The Voice Top 10 iTunes Rankings – Cassadee Pope Takes the Top Spot

For the first time this season, The Voice lands the Top spot on iTunes. Cassadee Pope’s performance of “Over You” sits at #1 on the overall iTunes chart this morning. Melanie Martinez is poised to enter the Top 10 at #13.

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iTunes sales count as votes and a new season 3 rule multiplies those votes by 10 when a finalist enters the iTunes Top 10. Congratulations Cassadee. Watch this post for updates

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Check out the iTunes standings as of 9:15 am ET:

1. Cassadee Pope – Over You
13. Melanie Martinez – Seven Nation Army
15. Amanda Brown – Stars
17. Nicholas David – Lean On Me
29. Dez Duron – Feeling Good
69. Terry McDermott – Summer of ’69
83. Bryan Keith – New York State of Mind
125. Sylvia Yacoub – Girl on Fire
136. Cody Belew – Crazy in Love
142. Trevin Hunte – Scream

Poll Results

1. Cassadee Pope – 28.15%
2. Amanda Brown – 18.85%
3. Nicholas David – 10.96%
4. Dez – 10%
5. Cody Belew – 9.94%
6. Melanie Martinez – 8.54%
7. Terry McDermott – 5.1%
8. Sylvia Yacoub – 3.31%
9. Bryan Keith – 2.93%
10. Trevin Hunte – 2.68%

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  • jlscott13

    As of 9:56 am, Amanda’s ‘Stars’ is #11!!!!!!!!!

  • wordnerdarchie

    Blake wrote that song that Cassadee is singing, didn’t he?  Guess his fans are supporting him monitarily by downloading.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I think this shows that Trevin will be sticking to ballads for the rest of the season. I also love that Amanda singing Stars has gotten Grace Potter’s version to #23. I love the song and glad Grace Potter can get some interest out of the show.

  • tierbee

    At least here at our house, my sister doesn’t listen to country so had never heard “Over You” before – if she had iTunes she would’ve downloaded it for sure, and not because she’s Blake’s fan, but because she loved the performance. I’m sure there are plenty of folks in the same boat. 

  • Sharil Brown

    All of the talent is so good this year that I think it comes down to the voters preference in music.  I have 4 that I really like so the votes are divided. I was hoping Terry McDermont would have been closer up the chart but he did very well and Cassadee was really great. Who knows right now it’s a toss up for me.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Yay Cassadee!! She’s very current and will definitely sell pop rock. What are the odds of a girl finally winning The Voice you think? I think odds are in her favour ;)

  • lufausljc

    What is the cut off time for the multiplied votes to count? 

  • ellen8

    Do we think fans vote for coaches ??   If so Blake should have the majority but I don’t feel that Cassadee is the The Voice of this bunch.  If we go by the name of the show, imo, the VOICES are Sylvia and Terry.   Of course, each of us listens with a different ear.  

    I must be in the minority here because I don’t see anything special about Cassadee’s voice.   She is very good, I just don’t hear “special”.   Are we always looking for a new “pop” star?  I guess because I’m older, my ears love the big voices of the 80’s and as Blake put it, that “sacred ground” of Rock n Roll.

  • pj

    wrong thread!

  • Ronald Watts

    Amanda’s Stars made it to 9 this morning, i am on the west coast. Melanie made it to 8

  • voicesinmyhead

    Not a Cassadee fan. I think her voice has no depth or variation to it. Getting help from Blake on a very good emotional song will carry her only so far.  I still don’t think she’ll win.

  • Chris Corey

     I think it will probably be a Casadee/Amanda finale which would be crazy cause we have only had one all girl finale on Idol. I will admit the talent this season on the Voice is by far the best. Kudos to NBC/Mark Burnett for the great format changes, whats also is great is going into the finals we know all these contestants so much better and way more attached. The saw the key to Idol’ magic. Before it was so cluttered and by the time you got to the finals u didn’t care because they weren’t seen very much so no invesment. Anyone agree great talent this season on the Voice?

  • wordnerdarchie

    What surprises me is how far in front Cassadee is on iTunes… not even close with the 2nd place song, Gangnam Style.

  • EvenMoreron

    Cassadee might be able to stack the deck starting this week.  Her high iTunes ranking will multiply her votes x10, plus all the votes are cumulative so it’s not a fresh start every week.  I think all 4 women were great last night, interesting to see what will happen.  

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t get the love for Cassadee. She was better last night, but she is an average singer at best. And she doesn’t strike me as a future pop star at all. I don’t know a ton about Hey Monday, but from what I do remember, I wouldn’t call their music very poppish.

  • girlygirltoo

    Trevin may not be around to sing anything else on the show. Going by the iTunes rankings,  he’s in real danger of being voted off.

  • OffLeash

    Grassy knoll intermission. I think the producers are gonna give Cassadee all the help they can in order to make sure she wins this season, and that includes song choice and performance boosters. They’re aware of the fact that the show needs a commercially successful winner in order to be seen as more credible as a talent show. Cassadee’s looks and style are current, and she’s the one who’s shown she has enough people backing her with their wallets. I also think they’ll try to take her in a more commercial direction than what she did before the show, and I believe that process started last night. It paid off, as we’ve seen today.  #grassyknoll

  • Fan Dja

    That makes me sad.  I really like him and enjoyed his performance last night.

  • Gwen

    …and I’d have to wonder if Cassadee hadn’t told the sad story before her performance if it would be as “powerful”.

  • twodollars

    I don’t really get the Cassadee love but Blake was really smart in that he gave her a song that she sounded great on and it was written by him and Miranda who both have big fan bases and are willing to buy the song.

    I was surprised that Sylvia’s song isn’t higher on the charts as it is current. She did really well with the Katy Perry song earlier this season.

    I am hoping that Dev and Bryan are going home this week. But, I am guessing it will actually be Trevon and Sylvia.

  • Leandro

    Cassadee goes well on i-tunes even when seh’s a total trainwreck, imagine when, sporadically, she’s good. Even the montage of her battle had good sales on i-tunes.

    Cassadee’s and her organized fanbase matches the coaches fanbase ( YEP, i said that, and I’m not exaggerating at all) and her presence in the show is a bug in the system, even with limited votes, she’s a lock.

  • durbesque

    5 out of 10 are in the TOP 30….3 in the TOP 10.
    The producers certainly found a way to turn votes into money.
    I can see this spreading.  It’s all about money.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Well I guess that is a matter of who comes in second of her. More like a horse race to who can face Cassadee’s fanbase the best. That will be either Bryan, Nicholas, Dez or Amanda, and possibly Trevin and Melanie if they survive the week. Maybe Terry, but he screams 4th place to me. Sylvia and Cody has no shot now. 

  • OffLeash

    That’s the one part of The Voice I dislike. It shouldn’t be allowed, it gives an unfair advantage to fans who have money to spare. That said, it’s exactly what the producers are trying to establish: who’s going to have people buy their music after the show. They don’t want a repeat of the first 2 seasons winners post-show commercial debacle, that’s why they came up with that rule this year IMO.

  • Tuki

    Cody is sooo going home today. Shame. I was rooting for him.
    But he got what he deserved when he chose to do that song..

  • kcostell

    How much would it cost, dollar wise, for a contestant to buy their way to victory through iTunes?  

  • OffLeash

    I agree. Cody’s performance was embarrassing. It almost looked like he wanted to be voted off, it was so ridiculous.

  • pj

    Same with idol.  Fans spend money on texting plans and gophones to vote.  At least with the Voice, you’re limited to ten votes per method.

  • pj

    I think any one person can only download a song ten times.  That isn’t to say people don’t have multiple itunes accounts.

  • Leandro

    I think in order to knock her out the winner will have to catch all the casual votes at the finale. It probably will be Nicholas or Amanda but could be Terry or Bryan.

  • kcostell

     From the rules, it looks like you’re limited to 10 votes per *e-mail address*.   In other words, online voting is effectively unlimited. 

  • pj

    If you have the time and patience for that sort of thing. I sure don’t.

  • OffLeash

    I didn’t say The Voice was the only show where fans could vote with their wallets, and don’t get me started on Idol’s voting system. It raises my BP LOL. I just meant that’s the one part I don’t like about a revamped TV that’s become almost flawless in my eyes otherwise.

  • pj

    Oh, I agree.  I also don’t think more than one download should count. Who needs ten copies of any song? It’s definitely a money making ploy.  Nice to see some of the original artists getting a bump, though. 

  • Jonathan Frahm

    I’d figure it far more likely that Cassadee makes the finale than it is that the title is somehow usurped from her at this point. It’ll be fun seeing who makes it with her. I’d say Nicholas, Bryan, Amanda, Trevin, if he makes it past this week and gets his original act back together and better than ever, Melanie, if she continues her story arc of successfully getting back into the groove of things, and /maybe/ Terry all have a shot at making the Top 2. 

    Sylvia and Cody are most likely to be eliminated tonight but I would not be surprised if Trevin left; however disappointing that may be, he’d’ve brought it on himself.

  • Stooch

    lol this kills me, the fact the people actually think the voice is about getting any of the contestants into the industry, they could cares less.  It all about ratings and getting a show with a strong viewership, they get 10 mil an episode they’re over the moon.  Look the the promotion any of the winners has gotten.  The Itune aspect is the only good thing for the contestants because it can show labels they have the ability to sell.  With the economy today long gone are the days of a labels taking a chance.  Outside the winner it will be tough for anyone to get a shot from the show :)

  • Jonathan Frahm

    Oh my God:
    69. Terry McDermott – Summer of ’69


    On a side note, Melanie and Amanda have been knocked down below 10 now thanks to Flo Rida and Maroon 5. I wonder if they’ll still get acknowledged for breaking the Top 10, though, and thus get their votes multiplied anyway?

  • Jonathan Frahm

    Oh my God:
    69. Terry McDermott – Summer of ’69


    On a side note, Melanie and Amanda have been knocked down below 10 now thanks to Flo Rida and Maroon 5. I wonder if they’ll still get acknowledged for breaking the Top 10, though, and thus get their votes multiplied anyway?

  • lithee

     Amanda and Melanie only get the multiplication bonus if their song reached and stayed in the Top 10 before 10AM Eastern/7AM Pacific when the vote closed.

  • Jordana33

    I don’t have a major problem with the 10x bonus for songs in the top 10. I think most artists in the top 10 of itunes, end up with about 60,000-500,000 downloads per week, which is at most about 70,000 downloads per day or 700,000 votes. If you have a song at #1, then you probably deserve those points, I guess. 

    On the other hand,  I do have a big problem with making all itunes sales cumulative towards the finale episode, especially since it includes downloads outside of the episode’s voting window.  It now means that a contestant could potentially do horribly in the finale and still win by a landslide. This new rule also strongly favors the artists with fans in a higher socioeconomic bracket, which is bordering on unethical, IMO (not to mention, a lawsuit waiting to happen).  Allowing up to 10 downloads per song, also means that the final result won’t be a measure of the song’s marketability, but more an indication of the contestant’s fans.

    I think this was posted before, but here’s the full link of all the voting rules (apparently subject to change, LOL):

  • Jordana33

    I think Melanie will be fine. I had checked their numbers a few times right before 10 am and Melanie kept bouncing between #7 and #9. Amanda, however, was at #13 on one list and at #9 on the actual itunes site, so I’m not sure about her.

  • Loretta

    Yeah, Melanie #2 on Itunes.  It is comforting to know that while she is not a fav here at MJ’s ( as she is always mid-low in the polls) her itune sales tell a different story.  Very happy for Melanie and I think there is a market for her.

  • Leandro

    And we already know which contestant will most take advantage from these new rules.

  • jlscott13

    I’m pretty sure that as long as a song has made it into the Top 10 (even if they don’t stay there) they get the 10x the votes advantage…

  • Jonathan Frahm

    Checked it first on my end at about 9AM PST and they’re were both still in the Top 10. Looks like this bodes well for Cassadee, Melanie, and Amanda then!

  • Jonathan Frahm

    Definitely. I really do like her, too.