The Voice – RaeLynn Sings With Miranda Lambert.

The Voice coach Blake Shelton surprises team member, country singer RaeLynn with a visit from his wife and celebrity adviser, Miranda Lambert.

The former Nashville Star contestant will be helping RaeLynn with her battle round. And as Miranda is one of  RaeLynn’s musical heroes, the young hopeful could not be more excited!  Listen to a snip of them singing together.

The Battle Rounds begin tonight. See more previews at this link. Kelly Clarkson is also on Blake’s team, and she promises to bring it.

Are you excited for tonight’s Battle Round? I’ll be live blogging right here at 8/7c pm.

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  • Tuki

    I am so excited for tonight! Yay.
    The battle round seem that are gonna be way better than last year.
    Love Miranda how sweet was her interaction with RaeLynn?

  • Anonymous

    Once again … no love for the international fans. Sigh. 

  • Anonymous

    Blake has the best judge-contestant rapport and chemistry with his team.

  • Holeigh

    I love Miranda Lambert!  So excited for this tonight, I was over the audition episodes like whoa. 

  • Anonymous

    awww this is so sweet. kelly and miranda are two of my favorite artists, and most of my favorites are on blake’s team, so i’m really excited for his team.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, now I’m confusing my American Idol country singers with The Voice country singers.

  • Karen W.

    Miranda seems very down to earth and since both her and Kelly came from reality singing shows, I think they will both be able to provide alot of good input. 

  • Leandro

    This is so stupid. NBC isn’t like Fox who has a cable channel in almost every country. They lose a lot of fans with it.

  • Anonymous

    I actually enjoy the battle rounds a lot. Miranda and Kelly should be good mentors since they’ve been through reality shows. I know Jewel judged Nashville Star, so maybe she can give some good advice, too.

  • Pam

    I’m really looking forward to this!  That was so sweet seeing how excited RaeLynn was to meet Miranda.  That will be something she’ll never forget. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I also enjoy the battle rounds.  Looking forward to seeing Kelly too.  

  • squirrellygirl

    I like watching the voice, but I don’t care for the judges much. Blake cheated on his exwife with Miranda, so I don’t care about anything he has to say, and Adam Lavino told Fox not to play his music, so I think he is a tree hugging liberal, and Christine is so much into herself that she ruined the song at the game. I like watching the contestants, but by the time you see their faces/bodies, that’s what they end up judging them by instead of their voices which is the purpose of the show in the first place. And I don’t think the contestants are as good as the ones on Idol. Just my opinion, but I still like Idol better, even though I can’t stand Nigel because I don’t like the way he manipulates and hurts the younger contestants for sport. Yuk.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s some strict guidelines for the judges!

    How do you stand on the AI judges? Jlo has been around the block a few times (cough*sex tape*cough) and is currently dragging her boytoy all around the world with her. Stephen has abused every drug available to him and had a sexual relationship with a minor for several years.

  • sweetmm

    In Asia we are getting it on AXN through satellite but its a day later; it’s picking up fans :)  It runs on the same night as AI though as AI is on a few hours delayed telecast.  We mostly see the difference as if you want to watch competition of good singers watch TVoice and if you like watching the normal talent show of discovering “someone” you stick to watching AI.

  • sweetmm

    Yep who are we to judge others on their personal lives; though I myself cringe whenever I look at photos or read unsavory news of any celebrities.  However I remind myself they are not promoting themselves as ideal public figures.  Hence I just sit and enjoy the persona and entertainment they give us, and that it what they paid for.  As of now the coaches on TVoice give me the best entertainment ;)