The Voice UK – Vince Kidd, David Faulkner, Heshima Thompson (VIDEOS)

It’s Week 2 of The Voice UK. Each of the three videos I’m posting here had all 4 coaches turn around for them. Unfortunately, the BBC doesn’t post the coaches decisions, but I looked up the results online.

Actually, all 3 of these performers are interesting in their own way.

The show opened with an appearance by Heshima Thompson, an actor and singer who has appeared on the UK TV shows, East Enders and Holby City.   His cover of  Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” is pretty damn dancey.   He chooses Team

Vince Kidd’s rendition of “Like a Virgin” is so unusual, that it verges on being a joke audition. Except the dude can really sing. And Nigel Lythgoe thinks guys can’t tackle Madonna songs. He chooses to join Team Jessie J

David Faulkner, a Welsh construction worker, is a blue eyed soul singer whose rendition of “Superstition” reminds me a little of Elliott Yamin. Before you groan, take a listen. He’s good! He also got the pimp spot. He also chooses  Team Jesse J.


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  • kesia monteith

    Soooo prefer the UK Voice over the US one right now. I just prefer the vocals from the UK side. And I like they are picking a great recording voice, not just picking unique for the sake of unique. I’m just in love with Vince Kidd. Seriously, I saw a pic of him at, and I thought, “oh it will be some silly punk rock version” because I judge the poor guy on the fact he looks like Billy Idol’s long lost son. This rocker-looking dude straight out of 80’s fashion just delivered some 90’s R&B vocals, and I just could not stop playing it. 

    With that said, the UK Voice will become a bore once they go through those awful battle rounds. Then again, I’m loving the talent in comparison to the US talent, which, frankly, are not very good. So maybe I’ll like the battle rounds this time.

  • Manang Ams lagi nih!

    Vince-Vince and David-David stood out for me in this recent episode.  yup that’s two Vinces and two Davids in one episode

    Vince Kidd – mostly for the attention-grabbing song choice (he has some smooth vocals and a good falsetto) and the flamboyance

    Vince Freeman – his voice reminds me of Nakia from the first season of The Voice of US who also sang the same song

    David Julien – well he sang The Script’s song. another raspy singer for
    Danny’s team. he has a good voice but i would have preferred that he
    didn’t put blemishes in the second half of the song.

    David Faulkner – seems like one of the technically stronger vocalists
    but i’d like to hear a different song from him. Superstition has been
    done to death.

  • nadja

    love vince kidd….he’s one of my favs now. love how he has ability to flip a song to suit him, show us who he is and thank god it’s not like so many singers that come out and just essentially sing a cover
    . love his dad naw. in the show, hus dad actually says he used to be a punk in his youth, used to wear bondage pants lol. love it when parents embrace their kids individuality

  • Shair Shamsuddin

    OMG!! These contestants were really AWESOME, and I liked David Faulkner much than Vince Kidd, maybe I’ll be stick around watching these shows for a while

    As you guys look back the last week audition and there was this woman named J Marie Cooper, who sang Jessie’s “Momma Knows Best”, She tear the house down and really amazing hands down performance

    BTW The Voice UK >>>>>>>>>>The Voice US

  • Frank

    Is it just me or does Tom Jones seem out of place? I think he’s an amazing musician but putting him on The Voice UK was really random.

  • Anonymous

    They forgot to mention that Vince Kidd made it to the live shows in X Factor series 4, when he was in a boyband called Futureproof manufactured by the show. He also went by what is probably his real name Matthew.

  • hcpoirot

    So far Jessie J had the best singers. It will be pretty hard when she had to eliminate 5 singers. Hope she had the knowledge to quickly choose 5 cannon fodder so she can  choose her five fav singers to the next round.

    I also like lots of the choices of songs they sing in this show. Hopeful they only had 2 episodes of battle rounds.

    Btw, I also just watched Britain Got talent 6 ep 2. OMG, where are the talents? After 28 minutes, none of the talents really stood out. All range from worst to just barely okay. BGT really in danger to had a decent talents to show off in live rounds.

  • hcpoirot

    One more thing that I like about this blind auditions, most of the time its really the vocal that matter the most. Of course, when it move to battle round, ages, face and personality also being reconsider by the judges.

    Example: In this episode, 17 year old girl who sing only an okay opera did not get pick. When they realized she is just 17 and learn singing opera by herself, all of them regret not to push the buttons.

    If they can see her first, all of them will surely push the button though her opera singing is only passable. And they also passed on a cute boy with okay vocal too and they regret it later. (Just because he is cute)

    So far, thank God they didnot pick a singer cause she is wearing high heels (and assume she is beautiful)  like The US version where Cee Lo pick the model who CANNOT sing but progress to top 24.

  • kesia monteith

    And worse, it doesn’t seem like any of the ones auditioning are picking him.  Is he really someone who would be in touch with what is happening with today’s music?

  • Sophie Gonzales

    I live in the UK so have never seen the US version of The Voice, but I am LOVING The Voice over here! It’s so different and completely fresh! Also love how there are no ‘bad’ auditionees and everyone gets an equal chance. Makes shows like the X Factor and Britains Got Talent look old news (but NOT American Idol, of course). ;)

  • Anonymous

    Heshima was on XF UK last year. I remember liking him during the audition stages and thinking he should’ve gone further