VIDEO PREMIERE: The Swon Brothers, “Later On”!

Swon Brothers-Later On-Video Still

The Swon Brothers have parlayed their 3rd place finish on s4 of The Voice into a stream of live gigs, agency representation by William Morris Endeavor, a record deal with Arista Nashville, and a debut single that broke the 8 year old Country Aircheck record for the most 1st week adds for a debut single. Not a bad start! That debut single, “Later On,” currently sits at #23 on both the Billboard Country Airplay and Country Aircheck/Mediabase charts in its 13th week since going for adds, and looks like it will do well enough to allow the Swon Brothers to release a full album.

Now, the Swon Brothers have released their video for “Later On.” The clip showcases the likability and stage enthusiasm that are a big part of the Swon Brothers appeal. Check it out here:

Although the Swon Brothers have yet to announce a release date for their debut album, they have been performing several songs that they have cut while on a radio tour introducing themselves to country radio (check out video of those performances here), including a song that they cowrote with Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum. In an upcoming Idols/Voice Gone Country post (that’ll go up sometime next week), I’ll have the titles of additional songs the Swon Brothers have cut for their upcoming album.

What do you think of the “Later On” video, and of the Swon Brothers’s prospects in the country market?

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  • carola99

    Thanks so much for posting this! Love the Swon Bros.
    Such a great video. They have such a cool energy and that comes across.
    Plus “Later On” is a catchy song. Hope it continues to move up the charts, it´s doing pretty well for a debut single.
    IMO these guys will be very successful in the country market in the long run. They are not only talented but likeable and authentic. Fans love them.

  • Amy Beth

    The music industry sucks more than I thought it did.

    What’s the point of signing a major label record deal if that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to put out at least one album? The idea that they had to prove themselves with a single before their label would green light an album seems a**-backwards.

    Anyway, I think they’ll do we’ll. They always reminded me of a modern day version of the Smothers Brothers.

  • carola99

    They have been playing songs for their upcoming debut album and I heard them say that their record will come out after the summer around Sept/Oct.
    I actually think they will do way better than Danielle Bradbery.
    Go Swon Bros!

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    What’s the point of signing a major label record deal if that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to put out at least one album? The idea that they had to prove themselves with a single before their label would green light an album seems a**-backwards.

    It’s simply good economics. Singles drive album sales for new artists in most genres. If you can’t succeed with a single, with the entire clout of the label behind you, why should the label risk more money on an album, when it’s virtually certain that the album won’t sell enough to make a profit, since it has no radio hit to support it?

    It’s also not unusual that a label will try two or even three singles before giving up.

    For an established artist, the pattern is different — you’ll get acts that can sell albums to a fanbase they established 15 years ago or more, and they don’t need a hit single. There are also some genres where touring and other intra-genre buzz will support the album, so a single is far less important. But new country artists depend heavily on country radio, so the Swon Brothers’ contract makes sense (and is pretty standard, too),

  • DLynne

    Nice video! They have great energy and the camera loves them. The song is doing well, too. I think they have a good future.

  • Amy Beth

    I understand this intellectually. Maybe it’s the terminology that sticks in my craw. We need a new one to replace “record deal”. Perhaps “Label-backed single deal”?

  • Sue tiedemann

    Hope the Swon Brothers will do good. Great video – they sound great and love their energy.

  • mmb

    look at the roster of any major label…I bet you won’t recognize a lot of the names…some of these artists will never wind up releasing anything — single or album. eventually they will be dropped to make room for another act…some artists release a single or singles but never an album…these days we see more and more EPs, singles etc. but no album. A look at any roster quickly shows that a major label deal is no guarantee that anything will get released (sometimes ever)

  • Miz

    Like the video and the song a lot. It’s perfect for country and they have the likability factor. I think the future looks bright for them.

  • ptebwwong

    This is common for new artists. But some labels even do this for established artists. There have been instances where a country artist with previous multiple Top 10 or Top 20 hits had a new single released to radio for a forthcoming album. The single didn’t do very well & the label pushed back the album for “better hit material.” So even established artists have to “keep proving themselves” to the label, radio, etc.

  • Miz

    How about just ‘label deal’?

  • Miz


  • Face

    I know nothing about Country… and haven’t watched much of TV US… but they seem like nice enough fellas…
    the song is catchy and harmless… if not necessarily a classic… given the track record of previous TV US alums they appear to be doing fantastically…
    it’s hard enough for any new artist these days… so good for them… wish them every success

  • ptebwwong

    Like the song. I wonder what took them so long to release a music video? It’s almost Top 20 & this song has been out for awhile now.

  • xheyheyo

    I’m impressed that their first single is so good. Very catchy! Good going, guys!

  • macfae

    While it’s not something I would buy, I am happy for them doing well. Likability goes far and I imagine they put on a fun live show. Maybe they will take over FGL in the male duo category. Their music makes me cringe

  • Happyhexer

    Sure they will. Swon Brothers are male. Danielle is female. Case closed.

  • Happyhexer

    Wow. I am underwhelmed. Whether the Swon Brothers are likeable or not, this song is very average, as are their voices. I know of a number of artists with better voices and better material. Still, it’s hard to break into the music biz, so I wish them well. I guess. But kinda glad now I didn’t waste my time trying to see them when they were performing locally.

  • Madilo

    I like the song, it’s very cool :)