Alex Wagner-Trugman – American Idol Season 8 Top 36 Contestant

Alex Wagner-Trugman – Phoenix – 19 -Â   Studio City, CA – Audition Hollywood Singoff with Cody SheldonSemis Week 3AI Hollywood VideoAI Top 36

Alex is a sophomore at the University of Miami. He began singing in high school, and he plays piano and guitar.

Alex’s dry sense of humor made for an amusing audition, but his lack of screentime and middling vocals = Cannon Fodder.

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  • t2

    Cannon Fodder? Maybe, but he sure sounds better than some of the other guys that were selected and his voice is unique. Simon hates him, so there’s another plus for me — but unfortunately not for Trugman.

  • GwendolynD

    It’s always nice to see someone who actually portrays a nice voice when it is totally unexpected.

    Nice, nice, nice.

    I loved it, and he actually sounded a little like Clay Aiken.

    I can’t wait to see how he does in Hollywood. I really cannot, specifically because Simon said, “It didn’t work” and “You can’t do well in this competition.”

    It’s all about proving people wrong. That’s what makes this show interesting – the dark horses.

    I’m all for it, and maybe he’ll sing “God Save the Queen.”

  • Jolene

    If he’s cannon fodder, he’s my favorite cannon fodder. Liked his audition and like his AI introduction video. Go Wagner-Trugman!

  • abbysee

    Yeah, I agree he’s fodder even though I like him. I am surprised me made the top 36. Happy, but surprised.

  • sonyab

    Cannon fodder?!?!! No way! He is one of my favorites!!! He is good. :)

  • snuffles

    “Cannon Fodder” or not, this kid cracks me up! LOLOL!

  • progression

    Hello – long term lurker (great site MJ), but had to register to comment on Alex. ITA, very likely cannon fodder, but his interview was really funny. I hope we get to see that sense of humor in Hollywood.

  • Niall

    I don’t think he’ll make it to the Top 12 but I think he will surprise people in a good way. Hopefully he keeps his snarky and off beat personality.

  • cheese

    Aww, I like Alex. His AI intro video make me laugh. “I’d pee my pants, but in a good way.” I liked him more than some of the people I was supposed to like (like Joanna and Brent)

  • t2

    Here’s Trugman’s Hollywood interview:

    Kid cracks me up.

    Reason for trying out for American idol……road trip!

  • Duke

    I am going to have to politely disagree with you on the whole ‘cannon fodder’ statement, mj.

    Alex got a LOT of camera time. IMO, he’s got a very distinctive voice. Ya he’s not Joe Cool, but i think him being kinda dorky turns a lot of people ( ie Clay ).

    I mean, i never would have imagined him in the top 36 (maybe becaues im used to the slim pickings of the top 24) but i am elated he made it, and i can see him being the Kevin Covias (young kid who doesnt have the best voice of the group, but has tons of likability….except i like Alex) and making the top 12.

    I’m sure it will probably change down the road after Hollywood/Semi’s, but i want to go ahead and say who i want (with regards of there being AT LEAST 3 Males/Females because of the way the semis are formatted) in the top 12 just taking into account what they showed during their first audition:

    1. Adam Lambart
    2. Alexander Wagner-Trugman
    3. Scott MacIntyre
    4. Matt Giraud
    5. Danny Gokey
    6. ***Brent Keith
    7. ***Anoop Desai
    8. ***Von Smith

    9. Alexis Grace
    10. Ann Marie Boskovich
    11. Meghan Corkrey
    12.*** Stevie Wright

    First, it pains me that I can’t put Felicia Barton on my list. Really, I hurt inside. And i still hold out hope that she might have made it.

    And the people denoted with a *** are kinda fillers. There was something about the that i kinda liked, but not totally into them yet. And i kinda just want Von on the list so him and Adam can throw down the Diva Gauntlet.

    Anyways, I’m done.

  • Dr. Tracey

    Yeah cannon fodder probably.
    I like his voice and love his sense of humour, he’ll make the show interesting for sure.

  • primeminister

    Why doesn’t his Hollywood video work for me??? BOOO :(

    He may be cannon fodder, but at least he’s entertaining without getting on my nerves. Love his sense of humor! And I quite like his voice too. Surprisingly, Alex is probably one of the few people from the audition rounds who perked my interest. He will definitely not make it all the way, but for now, he’s good tv (in my opinion).

    ETA: Ok it works on Firefox, just not on Safari.

  • St.Lucia

    Yes, I agree, cannon fodder, but for some reason he’s ENJOYABLE cannon fodder!

    I just like the guy. No his voice wasn’t spectacular but I still liked it. I guess my definition and Simon’s definition on someone getting through on personality are way different. I like his personality and his nerdy demeanor. I’d take his personality over Tatiana’s annoying personality and horrific laugh any day!

  • snuffles

    “…and then I’ll regroup and change my underwear.” Come on! This kid is comedy GOLD!

  • idoladdict07

    The hollywood video also doesn’t work for me.

    I guess they removed the link to his video. Tsk tsk.. :confused_wp:

  • primeminister

    The hollywood video also doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t work for me.

    I guess they removed the link to his video. Tsk tsk..

    Try a different browser. It’s still working for me when I use Firefox.

  • jbrad

    Ok, I have been lurking long enough. Now that the Hollywood rounds are getting ready to start, I will have to start joining the conversations. And this guy, while he has an ok voice, is not top 36 material. I don’t think he will make it to the top 12. I think if he keeps up his comedy act, he will wear slick real soon. And, hes just not good enough.

  • erennick

    I agree with the cannon fodder assessment. I don’t think they would have shown him at all, except for the dry sense of humor. Could be wrong, but my two cents.

  • whosefanryou

    I remember rolling my eyes at his “God Save the Queen” comment, and he didn’t roll with Simon’s out-of-the-closet joke very well, in my opinion, so I’m already tired of his little comedy act.

    He can sing, but there’s certainly nothing special about his voice that I could hear. I definitely agree with the cannon fodder assessment.

  • gingerly

    Meh, I like him well enough. I love his sense of humor. We’ll see how he does. There will be lots more cannon fodder this year with the way the semi-finals are going to be voted on. Major manipulation opportunities for TPTB.

  • tinawina

    Hi ex-lurkers! Welcome to the daylight! :)

    I like this kid, but I don’t hear a voice that can win. But he could make it through to the top 12 on charm. Hey, it’s happened before!

  • purplesmile

    And I quite like his voice too. Surprisingly, Alex is probably one of the few people from the audition rounds who perked my interest. He will definitely not make it all the way, but for now, heà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s good tv (in my opinion).

    I concur, prime! I really enjoyed his audition. :D

  • justshootme

    I actually liked him (maybe because he’s so likable?) He’s got a nice low key, intelligent vibe and a pleasant tone. And he seems to have a sense of humor over the whole thing. I HATE it when contestants act desperate. So I hope TPTB haven’t just placed him in the top 36 only to be sliced and diced at a later date for our entertainment pleasure.

  • kerfuffle

    Alex is one of my favorites of the supposed Top 36. I think the judges may indeed have cast him as cannon fodder, but I think the lad may surprise them. At least, that’s what I’m hoping … Alex, the dry-witted monkey wrench, foiling the nefarious plans of TPTB. YEAH! :)