VIDEO PREMIERE: Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood – “Somethin’ Bad”

Miranda & Carrie - Somethin Bad Video Still

Check out the video premiere of the Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood duet, “Somethin’ Bad”! The video takes the form of a blockbuster movie trailer, and features the country superstars going on a multi-phase crime spree while dressed to the nines for every part of it. The trailer concept is an especially clever and appropriate treatment for the song, which is a just-short-of-3-minute tease that “somethin’ bad about to happen,” without ever revealing what that might be.

The video goes as far as having a credits shot at the end, with the video director Trey Fanjoy, songwriters Chris DeStefano, Brett James, and Priscilla Renea, artist managers Marion Kraft and Ann Edelblute, various label execs at Sony Nashville, the producers and engineers of the track, and more named. The credits also read “Story by Carrie Underwood.”

Miranda & Carrie - Somethin Bad Video Credits

The song itself is a pretty clear attempt by the country genres top 2 female acts to coopt the much maligned “bro country” sound that has dominated country radio for the past year and half on behalf of the ladies. Maybe a successful superstar duet between Miranda and Carrie can galvanize country’s female fans to demand more representation of their points of view on country radio. Certainly country radio has embraced the song early, as the duet has flown into the t30 just a week after officially going for adds and 2 weeks after being sent to radio. “Somethin’ Bad” has also not left the Itunes Country t10 since its digital release on May 18th.

What do you think of the video?

EDIT: The Cosmopolitan site GIFed the “11 Most Badass Moments in Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood’s Video.” Heh.

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  • Lorrie Beeman Schutt

    For those of us that can’t watch it on CMT because we live outside of the US here is the you tube link

  • Kirsten

    Slick video. Great production values. Works well with the song.

    I wonder if they are going to try to cross this song over. I could see it.

  • windmills

    Thanks, that wasn’t available when I scheduled the post yesterday morning. I’ve replaced the original CMT embed with yours so everybody can see it :)

  • leilamaurizia

    Whoever did that Cosmo list is quick and on point. So. Many. GIFs!

  • Amy Beth

    I like everything about this collaboration except the SONG. It’s somethin’ bad IMHO.

    BTW, you left out critical info. Who’s the Best Boy and Key Grip? (My favorite part of movie credits!)

  • lkingcorn

    Carrie and Miranda have a lock on the country music scene, making it difficult for hopefuls to break through. The Thelma and Louise theme is a win win for these two. Almost easier to break into the pop scene, but then Taylor swift has a lock on the cross over arena. Don’t see this changing anytime soon IMHO.

  • windmills

    Heh. I figured I had it covered by giving you the screencap. I’m definitely a stay til the end of credits kind of gal!

    And, I’m not big on the song itself either – it’s catchy enough but doesn’t have enough of a story, or enough of a melody. I’m rationalizing as Miranda deliberately choosing a super mainstream lightweight of a song aimed straight at the bro country market. Hopefully SB won’t be the last time Miranda and Carrie collaborate, and the next time will bring a better song.

  • CanadianLady


  • glennethph

    This looks like the girl from Before He Cheats grew up and got a partner in crime :)

  • Ying & Yang

    Danielle, Cassadee, and Raelynn should be Blake’s (Charlie’s) Angels… haha

  • aquayers

    Great video but I still hate the song. Urgh!!!