The Voice Terry McDermott – “Pictures” First Listen Audio!

The Voice Season 3 runner-up, Terry McDermott, has released a new song, co-written with buddy Todd Burman titled “Pictures.”

Check it out. Very Brit Pop! A refreshing change from the 70’s rock and hair metal the singer performed on the show.


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  • chillj

    That sounds nothing like Terry, but it is very, very nice!  Way to go!

  • notthatmary

    Actually, it sounds exactly like Terry.  Check out his youtube tracks with his former bands. 
    He and Paul McDonald were both making great music before Idol and The Voice but were reaching an age where they needed the “big” break.  Main difference – Terry played the game and let himself be labeled “classic rock” while Paul performed every song as Paul.
    It worked well for both of them.

  • suenigma

    I agree. If you delved into his original music and band, it was always pretty obvious that Terry was playing the game with all those Golden Oldies he did. Smart, along with being hilarious and talented! 

  • Leandro

    It’s a mix between Coldplay and U2, hence VERY boring. I’d rather the classic rock style. I know people don’t buy it anymore, but WTH, I still like it.

  • macfae

    I liked Terry on The Voice…personality and voice. But especially toward the end I wanted him to mix it up with contemporary pcs to show he could be current. I too had seen the youtube vidoes and knew he could. Interested to see what else he does. He has a softer side also that I would like to see.
    I wonder what he is like live….

  • Jaejae1

    I like this. I always thought Terry was the real deal.  I would prefer something with a bit more umph though. 

  • sdmama

    Sounds like U2 and Coldplay, is not an insult in my book. I think the song is very nice. But it is lacking a hook. It comes in one ear and leaves from the other, and I can barely remember what it was like afterwards. All the radio hits have at least one verse that sticks with first listen.  Especial the first hit from a new artist. So, I am not particularly optimistic about the fate of this single.  I hope exposure of Voice will give him enough initial boost he needs.

  • macfae

    couple of extras regarding Terry and this song 
    First from Lindsay Parker / Reality Rocks at Yahoo music   
    “……’s very British, and it’s bloody good.Does this mean an album of modern McDermott music is on the way? Let’s hope so. A guy with a voice like this needs to get in the studio, and back on my TV, as soon as possible. 

    And video blog from Terry