Track Listing for Kris Allen’s New Album

MJ seems a little busy this morning, so I’ll start the new thread for Kris Allen’s Track List (as leaked by Michael Slezak over on EW)

UPDATE: Check out the track list at, HERE. Track   #14 is called “Send Me All Your Angels”. I’m assuming it’s a Walmart bonus track, but who wrote it?   Tracks by Chris Daughtry, Mat Kearney and Alex Band didn’t make the main album. Could they be bonus tracks?

ETA: THANKS Kirsten!

Track list including SONGWRITERS and PRODUCERS after the Jump…

01’Live Like We’re Dying’  (Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan) (Produced by: Produced by Andrew Frampton & Steve Kipner)

02 ‘Before We Come Undone’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Greg Kurstin) (Produced by:Greg Kurstin for SK1 Productions)

03 ‘Can’t Stay Away’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Mike Elizondo) (Produced by Mike Elizondo)

04 ‘The Truth’  (Pat Monahan, Toby Gad) (Produced by Toby Gad)

05 ‘Written All Over My Face’  (Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan) (Produced by: Produced by Andrew Frampton & Steve Kipner)

06 ‘Bring It Back’  (Kris Allen, Francis White) (Produced by Eg White for Spilt Milk Management)

07 ‘Red Guitar’  (Kris Allen) (Produced by Mike Flynn & Warren Huart)

08 ‘Is It Over’  (Kris Allen, Cale Mills, Mike Elizondo) (Produced by Mike Elizondo)

09 ‘Let It Rain’  (Kris Allen, Tobias Karlsson) (Produced by Tobias Karlsson)

10 ‘Alright With Me’  (Kris Allen, Joe King) (Produced by Mike Flynn & Joe King)

11 ‘Lifetime’  (Kris Allen, Jon Foreman, Mike Elizondo) (Produced by Mike Elizondo)

12 ‘I Need To Know’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad) (Produced by Toby Gad)

13 ‘Heartless’  (Malik Yusef El Shabbaz Jones, Scott Mescudi, Kanye West, Ernest Wilson, Jeffrey Bhasker, Benjamin McIldowie) (Produced by SALAAMREMI.COM)

I need to figure out how to add pictures.


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  • Kirsten

    First thoughts:

    – No NoBo
    – Heartless! Yay! – I wonder if this is the rumoured re-recording we heard so much about
    – The song written with Joe King from the Fray made the cut.
    – The one with Mat Kearney did not – maybe another bonus?
    – I guess Eg isn’t his real first name. His mom calls him Francis.

  • windmills

    Surprised @ no Mat Kearney track but very excited about Lifetime! Also excited about Alright With Me. Red Guitar is still my most anticipated because it’ll be a peek into pre-AI Kris.

    Based on the Yahoo interview I’m interested in what I Need To Know sounds like.

  • jersey

    LOL I was wondering where the Eg White tune was! Duh! I’m surprised the Mat Kearney song wasn’t included.

  • hoosiermama

    and no co-writes with Daughtry or Alex Band. But there is one with his buddy, Cale! Interesting…off to watch Lyndsey’s part 2 interview…

  • fearbear

    Didn’t he work with Daughtry too? I think there were pictures of them in the studio some time ago. If they did, I’m glad that track didn’t make the cut coz I’m not particularly fond of Chris’ music. However, his songs tend to be radio friendly so on the other hand… hmm. Anyway, excited to hear the songs… Kris seems to have lots of writing credits, which is good.

  • snlw

    :( so Jim’s favorite didn’t make the cut i.e., the one with Mat Kearney.. :(

  • kt_cle

    Slezak has producers listed now too. Salaam Remi was the producer on Heartless. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the other versions we’ve heard so many times.

  • Eileen99

    I tweeted Jim & Slezak to ask about Send Me All Your Angels – the additional Walmart bonus track. That could be the Mat Kearney tune. Hopefully we’ll hear about that today. I am officially losing my shit right now.

  • leome

    What has Lindy Robbins done before? I noticed that name in there a few times.
    Kris wanted only one producer, but he got tons of them.
    I’m curious about Red Guitar. I like those that are not co-written, they give you more of an idea what the writer is all about. With the other ones you don’t know how involved the writer is, if they only changed a line, if they did the lyrics, or maybe just the music, etc…

  • SarahP

    ok mid way through the interview’ ¦.and i’m jumping up and down!!!!

    jon foreman’s song made it to kris’s album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow! and its called Lifetime’ ¦..sigh’ ¦i bet its one of those beautiful and meaningful heart rendering songs jon is famous for’ ¦.

    brought my comment here from the headlines thread

  • SarahP

    Red Guitar is still my most anticipated because it’ll be a peek into pre-AI Kris.

    me too…really waiting to hear this one along with Lifetime

  • SarahP

    What has Lindy Robbins done before? I noticed that name in there a few times.

    i found this on her myspace

    Hailing from Los Angeles, Lindy Robbins is an award- winning, multi-platinum selling songwriter whose career began in NYC where she started as an acclaimed performer. Most recently, Lindy has co-written a song for Leona Lewis (featuring One Republic) “Lost Then Found”, and four cuts on Kris Allen’s debut record, both coming in November. Recent cuts include five songs for Jordin Sparks’ highly- anticipated release “Battlefield,’  two songs-including the title song and hit first single on Demi Lovato’s new record “Here We Go again,’  three songs on Selena Gomez’s Top Ten release “Kiss and Tell,’  seven songs on Fueled by Ramins’ new band Friday Night Boys and two songs on Elliot Yamin’s new CD including first Japanese single “You Say.’ 

    Robbins’ multi-format hit single for Nick Lachey, ‘What’s Left Of Me,’  was Top Five on Billboard’s Hot 100 and garnered her a 2007 ASCAP Pop Music Award. She also co-wrote his two follow up singles including the hit, “I Can’t Hate you Anymore.” Lindy also co-wrote the Backstreet Boys’ Top Five worldwide hit single ‘Incomplete,’  as well as the Radio Disney smash and Disney Song of the Year, “Cinderella,” for the Cheetah Girls. Recent highlights have included three songs on American Idol winner Jordin Sparks’ debut platinum album, which continues to dominate the charts. Lindy also penned two songs on the highly-anticipated new Brandy album, including the title track ‘Human.’  Lindy’s genre-crossing releases span from Taylor Hicks’ first single, “Just To Feel That Way” off his platinum debut album, to Monica’s “Just Another Girl,’  among numerous other hit singles for recording artists worldwide.

    and the wiki page gives the list of key releases..

  • leome

    Thanks for the links. Not very exciting, but we’ll see.

  • star

    No Kevin Rudolf. I always thought that was a bit of a mismatch for Kris, tbh.

    No JC Chasez either :)

  • jambajim

    Yikes. Lindy’s resume scares me. Deeply.

    Deep cuts on Jordin Sparks albums? Songs from the Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez CDs (Slezak just gave Gomez’s a D in a recent review!!), Nick Lachey songs?? Backstreet Boys’ awful “comeback” single?? 2 tracks off the “highly-anticipated” new BRANDY album AND material for Monica’s crappy solo album?!!

    And worst of all:



  • Kirsten


    LOL. Jim. That is a pretty scarey resume. Just in time for Halloween.

    “In a world where an Idol seemed to be on track for a successful career, in walked a producer that he’d never heard of before. Little did he know about what horrors would await…[cue scarey violins…auto-tuned for that special Lindsy effect]”

    Any chance we can wheedle some song info out of you?

  • soverymel

    Jim (if you’re the REAL Jim, LOL), have you heard ANYTHING on what happened to your favorite that you heard that isn’t on the tracklist? Or was it the one called “Send Me All Your Angels” that seems to be a Walmart bonus track?

  • Eileen99

    Jim, do you ~know things?

  • ilovekrisallen39

    Hey Jim. What a great day we’re having. Am sorry that the song you like didn’t get pick unless its the Send Me All Your Angels. I think your super funny.

  • Mary102

    No JC Chasez either

    OMG – I almost forgot about that! Thank god for that – that song was terrible!

  • jambajim

    I might know things. Not really though. Or maybe I do?

    Heh, sorry. I’m not allowed to reveal what I know. BUT I can say that I have not heard Send Me All Your Angels. My fave song has not been mentioned anywhere. No interviews, no tracklistings, etc.

    But as we all know from past Idol releases, there are always a ton of bonus tracks between WalMart, Target, iTunes, etc… So I wouldn’t be surprised if my tune ends up available to the public soon enough.

    And no, I don’t know if my fave tune is the Mat Kearney song. 19/Jive won’t comment on this track.

  • jtoms

    producers dictate much more than writers on how a song sounds though no? you can have the best lyrics in the world, but if the actual music sucks, you just have a really good poem.

    but yeah, her and toby gad seem to be jive staples.

  • jersey

    Oy, I’m not buying 4 copies so I can get all the songs. I hate when they release different “bonus” tracks to different stores. Since I already have the Kris Allen Season Pass on itunes, that’s the one I’m getting – along with whatever bonus track is included with that one. Hopefully it’s a good one! :-)

  • kt_cle

    I might know things. Not really though. Or maybe I do?

    Hmmm… how do we know it’s really you???

    Either way, it’s a happy day. But like I said yesterday… the more I know, the more I Need To Know (hey, maybe that’s the theme behind the song??). Keeping my fingers crossed for pre-order song snippets to be available very soon. I’m heading out for a girls weekend in NYC with my mom and sis, where I will need to keep my kris fanaticism under wraps – if any big news comes out it could be tough.

  • auntieaimee

    Thanks, Jim. You’ve been very helpful. *eyeroll*

  • snlw

    WOW Jim is here! Are you the real Jim? You sounded a little too serious. The Jim I know is too funny to even describe… I love Jim!

  • soverymel

    Thanks, Jim! Although the mystery of your favorite Kris song and who wrote it and what it sounds like and why can’t I know about it does torture me a little bit, LOL.

    Dang, between all three of Kradison and their various album incarnations for different stores I am going to be SOOO broke.

  • leome

    Thanks, Jim!

    Other than the walmart track, I think we can expect one with the itunes pre-order and if there’s a Deluxe maybe 3 extra songs.

  • Seeker


    I’m so excited!!! I’m so glad there are 3 collabs with Mike Elizondo… Kris & Cale co-wrote a song! YAY!

    Most excited about:
    Can’t Stay Away
    Bring It Back (EG Wgite – Francis)
    Red Guitar (Was 6 minutes lONG at conception!? And ofcorse it’s about Katy, but was excited about the probable Father-Son connection)
    Is It Over (CALE – Hotness)
    Let It Rain (Interesting backstory, love angsty Kris)
    Lifetime (Mike Elizondo)
    I Need To Know (Angsty, Early morning Kris = sexy Kris)

    Took all my will power not to COPY Paste all the songs here!!

  • ilovekrisallen39

    I know I can’t decided which one am the most excited for.They all sound so darn awesome. I am so happy that 9 of the songs are atleast cowritten by Kris. I think Red Guitar, I Need To Know, Let It Rain,Is it Over, and Bring It Back, sounds the best. I wanted Red Guitar since he said that he wrote it post Idol and I so love BNS.

  • Seeker

    OMG BNS!!!! – LOVE – Title Track Brand New Shoes, Wipe It away, On Our WAY – And just love the musicality of Land of Smiles (Freaking Chelo in it!)

  • cookcricket

    I am soooo sad the Mat Kearney song did not make the album although Jim still doesn’t know if he co-write the one he heard.

    Hi Jim, sorry I missed you!!! Hubby and I love you! Big fans! *waves*

    Although, the fact that the Joe King and Jon Foreman songs made it are great consolations. Hopefully this Lynsy Robbins chick was at her best when writing with Kris! Hey, at least from writing with Taylor she knows what Not to present as a good song…grrr, at least she better.

    I trust Kris’s instincts though! Snippets, soon!!!

  • Allison

    Well I like Elliott’s song, “You Say”, so there’s hope for Lindy’s songs for Kris.

  • haruhi

    Yup, not loving Lindy Robbins’ previous collaborations/co-writes.

  • Seeker

    Yeah And according to Lyndsey – ‘Can’t Stay away’ is her Fav and Lindi is sitting pretty between Kris & Mike in the credits for that one… So maybe she’s improved!

  • jmaster

    Ok, so there is nothing from Ryan Tedder, Mat Kearney, Dan Wilson, Kevin, Rudolf, Alex Band, and Chris Daughtry. I was really hoping for at least the Kearney collab but there is still the bonus track possibility.

    And how cool is it that Cale got to co-write a song! November 17th can’t come fast enough!

  • Truthiness

    Okay the Lindy Robbins stuff kind of harshed my happy Kris songs mellow, but I’m going to try and shake it off.

    The ones that remain most interesting to me still are ‘Bring It Back’  and ‘Can’t Stay Away,” despite the Lindy part of that. But I’m now also intrigued by ‘Is It Over.”

    Not sad to hear about Daughtry’s song probably not making the cut. I know Chris seems like a good mentor for Kris and cool for that, but I really don’t like Daughtry’s music. Not a huge fan of Mat Kearney’s either, but on the other hand that seemed like it could have really worked for Kris and they really seemed to gel, but oh wells. Hmmm. Maybe Mat shouldn’t have gone to the really nice restaurant on 19’s dime. I keed

    I don’t know who wrote/produceed Angels Walmart bonus song, but I think the last song with Angels in the title thatI liked was “Send Me an Angel.” And they referenced a Cocteau film in their video, so that just gets bonus points right there. Doubtful Kris’s Angel song/video will do something comparable.

    But yeah, stoked about having an album list. Now I want to hear some snippets of the song. Yeah, I’m being greedy. The more I have, the more I want.

  • Mtlfan

    Red Guitar is still my most anticipated because it’ll be a peek into pre-AI Kris.

    I find this even more interesting that it’s 2 to 4 years after he wrote BNS. So we will see his progression

  • Mtlfan

    I not super impressed by Lyndy Robbins resume but as was said before I trust Kris instinct and delivery.

    I’m freekin looking forward to listen to them ALL

  • Michelle

    Hopefully Lindy was more “polish what Kris brought to the table” than providing the main structure to the song?

    Still holding out hope that the Kearney song sees the light of day — I can’t say I’m not ecstatic that the JC Chasez demo and whatever Tedder threw together aren’t on there (yet).

  • cookcricket

    Well I like Elliott’s song, ‘You Say’ , so there’s hope for Lindy’s songs for Kris.

    Oh good! Thanks for that!

    There are three co-writes with LR and one with both her and TG. Kris seems to really like this song so I’m quite hopeful there.

    One was co-written with Mike Elizondo as well, and produced by him so that’s positive.

    The other was co-written and produced by Greg Kurstin whom I know nothing about. Off to find more info on him.

    I’m not crying over this guys biography. :)

  • Suzanne

    Deep cuts on Jordin Sparks albums? Songs from the Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez CDs (Slezak just gave Gomez’s a D in a recent review!!), Nick Lachey songs?? Backstreet Boys’ awful ‘comeback’  single?? 2 tracks off the ‘highly-anticipated’  new BRANDY album AND material for Monica’s crappy solo album?!!

    And worst of all:


    Bloggers commenting on the blogs of other bloggers? Is that allowed under the rules of blogdom? Isn’t it kind of like inbreeding?

    Okay–that resume is like Super POP, which is bothersome, but Taylor Hicks’s first single–the Runaround–is the only song I have from that album. It’s a good song.

  • 8Jean8

    October 23, 2009 at 6:43 pm
    Well I like Elliott’s song, ‘You Say’ , so there’s hope for Lindy’s songs for Kris.

    “You Say,” is a huge hit in Japan. It was released as a single there first. You can watch the video, on the Tube. His vocals are pretty amazing, considering he never had lessons, or any performance experience.
    I think Lindy Robbins, did very well on this song. Elliott’s strong vocal talent, is what makes this song, and his unique soulful tone. I can’t even imagine anyone else sing this song.
    I really hope Kris’s song, isn’t over processed. I am so glad he is getting vocal lesson’s.
    His performance skills, are really great though! He has is own style, and has that ability to put his own spin on it. I am crossing my finger’s for his success, with 19 Jive records.

  • jersey

    Actually, Taylor’s first single was “Just to Feel That Way”. Runaround was written by Lorne somebody (I forget his last name but remember he was Hot, LOL) He was Taylor’s keyboardist/musical director on his tour.

  • erinnthered

    LOL at Jim and Kirsten.

    I’m choosing to believe that because Lindy only co-wrote songs for the album they won’t be as bad. Especially since Kris seems to have some songwriting ability. I have to keep my hopes up. Well, not have to, but I want to…*pleasedon’tletitbeherusualdreck*

    Besides, there’s Mike Elizondo! Eg White! Joe King! Did I mention Mike Elizondo!? And Heartless was produced by Salaam Remi! Heck, The Script!

    Not surprised about no NoBo. Hick’s song was a bonus track for those who wanted it. Was Magic Rainbow on Cook’s album?

    After years of disappointment I am trying very hard not to get excited about this, dammit!

    Now I can’t get “Warwick Avenue” out of my head. Eg White has done some good work. Loved both Duffy and Adele’s albums. Gah!


    ETA: I just realized that Cale Mills, the bass player, is the “friend” he co-wrote with. Go Cale! I hope the track is a good one. Would be nice to see an Idol really bring their friends along in a big way like that. publishing rights are so much bigger than just playing in the band.

  • Mtlfan


    Cale Mills is Kris’s new guitarist (not bass player) and a good one of what I heard. I read that Cale is on cloud nine since it’s a dream he cherishes since a long time (to break out in the music business)

    I didn’t mention before but this is going to be my first album bought from an AI artist!

  • ai_fan

    That’s great MTlfan!

    I’ve watched all 8 seasons and have bought 3 AI artist albums (Kelly, Chris and now Kris), but this will be the first I bought without even hearing any of it! (idol pass).

  • http://MJO judes

    Kris sounds really excited about this album & now we have the track listings it makes me want this album more!!
    Does anyone know whether the Amazon albums usually have any bonus tracks??
    I’ve pre-ordered from there as we don’t have any other options from Australia – who knows when the album will be available here as LLWD still isn’t!!!!!! [ However No Boundaries is still available – go figure!!!]

  • BeckyMD

    Guess this thread is the proper place to post this rumor that I saw in ontd_ai :

    Kris to perform 4 new songs at Miami Dolphins game!?!

    Okay so Kris was on WSVN 7 Miami local news and apparently he announced that he would be performing 4 new songs at the tailgating thing!!!

    Source: [info]hellasketch and her TV

    ETA: [info]hellasketch does not know if it will be televised, but I think some benches said they were going. Hopefully they can tape it!

    ETA2: Hellasketch: He was like talking about his album and he was like “I’m gonna be playing the new song and 4 other ones from the album”

  • girlygirl


    Let’s hope this rumor is true — and that Q3 or someone else who is going to this concert videotapes it

  • carmine2008

    Im going to be broke come November. I have a friend who’s coming to the US and I’m going to ask her to buy me any variation of Kris’ CD that has an extra track that is not included in the one being released in my country. Although I’m hoping I won’t need to do that. Hehehe.

    I’m especially excited about the Jonathan Foreman co-write, Lifetime, since I’m a huge Switchfoot fan and Red Guitar because Kris wrote it all by himself.

  • snlw

    BeckyMD “Kris to perform 4 new songs at Miami Dolphins game!?!”

    That would be so awesome and just hope there will be videos!!!

  • ai_fan

    I just heard him say it. He is doing the single and 4 others from the new record, woohoo!

    No, the issue will be will anyone record it or will we all miss it. Miami, please come through for us!

  • girlygirl

    Well according to several peeps on ontd_ai who saw Kris on this Florida news channel, Kris said he’ll be performing LLWD AND FOUR OTHER songs off his album on Sunday. That sounds like confirmation to me

  • ilovekrisallen39

    I just posted this on the Kris thread AI News said it’s true. They call to comfure it. Don’t know which four he well sing thou.

  • girlygirl

    Q3 has said is going to the concert and then the game on Sunday. Hopefully will videotape it???

  • ilovekrisallen39

    On the board were the news was first posted,someeone said they were going and well record it.

  • girlygirl

    Not only will Kris be playing songs off his album, some of the concert may be televised!

  • Mtlfan

    Thanks ai_fan. I’m going to buy DC album too; went to see his show recently and liked it a lot. I’ll check CD album too

    BeckyMD, oh girl i wish this rumor is true. That would be so awesome. If it’s true, I’ll be impressed

  • BeckyMD

    it seems the rumor is confirmed.

    I just realized why Kris was in Miami today. Will that be a pre-game concert at the dolphin stadium or in-door concert? If this in the football stadium, hope there will be official TV broadcast. The quality of video from handhold VC can’t be good in large stadium.

  • girlygirl

    There is someone on ontd_ai who is going to try and go to this concert and live stream it from phone, while friend videotapes it (fingers crossed)

    From the press release it seems like the concert is outside the stadium on the Grand Plaza or some such thing…

  • Mtlfan

    i’m soooo happy!! i wasn’t expected to hear 4 additional songs before a little while. Geez… only in 2 days.. hope he’ll do ‘red guitar’

  • BeckyMD

    will this be the debut of his band?

  • Mtlfan

    will this be the debut of his band?

    BeckyMD, I’m sure it will be. He’h been twitting about it and mentioning the practice to Lyndsey P.

  • BeckyMD

    12 ‘I Need To Know’  (Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad) (Produced by Toby Gad)

    I’m so familiar with the other ‘I need to know’ that ever time I see this title I’ll humming the chorus…

  • erinnthered

    Cale Mills is Kris’s new guitarist (not bass player) and a good one of what I heard. I read that Cale is on cloud nine since it’s a dream he cherishes since a long time (to break out in the music business)

    He sounded competent in the school/ Bosom Ball vids, but I’m picky about what I consider a good guitar player. I thought I read he was going to be the bass player despite playing guitar at the previous events? No matter.

    Good for him. Honestly, I know a lot of people who would like to “break out” in the music business, and every one of them will be jealous of Cale. That’s a nice break. The key is to make a career out of it. Session work on major studio albums, touring bands, maybe a few more songwriting credits. I wish him, and all of them, the best.

  • Mtlfan

    erinnthered, yes i read too that he was going to play bass but Kris twitted the following 2 days ago:

    This is our fearless guitar player.
    4:53 PM Oct 21st from Echofon

    we’ll see how good he is

  • vanjess38

    I read somewhere, I think it was the UCA Bulletin that Cale was in a band called LATTURE. And I think Kris use to open for them sometimes so he must be pretty good and experienced.

  • girlygirl

    Well, “guitar player” could refer to bass guitar as well, I suppose. Kris likely will be playing a lot of guitar himself, so who knows. In the band Cale was in before (Latture) he played guitar, somone else played bass.

  • tripp_ncwy

    I remember an article that said some guy named Chris Torres was hired as bassist for Kris’s band. I can’t remember where I saw it. I wish they would post the band member’s names. I wonder if the band will get a name or will it just be Kris Allen and his band.

  • kt_cle

    It’s killing me that I won’t be able to be glued to the internet for Sunday’s performance. Even if there’s no cellcast and we have to wait for youtube videos, I have a feeling there will be at least some tweeting going on with initial reactions. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can wallow in all kinds of Kris-goodness Sunday night and Monday.

  • Truthiness

    Not only will Kris be playing songs off his album, some of the concert may be televised!

    Between this and the livestream cellcast and all the recordings you know will be made, this thing is going to be covered for the fans at least. I probably won’t be able to hear the livecast (stupid life) but I look forward to hearing these songs when they are available online. AND Kris will be performing with his band the first time. So many cool things about tomorrow’s show.

    I imagine that Kris is pretty stoked about getting to do his new songs with his new band for the first time. I’m pretty stoked too.

  • karrahbrooke

    In this month’s Cosmo, there is a bachelor from every state, and Cale Mills is the guy from Arkansas. I kept thinking, “where have I heard that name before?” and then I remembered he was the friend of Kris’s that audtitioned with him.

  • BCU79

    I am excited to finally see the final track listings. Kris had worked with so many different people and I was very curious about which collaborations would made the album.

    – Mike Elizondo co-wrote and produced three backs! I was hoping he was going to be Kris’s producer when that photo leaked of the two of them in the studio together with Daughtry. He’s worked with some great artists and I cannot wait to hear what he and Kris came up with.

    – “Red Guitar” and “I Need To Know” making the album. They seem to be two of Kris’s favorites and I can’t wait to hear them. I am sure “Red Guitar” has to be extra special for Kris.

    – The collaborations with Eg White, Joe King and Jon Foreman all making the cut.

    – Salaam Remi producing a new version of Heartless. I guess that session turned out well after all.

    – Limited involvement from Andrew Frampton and Steve Kipner. I was initially nervous when I heard Kris was going to London for a week because I assumed that meant they would be producing a big chunk of the album. Glad to see their role is limited. I have heard enough about The Script.

    – No Ryan Tedder or Kevin Rudolph!!


    – No Mat Kearney song. I was really looking forward to hearing this one. Kris seemed to connect with him and was really proud that Mat was impressed with his song writing skills. I hope this is a bonus cut on WalMart or iTunes.

    – I also would have liked to have heard the cut with Daughtry. He was a big supporter of Kris during the show and I have a feeling he’s been helping him out ever since. But again there are still some bonus tracks.

  • jdanton2

    09 ‘Let It Rain’  (Kris Allen, Tobias Karlsson) (Produced by Tobias Karlsson)

    Kris and Jive should have noticed Jordin Sparks has a song with that title or her current album .