The Voice: Watch a Preview of Season 4 (VIDEO)

Check out a brand new preview of the upcoming season of The Voice. Season 4 debuts on Monday March 25 on NBC.

The coaching panel is semi-new. Shakira and Usher take the place of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who are currently on sabbatical from the program.

They join Voice veterans, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and it looks like the newbies have not messed up the all-important chemistry between the coaches.

In the promo, Shakira is personality plus, and seems like she can give as good as she gets. Blake can’t stop bragging that he’s a 2 time champion. He also thinks the Voice is the place to be for aspiring singers.

“Everybody wants to be on The Voice,” claims Blake at one point in the preview, “Anybody who’s a real artist, who’s a real singer, this is their first choice.”

And if they want to sell records afterward, they head somewhere else. Heh.

check out a profile of  Coach Shakira.

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  • Wally.

    I skipped the last two seasons, but Shakira <3 

  • Jason Scott

    Oh, Blake, you’re so silly. The Voice is heading into its 4th season and still no star. Jury is still out on Cassadee Pope.

  • mtthew

    if i weren’t so anti-voice, i might actually watch because i do like shakira, and she really does bring the personality. 

  • pj

    As maybe the only one who likes Xtina, I feel she may need to be worried about her job. Shakira looks fun. I heart Blake. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s my inner redneck.

    I think reality show fatigue is why these kids aren’t making it.

  • jtgraffix

    it’s amy from delilah!

  • H.A.

    The Voice knows how to pick just the right judges. Look at their chemistry already. Shakira is hot. 

  • jpfan2

    This is show is all about the judges who are funny and entertaining.
    The vibe on Idol this season is alot different. The judges seem to have no relationship to each other at all (unless it’s outright hatred). I don’t think anyone on The Voice cares about finding a star singer at all.

  • chillj

    It is the cowboy boots; I can’t resist a guy in cowboy boots.  Everyone should wear them.

  • jan

    Precisely – the judges look like they will be fun to watch – but it’s all about their interaction – the contestants come in a distant second.

  • suenigma

    I am a die-hard Idol fan – since the first episode of Season One. But in terms of pure lighhearted entertainment and quality of music, I enjoyed The Voice more last year than I enjoyed Season 11 of Idol.

  • John S

    And if they want to sell records afterward, they head somewhere else. Heh.

    Lol exactly. If I wanted to actually have somewhat of a career after the show, then I would choose idol first, then the X Factor, and The Voice would be my last choice. Although the X Factor hasn’t proven anything yet either, so idk.

    But yes, on The Voice its about the coaches, the contestants are very secondary.

  • elliegrll

    They are two different shows.  In order to improve the ratings for the third cycle the producers of The Voice made the show more about the mentors, in comparison, American Idol has always been driven by the contestants, or at least how they are edited before the live rounds.  I don’t get the feeling that the judges hate one another, probably because they don’t get the bulk of the screentime once the first time of competition is over.  

  • H.A.

    I love The Voice. I could care less if they never find a star. It’s a very good, fresh entertaining show and the talent is  for me just as good if not sometimes better. 

  • irockhard

    I’ve never watched a full season of TV but this time I’m going to as I’m not interested in any of AI’s contestants this season.

  • John S

    I think a reason why I will never like The Voice as much as idol is because The Voice reminds of a cocky freshman, who thinks its the S**T, but still has to go a long way towards proving itself. From Adam to Blake to the production, they act so smug and like they’re so much better than Idol, and it really rubs me the wrong way, because they haven’t produced any credible artists yet. Also, even as a tv show, the producers just completely fail to keep me invested in the contestants. Once they prove to be the cultural phenomenon that idol once was, they will have room to talk.

  • Lobilobi

    And if they want to sell records afterward, they head somewhere else. Heh.

    so true Mj, i prefer Idol even if i watch the voice
    Blake is just talking bullshit here and he knows what he’s saying is not true, they’ve 4 seasons and none of them is a star or nearing it

  • JasonG

    I really like Shakira a lot more than Christina. Christina should be worried that she might get replaced lol

  • justmefornow

    I haven’t watched this show before either, but would check out the vids here sometimes.  I may have to check this show out this year.

    I feel the same way about AI this season. There’s not one contestant in that group that sings anything close to the music I listen too, so I really see no point in watching either. Why watch amateur singers sing the type of music you wouldn’t listen to or buy from professionals? lol.

    Like I said before, if this show casts contestants that pander to AI’s main demo, they could very well beat Idol this year in ratings.

  • sumidol

    Oh I love these guys and the new judges are a great addition!!!  The ladies will love to get on Ushers team, heh.  It is awesome that the show is about the judges also?  Much less boring to have fun people to watch, I dont think contestants are second, they are all great to watch. I am so looking forward to watching this again, love Shakira, love Blake, love Adam, win win situation here :)

  • Fan Dja

    I’ve been watching The Voice since first season and I’m real excited after watching those vids up top.  Shakira and Usher look like they fit right in.  Not going to miss it.  I watched AI season 1 thru 7 and haven’t since, tried but no.

  • Kariann Hart

    My heart will always belong to AMERICAN IDOL!!  However, I do enjoy “The Voice” and will catch up on Infinity One.  I missed several “X-Factor” shows last season.  If there’s nothing better to watch – I may watch X-Factor.  Some how “Dancing With the Stars” will affect the ratings of these shows.

  • Jake W.

    I’m liking what I see of Shakira. 

  • Shoriagirl

    I hope that The Voice will kick Idol’s butt in ratings.  I watched few episodes of The Voice and at least they treat contestants with respect on the show and after the show. 

  • alonzo7

    Wow-I thought that was Amy from Delilah-can’t wait for The Voice this year with two new judges-a little freshening up should be good for the show!!

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Shakira and Usher definitely make better eye candy compared to Christina and Cee Lo. I would be afraid if I were them! Lol

  • nncw

    I like watching both The Voice and AI (not a fan of the X Factor). I find the talent on The Voice great  – that hasn’t translated into sales which I don’t find that mysterious. It is very difficult to be a successful musician/entertainer.  Degree of talent does not directly relate to success in the entertainment industry (and that can be applied to the rest of society there are an awful lot of talented/capable young people who are currently un or underemployed. Just because you win on these shows does not mean you will remain a star after it.  These days there is also so much added effects that sometimes the voice doesn’t matter. As Nicki says “you have to have the total package to be commercial success” she is a good example of that. And that implies not only a good voice but having the look and the personality and choosing  a catchy tune that appeals to the masses (particularly teens). Whereas for me I simply want a show where the beauty of someones voice and the music shines through – I love music when it moves me, it can be from a variety of genres (maybe not rap!)  and that is why  I am a fan of the Voice 

  • Miz

    I love Shakira and Usher, so I’ll most likely be watching The Voice. I really wish they’d have some breakout stars though. 

  • Christopher Auyeung

    This is a show that is 95% about the judges, and I am generally okay with that. They’re pretty fun.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    The Voice winners don’t get the label support that AI winners get, at least its not visible to me.  Its more like a Nashville Star winner.  You win, get that moment of exposure , then the game is in your ballpark.  

  • mjsbigblog

    Welp. My point was about performers who try out for singing competitions–not the people who watch them.

  • Shoriagirl

    Having most successful song ever in Idol history with PP’s Home doesn’t help Idol with their ratings.  I hope The Voice will remain light-hearted entertainment as it is.  Having a “star” has nothing to do with TV ratings.  Just look at Idol having the most successful coronation song ever and the lowest ratings.

  • ZsusK

    Except it doesn’t have the lowest ratings. Where did you get that info?

  • irockhard

    I don’t think it’s the label as much as it is lack of competent management. Though Universal Republic is not a great label.

  • Shoriagirl

    The lowest ratings for Idol.

    ” The show drew 13.1 million viewers on Wednesday, the least since August 2002, according to Nielsen. The audience of viewers ages 18 to 49, a group targeted by advertisers, was the smallest since July 2003″  (from

  • ZsusK

    Ah! Yes, but it still rates higher than The Voice or other singing comps. Granted, that could be force of habit on the part of many viewers, but I think The Voice is not popular because of the way the contestants are treated but because of the format, which is exciting in the early rounds. Once we get to the public vote, it’s all over quickly and the contestants slip into obscurity, unfortunately. 

  • durbesque

    I liked Chris Mann on the show, but was not prepared for his spectacular concert on PBS.  His talent and skill shocked me time and time again.  So, for me, and maybe only me, The Voice has it’s breakout star, though in a small genre.

  • Shoriagirl

    Voting rounds still get good ratings. As far as slipping into obscurity, what is David Cook doing these days? 

  • Incipit

     what is David Cook doing these days? 

    If that’s a serious question, Shoriagirl, anyone with an internet connection can read the answer on Twitter – writing for a new album and writing for other artists, playing a charity gig next week with Better Than Ezra and Tonic and raising money for his run in the Race For Hope in May, for the fifth year in a row.

    What does that have to do with the contestants on The Voice who don’t survive past the voting stages of the early rounds, that Zsusk was talking about? DC’s an American Idol winner. Not the same thing.

    I like the Chairs part of the Voice – it’s the only part I ever watch  – because the judges are the supplicants for a change, when they find someone they like they have to convince them to chose a particular judge…and that’s amusing.

     But I have yet to hear any voice on The Voice that convinced me I wanted to buy their music, and I don’t follow what happens to them after the Chairs round – so for me – “slip back into obscurity” is accurate.  When The Voice promotes their winners to any degree, perhaps I’ll notice them too – so far, they don’t. I couldn”t name them if I tried. 

    But I’ll agree, the Chairs part is fun to watch.

  • Jacee2

    I use to faithfully watch AI since it’s first season, but when they brought in Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez I felt that it became a show to promote Jennifer and her career. AI just started to lose it’s appeal to me and when The Voice came along I just loved it. The music industry is hard enough and there is no guarantee that you are going to be successful after. Just look how many seasons AI has been on and out of those that won their season we have Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood who have done really well. IMO the country artists are normally the ones who are the most successful. Even Kelly crossed over to the country world after having problems with her management. She became friends with Reba McEntire who is married to Marvel Blackstock Kelly’s present manager. While working with Rascal Flatts she met the guy she is engaged to Brandon Blackstock not knowing he was the son of her manager Marvel. My point being there certainly is a country connection and Kelly had her problems with her original management.

    Carrie was definitely country and has definitely without a doubt done really well. Scotty McCreery came along and doing really well, but he was young, needed to finish high school and is now in college combining that with his career. Last year’s winner Phillip Phillips has done extremely well and is the only one that I would say has no country connection. If you add in the alumni who didn’t win, many of them are doing really well considering they didn’t finish first. What these programs give you are exposure, but not only do you need talent you still need good management, and good luck always plays a part. AI is entering it’s 17 season so that is a long time and why I say your can’t say that The Voice has not produced winners because they are getting exposure and to me that is key.

    I just love the format of The Voice. I like the fact that the judges interact with their contestants. They get up on stage and perform with them. That was one thing that when Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez came along it seemed like it was more about them. I would have liked to see Jennifer and Steven get up on stage and do what The Voice does. I love the way the judges just don’t sit there and judge, but take part in the mentoring process of their contestants. It is a more enjoyable show to watch IMO. This will be the 4th season of The Voice and so far the closest to being country would be the last winner of Cassidy Pope. I know she wanted to be a pop star, but IMO if she went the country route I think she would end up having a successful career. For whatever reason I think country artists have an easier time then the other genres of music to break into.

    In regards to the X Factor I just have not warmed up to that show. The sound was off so much that all I heard was screaming fans that were being told to make noise and then they finally tamed it down. You again had two of the four judges who were performers themselves, but except for one time at the end did I see Demi finally perform with the group of girls. The interesting thing is that the first winner of the X Factor Melanie Amaro has released a single (maybe two), but without success and read that her album has been delayed indefinitely. X Factor didn’t even have her appear on the final show of this past season. Again, IMO a lot of factors go into whether a person will be succesful. All of these shows provide you exposure, but they can’t promise you a successful career.

  • Incipit


    AI is entering it’s 17 season so that is a long time

    Jacee2, I think you have a typo there – American Idol is only entering it’s 12th season – you added five years to it’s birthday date. Even XFactor UK is only going into it’s ninth season – Nobody has 17 seasons, not yet.

    But it is true that a lot of factors are in play with The Voice – so far, results have been much better for the show and the judges than it has been for the contestants. IMO.

  • Jacee2

    Incipit Thank you for catching that.  You are so right it was a typo.  That’s what I get for being so long winded. lol  I will see if I can edit it to change it.

  • Trina


    I watched few episodes of The Voice and at least they treat contestants with respect on the show and after the show. 

    Really? On what planet? Javier got to open for Maroon 5 but other than that they invited him back to perform along with a bunch of season 1 people, not even his own spot to himself and they have not acknowledged him since..  Jermaine has been pretty much hung out to dry.  I think Blake uttered his name one time since hes won and there’s no sign of his album on the horizon.  Whatever you think of how AI treats their winners they’ve still treated them better than The Voice.

  • Jacee2

    Regarding The Voice Just adding to what I posted before, but I think we have seen for the most part the winners of all these shows that have been the most successful are the ones who go to country.  Cassidy Pope who just won this seasons The Voice in December 2012 signed with Republic Nashville which is also home to some very successful country artists such as The Band Perry, Eli Young Band, and Martina McBride.  Maybe she will be the first The Voice successful winner.

    I already mentioned the most successful winners of AI are from the country world and the Kelly Clarkson country connection.  The only other successful winner that is non country would be Philipp Phillips.

    With the X Factor the first winner Melanie Amaro not successful and her first album delayed indefinitely.

    The winner this year of the X Factor which finished just a bit after The Voice, in December 2012 was Tate Stevens another country artist who signed with RCA Records Nashville.  

    My guess for this year’s AI is going to be a country artist as well.  Just have a feeling that Kree Harrison may win it.  Even Janelle another country girl made it into the top 5.

    For whatever reason country artists do well no matter what show they are on.  IMO

  • Eh

    Shakira and Usher look like good additions to the show.  I usually watch the blind auditions and come back to the show sometime during the top 10 (I like that it’s on Hulu, too) I might watch more this season, depending on how Idol goes during the finals (I cannot watch a singing show 4 nights per week, ack!)

    The Voice is an entertaining TV show and I like that it makes space for people with smaller or weirder voices that could never make it on Idol. They also don’t promise their contestants much. There’s no million dollar contract (or $5 million contract), no Ford commercials, no winner’s song (well not in seasons 2 and 3), no tour, no unspoken understanding that the runner up will get signed, no pre-established promo set up for the winner’s Black Friday debut album release.  They promise a modest cash prize and a contract – that’s it. They might eventually launch a star, but really all they promise is that the person who wins will be signed. I’m not sure if it even makes sense to compare their track record to Idol’s.

    I don’t really watch these shows to discover new artists – that’s what music blogs, music magazines, Spotify, good radio stations, etc. are for. I want to hear some really good karaoke, witness the occasional “moment” and enjoy the competition aspect of it (OK, and also looking at Blake & Adam (& Usher)