VIDEO PREMIERE: Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath The Tree"!

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Kelly Clarkson-Underneath The Tree-Video Screen Cap
Check out the video premiere for Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas single, “Underneath The Tree.” The clip features behind the scenes and performance footage from Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Tale, which is set to air next Wednesday, December 11th, at 10p Eastern on NBC.

Watch carefully and you’ll see hilarious footage of Kelly’s pal/Voice coach Blake Shelton dressed as a Christmas elf, plus cameos by Jai Rodriguez (who guests in the special) and the great Trisha Yearwood (who sings with Kelly and Reba on “Silent Night”). The video also features Kelly in various stages of being her very amusing self (like when she shimmies behind Trisha Yearwood’s camera shot).

“Underneath The Tree” is in its 1st week at #1 on the US Adult Contemporary Mediabase and Billboard airplay charts. Kelly’s Wrapped In Red has sold 199k in its 4 weeks out and is projected to see a nice pickup with Black Friday sales reporting this week and Christmas drawing closer.

Download Wrapped In Red from iTunes here!
Download Wrapped in Red from Amazon here!

  • Sunny Mc

    Queen Kelly rules! Love this song so much! This song has legs and will be up there with Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas.

  • Tess Herself

    I felt like I was transposed into the film “Love Actually” with all the percussion and “big voice” Kelly. I don’t think Mariah needs to worry that her “All I want for Christmas” is in danger of being surpassed…this was a pretty poor “copy” of what worked for Mariah. I think the world of Kelly but I sometimes think that she has a tendency to be a half-step behind the real movers and shakers as far as originality is concerned.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Entertaining video, but I wish there were more behind the scene clips incorporated into it. Love this song!

  • Sunny Mc

    There are definitely similarities, I love both songs. Funny you mention Love Actually, Mariah’s new song The Art of Letting Go sounds a lot like Kelly’s song The Trouble With Love from that movie.

  • Tess Herself

    You are absolutely right….if I were just hearing the entro I’d be hard pressed to tell which song is about to be sung. Good catch!

  • FinalFantasy13

    at least it’s just one song that’s similar to mariah and she is not trying to copy her entire career like ariana grande..

  • Matthew Kitson

    Really glad Kelly released this song, because quite frankly, getting kind of tired of Mariah’s xmas song year after year

  • CB40

    This is the best new Christmas song and album in years! I also love the title track Wrapped In Red, which is also an original!