The Voice – Chris Mann – Roads – Conan (VIDEO)

The Voice season 2 alum, Chris Mann, dropped by Conan to perform his single “Roads.” Check it out below.

The 4th cycle of The Voice premieres in March.

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  • cheese1

    I don’t get him, but it’s nice to see someone from The Voice with an actual national TV appearance.  I’m looking forward to Season 4 of the Voice more than I’m looking forward to Season 12 of Idol at this point.

  • sjames08

    They’re trying to market him like Josh Groban I think.

  • Trina

    Chris has had other good TV promo as well including the Rockefeller tree lighting. I can see why they’ve pushed him -hes a nice looking guy with a really good voice. i feel bad for Jermaine though.

  • Jordana33

    I like Chris Mann. He has a nice voice and there is definitely a market for his style, so I’m not surprised that he’s getting some attention. My only issue is that his single “Roads” is a little boring and reminds me of a theme song for one of those cute mushy Disney movies featuring talking animals.  Hopefully he’ll get the chance to release one of the better songs on his album. However, even if he doesn’t become a household name, I think that he will have a steady career, just because there aren’t too many popular artists in that genre, so he’ll have less competition.

  • Axxxel

    Not bad for Mr Ex-Warbler (Glee)…

  • Axxxel

    It is just a taste thing… I just happen to like his kind of music…He may not be as good as Josh “you raise me up” Groban though.

  • Klaine

    I know where is he  Is this another case of its better NOT to win?  Is Chris on a different label?  

  • Kariann Hart

    I like Chris and even voted for him.  Nice looking and good singer will help his cause and success!

  • steph6449

    Snarking aside, I probably did like Chris better than most of the Voice contestants I’ve seen. 

    This was the only song off his album or Christmas EP that was listenable for me though from the snippets I tried or videos seen here. It has a likable flow for someone with his style of voice without having him come across as too artificial or ‘trained’ for this genre.

    Also somehow I seem to be liking songs with the word “roads” in them this past year, ha. E.g., Rodney Atkins who otherwise has likely never been compared to Chris Mann ;) 

  • durbesque

    Chris is #3 in the Groban/Archie camp, a genre that I like very much.  ‘Roads’ is a good song for him, tho it does sound like the ultimate coronation song….and rightly so, as he is the one ‘Voice’ grad getting national gigs. 

  • sdmama

    This reminds me of Angels by Robbie Williams, and he reminds me of Zackery Quinto. I like them both. This was nice, but it is a bit sleepy, and it went passed me pleasantly and quickly.  Though it didn’t grab me, some huge hits had to grow on me slowly in the past, so who knows. Good luck. I hope it will be a hit.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Chris is a good fit for this genre of music. He’s good looking and has a good voice. IMO, he’s a lower tier artist than Groban, but I can see him being pretty successful.