The Voice 5 Spoilers – Ed Sheeran, Cher, Ryan Tedder, Miguel Mentors

NBC announced yesterday that singer/songwriter, and Taylor Swift bestie, Ed Sheeran would serve as Christina Aguilera’s mentor on the upcoming fall cycle of The Voice.

According to rumors, Ryan Tedder will assist, Adam Levine, the fierce Cher will be helping Blake Shelton (which ought to be a hoot) and Cee Lo Green is set to work with R&B singer, Miguel.

Mentors join the coaches during the battle round phase of the competition–that’s when team members are pitted against each other in a duet style sing off.

Battle Rounds were shot last week, and the production is currently gearing up to film the remaining contestants battling in the knock out rounds.

Click for SPOILER details on all The Voice 5 contestants to make it through the audition rounds. Team info included.

The Voice season 5 premieres on NBC Monday September 23.

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  • Landon Cox

    I would have expected Cher to work with Xtina, but I’m excited!

  • heartly

    Blake and Cher, oh my! I may have to tune in just to see this pairing. Wonder how they got hooked up for this?

  • Sassycatz

    I really like Cher … I just wish I liked this show.

  • Miss Blue

    I’m lucky – I love Cher and I love the show. Win-Win!

  • b_james

    Whoa, Christina looks old in that photo.

  • carola99

    Blake and Cher? AWESOME.
    I cannot wait for The Voice. Right now is my favorite show of all singing competitions. I am always entertained and not annoyed unlike with the other shows..

  • Sassycatz

    I don’t have much interest in these particular celebrity judges (or even the ones they had in the spring) and especially in their careers. If the show were more about the contestants, I might feel different. (By the way, the same is true for Idol. Don’t care about JLo or Keith’s career, but happily I don’t have to care about them, since they won’t be the focus … hopefully.)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I remember reading this before. Is this just a confirmation of a previous leak?

  • Ari

    Some producer must’ve hooked Cher & Blake. They don’t strike me as friends. Guess that bursts my bubble of hoping against hope that she’d be a judge on Idol. Her album is coming out in Fall and likely will coincide with her Voice appearances. Considering the first single didn’t do well she might even have arranged another guest performance on the show as part of the deal. I wonder if the real outspoken Twitter Cher will show up cconsider The Voice is the show where everyone is great

  • chillj

    Cher and blake Shelton aren’t the most obvious match in the universe, so this should be entertaining. These folks are all interesting.

  • chillj

    Yer kidding, right?

  • supersonic

    Ed Sheeran is scary looking.

  • H.A.

    Is he dating Taylor Swift?

  • H.A.

    Love Cher. Blake and Cher should be interesting. Looking forward to the new season .

  • supersonic

    They claim they’re not dating and that they’re best friends, but come on.

  • taylor

    He’s too fugly and low profile, not really her speed.

  • Celesm

    A lot of people in Xtina’s fanbase were pissed when Cher confirmed she
    was mentoring Blake’s team but it makes sense really. The mentors are
    supposed to help the coaches by bringing a different point of view. Cher and Xtina are both showy pop divas, so they would probably approach a lot of performances the same way

  • supersonic

    Elton John loves him and hanging around Taylor Swift has raised his profile. They might not be a couple, but I’m sure they fooled around.

  • H.A.

    I bet he’s not a douche like some of her past boyfriends. Looks shouldn’t matter.

  • brittneybabyy

    I definitely would’ve paired Ed with Blake and Cher with Christina, but it’s bound to be interesting! I’m very excited to hear Ed’s advice to these contestants — he’s an incredibly talented songwriter and an amazing musician. He knows what it’s like to work hard, come from nothing, then finally get an opportunity and make the best of it. Plus he’s unbelievably grounded, I’m sure he’ll be a fantastic asset to whatever advice Xtina is planning to give her team.

    Cher and Blake are going to be a riot. I’m very excited for that. I’m not very familiar with Miguel, so we’ll see what he can bring to the table. Ryan Tedder knows this business front and back, from the performers side, songwriter side, producer side; he’ll be great for Team Adam.

    I’m just hoping that this season can live up to the entertainment of last season. Christina tends to be a showboat and camera hog, and Cee-Lo honestly just gives me the creeps.

  • taylor

    “Looks shouldn’t matter.”
    Oh, I’m sure they do to Taylor. lol

  • sdmama

    Voice sure knows how to pick good judges. Wait, sorry, coaches.