UK X Factor Little Mix Signs US Record Deal (Report)

Digital Spy is reporting that Little Mix, the X Factor UK winners who won last year’s competition has signed a deal with Columbia Records in the US.

The girl band will release ‘Wings’ as their debut single in America later this year. They reportedly signed the deal back in 2012.

“We want to show everybody what we’re about and bring out our first single over here,” Jade Thirlwall told Twist magazine in a recent interview.

“‘Wings’ is the perfect introduction to Little Mix and what we’re all about, so we can’t wait to show it to everybody in America!”

Jesy Nelson added: “We wanted our first single to be a song that meant something to us, but also meant a lot to our fans.

X Factor US 4th place finishers, Emblem3 have also signed a deal with Columbia, according to bandmember, Drew Chadwick.

Via Digital Spy

Check out “Wings” here:


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  • BigNLiddle

    Did Little Mix do well in the UK?
    I wonder if this will effect (affect? I never know which one lol) 5th Harmony’s attempt to make it

  • Jaejae1

    I think they have.

  • Leandro

    I think their album is almost platinum right now (300k). Their singles did well too. It’s not Leona Lewis either 1D level of success but it’s better than most of XF winners.

  • Rand

    I really enjoyed that song. Perfect “girl group” song. 

  • Eric Ascher


  • Livia Sellers

    Great news. I think they have something special, but I’m also worried about 5th Harmony. I guess signing with Columbia Records may not be an option now.

  • jtgraffix

    i literally gasped out loud…

  • Kesia Monteith

    I feel the same way. Happy for Little Mix, but worried for 5H. I have been reading more interest about 5H by some pop culture blogs like Popdust, more so than Emblem3, so it bugs me Simon may not acknowledge that. It annoys me because I have a feeling Emblem3 won’t be as huge as he wants them to be :/

  • Henrique Mendes

    I am with you, I love 5H but let’s be real:
    What you read in those blogs, and this one, does not necessarily translate into the real world, even if it makes sense and you agree with it. So I don’t really blame Simon for not looking at the blogs as a sacred word.
    He is the one who can lose money after all.

  • Hazehel

    I think their album is almost platinum right now (300k). Their singles did well too. It’s not Leona Lewis or 1D level of success but it’s better than most of XF winners.

    Not quite true.  Their debut album DNA sold 234K copies (all numbers are last known figure), that’s fewer than Matt Cardle (last known 271K),  Shayne Ward (536K), Alexandra Burke (816K) and Leona Lewis (3,034K).  They do however sell more than Steve Brookstein, Leon Jackson, and Joe McElderry, but they do lie in the lower half of the winner list.  They aren’t even in the Top 10 for X-Factor contestants – #10 is Rhydian (season 4 runner-up) whose debut album sold 406K.

  • Oldhag

    I like Wings but I’m not sure how well they’ll translate to over here.  But what do I know; Cher Lloyd has certainly done better than I ever expected.

  • Thiago Alencar

    Yeah, BUT, both Wings and Cannonball(their winner single) debuted at #1, and DNA debuted on #3 in a week they were against both One Direction (Little Things) and Bruno Mars (Locked Out of Heaven). DNA (the album) debuted on #3 too, but against Rihanna and the second week of One Direction’s Take me Home. 
    They have great singles (Change Your Life is set to Frebruary), their album sold faster than One Direction’s on a black friday special promo from amazon (just 13 seconds) that means nothing, but it’s always a good thing.

  • Thiago Alencar

    I really hope the girls will make it. And i hope they’ll help to open space for 5H. They’re still my favorite X-Factor winner, so, no matter what happens, i’ll always be praying for their success.

  • Jake Williams

    Yay! I want them and Fifth Harmony to make it big here. We need more girl groups. 

  • Leandro

    I didn’t know Shayne did that good. Anyway, right now, they must be near Matt and they will probably surpass him. Therefore, they’ll be in the upper half of the winner list. Besides that, they will sell something with the US promotion, for sure.

  • Maj

    Change Your Life could be a hit, in the UK at least. Even I like that song, and remembered it right from the first listen – even though I don’t usually like the sugary inspirational crap. So I do think they have a chance to be very successful. Seems to me it’s better to stay at lower places of charts for a long time than debuting big & then swiftly falling off them completely. Just look at Paloma Faith.
    I wish them success in the US as well. Not sure if they will have it (not as bubblegum as Cher L., and not cute boys) but I hope they will. Together with the Spice Girls and the original Sugababes (these days 
    Mutya Keisha Siobhan) they are my favourite girl group.

  • Hazehel

    Anyway, right now, they must be near Matt and they will probably surpass him. 

    Their number is from the end  of year chart of 2012 released in early January, so they couldn’t have sold much in a week – they were at #28 in the UK chart, ~8K sold.  Whether they can overtake Matt depends on whether they can stay around that position or not dropping fast in the chart.  If they drop fast then there is no guarantee they can surpass Matt.  But in any case I would expect James Arthur to do better than them, so in a year’s time they’d still sit somewhere in the middle.  

    I didn’t know Shayne did that good.

     Shayne Ward is actually one of the more successful X-Factor winners (2 platinum albums), some people tried to spin that male winners from X-Factor were unsuccessful, which is untrue.  Alexandra Burke’s second album flopped, unlike Shayne Ward’s.  He is probably the sixth most successful X-Factor contestant (after Leona Lewis, One Direction, JLS, Olly Murs, and G4.

  • geekygirl

    This is a perfect song to hit the US market, I agree!  Very catchy and these ladies can SANG! 

    I loved Shayne Ward, very talented and versatile voice.Unfortuantely he was analagous to a superb baseball pitcher who was overused so much it destroyed his arm.  He was not a professional singer like a lot of the contestants nowadays, he was a shoe salesman.  The tours and the appearances by tptb were without any consideration for his voice, and he almost ruined his vocal chords. He ended up with polyps and surgery so he was out of the loop for awhile unable to sing.  He was in Rock of Ages in the West End in London for awhile, not sure what he is doing now.