The Voice Semifinals – iTunes Charts and Predictions

Here is The Voice  iTunes chart as of 3:15 ET.

4. Juliet SimmsTeam Cee Lo – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
11. Lindsey PavaoTeam Christina – “Skinny Love”
19. Katrina ParkerTeam Adam – “Killing Me Softly With His Song”
21. Jamar RogersTeam Cee Lo – “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”
24. Tony LucaTeam Adam – “How Do You Like Me Now”
36. Jermaine PaulTeam Blake – “Open Arms”
42. Chris MannTeam Christina – “Ave Maria”
103. Erin WillettTeam Blake –  “Without You”

I wasn’t sure last night, but I think Juliet Simms will snag a spot on Cee Lo’s team for a spot in the finals next week. Unfortunately, the singer she beats out–Jamar Rogers–is better than all the singers on the rest of the teams.  Despite Cee Lo’s bizarre song choices, he wound up with the best team, hands down.  It’s going to suck no matter who gets cut from Cee Lo’s team.

And on the other extreme–I’m not surprised at all that Team Blake’s  singers are languishing at the bottom of the iTunes chart, as his team is the weakest. Erin Willett will most certainly fall to the marginally more talented Jermain Paul.

Team Adam is a no-brainer, with the fan favorite, Tony Luca easily advancing over the talented, but less exciting  Katrina Parker.

And on Team Christina. Hm.  I figured Chris Mann for the finals, but look at Lindsey Paveo’s chart position. Of course, it could be that folks voting for Chris Mann are from an older demographic, not necessarily prone to downloading from iTunes. But I’m going to assume The Voice demo is younger and predict that Lindsey will advance. Although, I could totally be wrong on that one.

What do you think? Who will advance to the finals next week?

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  • Sybill Trelawney

    It really is a travesty that either Jamar or Juliet will be cut, when significantly inferior performers on other teams will advance.

    Of course, I haven’t voted for anyone on the Voice, so my outrage only goes so far. I remember last year’s contestants as being more consistent in terms of talent levels. Several of the performers last night — Erin, Jermaine, Lindsay and even Chris — were either off-key, boring, or both.

  • Anonymous

    The perfect final would be a throwdown between Juliet and Jamar, but obviously that can’t happen. I hope Juliet will represent team Ceelo, but it really doesn’t matter. Team Ceelo gets the logic overall victory. Juliet and Jamar can devour all the rest of the singers left in the competition as if they were light snacks.

  • kesia monteith

    I deep down want Jamar to go through. I just think he is more relevant, and can make a cool current R&B funky record. I think he will be the winner that might (and its a big “might”) actually sell. But it seems Juliet has made a bigger impression, and I think she is the chick that has a shot to win. Lindsay has a shot too, but if up against Tony Lucca, I think Juliet might be a better challenger. With that said, if Jamar goes out, I think it is Tony’s game to lose. And will end up like Javiar in not doing much after the show. These soft rock guys just don’t end up being a great success once they win these things. In the real pop world, I think Jamar would be more appealing than Tony. But I kinda like Tony, so I dunno, I like to see the working musician get his due. 

    I find it gets increasingly hard to really care what happens on this show. 

  • Anonymous

    In ‘my’ perfect world the F4 would be:  Tony, Jamar, Jermaine & Chris…   :)

  • Shuki Kato

    Not a prediction, but the top 4 I want is:
    1. Juliet
    2. Chris
    3. Jermaine
    4. Katrina

  • Valentin432

    It’s harder to predict because the judges have the power to give some of these contestants some added points to help them go through the finals.

    That said I expect Jermaine and Tony to go though unless one of their coach throw a 75/25 split to one of the female contestants.
    I would hope Juliet will go through even if Cee-Lo keeps his scores 50/50.
    I think Lindsey will need a few extra points to overcome Chris fangirl votes and I believe Xtina likes her enough to make it happen for her.

  • Stavros

    People like you have crowned the past 4 AI winners LOL
    All kidding aside, I think Katrina/Tony is definitely going to be nail biter.  Katrina is doing better on the charts, but Tony has a ton of outside support. (Twitter followers 555,000 to 13,000 for Katrina).  Adam’s points can swing it towards Katrina, and I have a feeling Adam will rank her higher (40/60 split?)

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see Juliette and Tony at the top or even Chris.  I am tired of the drug addict made good story, I am tired of drug addicts beating to death that particular sob story. I am sooo sooo happy he turned his life around and is doing so well, I believe that people can change but am sick of this kind of back story blowing up and his chest pounding, head down, fist to sky move is – just – getting – old.  I wish him well, but thats how I feel.

  • Mirandy

    Juliet is the only reason I can even stand to watch this awful season.  She is pretty wonderful.

    Jamar is second, but he reminds me too much of Chris Rene with his whole attitude – always talking about triumph and beating his chest.  YUCK!  It’s too much.  Hate that.

    Overall, a nasty season. 

  • Anonymous

     LOL! I never saw Chris Rene beat his chest or show any kind of attitude close to what Jamar does. He always seem humble and appreciative of the judges critiques and was always suprised when he went through to the next stage. As for his story, Xfactor did really run with it and as a fan, I sometimes got fed up, but many didn’t seem to mind though. He has always said it’s going to be part of him. That’s one of the things he writes about – His past.

  • faux pas

    agree. Christina is really vested in Lindsey… has been from the start. Cee-Lo, if nothing else and all creepiness aside, is all about the music. With that, I hope he will go with Juliet. Blake will have Jermaine. I would only hope, though highly unlikely, that adam will get katrina to the finale. Adam went with javier last year and javier has accomplished absolutely nothing. Say what you will about Dia, but she is currently touring with The Fray, after a successful tour with Shelton. And, her record has several potential hits across several genres, including country (her duet with shelton is outstanding). Katrina is a great vocalist, who could do extremely well if paired with strong writers and producers. She is the underdog who has consistently gotten better each week, which is precisly the reason Adam may surprise everyone. Without a doubt, of the two, Kat and Tony, she is the better voice, kinda like Elise on AI. Loved Elise, though I don’t think Idol was a good fit for her. 

  • Anonymous


    What I want:
    4-Jermaine or Erin (Who cares?)

  • Pam

    I’ll be somewhat surprised if Lindsey doesn’t make it if you take her i-tunes sales into consideration (especially over the course of the season) but of course all of the other factors such as judges scores and other voting methods will be factored in too.

    I say Tony Lucca is a lock.  I won’t be surprised if Juliet gets the spot over Jamar.

  • Leandro

    It’s funny because we’ll all know the results of the finale today. Whoever gets the spot on Team Cee-Lo will also win this show. Quite sure about that.

  • pj

    Jamar is my favorite. Juliet next.  I think it sucks that one of them will go home.  I have the sinking feeling it will be Jamar.

    That being said, the rest are ok.  I think Chris Mann could have an Il Divo-type career if marketed correctly.  I see nothing terribly special or unique in any of the others.  Blake really dropped the ball this year when he let Jordis go.

    Not sure where Juliet would fit in on the current music scene, which has to be her problem with deals falling through in the past.  Ya never know though.

    I did vote ten times last night for Jamar.  LOL.  First time I voted this season.  I figured Juliet got the pimp spot so he needed a little help.

  • Anonymous

    I threw a lot of extra votes toward Chris last night so that Zooey Deschanel wannabe Lindsey goes away tonight. So looking forward to seeing Dia Frampton tonight.

  • sf3456

    You know what Blake should do?  Concede.  Just give up his points.  He shouldn’t use them.  His team is horrible.  They don’t really belong in the final.  So, he should just concede and let Juliet and Jamar both go through.

  • Anonymous

    I gave extra votes to Jamar because I have liked nearly all his performances though Juliet was great last night. His style speaks to me more and he has a lot of charisma. Juliets studio version was even better than her live performance. Not surprised it sold well.

    I bought Lindsey’s studio of skinny love and it’s fantastic. I don’t really like her but I hope she makes it over a Chris.

    I’ll be ok with a Tony or Katrina.

    Jermaine over Erin.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of think as good as she is, if Juliet has had 5 failed record deals, something doesn’t work with her. Give someone else a chance. Not that I would have any problem with her winning.

    Including a drug user who went clean and turned his life around. That is a tough thing to do. Talk to any alcoholic or addict and they will tell you so. But I don’t think either Jamar or Chris R. have bad attitudes.

  • Anonymous

    A couple things…@sumidol:disqus recovering drug addicts talk about the recovery  constantly because that is what they are programmed and encouraged to do.  You don’t just get over it, it is a daily struggle.  If I beat an addition that powerful i would be back-flipping, chest thumping and everything else.  It doesn’t make being an addict okay, it’s just that coming through such a trial initiates that type of reaction. 

     think Juliet will prob go through and Tony will ultimately win.  It is going to be difficult for her to top that performance and I think Tony’s fan base is too much to overcome. 

  • Leandro

    What’s the problem about had 5 deals? there are famous people who had much mroe than this. The rule is your album flop. Being well succeeded is an exception. 

    I think any label would be totally insane if they don’t give her a sixth record deal. I bet anyone soon she’s out of the show, winning it or not, she will have her sixth record deal. 

    Lindsey and Tony Vincent said the same thing today here:

  • Leandro

    I think Tony fanbase is overrated. I looked at his twitter and those followers don’t seem to be connected with him at all. Something is off.

    On the other hand Jamar, Lindsey and especially Juliet’s fanbases, are very active, they’re all over the place and seem to be always powervoting.

  • Leandro

    Jamar also had record deals. Actually he abandoned season 9 of AI to record with a  famous producer. There are a lot of things obscure in Jamar’s life. He got a lot of lawsuits to solve, and some of them are recent. He also said in an old interview he was a cancer survival, but never mentioned anything about it on The Voice, at the same time he mentioned 4094039 times he has HIV and is an ex-drug addict. I sense a little bit of Stacy Francis on him.

  • Jake Williams

    I really don’t think the Itunes chart hold as much force as some believe. I notice that some people probably buy these singles because they appear near the top of the charts. Alot of people will go through the “singles” charts to buy music they like. I bet some of these people who bought these artists songs never even heard of the voice. I really don’t see it as a way to determine who has more fans or not.