The Wanted Call Christina Aguilera “Scary” and a “Bitch”

OH SNAP. Watch The Wanted totally diss Christina Aguilera! When the British boy band, whose “Glad You Came” has topped the charts in America, appeared on The Voice to perform, they report she could not have been less friendly.

“She was a bit scary to be honest,” band member Max George says during an interview with New York’s 92.3 FM.

“She was a total bitch!” says Tom Parker, adding, “She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch to us. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us.”

Unlike Jennifer Lopez, who, when the boys appeared on Idol, was really friendly. “Yeah, well JLo’s hot, Christina’s nothing special,” Max explains.

Watch the interview below. The Christina diss starts at the 2:50 mark.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Anonymous


  • Mateja Praznik

    LOL. The Wanted just don’t know when to shut up. 

  • Zach Leswick

     Who in the hell are The Wanted? Must be some 15 minutes of fame boy band with nothing to do but bash celebrities bigger then them.

  • Ryan

    these boys are SO full of themselves. honestly, i kind of hate them. they just think they are god’s gift to Earth.

  • Brittany Keener

    lol. Didn’t Christina basically ignore/diss Bieber, too?

  • Anonymous

    I am indifferent to The Wanted and Christina, but I did feel a moment of sympathy for the mothers of those boys.  Embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    I guess when they visited the voice they just didn’t feel…wanted?  

  • UchechiI

    This isn’t the first time celebrities have called her out on her attitude, though. I mean, TONS of them have had no qualms talking about now terrible Miss Aguilera’s attitude is. Sure, we don’t know any of these people, but one can’t help but assume that The Wanted have a point, especially when plenty other celebrities are saying the same thing. A sad situation for all parties. Hopefully this isn’t the case with Christina, and hopefully it was just a misunderstanding.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they enjoyed their first and last visit to “The Voice”. I can’t wait for Christina’s response, I’m sure she will rip these kids to shreds. 

  • Sue

    Score one for Idol I guess: LULZ!

  • Pam

    Wow.  Tell us what you really think of X-tina.  lol!  I can believe though tbh.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it about Xtina because it is not just the Wanted that has complained about her. The Voice ex contestant Tony Vincent just said in an interview that she was rude to contestants. Jesse Campbell was on her team and he also had some negative things to say about her too. She has been openly rude to Tony Lucca on the show. Can they all be wrong? I think Christina is just showing her true colors.

  • larc

    What a ridiculous thing to say.  Christina isn’t scary.  ;)

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s not too huge of a loss to not appear on The Voice again, lol.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I feel like we are watching these kids implode. They sounded horrible on AI then when they went on the voice they jacked up the backing track cranked up the autotune and tried not to sing loud enough to ruin the pre recorded track. 15 minutes boys enjoy the boyband craze it happens every couple years.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Ha! Christina seems to have a lot of attitude toward the guest performers. The Wanted dudes seem like jerks, though. So maybe neither party is innocent. xD

  • Nele621

    IMO, Bieber is going to have longevity. The Wanted, not so much.

    ETA: Maybe JLo was nice to them because she thought she might want to date one of them.

  • Ellensue Stein

    These guys have no class. You don’t trash a star that invited you to sing on a show. Totally uncool!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these guys think they are the sh**. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Christina has an attitude problem and it’s not the 1st time I’ve heard about it, but still, who are these guys? They can’t sing, on idol they were awful, and on the voice they were barely singing. Why should Christina even pay attention to these wannabes? They won’t be around for long. 

  • Leandro

    I predict that in 20 minutes Christina’s virtual patrol will be alerted and will fill this topic with not so delicate comments.

  • sweetmm

    The Wanted dig their grave; with foul attitude they can’t go far.  Its different if you are already an established group with some awards under your belt, maybe they could get away with it.  At the moment they project themselves as a group with negative vibes and that will throw off main stream organizers.  I won’t be surprised they’ll be The Unwanted across the pond after this.

  • Frank

    Why is everyone defending Christina?! I’m glad these guys called her out on her bitchy behavior. She even dissed Bieber. At least be courteous. Probably just mad cuz she had her period in public during Etta James’s funeral

  • HaleyIsMyBaby

    So the little boys were mad because Christina didn’t whore herself out to them like Jlo did. big whoop !

  • md

    Uncouth: My impression of The Wanted.

  • md

    Could be why they made her a judge on a show called The Voice.

  • J3%%!C@

    And this is why Britney Spears has always sold more albums than Christina. Xtina is not and will never be personable at all. I did notice her dissing the Biebs when he went in for the hug. Her facial expression was like get this kid outta here already. Kelly Osbourne mentioned years ago Xtina called her fat. I mean really, Xtina? Have you seen yourself? Im glad THE WANTED called it out like it was and not the fake oh everyone was great bullshit. GOOD FOR THEM. I love Xtina’s voice, I just wish she had a more cordial personality to go along with it. 


  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Maybe JLo was nice to them because she thought she might want to date one of them.”


  • Julie McDonnell

    I don’t get it. Why are the wanted getting trashed here for simply wanting to be treated with common human decency? Word is that Beiber was also treated badly. I get that people don’t like Bieber and The Wanted, but that doesn’t mean Christina should be a Bitch.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Actually, I think that Christina will just ignore them, like they aren’t worthy of a response.  lol

  • Listening

    Wow the wanted are jerks just cause a girl doesn’t speak to you she’s a B!tch. Oh another thing you know what most of them are ugly, bunch of brats. When I read they’d called Christina that I thought she’d actually done something or said something, but nope they just want attention.

    It’s not Christina’s job to interact w/ the musical guests what they want her to make them tea and cookies as she rubs their feet ask them their life story. Also how is she scary Christina just sat in her chair bunch of babies oh wait that’s an insult to babies they don’t get scared by people sitting in chairs. If you wanted to talk to her so bad YOU approach HER she didn’t want to talk to you. Oh wait The Wanted are B!tches b/c THEY didn’t talk to Christina.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t care as much if Christina wasn’t that nice to The Wanted and Bieber as they will be fine. They do not need her to be nice to them. What really bothers me is all these reports from contestants on the Voice that Xtina is rude and negative to them. That to me is just not right.

  • Anonymous

    well considering that The Wanted sucks (they were really horrid in their Voice guesting), i think it was quite appropriate that Christina ignored and didn’t fawn over them.

    i’m not really a huge fan of Christina but i’m quite glad she’s using her bitchery over those tone-deaf jerks

  • Anonymous

    Somebody get those boys their own tutors to coach them on PR lol. What they said may or may not be true (I don’t care either way lolz) but you don’t diss another celebrity outright like this. 

  • Leandro

    This interview is painful to watch. The interviewer gets to be more annoying than these douches.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she dissed Bieber because she didn’t want some little kid kissing her. Just because he’s famous and come on The Voice don’t mean he can invade her personal space. I would have done the same thing, because I only let close relatives or personal friends hug and kiss on me. He was the one who came over to the judges and wanted to shake everyone’s hand. He should have shook her hand or waved to her and went on by his business. 

  • Anonymous

    You might be right, but Kelly Clarkson went out of her way to be on that show to perform and mentor. 

  • Anonymous

     I hope to hell I am misunderstanding your last sentence, because if I’m not it’s easy to understand why you’d defend crap like this – I’ve heard misogynists stick together.  You and the boys can have a good laugh.


  • Anonymous

     My issue is not them calling her out on being rude (IF she was), I have no problem with that.  I don’t like men calling a woman a bitch, especially just because she didn’t pay attention to them.  I also don’t like men insulting a woman’s looks as a way to dismiss her worth.  Sorry this interview said more to me about them than Christina.

  • sf3456

    One, Christina didn’t ignore/diss Bieber.  She had a tough decision to make and she has been crying.  She smiled, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and hugged him back.  I don’t see how that was mean or she dissed him.  Was it because of the look on her face afterward?  Back to the touch decision she had to make.

    Two, these the wanted?  These nobodies are not going to get far acting like this.  Calling someone who has been in the business years before you probably even thought of it a bitch?  That’s disrespectful.  Any artist that puts down another artist is lacking in manners and probably talent.  Don’t need to say “probably” for these nobodies.  Just because you have one hit doesn’t mean you have to act like entitled assholes and that everybody should fall all over you.

    So, she didn’t jump up and fawn all over them.  And because of that, she’s a bitch.  In fact, these guys are a bunch of bitches for acting like that.  If Adam, Blake, or Cee-Lo had been rude or standoffish to them, they wouldn’t be saying a thing.

    And what happened to The Hollywood Reporter?  I thought it used to mean something?  Doesn’t seem that way anymore.

  • sf3456

    My issue is not them calling her out on being rude (IF she was), I have
    no problem with that.  I don’t like men calling a woman a bitch,
    especially just because she didn’t pay attention to them.  I also don’t
    like men insulting a woman’s looks as a way to dismiss her worth.  Sorry
    this interview said more to me about them than Christina.

    This.  That’s another thing that I’m irked about.  This nonsense is making the media rounds and no one is saying a thing.  Since when did it become okay for men to call a woman a bitch and make fun of her looks?  Are these nobodies really that popular that they will get a pass for doing that?  Or is it because Christina is now so unpopular that people won’t have a problem with it?

  • Anonymous

    Probably the same time it became okay to call men douchebags and ugly/fat/creepy?  Sorry, but both genders get a lot of hate.

  • Just Me

    True bitchiness would have been calling them “The Unwanted”.

  • Enough already!

    Way to spice up a boring Saturday afternoon.   Seems like the Wanted just wanted to be wanted, dud!   Maybe Xtina not feeling so hot from too much partying, or not!   

  • Ringo

    Who is shocked that Christina might be perceived as either “Scary” or a “Bitch”?  She hs been called far worse things on this blog based solely on what people see on the show.  Frankly, in the entertainment business, I think both descriptions are complimentary. 
    Similarly, the statement “And what happened to The Hollywood Reporter? I thought it used to mean something? Doesn’t seem that way anymore.”  The HR has never really meant much to the “real world” but rather has always been little more than an industry rag, with self-serving announcements and a little rumor-mongering dirt tossed on top. This report seems right in its wheelhouse.

  • Chris

    I agree.  Their behavior is tacky, like Howard Stern or construction workers that get mad if you don’t turn your head, so now you’re a “bitch.”

    Also, since when did it become okay for professionals to diss each other? Especially for new kids to throw someone under the bus.  Its been a long standing rule in entertainment (until tabloid fever took over) to not talk trash about other actors, performers, etc… So, she didn’t speak to them.  Who knows what was going on in her head, as the old saying goes, the world doesn’t revolve around you.  Maybe she had other issues running through her head so while she was physically there, her mind was a million miles a way.  If she had called them names, spit on them, bumped into one, told one of them to go fetch her bright green M&Ms only with the M facing down, not up like a W, then maybe they have an argument.

    They may be from England, but they are no gentlemen.

  • MADEitTO20nowWAT

    Poor white straight men, they’ve been so oppressed throughout the centuries :(

    The language and attitude of these lads are unacceptable. They should apologize to her immediatelly.

  • Chris

    ” I did feel a moment of sympathy for the mothers of those boys. ”
    So true.  Its like that line from the BEP, “what’s wrong with the world now, people living like they ain’t go no mommas…”  Xtina might be a lot of things, but at least she knows if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

  • Anonymous

    looking at that interview again, i’m putting this band on my sh!tlist

    takes real douchebaggery to overshadow whatever unfavorable impression i had for Christina or even that thing called Beiber

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts about the video:

    1º) I hate british accent.
    2º) I can’t believe a guy from a boy band was wearing an Against Me T-shirt (an underground punk rock band).

  • Anonymous

    Write this on the chalkboard 50 times, boys.

    “We didn’t hang much with Christina, but we were really excited to perform for our fans.”

    Gets the point across without making you sound like the drunk Ibiza club clowns that I already thought you were.

  • Mase Wallace

    look, i was always taught if everybody’s saying the same thing,then everybody can’t be lying,and it seems like everyone saying the same thing, however i will admit, these guys who are just starting out here in the the us(apparently they are well known in the uk) got some major cajones, trashing xtina way to commit career suicide, fellas

  • Anonymous

    Oh who cares… I’d diss them too. 

  • Chris

    I don’t think people are calling them liars.  The issue is how they acted afterwards.  

    Boy bands appeal to girls and women.  Remember the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Boyz to Men?  You never heard them cursing out people over some small offense.  Boy bands are supposed to be the nice guys, at least in public.

  • Anonymous

    who do they think they are? she doesn’t speak to them and she’s a bitch now? Grow up kids

  • Anita Dahaba

     Ha! Yeah they weren’t very good on AI, but they were good on The Voice. Autotune, pre recorded track?? We definitely were hearing different things then…

  • Anita Dahaba

    Hmm, no. Christina thinks she’s a god’s gift to earth…

  • superfudge

    Did they call Xtina nothing special? As a dude I find Xtina a billion times hotter than J.Lo, personally.  If they were standing next to each other I probably wouldn’t even notice J.Lo was there.

  • Mase Wallace

    who knows maybe this is a new breed of boy band, it’s the 21st century

    like they say nice guys finish last,lol

  • revcat

    I watched 1/2 of the interview and couldn’t take anymore. The hostess and the guys she interviewed exhibited zero charisma, plus it was very disjointed. As far as one of them dissing Xtina’s looks, that was rich as he is very unattractive; in fact the only good looking guy in the group was the quiet one on the end, left side of my screen. It has been my experience that guys who are quick to put down women for their physical attributes are more often than not unattractive themselves. Personally, I have tried to watch the Voice and don’t like the format or the judges but rule #1 in any career, not just show business, is: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and in a sense, that’s what they did.

  • Stefan Wind

    I’m happy Christina acts this way to these non-talent hacks, Bieber included. About time someone puts them in their place instead of kissing their behinds the way music producers and ugly teen girls do lol. 

  • Anonymous

    I really like Christina, diva attitude and all. One thing about Christina Aguilera, you absolutely know who she is just from watching the show. She seems very real to me. She makes no attempts to apologize for being herself, and she shouldn’t!

  • David I-Chen Lin

    Wow. Seriously? How dumb are they?! Who do they think they are? No matter how she treated them you can’t diss people like that. Especially when she’s been in this business for decades, and as a fairly new boy band you’re calling her a B!tch? I can tell some of them are smarter, but those two are so freakin dumb

  • Shoriagirl

    I thought that being attractive was a pre-requisite for the membership in a boy band.  A lot of ugly in this bunch.  I don’t understand why they have to import British ones, can’t they find nice American boys?  In addition, they don’t seem to be very well mannered.

    I am kind of getting tired of British accent everywhere: Simon Cowell, Nigel, Pierce Morgan, Osbornes… now the boy bands.  Enough already!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a little hypocritical to say something like that when you have someone who kinda looks like they got dropped on their face as a child in the band. 

    Although I agree that J. Lo is hotter than Christina. J. Lo looks more natural, Christina always wears too much makeup.

  • Mojaommel Alvar

    I kinda agree with the Wanted. I saw that face when Bieber was their special guest and also when she was the special guest at the x factor uk to duet with Rebecca Fergusson, you can see her diva attitude. She’s only nice to Adam Levine because I think she has a crush on Adam.

  • Zarke

     But it should be a two way street right? Is it ok to ignore others because your already a “star” …but then again we all have bad days…i hope this is not really her and she just had a bad day….

  • Westlife 2007

    Well, I like both The Wanted & Christina so I don’t know how to react to this. Anyway, I think The Wanted should have used a softer tone, call anyone a “bitch” is kinda too much. In the interview, they come off as a bit arrogant. It seems like the fame has got to their heads. If they keep thinking of themselves as bigger than they really are, they will lose fans (including me) rather than getting new ones. At least an apologise now might put this to the rest.

    On a side note, Christina should also be more friendly. Justin Bieber & The Wanted all work their asses off to get the success they have now. They might not be as talented as she is but that doesn’t mean she can look down on them.

  • geekygirl

    Well, if she is a judge on a show called the VOICE, maybe she didn’t have time for someone who CANNOT SING!  She’s probably sick of these manufactured auto tuned cute boy groups who make it big (looking at you One Direction) when she has real talent on the show who never make it. 

    I do like The Wanted music, it is catchy, but would I go see them in concert?  No.  My daughter worked at one of the british music award shows, can’t remember which one, and she was telling me about those who really delivered live and those who were AWFUL.  The Wanted was terrible live.  (On a Voice note, one of the UK Voice judges, Jesse J prformed and she said JJ was phenomenal.)

  • Anonymous

    If I could sing like Xtina you could call me a scary bitch any day of the week.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    These guys come across as a bunch of immature, no-class punks, which isn’t a surprise.  I also think that it’s easy to believe that Christina was aloof and standoffish, and perhaps even rude to them.  The problem is that the way that they dissed her only makes them look bad.

  • Julie McDonnell

    That’s all I’m saying.  They shouldn’t have used the word B*tch, but if she was rude, then she needed to be called on it. I don’t get the “How very DARE they call out a LEGEND like Christina for being a jerk!! They are only peons!!!” attitude.  Really? So if Christina looked down her nose at YOU, you are telling me you would be ok with that because she “has a great voice.”  Alrighty then.

    I also would bet the house that if it were JLO instead of Christina, a lot of the same “It just isn’t DONE!!” people would be saying “HA HA! JLO is a B*TCH and SUCKSZZZZ!!”

  • Ronnie D

    Christina is amazingly talented when she doesn’t go over board and caterwaul.  Almost any time I have seen her, she has a smug stuck up attitude/vibe. It just radiates BITCH. The Wanted have every right to call her out if she did act that way. Christina shouldn’t be excused for her behavior.

  • Kariann Hart

    I agree with kaliny and sf3456.  If you are new to the music industry (in the United States), is this a way to make a name for yourself?  I have no problem with kind words for Jennifer Lopez, but look at that headline.  Grow-up boys!

  • Kariann Hart

    I really do think Christina is replacable.  The again, there would be no controversy.

  • Anonymous

    Such classy guys. If that’s how they respond whenever a female bruises their ego, they won’t last very long in this industry. I wonder if they realize that the lifespan of most boy bands (especially when they’re composed of grown men) is already quite short. And next year, when they’re struggling to promote their new album, I don’t see them getting invited back on The Voice. Howard Stern, maybe.

  • Miz

    I didn’t know Christina personally invited them to sing on the show. 

  • Anonymous

    Xtina may not be the nicest person in the world, but at least she takes her job seriously. She has a laser-like focus on HER team, and everyone else can kiss off.

    I don’t know why people think Xtina was so rude to Tony Lucca. He performed and she gave her opinion. You can agree or disagree. If Simon Cowell had said the exact same words, no one would have called him rude. Lucca does not deserve special treatment because he worked with Xtina when they were kids.

    Someone needs to tell Bieber that the world does not revolve around him. As for the Wanted, they’re at 14 minutes and counting.

  • Michael Bishop

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  It can’t be sheer coincidence that so many people who meet Christina independently of one another walk away with the same impression.  Christina needs to remember that she WAS somebody and the reason why she is being relegated to a reality show judge is that the music buying public no longer finds her relevant. (same for J-Lo).  The same can not be said for Britney.   Bottom line- Christina needs a reality check, and she needs to tone down the stink face attitude.

  • Michael Bishop

     If Christina still had a “virtual patrol” she would still be selling albums.  Her best move would be to ignore them.  Why give them free press?  However, based upon past actions, she will either come right back with a snarky response, or put out some sugary sweet apologetic response that will be drenched in passive aggressive tones, thus proving the Wanted right. Any response from her is lose-lose.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?

  • Anonymous

    Oh well.  I don’t feel any particular way about what these guys said about Xtina only that they are in general a little rough and crude.  I like 1 D much better.  Still I don’t think celebs should go about bashing each other or being rude to each other.  Graciousness to the the previous generation and the next generation goes a long way. After all, Xtina was where these guys were at one time. And its not like we will even be talking about The Wanted in 10 years.  

    And as for rudeness, Xtina has shown her own lack of grace in those comments she had made to Tony Lucca. Those brits probably read her right when it came down to it.

  • Deena

    Christina dissed him when she didn’t remember Tony’s name.  I’ve noticed that she knows full names when she’s talking to others so to me she did that to try to put him in his place.  

    She can be petty at times and loves to get the digs in towards the other judges in her comments to their singers.  It’s fine to criticize but I don’t like it when any of them have obvious ulterior motives.  

  • Anonymous

     She was not just rude to Tony Lucca. Tony Vincent gave an interview to Hollyscoop TV in which he said Xtina was rude and negative. The video is on the internet but I will not post it here. She has been negative and rude towards other contestants. I just do not support that type of behavior from anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I think Christina does come off full of herself on the Voice but then isn’t that part of the act to create some drama on the show. I have to say her voice still sounds very good and she was one of the best things in Burlesque. Sometimes negative publicity can be good. In this case, Christina didn’t commit a crime so she’s just getting more publicity.

  • No Thanks

    This isn’t the first time The Wanted have talked shit about another artist.  They’ve ripped into One Direction as well recently.  And have talked disrepectfully about woman quite often.  They’ve been taken to task for it very recently.  Obviously they haven’t learned a damn thing.

    They’re a PR nightmare.  There’s a reason why the little girls are screaming over 1D and not them.

    As far as if Christina was a “bitch”.  Well, I wasn’t there.  But even if she was, that doesn’t justify The Wanted shooting their mouths off like they are – ALL. THE. TIME.

  • pj

    Nice little controversy for Saturday afternoon.  LOL.  Do I think Xtina can be a diva?  Absolutely. Do I think these boys are whining, sexist idiots with little talent?  Absolutely. Do I believe JLO can be a diva when the camera’s aren’t on?  Absolutely.

    Xtina is a talented singer.  I’m not her BFF so do not care if she has a tude.

  • sexyting86

    u have no clue what u are talking abt.she was right abt tony lucca and guess what,firstly he took it personal but realised it was nothing of that sort except christina just wanted him to push himself more as for tony vincent,while blake was criticizing him ,christina was always giving him high praise,he`s another 1 with an ego and need to get over himself,stop believing everything u hear,Until u hear it str8 from her mouth then believ other than that stop entertaining the he say she say nonsense.This talentless boy band ain`t going to make it,they suck big time and need some1 to give them a good hard slap in their faces,so disrespectful and ill mannered using her name for popularity!

  • sexyting86

    don`t think she wil respond,she`s been in the game long enough to know what to reply to.kelly osbourne tried it twice of recently and xtina never replied refusing to give her the 15mins fame that she wants and she`s not going to give the wanted that either.

  • hcpoirot

    Advice to The wanted: Be more diplomatic. Although I am sure Christina had attitude problem, The Wanted just didnot had enough fame to diss Christina. If they are as big or pass Christina, maybe they can diss her. But they are also had attitude problem  for calling her with B word.
    After all, in entertainment industry, image still is everything. Though guys can had a free pass in US entertainment than girls. There were almost  no second cahnce for trouble women stars.
    ITs really a major disaster for The Wanted PR to clean this.
    (Chris Brown, R Kelly, Kanye West,  etc etc can bounce back though their attitude and others   are really  the worst. But if it is a woman, its hard to recover. Lindsey LOhan struggling to back to top of her game after bad press and attitude) 

  • Anonymous

     Tony Vincent said it right in the interview. You don’t have to believe me as Tony said it in a taped interview. Here is the link if it works:

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt that Xtina is a Diva Supreme and probably not the most warm and fuzzy person to be around. I just can’t help but note that when someone like Simon Cowell (i.e., someone who is MALE) tells singers they sound “dreadful,” he is lauded for being honest and uncompromising, but when someone like Xtina (i.e., someone who is FEMALE) tells a singer he seems “one dimensional,” she is called rude, petty, & bit***y.

  • pj

    I read elsewhere that a runner on the show said one of the Wanted asked her backstage if she felt more beautiful because she’s lost some weight.  Uhh.  If true, I don’t blame her.  He also told her not to worry that Britney needed to work on her body before x-files.  Ummm..  mindless gossip, but if true, I don’t blame her.

    As I said before, it doesn’t bother me that she shunned them either way. 

  • Anonymous

     I am actually not a fan of The Wanted, Christina Aguilera, or Tony Vincent so whatever. Everybody can believe what they want because it does not really matter to me.

  • pj

    Here’s the link to the runner story.

    Like I said, who knows?  Could have been planted by xtina’s people.  Still.  Not impressed with the Wanted. 

  • Anonymous

    After Christina’s rude put downs of Tony Lucca in front of millions of TV viewers, not to mention her obviously ungracious attitude towards Justin Bieber which everyone saw on live TV, its not surprising that she is now the recipient of the public put-downs.  Not only can Christina be a ‘bitch’—-so can KARMA!

  • Anonymous

    Did people not get the memo? Christina is a “DIVA.” A real, live, flesh-in-bones, DIVA. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

    I guess being invited back is not important to this boy band, but boy bands career length are so short so it doesn’t really matter.