Thursday Ratings: X Factor Numbers Drop From Last Week

The ratings are in from TVBytheNumbers

Fox won the night with adults 18-49 and CBS with total viewers. Pending adjustments, Fox’s The X Factor results dropped four tenths from last week to a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating

The X Factor averaged about 10 million viewers for the night.

Wow. Look at those numbers for The Big Bang Theory. Impressive!

CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.2/15 15.66
FOX The X Factor 3.3/9 10.20
NBC Community 1.5/4 3.47
CW Vampire Diaries 1.4/4 3.33
ABC Charlie’s Angels 1.1/3 5.13

CBS Rules of Engagement 3.6/9 11.78
NBC Parks & Recreation 1.8/5 3.59

ABC Grey’s Anatomy 4.0/10 11.17
NBC The Office 3.0/7 5.88
FOX Bones 2.7/7 8.83
CBS Person Of Interest (R) 2.0/5 9.10
CW The Secret Circle 0.8/2 2.16

NBC Whitney 2.1/5 4.30

ABC Private Practice 2.9/8 7.67
CBS The Mentalist (R) 1.9/5 10.01
NBC Prime Suspect 1.2/3 4.81

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  • Deeg

    Surprised ratings have continued to drop and haven’t risen.  I actually am liking the show more now that we’re in live shows…and I do think the ‘final showdown’ while hokey adds drama.  I like the set  and all the cheesiness, the Grammy-like productions, the pyro, effects etc – it really makes AI look like a karaoke contest; I don’t know why the AI audience hasn’t tuned in for the XF and for Simon/Paula’s reunion.  The judges have gotten better…The problems – Nicole  as a judge- awful – Simon would be smart to replace her with Mariah Carey in Season 2… I think that would be great and she has a track record of saying some outlandish things and definitely has the credentials. SteveJ HAS TO GO IN SEASON 2.  He’s just awful..and at least Ive read other reviews and stuff that agree so Im glad its not just me -Hes just so stiff..still has no rapport or conversations with contestants so we don’t feel that he’s invested in any of the acts…It seems his only role is a time keeper…and it just seems awkward as if he and the judges aren’t on the same page.  Paula? don’t you know the rules of the show?  SteveJ seems to be battling the judges instead of working with them.

    So the show can improve but why its only getting half of the AI audience, I don’t get.  If Idol premieres in Jan to 20+ million again, then what?

    I see a lot of people saying groups should be cancelled or something needs to be retooled – like maybe a band category…or like others get lots of good groups on SingOff(which ve never watched) but maybe some of those need to audition.  Plus while there have been some successes – JLS, One Direction – a report said that no group has ever won any XF in any country)…Simon found a lot of talented kids – so maybe do a a kid category or split the overs into men or women — but you could easily do kids 12-16, guys (not boys) 16-29, gals/women (16-29) not girls!; over 30s…

    And I guess they need some focus groups and research to find out why the show isn’t getting better ratings…I think this show can be better than The Voice…

  • JR Labrador

    Sheldon Cooper for the win.

  • Tinawina

    Of course I post a comment about the XF ratings being good and steady, and 10 seconds later this thread is up where the ratings take a big dip. LOL.

  • ptebwwong

    Am I surprised about the ratings? No. I was watching, but like last week’s results show I had a hard time getting through the show because of the host. He’s terrible. He should definitely be replaced for next season. To me, he’s one of the worst hosts I have seen. I think next week I’m going to just watch the bottom 2 performances & who’s eliminated & skip the rest. I have no problem with filler on a results show because Idol does it all the time. But with the terrible host & not as smooth production as Idol the results show is hard to get through. Hopefully, that will change once the production finds a balance. 

  • DoesMonaKnow

    X Factor isn’t doing better than Idol because it looks like a lot of fans in America have decided bigger isn’t better.

  • Tom

    Idol is about the contestants and not the judges.   Also the host sucks big time.
    Two factors imo why the show is flopping.

  • jan

    I said it in the other thread and I’ll repeat it here. I think America
    misses the personal relationships between the contestants. I don’t think
    we really care about these contestants as people or as a group. Sure
    they are talented – but are they likeable? Are they funny? What do we
    know about them? Is there a romance or a bromance brewing?

    Simon is focused on the spectacle – but we can see that in any awards
    show. I think what we like in Idol is the intimate and the personal.

  • buffynut2001

    The results shows are horrible! Not surprised by the drop at all.

  • ptebwwong

    I think there are many reasons XF is not doing as well as Idol or even The Voice.

    1. The Voice came out first. Basically, XF is a mix of The Voice & Idol. XF mentors their contestants & the judges win based on their contestant which is The Voice. It doesn’t matter that XF had this concept first. In the US, people were introduced to the concept by The Voice.

    2. The contestants. Yes, there is a diverse group of contestants like rappers on the show. But I think it’s actually hurting the amount of people that watch the show. There are many people that love watching contestants like Stacy, Leroy, Josh, etc., but they would be turned off by Astro & Chris. Would they watch the whole show, don’t watch it at all, or YouTube their favorites later?

    3. The audience. Idol basically started with an older audience. It now has more of a younger audience, but still has a core older fanbase. The problem is I can definitely see XF is appealing to the young fanbase, but I don’t see it appealing to the older fanbase as well as Idol did at the beginning. I think if it appeals to both it will definitely have higher ratings. I think it will depend on the contestants & whether the older fans will like the overall contestants or be put off by some of them (Ex. rappers).

    4. The glitz & glamour of the performances & the show. Glitz & glamour are great for performances, but at what point does it get too much especially week after week. There were many fans of Idol this season that wanted less of the “showy” performances & more of the understated performances.

    5. The host. He is terrible & I can truly say one of the worst hosts I’ve seen. He’s boring, repeats things constantly, looks like he’s reading off the teleprompter, not compassionate, etc. He supposedly had previous hosting shows in the UK. Really! I shudder to think what his hosting was like before. He definitely needs to be replaced next season. I don’t even like Nick Cannon on AGT, but he’s at least better than Steve.

  • Anonymous

     it really makes AI look like a karaoke contest

    They take the focus off the singing by using lighting and sound effects, so IMO, the X Factor goes out of its way to look like a karaoke contest.  I think this is one of the reasons why the show hasn’t seen an uptick in the ratings.  The things that they are doing work well in concerts, but don’t come across the same way on a weekly basis on a smaller screen, especially when the purpose is supposed to be judging people’s ability to sing.  All of the dancing in the world, and incredible stage presence, couldn’t hide the fact that the StereoHogzz couldn’t sing.  

    Given the type of person that Simon is, it’s not surprise that the show is a lot of flash, but very little substance, and that’s something that will standout, when a show has to air two times every single week.  

  • Anonymous

    IMO the whole Simon/Paula thing is overrated.

  • Anonymous

    3. The audience. Idol basically started with an older audience. It now has more of a younger audience, but still has a core older fanbase. The problem is I can definitely see XF is appealing to the young fanbase, but I don’t see it appealing to the older fanbase as well as Idol did at the beginning. I think if it appeals to both it will definitely have higher ratings. I think it will depend on the contestants & whether the older fans will like the overall contestants or be put off by some of them (Ex. rappers).

    AI actually started out with a younger audience, and even if we take away the older viewers, AI still draws twice as many 18-49 year olds than the X Factor does.   I’m pretty sure that we would see the same thing if we looked at the teen and 18-34 year old demo.

  • Cathy Knott

    American Idol results shows are horrible.

  • Anonymous

    And if you think last night was bad, I can give you next week’s results right now, no need to tune in!

  • Valentin432

    Simon has become a shell of himself, if you watch the earlier seasons of AI, he was a compelling character and someone you would be interested in what he had to say.

    Nowadays, he’s way too nice saying things that are ridiculous like “Stereo Hoggz is the best band in the world” and his judgement isn’t important anymore.
    The same could be said for the other judges as well, Paula is the same Paula but 10 years older, Nicole is not interesting and LA has been a letdown IMO.

    What’s left is really not different from the other shows, so why bother?

  • ronaldmascot

    America is just not into this show.  That doesn’t mean they won’t be next season but I would write this season off already- none of the performers have broken out enough for people to tell other people they have to watch them.

  • Anonymous

    XFactor is going to draw basically the same demographic as Idol. I wouldn’t be surprised if the under 25 demographic for both shows is very small. I’d say that 99% of the people I know who watch either show are over age 30.

  • Anonymous

    I can give you next week’s results right now, no need to tune in!

     This is another problem, it’s too predictable.  Viewers are going to be less invested in the show if they believe that the judges control who stays and who goes.  I know that some disgruntled fans said that this would ensure that talented people don’t leave the competition too early, but viewer involvement is one of the major reasons for AI’s success, and it’s the reason why Simon Fuller wouldn’t placate Simon Cowell by letting him change that aspect of the show.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think folks really care about a Paula and Simon reunion. Audience members didn’t care about Paula enough to tune in to her cheerleading show, or her reality series or her dance competition. Simon left AI and the ratings improved.
    Simon has his disciples to be sure, but I don’t think the overall audience worships Simon as much as he thinks they do. Simon really does want the X Factor to be all about him, oh and of course the other judges (and how they react to him). AI audiences seem to care more about the contestants than the judges. It is not so much kareoke but “real” , or as real as these reality shows can get.
    The pomp and circumstance of X Factor remind me of a modern gladiator contest. The Voice may have tried to infuse the sporting element, but X Factor is much more successful in employing the high drama or WWE or Extreme Sports. The Contestants are brought out to fight for survival admidst tne battling egos of their captors, uh judges They even beg for their lives. But ultimatly they must be sacrificed to the god of over the top entertainment.

  • Anonymous


  • ptebwwong

    I agree Idol still has twice as many viewers in the younger demographic. But at what point does the ratings intersect with my other reason about the contestants & some of the other points. While XF’s ratings aren’t terrible, if they want to improve or reach the 20M viewers Simon is hoping for, they need to appeal to both demographics or at least have a really high appeal to one demographic & have decent numbers for the other. If you are only usually watched by 1 demographic, the show usually stays the same or even decreases viewers like Glee.

    Personally, I think the show should market itself to the younger demographic. The show is one of the reality shows that actually feature rap artists which sell well for the younger demographic.

  • Tinawina

    Oh it’s just a results show. If next week’s performance show drops too, or if this becomes a pattern, then we can write the obituary.

    I mean of course they want the results show to be higher but I don’t know if that itself is a deal breaker as long as the performance shows still draw well and the results show does at least okay.

    ETA: I wanted to add that I keep seeing people refer to this show as “more diverse” than AI and I don’t think that’s true. If by “more diverse” you mean “more minorities or more R&B/urban” then yes. But if you mean “more diverse” as in a mix of styles and genres, I’d say no. This is VERY Urban/UAC radio dominated. Even the non-R&B/Hip-hop/soul contestants have very soul-influenced voices, except Lakoda Rayne.

    Idol does tend to put up a good mix of styles, their problem is that too many are old fashioned or come off as dated. XF feels more contemporary to me, but is not more diverse. It just replaces a dominance of pop/pop-rock with a dominance of R&B/hip-hop.

  • Jordan Seltzer

    I love XF. But I do notice something interesting. The XF is more urban driven than all American Idol. I live in Los Angeles and at times forget that the majority of America likes Country and Rock and . Idol caters to the majority. XF wanted to go after a different market.

    I believe XF will probably in the end create more artists that sell vs Idol because the urban/pop market has a lot of growth and potential for new artists.

    Its not a show thing. Or a host thing. I believe its that XF isnt wholesome all American pie like Idol is. Its not a family show as much as its more street.

  • Cathy Knott

    Everyone keeps saying that American Idol is for the contestants.  I remember J-Lo pushing her new cd on Idol last year.  I remember Steven Tyler pushing his book on American Idol last year.  I remember J-Lo’s mediocre performance on American Idol last year.  I remember her sashsaying her butt on the finale while her husband sang.  I remember Steven Tyler performing in the final.  Yeah American Idol is all about the contestants.   Most of their finales were made up of old performers with the contestants used as back up singers.  Then there is the manipulation of American Idol.  Let me remember.   Ryan asks who put on a good performance while Lauren, James, Scotty and Hayley stand on stage.  Randy’s answer was everyone but Hayley.  Lauren gets a sore throat and they have a voice doctor come out in scrubs to announce that she will be able to sing.  American Idol has been going down hill for years.  Why do they get the ratings……because
    it comes on in January when all the other shows are on hiatis from Christmas and it  continues into March, April and May when the other shows are in reruns. Xfactor on the other hand, is competing with all the fall shows, new and ones that returning.  Just my opinion but I think X factor makes AI look like an amateur show.

  • jan

    I wouldn’t write the obituary for XFactor yet either. A slip on one night doesn’t mean that much in the long run. Hey it might even pick up viewers during the holiday season when the choice is XFactor or a Charlie Brown Christmas.

    However I think there are things lacking in the show that demonstrate that Simon doesn’t really know the American audience.

  • Kylee

    Everyone keeps saying that American Idol is for the contestants.  I
    remember J-Lo pushing her new cd on Idol last year.  I remember Steven
    Tyler pushing his book on American Idol last year.  I remember J-Lo’s
    mediocre performance on American Idol last year.  I remember he
    sashsaying her but on the finale while her husband sang.  I remember
    Steven Tyler performing in the final.  Yeah American Idol is all about
    the contestants.  Most of their finales were made up of old performers
    with the contestants as back up singers.

    I definitely think its more about the contestants than X Factor is. The judges barely talk on idol during the results show. And remember the promos for X Factor that had Simon with his arms folded and front and center? Yeah, totally about the contestants…

    Randy’s answer was everyone but Hayley

    But then 5 minutes later they give Haley a standing O. They knew she would do well for rehearsals so they wanted to create a “moment arc.” Yes, it was a little unfair, but the casual audience basically forgot about that after Haley’s “moment.”

  • Kylee

    I think they were a lot better for Season 10 with the return of Nigel. I loved the duets and how an idol alumni came back every week.

  • ptebwwong

    I agree they both cater to different audiences. Idol is more wholesome. But then how about The Voice which is getting better ratings than XF? The show isn’t wholesome nor “street.”

    I agree that XF will create good artists. Whether or not they sell depends on different things. They will not have as good of an opening week as Scotty or some of the best-selling Idol winners. XF just doesn’t have the name or buzz yet by the general public. They could sell well in the long-run. But there are artists like Kris Allen who doesn’t have a gold album, but a hit single. Astro, Chris, & Drew could sell well depending on their material. There are other talented contestants like Melanie, Josh, Leroy, etc., but I’m unsure if they fit with the current music industry to buy enough of their albums.

  • Anonymous

    it comes on in January when all the other shows are on hiatis from Christmas and it  continues into March, April and May when the other shows are in reruns. Xfactor on the other hand, is competing with all the fall shows, new and ones that returning.  Just my opinion but I think X factor makes AI look like an amateur.

    A quick look at the Tv By the Numbers website shows that the season ten debut episode of American Idol went up against new episodes of Modern Family, The Middle, Paula’s failed show, Better with You, , Minute to Win It, Criminal Minds and Chase.  And that even though AI’s ratings were down in comparison to the previous year, AI also brought down the ratings of all of those shows, in comparison to the numbers that they’d posted the previous week.

    AI also went up against new episodes of shows on both NBC and CBS the next night. Some of the same shows that are currently kicking the X Factor’s butt.

    Both show will go up against reruns from time to time, and more than likely, by the same percentages.

    Even though networks no longer care about sweeps, February and May are sweeps months, and usually the shows are not showing reruns.  May is the last month of the television season, so AI is going up against season finales, and still manages to draw more than 20 million people.

  • Anonymous

    The judges are infinitely more interesting on The Voice, in part because they are much more musically diverse – and more talented.

    (If you tell me how to do a quote, I will.)

  • Anonymous

    1. The host is hilarious.  I watch with a group ranging from 30-ish to 80.  We spend most of our time making fun of him.  He’s the best part of the results show.  We usually mute the guest performers.

    2. The performances are way too flashy.  Why would a group of four girls singing harmony need a bunch of backup singers?  Why so many dancers?  The flashing light are way too distracting.  It’s hard to focus on the performer, to see and hear this so-called X-factor they are supposed to display for the audience.

    3. I like to see Paula and Simon reunited.  They have chemistry from their years of working together.  It’s entertaining, and perhaps we laugh at things that weren’t really meant to be funny.  It’s just over-the-top absurd at times.

    4. I hate the time spent on backstories.  I don’t care about these people enough to want to know more about them.  I would prefer to see more interaction between contestants, or current interviews to get an idea about their personalities.  Stacy Francis’ backstory means nothing to me because I feel it’s manipulated–but I hate the whining and crying she does, and nothing would make me vote for her, no matter how well she sings. 

    5. My viewing group still perfers America Idol with all of its imperfections.  Yeah, we’d change the voting system, but we prefer the style a lot better.  I can understand the Las Vegas show-type performances for AGT since that’s part of the prize.  But a singing show should emphasize singing–not all of the distraction.  I don’t mind the contestant working out a performance to showcase their creativity, but I would count it against the contestant if it didn’t emphasize their talent instead of masking it with lights/dancers, etc.  I don’t mind the judges mentoring, but ultimately it should be the contestant’s decision. 

  • S

    The only thing that was kinda interesting to me was Paula’s meltdown. Ah the memories of Paula. She knows how to bring the water cooler convo.

  • Anonymous

    I think Idol picks up viewers with the mid-season blues, though, and X Factor suffers some from being in the Fall, during which there is  strong reality show competition.  I have cut out of Idol for Modern Family,  but that is only a half hour.  I generally won’t write off a show entirely to watch a comedy becasue I rarely like all of the “comedy night” selections. X FActor would do better if it wasn’t so advertisement dense, but Idol is equally obnoxious:  I don’t know about other people but I tend to tune into a couple of different forms of entertainment on reality nights; alternative shows, books and Scrabble games for the down time.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone is saying the judges aren’t in it for gain on either X Factor or Idol. But look where the emphasis is.
    Performances on Idol are centered on the contestant. Even when they have guest mentors they have said guest tape an interview where they point out the contestant’s strength or weakness. Performances on X Factor are centered on the contestant as mentored by one of the judges. The emphasis is then moved from a performance to what rival mentors said, chose or acted. Every critique includes a mention of Simon in some form or fashion. The judges don’t care which contestant wins as long as THEY win.
    I remember of couple years ago Simon telling Oprah that he could not believe the Idol producers had actually asked the judges to talk less when a show was running long. Simon truly believes that folks tune in to see him. Everything else is secondary.
    But to truly see judges that are trying to help the contestants while staying out the limelight as much as possible, check out the Sing-Off

  • Sassycatz

    Its not a show thing. Or a host thing. I believe its that XF isnt
    wholesome all American pie like Idol is. Its not a family show as much
    as its more street.

    I suppose it’s all relative. I have a hard time imagining the American “street” being brought to us by Simon Cowell through his reality, variety show. Even if a rapper should ever win or Simon Cowell should ever pretend he/she has won by ignoring the actual winner and signing and promoting the rapper instead, they still have to compete in the marketplace against artists who may be viewed as having more cred (the same problem rockers have) and they certainly can’t be as “off color” as some of these “artists” who don’t emerge out of shows such as The X-Factor.   

  • N

    I think MOST of you are missing the point about the X Factor. This is really not just a singing show. This is about the total package which includes look,personality, creativity, stage prescence, and voice. Where as American Idol is strictly about the voice and The Voice claims to be about the voice yet they have cheap dancers and stage effects.

    The reason why its not about the voice is because a good voice doesnt sell records. Their are thousands of people who have amazing voices that dont get discovered because they are missing that X factor. That is why Simone got on the show because she is like a modern popstar and if her vocals were just a little bit better then she would have made it far.

  • Anonymous

    XFactor isn’t street. Far from it.

  • jan

    XF may be about look, creativity, stage presence, and voice – but I don’t see how it is about personality. Do we really know what any of their personalities are? Do any of them have a sense of humor? Do we think they are fun to be around? Have we seen them interact with each other in non-scripted moments?

    I’m missing the warmth of really caring about any of them.

  • Anonymous

    N I would go along with you if it weren’t for the fact that many of those qualities you mentioned are being lost by X Factor’s emphasis on hype and spectacle.

    The dancers and vocal tracks do nothing to encourage creativty, individuality or stage presence, much less voice. X Factor isn’t about letting us see the true talents of the contestants.

    I am glad Astro and Rachel have been able to stand up at points to their respective judges. But I don’t look forward to the day that their choices embarass their mentor. They will be thrown in front of the next bus leaving town.

  • ptebwwong

    The reason why its not about the voice is because a good voice doesnt sell records. 

    Tell that to Adele who is close to getting 5 times platinum on her current album.

  • Anonymous

    X Factor isn’t street. It is Vegas, pure and simple.

    Complete with the OTT glitz, glamour, cheese and the $5 million dollar jackpot.
    (And don’t forget the showgirls)

  • Kariann Hart

    XF’s ratings aren’t bad.  But Simon’s overhype is what makes it seem bad.

    I will be honest, we switch stations every time L.A. Reid’s boys come up.  Had he kept Phillip, the show would have had the Grammie crowd.  I am not interested in music where I cannot understand the words.  I like melodic music.  I do like Leroy and hope he stays around for awhile.  However, I have a feeling a lot of younger people are voting.  Didn’t Simon say there were over 10 million votes last week?

    I know I am the only one to have said this out of all the posts.  I simply don’t like Steve’s voice.  Why does there have to be a British host? 

    Just putting in my two cents from an older viewer.

  • Anonymous

    I like XF and am rooting for it to do well. But the minute I saw the Brit version, I knew it wouldn’t be as big as Idol. It’s just too cheesy for current American tastes.  Americans take their kareoke singing contests more seriously.

    The Las Vegas vibe XF puts out is a turn off. That said, the show is doing okay in the demo where it counts. Simon is a smart guy. I hope he makes some changes next season to improve the show.  #1 – get rid of the host and
    the graphics. They’re both ridiculous.

  • Chris Corey

    This is the problem with the X Factor. Simon first of all continues to bash Idol and its crazy because Idol reigned supreme without Simon. Idol season 10 we had great moments but we also had the cute moments of Scotty/Lauren and also Haley/Casey doing Moanin. Compare Drew which IMO is good but she is nowhere near what Haley did on Idol. Haley took huge risks, no manipulation, the judges didn’t even want her to go further but she did and thats the great part of idol. She was the underdog nobody saw coming and thats what makeS Idol seem real and not producer manipulated. x factor to me these contestants seem forced/manipulated, plus Simon is boring on this show he is nothing like the early years of idol, he never says a bad thing about the people he is mentoring, also nicole S is just awful and IMO the result shows have been awful. Honestly Nigel knows how to exec produce a show well but part of season 10 magic was great contestants that we related in some way to.

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to like this show. I thought I was going to get Idol for 8 months a year instead of 4 months. But the whole production is headache-inducing. From the bazillion lights flashing, to the screaming audience, to the over the top productions, pyro, fireworks, too many backing dancers, too many back-up singers, too many screens flashing, all the swooping Xes, the operatic music as the judges walk out, and everybody keeps shouting at me. The voice-over guy has to yell MARCUS CANTY, Steve Jones has to yell his numbers. He has a microphone. There’s no need to shout. I know they are trying to create excitement, but it is just giving me a headache. They are throwing everything at the wall hoping some of it sticks, but it is making Idol seem like a nice calm pool.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if American Idol has ever been strictly about the voice. And in recent years it has gotten much more about the total package.

    XFactor is simply a glitzier version of Idol with no age limits and extra categories. In fact, it comes off at times as very Vegas-y in its staging.

  • Anonymous

     XFactor is simply a glitzier version of Idol with no age limits and extra categories. In fact, it comes off at times as very Vegas-y in its staging.  

    It’s been said before, but it’s staged like America’s Got Talent, which is fine, but it’s a production choice that might not lead to people being loyal viewers of the show.  It’s hard to see the show in a serious light, when they are utilizing all of the bells and whistles, and when people’s vocals are distorted, or take a back seat to the staging.

  • jan

    XF may yet have an underdog that none of us see coming. It’s going to
    need surprises to keep people tuning in. Do they have a contestant
    unformed enough to reach down deep and pull out a totally surprising

    I totally agree that it is the relationships between the contestants that really help draw us in.

  • Anonymous

    I think MOST of you are missing the point about the X Factor. This is really not just a singing show. This is about the total package which includes look,personality, creativity, stage prescence, and voice. I think MOST of you are missing the point about the X Factor. This is really not just a singing show. This is about the total package which includes look,personality, creativity, stage prescence, and voice.

    The X Factor undermines this goal, when they tell us that the judges picked the songs, outfits, and came up with the staging.  They also undermine things when the vocals are altered, or can’t be heard over the music.  And, I’m not sure how someone can win this contest, if they continuously show that they cannot sing.  Has the show really helped someone like Chris Rene?  Unless they start letting him do an original song soon, he’s not going to have a lot of credibility once he leaves, and the songs that he has been given just show that his vocals are weak.

  • Tinawina

    XF is not my thing but I think it has something to offer for people who like what it’s selling. I don’t really want it to go away. I think it is serving a type of act that could never thrive on Idol, The Voice or America’s Got Talent.

    I’m still waiting to see what the affect of all this will be on Idol’s ratings. Will be interesting to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Probably because AI & The Voice stole their thunder. AI Season10 ramped up their production (well, they tried) — tutu dress (S10 trademark), bed, phone booth, flaming piano, drum corp, african dance, chicken dance, contestants-high-on-sugar, tree ormanents (JLo & the rock dude) and The Voice introduced having audiences during the audition process and the judge mentoring. What’s left for X-Factor is Simon’s snarky humor which of course is non-existent anymore. Lucky the acts are more current, the production value is award-show-worthy, and the audiences are spontaneous. Simon, you listened too much to the critics. Perfection is boring. Reminds me of Sing-Off – perfect judges + perfect contestants = *yawn*. C’mon Simon, bring on the jokes! 

  • chessguy99

    The two guest acts did nothing to bring in any viewers. In fact, Willow Smith may have turned off a number of potential viewers. Perhaps we’ll get a rise from next week’s guest Rihanna, the first real star quality act.

  • Anonymous

    The final ratings are out, and the X Factor didn’t increase or decrease.  The Big Bang Theory did go up a tenth of a point. 

  • ladymctech

    It will be more difficult for contestants on this show to develop and show the audience their friendships/romances/bromances because of the large age differences. Plus the inclusion of groups — when that Glee 2.0 group was around, it added an extra 20 people to the contestant pool. (Sorry … forgot their name already!)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always thought that “Idol” was smart only doing the show once a year at midseason. Most of the new fall shows have come and gone and people are ready for something new. Otherwise I agree with what everyone has said here. I would add that it might help getting bigger stars to perform on the results shows. Might add some excitement to the first half hour.

    There’s one other problem “X Factor” has had. They had no breakout moment that had people talking about the show during the early episodes that got people thinking they might be missing something, no real You Tube hit to raise interest.

  • P. Capet

    In the off-season, I hope the producers pay attention to what the public is saying about this show.  On every entertainment site, I’ve seen comments about all the flashing lights and garish effects.  I’ve wanted to watch this show because there’s so much talent here, but I just can’t stand the production values.  I even start to feel sorry for some of the singers, like Drew or Josh, who would be better served just standing alone on a stage and letting their pure voices shine.  Last week, Drew reminded me of that poor girl in Citizen Kane, swallowed up by the stage.  Maybe Cailtin was the lucky one after all.  I’m insulted for the singers and I kinda feel insulted myself by all these crazy lights.  Do they think I don’t have the attention span to just sit through a show that’s ostensibly about music?  Now I understand what Simon Fuller meant when he said that he wanted to keep AI untarnished.  I’m glad now that he stuck to his guns.  PS I love The Big Bang Theory!  May they live long and prosper! :)

  • shell29

    X Factor certainly isn’t “flopping”, but it hasn’t (so far) lived up to the hype and pre-season ratings expectations.  I think Simon was under the mistaken belief that America was just going to flock to X Factor in droves due to the return of Simon & Paula alone.  It just didn’t work out that way.  I think a poster upthread made a fair point regarding scheduling.  As much as I enjoyed The Voice, I seriously doubt they’d be pulling in the ratings they did had the show debuted during the Fall season.  It will be interesting to see whether The Voice (or X Factor for that matter) will have staying power or if the novelty will wear off.  Idol is going into it’s eleventh season-even with the changes at the judges’ panel there’s still the familiarity and comfort level there with audiences.   

    I think that both shows (Idol & X Factor) will be able to co-exist and make TPTB at Fox happy in the long run.  I do think X Factor will need to make some changes in the off-season (i.e. give Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger their walking papers).

  • Kariann Hart

    After faithfully watching all these shows,  I think the BEST judges are on THE SING-OFF!!  It isn’t all about just them. 

  • Karen C

    I agree with a lot of the comments here. I also think that one problem with X factor is it is very glitzy and Vegasy, more like AMT.  Maybe this is what British audiences like more, I have seen the British show, and that type of performance seems to be the most popular.  I think American audiences are looking more for originality and vocal ability, at least on American Idol.  I think American Idol has evolved into something that the British equivelents didn’t.
    I think that there is a coldness to the show, from the host, to the glitz, and even the contestants don’t seem to have the camaraderie that they do on American Idol by now.  I think that having more audience voting rounds makes the audience more involved and interested, also.

    I also think that the coldness is from a different tone in the show, which started in the auditions.  On American Idol, the tone is that the contestant wants to be an American Idol, that they have the talent and even some character that America likes.  The contestants are asked why they think they are your next American Idol.  Where on the X Factor, the tone was how much they needed the 5 million dollars.  The contestants spoke about what they would do with the money, how much they needed it. Which I understand people wanting money, but it does create a colder tone, and maybe less likely to draw people in. To the viewer, instead of so and so being MY idol, it is what they are going to get if they win.

    I disagree that being on in the fall has necessarily had that much of an impact on the ratings, because Dancing with the Stars is on both the Fall and SPring and I don’t believe the ratings are effected.   And I think Idol would have strong ratings even in the fall.  I think the problem is that it is a new show building it’s audience. And Idol was originally on in the summer and still able to build up it’s ratings, and really become phenominal in it’s first season.

    I think the key to the shows success is the talent, and if one or more contestants break out as a big star, and this hasn’t really happened yet. And it may very well happen, and I think if it does, it might be Astro or Chris because they are so different that what we normally see on these type of shows.

  • Tera2

    The ratings isnt what Simon predicted obviously.  And it doesnt surprise me it went down.  I didn’t know X-factor format until it started in America – I don’t like how its more focused on judges, and how they pick the songs.  I want to root for contestants who have potential to be stars, not which judge is the best mentor.  And they cut off those who have star potential and X-factors before top 12.  Instead of cutting drastically to 3 each they should have left it at 5 in a category for each judge, so its a top 20, and let people vote from that point.  I think then those like Phillp Lomax, Brennin Hunt, Simone Battle who have the total package, and James Kenney and Tim Cifer who also have potential as recording artists could have had a chance to be voted through — those are the ones who make it look like the show is about x-factor voices or total package to me.  And the show was looking like it could actually deliver on finding stars and x-factors until they cut to top 12.  Now they have all these kids, Rachel, Astro, and Drew who still need time to develop their style or vocally.  I know Justin Bieber is big but not all can be like him – and Justin has the attractive factor going for him, which is part of his success (having looks as well like Phillip, Brennin and Simone is a plus to becoming stars – its showbiz. Phillip has the voice and looks and sound like Michael Buble)

     Also, with the exception of James Kenney the over 30 category is a waste of space and spotlight that could have gone to those that were cut before top 12 that I mentioned earlier.  Lets be realistic most musicians get their break before age 30.  Leroy and Josh seems like nice men, but I’m not gonna root for the 60yr old, and big gruff voice burrito man who should be singing at bars, and that fake Stacey Francis who should be a back up singer.  We are talking about 5 million dollar contract here.  None of them are worth it.  Now they are scrambling to make some look like stars.  Marcus and Melanie are good singers with good voices, but no star quality.  Chris Rene is an average rapper and singer who will make an average CD.  I liked the lead singer of Stereohoggz’s voice and vocals more than Lakoda Rayne’s, but I can see why they kept Lakoda Rayne for the male audience, and because they can be commercial in pop-country.  The girls are decent singers separately, but together they don’t blend well – but country music is very accepting of pretty blondes, even if they aren’t that country sounding.

     Anyway, American Idol has best format, and I like it more than X-factor.  Idol has been a favorite show of mine since season 1. And X-factor and the Voice can’t replace it.  I could care less if “The voice” is cancelled.  X-Factor should get a chance to redeem itself next season, and if it doesn’t I hope they cancel it too.  I dislike “America’s got talent” and don’t watch it.  I only watch the “The sing off” sometimes, but I do think the judges on it are really good.  I don’t mind that X-factor has some back-up dancers, but its too much that it takes focus from the singers sometimes. (I actually liked the last performance of Phillip Lomax and his dancers most because he can sing and perform, even though LA Reid eliminated him unfairly. He was a favorite of mine. I’m more of a Pop/hip-hop/soul/pop-rock fan, but he makes me appreciate jazz) And X-factor needs to let the contestants have a say in songs they do cause they know what fits them.  I dont like song choices on X-factor like I do idol – and good songs is part of the enjoyment of a singing show. Its no surprise X-factor can’t get any where close to idol’s ratings, and it actually fell when it should be improving.  It doesn’t help that they already cut contestants before top 12 that can make it look like they are serious about creating stars.

  • Kariann Hart

    That’s what I said the other day.  I liked Phillip’s looks and his voice, but obviously L.A. Reid was looking for a Hip Hop/Rapper singer.  I want to enjoy the show, but X-Factor is making it difficult.  At first, I liked him as a mentor – but putting down the other mentors gets old…fast.

    I wonder if some tune in the last 10 minutes just to see who will be competing to stay, and who goes home.