The Voice UK: The Battle Rounds Part 1 (VIDEO)

It’s Battle Round Weekend on The Voice UK. Tonight and tomorrow night team members will compete against each other in duets. After, their coach will pick a winner to advance on to the next round.

Like the US version, the competition encourages singers to attempt to out-yell each other. Singers that I liked as solos aren’t impressing me so much in battle. Here are 3 battle I plucked out of the bunch, plus a BBC recap of the episode. (Daily Mail Recap)

Bill Downs Vs Max Milner: ‘Beggin”

Wow. This duet is pretty intense. In the end, Danny O’Donoghue chose Max Milner, but regretted putting the two of them together.

Deniece Pearson Vs Ruth Brown: ‘No One’

This devolved into a yell-a-thon. Ruth Brown, whom Tom Jones chose to move on, had an impressive audition. But I’m not so impressed here.

Jay Norton Vs Jaz Ellington ‘I Heard It Through The Grape Vine’

Jaz Ellington is the dude who made Will.I.Am cry last week. I thought much of the battle was hopelessly out of tune. Then Will tells Jay Norton he’s better than Justin Timberlake (!!!) and then goes ahead and picks Jaz  (who was, admittedly, better. Or at least mostly in tune).

Reggie Yates’ Highlights

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting MJ!!! I really enjoy this show!!! :D

  • Valentin432

     The Australian version also has begun with Keith Urban, Seal, Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden as the judges.

    The two highlights so far were a blind girl who sung La Vie en Rose and another girl who sang a Man’s Man’s World who made the judges turn after 5 seconds.

  • Anonymous

    from the battle rounds, i think i liked Max vs Bill battle the most, mostly for the contemporary song choice and i think the two did well overall

    it wasn’t without its faults though as i think there were times Max got a little too aggressive with his vocals while Bill got a little too soft considering the desperation of the lyrics in the song

    i do agree with Danny’s decision to put Max through because i think he has better potential with his more distinct raspy voice and stage presence.  he could probably be that one WGWG who i might actually consider liking like in this video:

  • Anonymous

    i’m not that impressed with the blind girl whose performance i could compare to Susan Boyle’s BGT performance in terms of being pleasant to the ears (and having a really moving background story) but in hindsight wasn’t really as great as they’re hyped up to be.  just imo of course.

    now on the otherhand, Karise who sang This Is A Man’s World was awesome, the best blind audition so far.  perhaps one of the best even if you include the franchises from the other countries.

  • Anonymous

    A little homo-erotic thing going on in Begging duet … made me think… hot damn are these guys going to make out lol.

  • Leandro

    If Jacob and Stacy Francis had a baby, the kid would be just like that Ruth Brown. Annoying OTT performance. I liked a lot the first performance though. 

  • Anonymous

    as for the other battle rounds, the song choices were a little overplayed in that it’s hard to appreciate them when you get to compare it with the original.  “With or Without You” by Vince vs Bo was one of the few decent-sounding match-ups.

    i consider the match-up who sang Yeah3x by Chris Brown to be the worst.  they were really off in terms of hitting their notes and being on rhythm.  Deniece Vs Ruth was a close second worst because the song got burried under the vocal gymnastics employed by Ruth.  it was just annoying.

  • Anonymous

    I found this show very entertaining, and the singing quality very high. I am impressed.
    Couldn’t say who I like so far though, too early to say.

  • Pretty Horsey

     I enjoyed the 2 battles from Danny’s team the most. It’s a shame when they pair up 2 really good singers 1 has to go home while less talented people go through.

  • Karen W.

    UK talent seems better than US this year!

  • hcpoirot

    Why can the VOice producer all version just cut out the battle rounds? Most of the decisions we already know the results even before the battle round start. Singers who turn 4 chairs will be going into next round. Singers who had back sob stories also 100% going to next round.

    At least the UK version of battle rounds only last 2 episodes in ONE week. So next week we will watch the live round and hoping they will sing better.

  • hcpoirot

    Just like all singing competitions, of course the producers WILL NOT advanced all the strongest singers in semifinal live rounds. Even idol. They will move on few very strong singers, few decent singers, and few singers who are pretty and handsome or cute .And few cannon fodder.

    So I am not shocked when the judges paired up very strong pair and (pretend) that they regret it like Danny or Will. Iam etc etc. Then they also pair up weak singers.

    In order for their fav singers to advanced to the finale, they had to mix up their singers so their fav singers will move on to the finale.