Video: Survivor Ponderosa and Bonus Poll

It’s the one I’ve been waiting for. Abi and RC reuniting at Ponderosa. Watch and Enjoy!

Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Abi Maria Pt 1

 Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Abi Maria Pt 2

Basic thought is RC needs to get over it. Actually made me feel bad for Abi.It made RC look foolish and I think she will be one of the people that relives the experience over and over again in her head playing out different scenarios of how she could have won the game.

Also Carter “flirting” with Abi was kind of funny. I liked that Abi accepted her fate nicely and moved on quickly. I think she may even be a nice person outside the game.

Just a reminder that I will be doing a Live Blog on Sunday for the finale and will also post a precap earlier Sunday with my final Power Rankings for the season.

Now for the bonus poll this time I want to see what everything thinks is the twist that should return in season 26. Survivor has had some great twists and some lame twists thought out 25 seasons and they have reused the twists so if there was one that should be used again what would it be. I may of missed a twist in the list but I figure if I missed it then it really didn’t add much to the game. My personal choice for a twist to return would be the fake merge. I loved the twist when it happened.

I also made this one multiple choice since more then one twist could return.

  • Montavilla

    I agree.  Abi seems a lot more bearable now that she’s off the island.  And it’s cute that Carter immediately started flirting with her.  It’s like he’s thinking, “Well, I didn’t win, but hey!  Hot Latina chick!”

    I’d really love to Abi return (in Survivor: Purgatory!).  It would be interesting to see if she changes her gameplay.  I think she might.

    Interesting, as well, that Pete confessed his evil manipulation and RC is okay with him, but not with Abi (who was just as duped as she was).  The problem with Tandang is that its members immediately started hating on each other instead of focusing on getting rid of non-tribe members.  I don’t like it when players meekly accept their fates, but I don’t think it’s ever been a winning strategy to start out eating your own.

    Look who from Tandang is still sitting on the tribal seats during the councils:  Mike and Lisa.  The two members who tried hardest to get along with others, and who remained loyal — even when it might have made more sense to flip.

    (Of course, I still think Lisa and Mike should have stuck with Penner.  They needed to get Malcolm out of there as soon as Pete was gone.)