Video: Survivor Philippines Final Ponderosa

Another season of Survivor is over and we have a little under two months until the Premiere of Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites. The start the short wait for the next season here are Malcolm’s two Ponderosa videos.


Survivor Philippines – Malcolm (Ponderosa Part 1)


Survivor Philippines – Malcolm (Ponderosa Part 2)

  • Luz Mae Salvador

    i like malcolm! i wanted him to win. but it’s! congrats to denise and to all of them!!! 

  • b_james

    Spoiler alert: Malcom is on the next season, so we’ll see how he did then. 

  • Blou38

    Cool!  If it’s true about Malcolm.  It’s harder for them when they’ve come back because everyone knows them.  Hope he does well.  Can hardly wait!  In the meantime, Idol and Downton Abbey. :)

  • Stefan Wind

    I love Malcolm and will be rooting for him if he is indeed a castaway next season, but there is NO reason he should have hard feelings for Denise. She gave him more then enough opportunities to sit with her at the end. He chose his own fate. I’m happy in the end he voted the right away and awarded her the top prize.

  • Claude Dee

    From the grapevine… Malcolm did better in Survivor: Caramoan… Final 3? ;)

  • EvenMoreron

    Ooh I read Malcolm didn’t fare as well in the next one (probably should’ve waited a little longer). But a few of the other returnees do pretty well (from a season I skipped), so it’ll all be new to me!

  • Blou38

    Two posts cancelled each other out. LOL  Please…we don’t want to know. ;)

  • Miz

    When are these shows actually done? How long ago was this season’s winner chosen and was the live show really live? 

    Is Season 26 already done filming?

  • Luz Mae Salvador

    reallly???? if it’s true…. it’s a big WOW then!!  

  • Brian

    People won’t know Malcolm, because this next season was filmed before this past season aired.

  • Blou38

    That’s good…like Russell’s second season. :)

  • seashellz51

    Well crumb, guess I waited too long to watch the videos as they are gone now. Personally, I wasnt that keen on Malcolm. Yeah, he was nice and played good but I like contestants who have a little controversy and he had none. lol.