The Voice UK: The Worst Performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” EVER?

I stopped following the Voice UK, because, quite frankly, I got bored with it. But obviously, watching Tyler James literally butcher “Bohemian Rhapsody”, we aren’t missing much. Is he drunk? How many keys do you figure he’s singing here?

This performance is from this weekend’s SEMI-FINAL round and the talent left is this big of a joke? Honestly, do yourself a favor and watch this performance. It is HILARIOUS.

Thanks to for the find. It’s a gem.

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  • Lombe Chileshe

    I Could probably sing like that too! And I’ve never sang a note in my life!

  • EH

    I think you meant “The best worst performance of Bohemian Rhapsody Ever.”  Let me guess – his Voice mentor loved it.

  • Anonymous


    Whose team is he on anyway?

  • Anonymous

    the beginning was so bad. Such an uneven performance

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop watching it! It’s deliciously horrific.

  • Anonymous

    Awww…I was so looking forward to the moment when he made his attempt at “Beezelbub has a devil put aside for [squeak].”, but he skipped that part! 

  • Anonymous

    At least his “funky chicken” was almost average.  Plus he has less breath control than someone with emphysema.

  • chessguy99

    Reading UK forums, they are calling that a good performance “outside of a couple bum notes.” 

  • Anonymous

    The Voice UK is easily the worst of all The Voice formats I’ve seen. It just doesn’t gel well and the talent is okay at best.
    The Voice Australia > The Voice US >>>>>>>>> The Voice UK

  • Anonymous

    Dear Lord……  

    I’m trying out for The Voice UK next year.  I have a shot. 

  • Anonymous

    That was awesomely awful. What is worse — the singing or his outfit?

  • callmecrazy

    Yowza, I had to stop midway thru cuz stray cats around the neighborhood started scratching at the door.  And of course was loving it…he has no musical clue!

    I must say tho, my first thought was, is that Chris Rene?  This sounded and looked like if he were to have sung/rap this.

  • hcpoirot

    William save him in the top 16 cause he want his other singer 100% move to the top 4.

    Different from THe VOice of US version, in top 8, only the viewers votes count. There are no scoring from the judges which I think is a brilliant move from UK version.

    So the 4 singers who will move to top 4 will be solely based on viewer votes.

  • Lovesyesha

    This was awful! Unfortunately, he is on Will.I.Am’s team and is probably going through to the finals because the other guy on Will’s team was forgettable, and Tyler here had the pimp spot. Actually though, other than Will’s team, I think the other talents are up to par, or even better than those on the Voice US. Specifically, there is a girl on Tom’s team named Leanne Mitchell who has one of the strongest most controlled voices I’ve heard on a singing show. Jessie J’s team is very good as well, and Danny has one strong girl named Bo Bruce. It is really just Will’s team (and Will himself) who sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Well, he leaves little doubt that “nothing really matters to [him]” does he?!

    Before he started singing, I thought nothing could suck worse than that suit, but wow, was I wrong. Damn, that was BAD, BAD, BAD… Are they serious on the Voice UK? 


  • Anonymous

    I have just watched the whole segment (with judges comments and all) and not only did the judges like it, but they actually gave him a standing ovation.
    Jessie J said he was vocally amazing – LMAO.

  • swansteel


  • Anonymous

    And the crowd was cheering too.

  • Anonymous

    It feels weird that I have to defend The Voice UK but I actually think it’s infinitely better than Voice USA was this year. In fact, I stopped watching the US Voice because I was so bored. Yes, this wasn’t great but it’s unfair to completely ignore the season because of it. Here are a few contestants that kick virtually everyone’s ass from Voice US this year, especially Jermaine Paul:

    Bo Bruce (my favorite) 

    Ruth Brown 

    Leanne Mitchell 

    Jaz Ellington 

    Max Milner 

    Vince Kidd 

    Becky Hill

    David Julien 

    The aforementioned Tyler James

  • Anonymous

    The Voice US wasn’t that good this year, but the year before balances it out for me. Which is why I consider it still better than UK, lol.
    The Voice Aussie has pretty amazing talent though.

  • Mitchell

    IMHO The Voice UK is FAR superior to anything on Idol this year.  Vince Kidd is truly remarkable and should be a huge popstar.  The talent, the production values, the staging – everything is better than Idol in every way.

    One of the things I enjoy about MJ’s blog is that I pretty much NEVER agree with her about ANYTHING. It’s all good.

  • Ringo

    i’m with you.  While the guy doesn’t have much of a chest voice range — certainly not strong enough to do the song to match Freddy M., I agree, I have seen far worse versions.  Compared to some of P2’s deconstructed versions of classics (The Letter, Movin’ Out, Fat Bottomed Girls), this UK performance is divine.  Take away the pink suit, give him a guitar, this guy could win Idol next year — I can hear Randy:  “Dawg, you are a true artist, you made it your own.”  

  • Anonymous

    Tyler actually advanced to the final on the strength of this performance!  

  • Sarah

    The Voice UK is actually really good this year. I loved Aleks and Becky and I’m so sad they’re gone but I’m all about Max and Vince of the ones who are left

  • cosem

    I don’t think it’s any worse than the majority of P2s performances this year…and gasp, that guy won AI.
    It’s obvious this is not the right song for him cause he is not in any shape or form a power singer, but I blame Will for that. As far as his fashion choices, well it’s his style, a retro kind of look. Ftr, I’m not even rooting for him, I prefer Vince and Bo but calling this perf the worst ever? Lol

  • Anonymous

    uuhhhhhh! He got into the final, beating Jazz, a man who really can sing.

    UK – or rather Voice voting portion of the UK, so tiny percentage, but hey – you made embarrassing choices tonight…

  • Guest

    The dude does not have a bad voice by any means, but its just the wrong song for him. I dont think he was that out of tune.the problem is is that he has a strong falsetto, but not the belt required to pull off this beast of a song.

  • Shair Shamsuddin

    Oy, My ears are bleeding..The UK talents already lost their goods on the battle rounds. I can’t believe this. Did you know that this guy made it to the final 4 *facepalm* 

    The Voice from Australia had so many, many talents 
    One of them simply has a chance to win 
    Karise Eden’s Nothing real but love (studio) (You guys better hear this)

    Ahhhhhh much better…cured!!!!

  • Larc

    And the crowd was cheering too.

    A lot of people in that audience had to have tin ears.  Same thing with Idol.  Plus loads of tin-eared Idol viewers apparently vote.  ;)

  • Southnsoul

    Britain’s Got Talent had more talent on their show this year than American Idol has had in several seasons.

  • Leandro

    Actually, I liked it a lot!! But I prefer this guy. He’s much better.

    ETA: actually, I’m having a bad time now trying to decide who’s better. This dude Tyler James, like Xtina says, is doooope .

  • Leandro

    Look this girl singing Seven Nation Army on the Voice UK . She’s on the semi-finals too! I decided I’m gonna watch all The Voice UK now. Each time it gets better.

  • Anonymous

    My simple question was: Is this the worst performance of Bohemian Rhapsody ever…not is this the worst performance ever, as some of you seem seem to be misreading.  Or else why even bring Idol and P2 into the discussion? lol

    Tyler actually advanced to the final on the strength of this performance!

    That’s just bizarre. lol.

    This was the trouble with the Voice US too. There was some decent talent at the beginning, but a lot of it got knocked out in the battle rounds. Ultiimately, we were left with a Top 4 that was truly mediocre.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It’s the worst rendition that I’ve heard, but then again, I haven’t heard many singers try to sing BR. lol This guy reminds me of those Jedward guys from the X-Factor UK a few years ago, kind of a joke sort of contestant who made the finals.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler isn’t as bad as he did in this song, his previous performances were way better. I believe he got to the finals after the sympathy votes he got from mentioning his best friend Amy Winehouse. 
    Now, if we’re talking about The Voice UK as a whole, in my opinion it’s better than the second season of the Voice US. Both seasons of the Voice US didn’t have someone as talented or as original as Bo or Vince. That’s good enough for me to keep watching the show.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Yes. It is …by far…the most comical, abominable performance of BR EVER….!!!!! Oh, man oh man…

    And the dude gets voted through. Gotta love those Brits. They’ve got a sense of humor, eh?

  • Kesia Monteith

    I’m not too happy about Jaz going home over Tyler, but I can’t help but be amused. That performance was quite hilarious, AND memorable. Hence why more middle of the road performance by Jaz cost them to go home. Tyler James has some pre-Voice music that is actually not bad, so I know he is better than this. A format like this makes the likes of Becky and Jaz to go home when they shouldn’t be. It is just so screwy.

  • Leandro

    Of course! Never watched X-Factor UK? they vote for the worst acts and they love it! For them, singing contests are just for entertainment, they don’t take it seriously. 1/3 of their population watch these shows and they just want to be entertained at night with a funny TV Show!

  • Leandro

    The finalists on X-factor are usually the most exotic/crazy people. They want people who entertain, despite the bad singing. That’s how they have excellent ratings.

  • jobeob987

    It’s not exactly hideous, but it is all kinds of bad.  Still, not the worst I’ve heard on these shows.  Most of all, the song just didn’t suit him.

  • Leandro

    Back in the day…really not much different. lol 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol I’m learning that the UK X-Factor viewers seem to have a lighthearted attitude towards these kind of shows and don’t regard them nearly as seriously as Americans regard singing competition shows here.

  • Anonymous

    Those Jedward guys are now worth over 4.5 million pounds.  They may have been a joke (I agree, they were AWFUL) but by any one’s definition they are have made a success of their music career.   Talk about tin ears.

  • Sparkles

    Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening indeed. Why was will.(don’t forget the stupid punctuation in my name) rockin’ out? Maybe because someone finally had a worse performance than the Black Eyed Peas did at the Super Bowl.

  • Leandro

    Jedwards are the most funny trainwreck ever. And they made to the finale right? they made it again on Eurovision. Still terrible, but funny and cheesy!

    their performances are historical:

  • wutwut

    This was lol-zy. On a serious note, the chick that sang ‘Run to You’ was amazeballs.

  • Anonymous

    It was awesome to watch how much their presence on the show drove Simon crazy.  They didn’t make the finale though; they ended up 6th place.  That week they actually had more votes than the eventual 2nd place Olly Murs, who the judges saved.  Amusingly, Olly and Jedward have ended up being the two most commercially successful acts of that season.    

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Actually, I’ve been following the show and the rest of the contestants are WAY better than the ones we had on the Voice US. And I like the UK judges a helluva lot better too.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    100% agree. The talent is pretty amazeballs on the Voice UK. LOVE Max, Vince, Becky, Bo, and Jaz infinitely better than anyone that appeared on the Voice US this year.

  • David Facenfield

    I have to agree, terrible song choice for him, he murdered it.

    I live in the UK, and apart from seeing the first 10 mins of the first blind audition show, I have not watched it at all.

    I quickly decided the judges were mildly annoying at best / playing a game for the camera and the talent left a lot to be desired.

    While ratings for the blind auditions were initially high 10-12 million, last weekends semi final slumped t0 4.5 million and they are already talking about major changes for season 2 (see link below)

  • Axxxel

    OMG all those pink suits !! LOL !! Next time I have to wear a pink suit when I butcher this song in karaoke…
    Pity he skipped the headbanging part… I liked it a bit when he sang in the higher register in the beginning and the end… The middle, I was more looking at the suit.

    Hope Adam Lambert will not watch this video and get inspired by the wardrobe for his Queen performance hehehe…

  • Anonymous


    That was……unbelievable.  Hilarious for sure.  

  • Anonymous

    i’m pissed off that Max and Bo are on the same team.  i love them both.  i’m happy for Bo getting to the finals but sad that Max couldn’t make it.

    if i had it my way, both Max and Bo would have advanced over Tyler.  Tyler only had one good performance and that was during his first live show.  he’s a weak singer leaning on his weak falsetto that for some reason people think it’s good, kind of like Deandre of AI during the early stages until they were proven wrong with trainwreck performances.

    i gotta admit, Tyler was hilariously awful with Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Anonymous


    The Voice of UK > The Voice of US

    i haven’t fully watched Australia yet, but in terms of blind auditions it’s still UK > Australia > US for me