The Voice- Top 12 Rankings/Power List (with a dash of X-Factor)

Now that The Voice has chosen 12 acts to battle it out to get to win a recording contract, they’re all on the same playing field. No longer are they just competing against their own teammates, they’re competing against singers from other teams (just like on X-Factor).

With that said, here’s how I think things stack up:

12) Melanie Martinez- I think her special quality is not something that grows on America over time. I think, like DeBorah, her quirky palate is limited. Could you see her doing an uptempo song? I can’t. Not believably anyway. She may be long for this world…

11) Dez Duran- I’m actually surprised he got America’s vote. I don’t know what that says about Adriana Louise, but I’m guessing Dez’s vanilla approach to music isn’t going to get him to the finish line in this competition. There are better singers, and there are better performers.

10) Adriana Louise- That being said, I think Adriana is a fantastic singer, but her inability to beat Dez has me concerned about her staying power in the competition. Plus, now that America is voting for everyone, she’s losing votes to power singers like Amanda Brown and Michaela Page (and even Cassadee).

9) Michaela Page- Basically the same thing I said about Adriana can be said again here. She failed to be in the top 2 of her team losing to Cassadee (who is NOT as good of a singer). She might get a chance to increase her standing through the weeks, as I don’t think she’s at risk of leaving the competition next week.

8) Cody Belew- I practically have to put the “judges picks” at the bottom, since we know that they didn’t get as many votes as at least 2 other people. Cody really surprised me last week with a great vocal. I’m worried that his chameleon like talents are causing him to lose out to people less talented than him. it seems like Cody isn’t sure who he is as an artist, or where he fits in. Cody will need to stick to a genre/type in order to see this thing to the end.

7) Nicholas David- I’m a little worried about how his quirky quality will translate through every performance. He falls short in group numbers because they’re out of his style. I feel like it’s entirely possible for Nicholas to win this thing, but I also feel like just one wrong song choice could go horribly awry and get him eliminated.

6) Sylvia Yacoub- She’s been flying mostly under the radar until last week. One good performance does not make a frontrunner. A dark horse? Perhaps.

5) Cassadee Pope- A polarizing contestant that somehow managed to snag America’s vote. Are her fans from her previous efforts voting for her? One thing I’ll give Cassadee high marks for is her stage presence. Her and Amanda are tops in that category. They’re born performers. Which brings me to…

4) Bryan Keith- His lack of performance quality could keep him from winning this thing. Though, his voice seems to be just the thing that wins singing competitions. And a lack of personality didn’t seem to hurt Lee Dewyze…

3) Trevin Hunte- I know. I know. Look, I’m completely realistic. This type of singing almost never wins. I think he’ll go far (like AI’s Josh or like Frenchie on Season 1), but I don’t know if he’ll be the winner. I do think he’ll make the finale. For sure.

2) Terry McDermott- Likeable. Great singer. Has the ability to do both ballad and uptempo. Seems to resonate with the audience. I expect him to do well and go far.

1) Amanda Brown- I’m making a bold prediction here. I think Amanda will go the distance. And because there is so much focus on other contestants, she’ll never seem like the frontrunner. People will say Trevin, or Nicholas, or whoever. But I don’t think anyone is thinking Amanda is going to win this thing. I’m going to say that right now.

Just touching BRIEFLY on X-Factor, it’s tough to do a power ranking since they released the results. Heading into next week, I will say I do NOT expect Arin Ray to be in the bottom 2. I think his fanbase will save him. It’s possible that even Cece’s fanbase could save her (though doubtful). I’m surprised that Lyric145 is so low, but I think their fans now know they need to do more work. If I had to guess, I would say CeCe would be taking on either Paige, Beatrice, or Diamond (who got a boost simply by being put back in the competition). If this is a double elimination week, then CeCe will go straight home, and two of those will face off. I knew when they were going to show America’s vote that Tate was going to be #1. I’m not sure I would have gotten any of the other rankings correctly (except for CeCe in 12th, of course).

Who do you think can win The Voice?
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  • jlscott13

    I pretty much agree w/ your rankings. Although, I would dare to put Cassadee higher. I’ve always been a fan of her…even with her work w/ Hey Monday. So, there’s that.

  • Brian

    I think who wins will definitely depend on how many people are in the final vote.  I think last year’s winner definitely benefitted from there being 4 people splitting the vote (and don’t think he would have won had it been a final two).  If that happens again, I think Trevin would easily win it.  Personally, I think he could win it in a final two because he is THAT good, but in a final four vote, I’d be really surprised if he lost.  (I’d guess you need 30-35% of the vote in a final four to win, and obviously over 50% in a final two to win)

  • kcostell

    There’s also always the wild card of the coaches in there.  Last year Juliet and Chris’s performances in the final were almost irrelevant and took a back seat to the Adam/Christina saga (actually, EVERYBODY’S performances took a back seat that night, but they’re the ones that got hurt by it). 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Because of the way that the final 12 have been chosen, it’s possible that a 3rd place judge’s choice for one team actually received more votes than the 1st or 2nd public’s choice from another team. It will be interesting to see how this competition progresses.

  • pj

    I missed most of the performances on Wed night.  I will say this… I don’t think predicting Amanda to win is that bold. ;-)  She killed in the iTunes, so that alone should make her the frontrunner at this point. I agree she can do it though. 

    I hope, hope hope Mr. Bam Bam can survive the people’s vote.  He has subdued that personality a bit.  He needs to bring it on. 

  • Christopher Auyeung

    This is totally off-topic and nit-picky… but Frenchie was on Season 2 of AI. And she didn’t make it very far because of that unfortunate incident with the lingerie.

  • Leandro

    Juliet and Lyndsey were always killing on i-tunes and it didn’t avoid Jermaine to win, who never was very well on i-tunes. I don’t think Amanda is great as everyone think, but that’s just me.

  • Kevin Lie

    I believe Adrianna can outshine everyone if the right song is given to her.

  • mickeybordentwo

    In addition to Frenchie’s memorable but shortlived run on Idol, she was a contestant on Season 1 of The Voice.

  • Tuki

    I really hope Cody gets to the top 5 though.  
    IMO He is an AMAZING singer. Sadly, whenever contestants are out of the norm, people don´t vote for them.

  • Brian

    Especially since one of the two nights went up against the X Factor, so there might have been people flipping back and forth between shows and also voting for X Factor contestants (or watching X Factor instead entirely), so in this case, it is probably good that they did it this way although I normally don’t necessarily like it.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Amanda and Cody are the two Voice contestants who impressed me most vocally.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    rewatching their all of their performances down to their blind auditions, i think i like Amanda, Cody and Terry the most

    i think i’m okay with mostly everyone else.  actually the only contestant from this 12 who i did not want there was Dez (which probably means he’ll last long boohoo, come on voting audience, surprise me like you did with MacKenzie).  Sylvia might just be a fluke but she was okay this week so let’s see if she can keep up or be buried against the more popular contestants

  • pj

    True, it’s not a predictor for a victory.  I still believe it makes her a frontrunner at this point in the competition.

  • kmd23

    My favorites at this point are Cody and Nicholas and Bryan. I like Amanda but I don’t think that she should win this. I want Cody to win.

  • sweetmm

    I’m going to predict a guy winning this year ;)  My personal choice would be Bam2 Cody but I doubt he has enough voters behind him :(

    Currently the top male vote getters are Bryan/Terry/Dez/Trevor/Nicholas hence I’m quite certain it will be from that pool; next week that pool will be smaller and the prediction can be more precise. 

  • John Rocketship Potter Clayton

    For the record, I referenced Frenchie as a contestant on The Voice, because she made it considerably further (all things considered). She barely got to compete on Idol.

  • Kesia Monteith

    So your SirMac, right?

    Hey, were you on a Vote For The Worst thread? I thought I say your user name there, but if you were, it was cool seeing you question their choice of picking Lyric 145 as their worster. I know I shouldn’t take them seriously, but seeing posters making fun by saying they look “#ruff”, or make fun of their style…well, just want to say that I liked what you said over there.

    That is, if it is you. I know I shouldn’t be bothered by VFTW, but I don’t like that they only put them as worst because they think their genre is a joke, rather than actually pick someone who is terrible, like CeCe or Paige. I get preferences, but anyway, if it is you who defied their choice, I thought that was cool. :)

    And if it’s not you, I’m embarrassed and I take back everything I said. LOL. Oh boy.

  • Jimmy Mackey


    Terry McDermott and Cody Belew have the best chances in my
    opinion because America
    consistently prefers male vocalists in voting competitions.  Terry doesn’t fit the image as well as Cody,
    so that is always an advantage.  I think
    a dark horse is always a formidable competitor, but I don’t see any coming to
    the front.  My wife and I watched with my
    DISH coworker again this week and I was glad to have Auto Hop from DISH to
    watch commercial free.  We were able to
    free up time to watch another show, and still get everyone to bed early
    enough.  I like that the commercial
    skipping is automatic once I enabled it, so no more button pushing on the

  • kmd23

    I would not rule out Dez to win this if he makes good song choices and does well. Christina is right that he is the full package so he could  win.

  • 1rollbounce2

    I think Nicholas is goin to be top 4, minimum.  He’s consistantly been in top 100 on Itunes after he sings.  I really haven’t seen anyone else’s name consistantly in the list.  Of course there is a biased on my part…LOL.  I like him!!

  • lsesh

    Jimmy Mackey, I have dish too but the auto hop to skip commercials only pops up every once in awhile, not all the time, is there way to set it up so they all skip commercials? Thanks!