The Voice 4 – Top 5 – Poll Results, iTunes Rankings and Predictions

TWO finalists will be sent home tonight on The Voice Top 5 results show. Who will it be? Let’s examine the numbers. Also POLL RESULTS and iTunes rankings.

The iTunes Rankings

2. The Swon Brothers – Danny’s Song
4. Danielle Bradbery – Who I Am
7. Danielle Bradbery – Please Remember Me
8. The Swon Brothers – Turn the Page
9. Amber Carrington – Sad
12. Michelle Chamuel – Time After Time
23. Michelle Chamuel – Clarity
48. Sasha Allen – I Will Always Love You
63. Sasha Allen – Bad Girls
80. Amber Carrington – Firework

I’m so not surprised that The Swon Brothers mommy-friendly “Danny’s Song” is topping the charts. Danielle Bradbery’s sentimental “Who I Am” was a perfect song choice and sung with real emotion–no shock that it also made the top 5.  Just look at the country kids dominating iTunes! Amber Carrington squeaked into the Top 10 with the non-country song, “Sad,” which is crucial for her.  Sasha Allen performed poorly, but we all knew that was going to happen. Michelle missed the Top 10, which means no iTunes bonus. I am officially worried for her.

Poll Results

As usual, our poll results reflect the great taste in music our readers have, rather than the actual iTunes rankings. Favorite performance is Amber Carrington’s “Sad” with 21% of the vote, Michelle Chamuel’s “Time after Time” is next with 18% of the vote and Danielle Bradbery’s “Who I Am” is 3rd with 14% of the vote. The Swon Brothers debut at 4 with “Danny’s Song” and a fraction less than Danielle. Sasha Allen and Amber Carrington round out the bottom, with “Bad Girls” and “Firework” respectively.

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You favorite contestant is Michelle Chamuel with 37% of the vote. The rest goes like this: 2. Danielle Bradbury 21%, 3. Amber Carrington 18%, 4. The Swon Brothers 14% and 5. Sasha Allen 10%.

The majority of you think Sasha Allen (46%) and The Swon Brothers (30%) SHOULD go home. But more of you believe Sasha Allen (67%) WILL go home. The Swon Brothers came in second with 14% of the vote. I suspect some of votes came in before the charts revealed the duo to be so popular.


If you had asked me yesterday who would advance to the Top 3 I would have said, Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers and Michelle Chamuel.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Danielle and The Swons will definitely advance.  All four songs made the Top 10, which multiplies their iTunes votes by 10.  I suspect they raked in plenty of votes via other methods as well. I had no doubts about either of them. Danielle has been dominating all season, while the Swons as the only males, don’t have to try very hard.

Amber may squeak into the Top 3 thanks to her iTunes bonus.  I’m betting, though, that Michelle got more votes via other methods.  You’ll notice that Amber’s “Firework” sold very poorly on iTunes.  Michelle has been a favorite all season. But the question is–did Michelle garner enough votes to trump Amber’s bonus? I hope so.  A final with Michelle in it would be way more interesting than an all-country final. But it’s hard to say.  I think we can all agree that Sasha Allen it toast.

Going Home:

Sasha Allen
Michelle Chamuel or Amber Carrington (If I had to pick one, I’m going with Michelle. If the votes were unlimited, I’d have more confidence.)

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yeah, I also think that MIchelle and Sasha will be going home tonight. The Swons really came from behind and it looks like an all-country finale.

  • ellen8

    Yes, it seems inevitable that tonight will be Sasha’s last, and MIchelle may be leaving with her. Amber’s slight win over Michelle on ITunes may make the difference. At least we have one slot to question as the others seem obvious !!

  • clacecl

    So funny how someone with more combined sales, and in all likelihood more votes, may go home. What is this, the electoral college?

  • pj

    Since Firework did so poorly, I’m not ready to count Michele out just yet. Of course, that may be wishful thinking. Any idea how many downloads a top 10 song might be?

  • clacecl

    yes this week it’s around 10-11k, maybe a little more. Basically you can assume that Amber has around a 100k advantage over Michelle. If the average “fairly big fan” votes 20x– 10x phone and 10x web– then Michelle would only need 5k more of those people to erase the difference. But it is impossible to know the distribution of voter types, in general and across contestants. Some people figure out a way to vote hundreds of times, while others might not even realize that you can vote more than once online.

  • pj

    Hmm. Yes, I voted 20 times.

    I guess we will actually have suspense tonight.

  • chillj

    Pretty much.

  • albean99

    I really hope you’re wrong about Michelle. It would be a shame as she’s the only really interesting singer left.

  • 611Juniper

    Michelle’s problem is that she’s not pleasant to watch … great to listen too but just not a great stage presence. Also she has no “fun” side … and over time, that’s becoming problematic.

  • 611Juniper

    I voted online, twice for the Swon Brothers, twice for Michelle, one each for Amber and Sasha. Did not vote for Danielle if that helps you figure out what the typical, not teen, voter does.

  • spycig

    I thought that the iTunes bonus accumulates until the Finale. If this is correct then I think Michelle is safe – she made No 4 last week so that total versus Amber’s No 9 this week should be enough. I do wish only one was going home (Sasha) because I like all the other 4… but if I have to choose Top 3 I’d say Michelle, Swon Brothers and Danielle.

  • vd88

    A finale without Michelle would be tremendously boring. Why is it that most of the time the most interesting contestant, popular on boards doesn’t make it to the end, can’t win, but the bland and safe always make it.

  • clacecl

    It accumulates for the finale but not week to week.

  • vd88

    I think you meant to say Danielle.

  • matt89

    A finale without Michelle is a finale I won’t be watching. Talk about boring, with Swons/Danielle (And while I like Amber, besides ‘Sad’, she’s been pretty dull as well)

  • clacecl

    Hey, keep your head up. All the eliminated contestants (top 12? 16?) get to perform. Maybe she’ll do a duet with Cathia! (weeps)

  • spycig

    Well I just read the voting rules around cumulative total and it looks like Danielle will win anyway because she’s had the most Top 10 iTunes Bonuses meaning she’ll have a very big lead going into the Finale…

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    I hope you are right, MJ. I’m counting on you. Make it happen. thanks. :) Save Michelle.

  • Dexter

    It’s purely the demographic that watch these type of shows. More country people watch these shows more than the other genres. These days, a decent country artist has an advantage. Heck, even a less-than-stellar one (Tate Stevens) won X Factor.

  • Q_3

    I think Michelle is very popular online but that may not be reflected in the viewing audience. (Google search volume has Michelle #1, Danielle #2). If Michelle does not make the final 3 (and I think she will make it), it will be because her performances last night were not very interesting. Both performances were not her best and were nothing like what she did last week when she actually brought her own take to both songs. Hopefully, she has enough votes to compensate for Amber’s 10X bonus.

  • clacecl

    It’s also easier to make country sound good with a week of prep time. Much lower expectations for production value/performance/creativity, and much more straightforward for the band.

  • Q_3

    It is not just The Voice — it is America 2013 — country and classic rock are the two most popular genres in the US. And country is the most popular genre with American ages 18 – 34; classic rock is #1 with 35+. So the Swon Brothers are in the genre sweet spot.

  • Incipit

    “It’s purely the demographic that watch these type of shows. “

    Hey, wait! I’m not even a Country fan. and that doesn’t
    sound right, Dexter. It sounds like you’re saying Country music fans only like ‘bland’ and ‘safe’ – they are the majority of voters on Reality singing competitions, (not to be confused with viewers) and they vote for the genre instead of the individual artist’s talent level?

    I hope thats not accurate – but I can see where Kristy Lee Cook would put a curse on Idol, if it is – – by that reasoning, she ought to have won Season 7, not the risk taking rocker guy! *snerk*

  • Stooch

    I suspect if Amber makes it to next week over Michelle, I’m pretty sure the producer’s wont let her anywhere near a country song they’ll want some diversity. Plus she ranks higher on itunes singing non-country song

  • nncw

    I enjoyed the early shows more than the current ones. The judges critiques were more on point then whereas now I guess they don’t want to rock the boat. I’m amazed at how well they sell on itunes mixed in with established artists – I mean how does Dany’s Song by the Swon brothers make it to second place? What does that say about the lineup of current music or the power of television to manufacture instant (and short lived) success.?

  • Michael Littlefield

    That’s what happened with Cassadee last year. It became a landslide by the end because she went the final 4 or 5 weeks consistantly being the number one song on the charts.

  • chillj

    I didn’t think the songs chosen by and for Michele were very strong songs; there just wasn’t enough to them melodically. Her selling point is persona. I like the special timbre of Danielle’s voice, but wish she would grow up before singing. I actually loved the Swon’s songs and think they benefitted largely from great song choice: the songs are old but not over done and more retro than country.

    I liked Sasha doing Whitney but not disco; she seems to be trying too hard – or Shakira is. She did not look comfortable with it. Amber’s first song was a disaster; my guess is she will pay for it.

  • clacecl

    She has 3 to the Swons’ 2, so it’s not totally insurmountable.

  • BonnieDee

    I think Michelle stays. Danielle, Swons, and Michelle in the finale.

  • clacecl

    She was basically singing “Clarity” acapella. Maybe that’s why she didn’t hit all the notes, which weren’t exceptionally difficult.

  • Michael Littlefield

    If it’s anything like last year they get one reprise song(which I would assume for her would either be Sad or Skyfall), one duet with the coach(with Adam it wouldn’t be country), and one separate song. I don’t know why that couldn’t be country. One of three shows she can do country, but doesn’t have to.

  • Tuki

    I also think Michelle stays, I hope. She deserves it more than Amber IMO.
    Go Swon Bros! So happy for them.
    I think the top 3 will be Danielle, Swon Bros & Michelle. Here´s hoping.

  • Lianna Nunes

    An all country finale? Talk about a snooze fest. I have nothing against the country artists, but it’s not my genre. And to be honest I usually fast forward through all the Swon’s performances, I just find them so boring. Michelle would bring some diversity to the finale, I think she may have picked a much too crucial week to play it safe, coming off such a strong week, but I still hope she makes it. In my opinion she deserves to win, she’s been the most consistent and entertaining of the bunch, it would just be a real shame for her to not even make the finale.

  • clacecl

    I think she was hurt by the fact that Usher was performing. His choreographers and musical director were VERY involved in that performance, maybe didn’t give her enough time, especially since she was only in LA for a few days.

  • ellen8

    However true but a big voiced gospel gal beat out the country singer on Idol.

  • bridgette12

    Looking at ITunes, it will be a all country finale. Without Michelle or Sasha in the finale, I won’t be watching next week, there’s nobody left that I can get excited about.

  • Vetle Hovland

    Looks like team Blake is winning again. With a country artist. Again. Changing it up, are we, America? >_>

  • sue

    Hmmmm…..So the only way MIchelle will make the finale is if she got loads of votes to make up for the 100,000 extra itunes votes that Amber got. It’s certainly possible. :) I love Amber and Michelle and wish both of them can make it through. Why don’t they just have a 4 people finale like they did in season 1 and 2? Why eliminate one person last week and two this week? That’s just silly. Oh well it’s their show. lols

    Plus looks like the South will win again. There is still hope that Michelle will pull through. :)

    Got to give it to Blake with the smart song choices. He is getting really good with picking songs for these guys.

  • sue

    Cassadee wasn’t a country artist nor was Jermaine Paul. Blake kind of made Cassadee go the country pop route and it worked. He is a smart guy. Plus country music is becoming more and more mainstream with crossover artist so this isn’t surprising at all.

  • thedeviledadvocate

    When Carson says, “the first person going to the finale is,” I hope he continues it with “from Team Blake, Danielle Bradbery.” After that, the two who actually have the best voices are Amber and Sasha, however, it is more likely that Michelle and The Swon Brothers will advance.

  • Jake W.

    After looking at itunes, that is how I think it will go down. It will be between Amber and Michelle for the last spot.

  • Jake W.

    I would love to see Amber reprise Stay. That is still my favorite from her.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that she can be a little too intense at times, and last night, I thought that intensity was becoming too predictable.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yes, all of the downloads for an artist including the bonus iTunes accumulate for the “Cumulative iTunes Vote Total”. Here’s the description from The Voice website:

    The “Cumulative iTunes Vote Total” means the total number of iTunes purchases of an artist’s Eligible Songs from the live performances that air commencing on May 13, 2013, and continuing through and including the finale, up to a limit of one (1) download per Eligible Song per valid iTunes account, including any iTunes Bonuses (if any) previously earned by the artist. For the sake of clarity, the Cumulative iTunes Vote Total will include iTunes downloads of Eligible Songs, up to a limit of one (1) download per Eligible Song per valid iTunes account, beginning at the opening of the voting window for the May 13th episode and continuing until the close of the voting window for the finale, and thus will include downloads occurring during and outside the applicable voting windows for the performance episodes airing on May 13th through June 17th.

  • Guest

    Hoping for some #kuntrycide tonight. Won’t happen tho :(

  • Sue tiedemann

    In my opinion the Swon Brothers give a new sound to country. I don’t like a lot of country songs but I sure enjoyed theirs.

  • chillj

    I don’t consider their songs country; they are more old time rock. Bob Seger isn’t country. They have a little hootenanny thing going on.

  • Debra

    Team Usher Michelle for the win

  • Debra

    I think you are wrong and oh you are USHER for the win with Michelle

  • Victor Carter

    The voice just lost a lot of credibility tonight, there is very little chance that Michelle could overtake Amber having one bonus, example 40,000 x 10 is 400,000 extra votes. Its makes you think the SHOW is rigged for sure. Then they saved Michelle before Danielle and Swon who had 2 bonuses totally about 800,000 or more votes. This can only happen if cheating is happening and the voice is letting it happen. Or the thing is rigged! WOW

  • Jay

    I hope u know that the iTunes bonus votes do not count here, but only in the finale? Also, whoever they call that is saved is in no particular order? So STOP dissing the Voice’s credibility!

  • g122y

    it is true! It is impossible for Michelle to trump Amber..

  • Amy Beth

    Amber didn’t sell anywhere near 40k downloads. #9 on the chart yesterday was about 12-13k. So she got approximately 100k extra votes. If there were millions of votes, Michelle easily could have made that up.