The Voice UK Coaches sing “Beautiful Day” (VIDEO)

Oh my. Well. Check out The Voice UK coaches, Danny O’Donoghue, Tom Jones, Jesse J and Will.I.Am singing “Beautiful Day” by U2.

It sure is. Uhm. Interesting.

The live shows began this weekend, and interestingly, The Voice was beating Britain’s Got Talent during the time the two shows overlapped–up until this weekend. It look like the Brits are beginning to tune out now that the gimmicky phases of the show have finished.

Via Vote For The Worst

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  • Jenna


  • Leandro

    Ouch! Please, bring Erin Martin vs. Shields Brothers again!

  • Leandro

    This guy performance is so bad that it turns to be delightful. 

  • Whiteshirt

    This is one of those ideas that is awesome on paper…disastrous in reality. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I saw this live (on TV that is) and it was pretty terrible – embarrasing.

    And the thing is, I like The Script and Jessie J and Tom Jones certainly knows how to sing!

    So how this turned out to be such a complete and utter train wreck, I don’t know.

    ETA: that Buttery guy was NOT one the the good singers, by the way. Novelty act? Anyway, he was booted off today!
    There are a couple of good singers though.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Hahaha! What a mess. XD

    Thanks for sharing, MJ. That’s some funny stuff.

  • andy

    lmao I needed a laugh today

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a question to whoever watched both shows, the performances episode yesterday and the results show show today. The question is, was the results show live?(That’s what they’ve been saying). Because every single person in the show is wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Lol.

  • Frank

    LMAO! At 1:03 Danny throws his heavy guitar into the audience. I would pay to see the poor girl who got her head hit by it. haha

  • Alain Arias


  • Axxxel

    @MJ: Thank you very much for this beautiful video… I feel much better now after watching and listening to this…. The only way, after such performance, is UP !! LOL…

  • Anonymous

    How can four good singers, all certainly not the first time live on stage, give THAT big a mess of a performance? IDGI lol
    Rehearse that thing next time, guys! That’s a singing-live show ffs.

  • Leandro

    How can four good singers

    . When the hell Will i am was considered a good singer?

  • Anonymous

    Lol oops. I meant that every one of them was given a part they certainly could handle.  Instead the perf was one big clumsy, clunky, unrehearsed mess.

  • Life Between Pages

    That was a pretty bad ensemble. And yeah, I can’t be bothered to watch The Voice anymore. An hour and a half of singing and way too much talking without adverts? Yeah. No thanks. Not even the pretty Danny O’Donoghue peaks my interest enough now.