is the culmination of yesterday’s “twitter fun” with Casey Abrams. A video titled “Casey Abrams is Homeless” starring Casey, Jack Black, Haley Reinhart, Blake Lewis and Paul McDonald.  The video closes with Jack “tipping off” TMZ

Well played, Casey!

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  • Brittany Keener

    lol okay.

    Cute that S10 are still friends. Yeah for close season!

  • Xentusk

    …Love S10 for the talented top 11, love them even more that they are still close after the show and weren’t ‘acting’ close.  These guys obviously really enjoy each other’s company….

  • Xentusk

    Will Haley get the LA S10’s to show up and sing Happy Bday to Casey the way Casey did for Haley during S10’s tour for Haley’s 21st Birthday?

  • ptebwwong

    I love S10 contestants are still close. They weren’t “acting” friends or friends due to close proximity. Some of them still work together, go to each other’s concerts, or just hang out.

    There were other seasons that were close and then a year later most of them barely talked to each other or were friends anymore. I like how S10 continues to be close no matter how successful or busy their lives are now. 

  • James M.

    S10 was probably the best season I’ve followed strongly (I’ve watched since S7). It’s cool to see how these people are still close.

  • Jim

    S10 was great chemistry, more about family than competition.  That’s why S10’s tour was one of the most successful in recent years.  In Pia’s words, when she was eliminated:  I’ll miss being with the other contestants the most. 

  • aj rabin

    I always wondered if contestants keep up after the tour. Twitter makes things easier these days. Hey! Where’s Lauren alaina on the list?

  • El oh El

    Haley found Casey and gave him the what-for.

    Casey also has video coming out tomorrow with cameos from season 10ers.

  • Xentusk

    New Casey video including other Idols…!

    The plot thickens…. :P

  • LA944

     Love it! So hilarious!  Casey is awesome!

  • Incipit

     Clever, and more than slightly crazy – all the Season 10 people who were getting into the act was saweet – and the Jack Black segment was cracking me up!

    Kudos for actually using TMZ for his own benefit – and “Get Out” is one of my three favorites on Casey’s album – goofy video, but I love that song!

    So, what ‘did’ happen to the gorilla? *snerk*

  • Xentusk

    If you were lucky enough to watch Casey’s Stageit show, I’m pretty sure the Blue Gorrila first appeared hanging in the background.. who knew it would end up being part of the story for this video? LOL

  • Xentusk

    MJ the Jack Black Video ends with a link to Casey’s new video for “Get Out”

    So in one fell swoop, within a couple days, Casey and his collaborator’s use Twitter, TMZ, an upcoming show, and a link from a Jack Black cameo video on YouTube to debut his new video….

    The guy is a genius of using the available media of the 21st Century
    (promotions people should take note how simple and clever the approach was)

    Well palyed, indeed, WeirdBeard :D

  • LA944

     IA Tusk–a fun and smart way to get some promo out there–especially since he is working with a smaller label. Love that he included some of his buddies–who also get their faces out there a bit too. Casey and Jack Black sure seem to have remained close–very cool

  • mtlfan2

    hahaha that was fun!
    he’s bold though to go for a homeless thing in a PR world!

  • roarpen

    This was just great – love it from A to . And love the single. The whole thing was so so so Casey. Kudos. And hooray for using TMZ to his advantage. So good. You go Casey. What a talent. And I can’t wait for videos from his show with Haley. Those two were (artistically) made for each other. 

  • girlygirltoo

    Wasn’t “Get Out” released as a single months ago? Why is he releasing a video now?

  • Leandro

    hahah, crazy dude. very cool!

  • sabbia

    Hats off to Casey!! Leave it up to him to be so creative. Loved this video, hope the PR helps promote his new song. Although I can’t stomach the song (nor the album), I am still a fan that wishes him well and look forward to the day he goes back in the heavier jazz/rock direction. 

  • zjzr

    S10. Best. Season. Evah! (Not just the talent, the characters, but the camaraderie too). Hope Naima, Thia and Lauren joined in the fun too hehe.

  • Xentusk

    Naima did tweet.  MJ missed it

    Naima Adedapo ?@Naima_AdedapoGetting worried. I’ve been looking 4 my homie w/ the gigantic beard & long hair (kinda favors Jesus), goes by @IAmCaseyAbrams? #WheresCasey

    The only ones of the 11 that weren’t involved were Stefano, Thia and Lauren.

    -Stefano was dealing with some kind of iTunes snafu with the release of his new song (there’s also a pic of him at Children’s Hospital that he was doing too)
    -Thia tweeted pics from Paris, I think she just turned 18.
    -I have no idea what Lauren was up to

  • Miz

    Pretty awesome. I’m impressed.

  • kayd23

    This was great. Love it.

  • justmefornow

    lol Casey. A very clever and smart way to promote yourself. Nice getting Jack Black in on it too!

  • KelseyW

    It’s things like this that further prove why AI10 was one of the best seasons ever. This group is just wonderful. <3

    Gotta love Casey. The "Where's Casey?" Twitter shenanigans and accompanying vids are some of the more amusing things I've seen in awhile. A+ for including his Idol friends, Jack Black, and messing with TMZ. lol

  • DragonFly

    S10 was magically off-the-bean in a really good way!  Just even seeing Casey & Jack Black together is going to make me revisit their bit on Idol–& then James/J.Priest….Scotty & James doing a Ctry duet… lots of fun stuff w/all of them.  Loved it when they all gave it to James for his tail & rock scream.  Fun group!  And, if that blue monkey suddenly shows up again….we’ll know this was all just a fabricated publicity stunt Casey!

  • zjzr

    Wow! OT, Maligayang Bati (Happy Birthday) Thia! Dalaga ka na (you’re now a woman)!

  • richhahn

    Casey’s video reminded me of my plan for Casey and Haley.  They need to look for inspiration and I think they can find it in New Orleans.

    I’ve been thinking that Casey and Haley should move to New Orleans for a year – playing gigs, listening to all types of music, and putting together  an album.  Create a new sound based on blues, jazz, southern rock, soul, swamp pop, etc.  A virtual gumbo of musical influences!

    There’s some great new music (Alabama Shakes, Carolina Chocolate Drops, etc) coming out of the South right now and Casey and Haley should get involved.  Bring 60’s music into the new century.   

    Casey and Haley are definitely an example of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  • standtotheright

    This is an impressive use of media to get promotion.

    Still, I’ve realized that I feel the way about Abrams that a lot of people feel about Kellie Pickler: He’s so willing to make himself look the goof that it makes him a better all-around entertainer than a conventional musician. (I don’t necessarily agree about Pickler, who received a few “best of year” mentions for her last album and can still carve out some tour support slots even if traditional country is not in favor at radio.)

    I think some kind of Tenacious D gig, where he pens a lot of hilarious/self-referential songs, would allow him to explore the various kinds of instrumentation he likes and get away from the breezy pop-jazz space where some other artists have already staked claims.

    I still think that Reinhart would do better to lead her own band and the two of them shouldn’t rely on each other too much in the future.