Vanessa Lengies Leaving Glee After Landing Mixology Role (VIDEO)

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Vanessa Lengies, who plays one of my favorite Glee characters Sugar Motta, is leaving the FOX musical comedy for a chance to star in the mid season ABC comedy, “Mixology,” reports TV Guide.

A wonderful character actress who lit up any scene she was in, I never understood why Glee producers didn’t write more for her hilarious character. It was a disappearing game for Sugar. She’d be in an episode, followed by a long stretch where the character would mysteriously disappear from the choir room. It sounds like Vanessa would have loved to stay if she had been given more to do:

“Getting to play Sugar Motta was one of the biggest opportunities of my life, and I met some of the most fantastic people, but I was being hired per episode,” Lengies says about why she made the switch. “I loved getting to be there and dancing around, but I didn’t really have much of an opportunity to act.”

Boo Glee. Vanessa is hoping to give Sugar a proper sendoff in the fall when the show returns to FOX. “I would love to have them introduce a time machine and ­reveal that Sugar was a visitor from the future.”

In Mixology, Vanessa plays “a bubbly waitress named Kacey.” Check out the trailer below

VIA TV Guide

  • Amy Beth

    Her name sounded so familiar (I rarely watch Glee), so I checked her imdb. She was on American Dreams and she did voice work on Arthur and Caillou!

  • matt89

    She’s never gotten enough airtime on Glee. I’ll miss her

  • NatSasic

    I wish her the best, but I never especially warmed to her character on Glee. I don’t think it was her fault, I just don’t think they wrote her a great character with much substance.

  • Frederick Rupp Cristiano

    Unfortunately you hardly saw her on Glee so I think this is the best for her. Thats what annoys me with Ryan Murphy.. he introduces characters and then you hardly see them anyway. smh

  • b_james

    Sadly, her new show is totally gonna get cancelled. I would have loved to see Sugar develop more this season instead of Kitty, Marley, or Unique coming front and center.

  • George Wilson

    Hmm… don’t you think it’s quite coincidental that Candice is suddenly auditioning for something… It might be for a glee role. I hope they contact Jessica Sanchez and ask her to replace Sugar! :D