Video: Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Carter and Bonus Poll

This week brings another additional to the Jury with Carter heading to Ponderosa after being sent home over annoying Abi. As much as I am still mad that I have at least one more episode of Abi it was the better decision to get rid of Carter now. But at least we have these videos.


Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Carter Pt 1

Survivor Philippines Ponderosa Carter Pt 2

And for the bonus poll I’d like to throw out the question of which season of Survivor is your favorite. For me personally Survivor All-Stars was my favorite because I loved watching Boston Rob dismantle the best of the best (at least the best at that point of the series.) I also liked Heroes vs. Villians, Pearl Islands, and Borneo. Philippines has climbed the list into one of my favorite seasons and is a return to what the early seasons of the show were. Depending on how it ends it could crack my top three favorite seasons.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I just want to say even at Ponderosa Carter bores me. 

  • Claude Dee

    Next time… let us pick three cause I am having a hard time choosing! lol 

  • lemonwuss

    Ube (purple) is yam and Keso (yellow) is cheese!

  • WestiesRule

    Rob is my all time fave Survivor. I loved all stars when he and Amber hooked up and then Heroes vs. Villains when he showed them how it was done. Hands down best player ever. He has all the qualities that make us New Englanders as sharp as we are. Many people find these abrasive while I found them endearing in him.

  • Miz

    I too found Carter boring in the game. He’s not much different at Ponderosa.

  • raya

    Carter is one of those people you just wonder how or why they got cast in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong in that he seems like a nice guy and I have nothing against him, but there is absolutely nothing about him that makes for compelling television.  He’s obviously well liked by his fellow Survivors, but on camera he is just sort of there.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I get the same sense. To be honest the majority of the Kalabaw tribe seemed like dead weight other then Penner and Jeff Kent. None of the other ones will leave a lasting impact on the game of Survivor.

    As for the poll I thought Borneo would have more support since it was the first season. Surprised Heroes Vs. Villains running away. Also shocked Thailand has no votes *sarcasm*

  • Miss Chaos

    I had to check Boreno because nothing can beat that first season, and when (forgetting names) Sue? spoke at the last tribal council for the vote. That whole experience at tribal was best TV there ever was.  As far as best player,  , Boston Rob of course. I would name more but can remember their names.  I did like the Heros VS Villains. 

  • Noa Na’aman

    favorite is def H Vs. V. but i also loved Amazon because Rob’s game was a thing of beauty. and i like any season where the voting order isn’t predictable. Fans Vs. Favs was also great. also, no one ever mentions Marquesas, but it was a great season and had Kathy and Rob- both awesome reality characters. i think i loved a lot of seasons and hated a lot as well. but you can’t stop watching cause who knows? even after a terrible year came this season which is fantastic!  

  • Montavilla

    I have a special place in my heart for Marquesas, mostly because of Sean managing (for the first time) to pull together an alliance of underdogs.  I loved how he clued everyone in to where they stood in the elimination order and got them to vote out the top four players.  That’s how you work a strategy!

    It’s really hard to choose a favorite, but I guess I’d have to pick All-Stars.  It was great going into the season already knowing who everyone was, and the players were so close to each other that it made the game really intense.

    Plus, it was the start of the epic showmance of showmances:  Rob and Amber.  

  • jersey

    I haven’t watched enough full seasons to vote in the poll. I usually bail by now so all the seasons get mixed together for me, LOL. All I know is if I never see another member of the Hantz family, it will be too soon! I did like the season that Tom Westerman (was that his name?) won but I don’t know what that season was called. I also think that Rob Cesterino was the most fun contestant to watch.

    Carter was boring but I came to like him over the last couple of weeks when they gave him more air time. And LOL at Jeff Kent being non-existent at Ponderosa.

  • Miss Chaos

    One question for anyone, why do we like this season so much?  I cant put my finger on it, there arent a lot of great charactors, just a lot of likeable ones, (Malcom)  but everyone including me, likes this season a lot, why is that, I liked a lot of seasons, they do tend to run together, and so long ago, but this one is sticking, is it because its on now?  And I really did like the Redemption Island ones, because of more challenges, I love all the challenges.

  • Eric Mitchell

     Tom Westman won Palau.

  • Eric Mitchell

     For me I love this season because it is a return to how the earlier seasons ran. Over the last few seasons there has been an abundance of players who are more interested in being on TV then people actually wanting to play Survivor. You are correct that the majority will never be considered great players but at least for the most part they have tried to win the game more then they were just there to be on TV.

    Also I like they they returned to having more water based challanges. I like the mixture of land and water challenges.

  • blackberryharvest

    My favorites are Pearl Islands, Amazon, All Stars, Fans Vs. Favorites, Gabon, Heroes vs Villains, and the current one(Philippines). I also have a soft spot for Australia because it was the first season I got into. Nicaragua was also a favorite of mine at the time, but then I got spoiled on accident and it got ruined for me at the end. I’m re-watching All Stars right now, and its really good. I love seeing the different players back.