The Voice 3 – Top 4 Semi-Finals – Recap and Videos

It’s The Voice 3 semi-finals, and I’ll be recapping right here! The Voice is only 1 hour tonight! Whee.

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Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David will compete for a spot in next week’s final.


Next week, there will be a 3 person final!

Trevin Hunte was embarrassingly bad tonight and SHOULD be heading home tomorrow. Cee Lo chose lame, overplayed songs for both of his remaining team members. Either Nicholas David wasn’t feeling well, or he wasn’t feeling “You Are So Beautiful”. Either way, not one of his best performances tonight.

Terry McDermott closed the show, and while his rendition of “Let It Be” was remarkable for the Scottish singer’s pure, sweet, voice, it lacked passion and resonance. I couldn’t get into it. Cassadee Pope was the best of the night, pretty much smashing Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy”. It was a fantastic vocal that brimmed with emotion. Although, I believe Nicholas has been consistently stellar over the course of the competition, Cassadee would be the  most relevant winner of the four remaining finalists.

I wonder if the sudden switch to a 3 person final is an attempt to split votes in Cassadee’s favor? Because she could have a hard time prevailing going head to head with ANY of the men.

Michael Buble takes the stage to sing “Christmas Baby Please Come Home”

Christina mentions that her fellow coaches look REALLY CUTE this week. Blake would love to be a part of his team’s career as long as they’ll have them.

Jenni Rivera, the singer who was killed in a plane crash over the weekend, was a coach on The Voice, Mexico. I did not know that. Thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family from The Voice.

The video packages will feature the semi-finalists visiting their home towns. GOSH THAT’S AN ORIGINAL IDEA.

Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo –  “Wind Beneath My Wings” – Trevin comes back to his high school, whee his teachers told him he was a loser. Gah. REALLY TREVIN? THIS SONG REALLY? I hate this song so much, that I automatically block it out when anybody sings it. I am not moved. I wonder whose idea this was.  He’s pretty pitchy and bringing nothing new to this song. Oh wow. That last note was not good. I don’t know if people will just respond to the sentimental claptrap while ignoring the bad singing.  I’m not sure if the performance will help or hurt him. Adam had suggested this song choice for Trevin. Seriously?   Christina sang this song at every wedding she performed at as a kid. That tells you something about that song. Cee Lo “I’ve seen you grow, I’ve seen you progress.” 1-855-864-2301 or Sprint text 1 to 8642

Howie Mandel pimps his horrible-looking show, “Take it All.”

Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo –   “You Are So Beautiful”  – Nicholas goes home to see his family and his new house. Oh. His wife is pregnant. They’re at the doctors, and he listens to his baby’s heartbeat. There’s a big rally at the local mall. YAWN. Could these song choices so far be any more predictable?  The stylists got a hold of him–he looks so much better trimmed up. A very smooth, mellow soulful version from David. Adam says, ” You’re just one of the most soulful people that I’ve every met.”  Cee Lo notices that Nicholas looks handsome. Oh. It sounds like Nicholas didn’t want to sing the song. I don’t blame him. Cee Lo hopes that he sees that the song choice was the right decision. Hm. Is Nicholas not feeling well? He was sweating and sat through the coaches critiques. 1-855-864-2302 or Sprint text 2 to 8642

Now, a video preview of Howie Mandel’s horrible looking show. Howie’s horrible show looks horrible.

Christina Millian interviews Michael Buble who got Blake a snuggie and vodka for Christmas.

The next video package featurs all 16 of Blake’s team members in the studio with him recording backups on his Christmas album.

And, Team Blake is hear live to sing “White Christmas”.

Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban – After a reunion with her family, Cassadee heads to a radio station she listened to as a kid. This is a really good song choice for Cassadee, and so far the best performance of the night. It’s a very emotional, pop reading of the original song. Christina says, “Sometimes your voice sounds so right on, it sounds auto-tuned.” LOL Can you say backhanded compliment? Though she does compliment on the passion she evokes. Blake chooses country songs for her, because she connects so well to a heartfelt story. 1-855-864-2303 or Sprint text 3 to 8642

Terry McDermott – “Let it Be” – Terry surprises his son at home. Aw. Terry heads over to the Hard Rock Cafe to dedicate some memorabilia. His parents are in from Scotland. They totally surprise him. Double aw. Terry performs this Beatles’ classic in a pure, crystalline voice. It lacks the soul and emotional heft of Paul McCartney’s original, but its very nicely done. Another good song choice from Blake. Adam says, “Thank God for you, Terry. You’re so wonderful. You did an incredible job.” Blake said, “That’s song is sacred song. Only a handful of singers should attempt that song, and you’re one of them. I believe that was musical perfection.” 1-855-864-2304 or Sprint text 4 to 8642

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  • poipugirl

    Thanks, mj, for The Voice posts!  I really look forward to your opinions and recaps!  Your blog is the BEST!  :)

    I’m hoping for some epic performances tonight!!!!

  • tripp_ncwy

    What!!!  Lauren. Go fans!!!

  • tarquinius

    >Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Trevin Hunte and


    Mj, appears as though you left somebody out of the lineup.

  • Ronny Dias

    What on earth is going on?! Wrong choices and poor performances from Trevin and Nicholas. In a roll!

  • kmd23

    What was up with Nicholas? He did not look like he felt well at the end of that song.

  • chillj

    That was very polite.  There have only been two performances :).  Yeah, the vocals are wavery.

  • Ronny Dias

    I never imagined I would be looking forward to Cassadee singing. At least not conscientiously. Odd night indeed.

  • quickjessie

    Okay mj, you’re more entertaining than the show so far, by a mile, lol.  Not that I was planning on watching Horrible Howie’s Horrible show before this, but after your critique I just couldn’t bring myself to ever turn it on.

    Hated Trevin’s song.  That last note has caused permanent damage to my hearing so maybe that’s why I didn’t mind Nicholas to much, even though I hate the song and am not a fan of his.

    Unless Cassadee kills a puppy on stage she’s got this in the bag.

  • angiedb

    I thought Trevin sounded off key through out most of the song. Nicholas was good but seemed a bit off his game and I thought Cassadee did a great job with Stupid Boy. I am normally kind of indifferent toward her, but I enjoyed that one from her. 

  • Tuki

    Cassadee really did well with that song! She was awesome.
    I hope she wins the show..

  • quickjessie

    Cassadee – Excellent song choice and performed very well. 

    Terry – Best performance he’s had the entire run of the show in my opinion.  This was beautiful.  Showed a ton of emotion, something that’s been lacking with him.  I loved this.

  • girlygirltoo

    I just feel that with the song choices they give her, they are trying to steer Cassadee in a country — country-pop direction as an artist, rather than in a pop or pop-rock direction.


  • guinness 416

    Terry took this one by a landslide in my opinion.  Best performance and cute little intro/hometown package too.  So who’s gone??  Trevin?

  • girlygirltoo

    Wind Beneath My Wings should never be sung by anyone ever. It is the world’s cheesiest song.

  • Ronny Dias

    I’m sorry, did I miss anyone warning this week we were supposed to have a ‘Boring Night’ theme?

  • kmd23

    I am a Nicholas fan but I thought that Terry was by far the best tonight.

  • quickjessie

    O O!  I better find the remote – Horrible Howie has arrived.

  • ZsusK

    Well, I liked Nicholas the best but I will admit that I adore that song beyond reason.  Cassedee will win and it is deserved, IMO. I didn’t like her in the beginning, but her vocals have improved, and she killed it tonight.  Treven should go home tomorrow. I wasn’t watching when Terry performed, just listening. He sounded good if a bit by the numbers.  So, in other words, I’m hoping for a Cass, Nick, Terry finale.  Trevin outlasting any of those three will disappoint me… and yet, not really. I just can’t get myself to care who wins or makes the finale of this show. It doesn’t seem to matter much.

  • alonzo7

    Voted only for Cassadee-best song choice- the best delivery for me although Terry was pretty awesome also.  Go girl!!!!

  • Kesia Monteith

    CeeLo should be very lucky only one is leaving this week…

  • Jonathan Frahm

    Based off of just tonight’s performance:
    1. Terry
    2. Cassadee
    3. Nicholas
    4. Trevin

    In general, I’m sticking with my general prediction:
    1. Cassadee
    2. Nicholas
    3. Terry
    4. Trevin

    Either way, Trevin goes bye-bye tomorrow night, or we have ourselves a trevinsty! IMO 

  • kcostell

    This might also be the influence of her mentor…I suspect all other things being equal, Blake would default to country when picking a reasonably current song.

  • WestiesRule

    What was CeeLo on with those song choices? I think Trevin has been off all season (except for the JHud song). I have warmed up to Nicholas, I have always felt Terry was meh, so-so, which leaves Casadee…. I believe she would sell and the Voice needs that badly.

  • chillj

    Rolling Stone had Cassadee’s song (of Blake’s) the second best selling song of the week.  I was shocked; I never imagined the Itunes sales could be that high.

  • chillj

    She isn’t my favorite, but that was excellently done.

  • Patrick Sean Durante

    Can we please let Trevin go…? Please?

  • fantoo1

    People can’t accuse idol of copying The Voice anymore with the judges and having 4 of them-especially after The Voice copied idol with the home visits lol.

  • voicesinmyhead

    Ugh I thought the whole night was terrible.  I don’t like Cassadee but she performed best. I am very disappointed by Trevin’s song choice. I actually got bored with his performance.  Nicholas was ok.  Terry is overrated with this song. He just seems to lack the passion in delivery that Trevin has.  Idk I don’t care who wins now. I never thought I would say that.

    I want Michael Buble to win.

  • spycig

    I thought Blake choose the best songs for his artists and Cassadee and Terry delivered the best performances of the night so they got my votes and iTunes downloaded! I think Nicholas should join them as he was better than Trevin. Ceelo’s song choices tonight sucked actually! I can’t imagine casual fans buying either Nicholas or Trevin’s songs but they will buy Cassadee and Terry’s because Cassadee’s is a song I haven’t heard before and it’s different from the original and Terry has such a smooth voice people will want his version even if they already have the original!

  • spycig

    On iTunes as at 9:51pm – Cassadee #5, Terry#12, Nicholas #28, Trevin #101

    Tomorrow will be interesting but unless the others don’t make Top 10 on iTunes I say Trevin goes home!

  • Calvin Nguy?n

     where do you get all of this ? can you show me a site to update my information like this

  • Kobe

    You can check the itunes store or at

  • alonzo7

    Did my first download from ITunes of the season for Cassadee-I had already bought all of Bryan Keiths.  Decided to add the Blake/Miranda song Cassadee sang also.  Both very heartful.

  • Calvin Nguy?n

     Thank you much :) I know Cassadee is not well-liked but here hoping that she will win this season , been a fan since Hey Monday

  • Tyson

    Let’s face it.  If pop/rock was going so well for Cassadee, she’d still be with Hey Monday.  Blake is smart to guide her onto the pop/country track.

  • 1rollbounce2

    crap night.  my man nick didn’t have alotta memorization for his tune.  Finally gotta blue eyed soul song for him and he freaking says you are so beautiful to me 200984772093480375498769476 times.  and 1 or two, can ‘t you see you’re everything i hoped for your everything i need.  the end.

    I’m over song sacredness.  that all went to hell since all the reality song shows.  i am equally over let it be.

  • kmd23

     I am not surprised. That is the way I thought the iTunes sales would go. I think Cassadee and Terry will be the top 2.

  • Lori

    Cassadee’s my favorite. Has been for many weeks. She always seems to connect with her songs, like they were written for/by her.

  • sweetmm

    I just have to say Blake did right for both his contestants and until the end I just can’t see any favouritism displayed.  I will be quite happy if both in his team goes through.  I’m worried for St Nick though as Trevin due have those silent voters that might push him through.

  • samuelgrant

    Well, it’s obviously the right direction for her, so I don’t have a problem with it!

  • fantoo1

    Cassedee is about as country as Danny Gokey lol.

  • Wellworn

    Cassadee had the best song choice by far.  What is up with those dinosaur song choices?  Is this karaoke Voice?  Of course it might be pimping of Cassadee that she got such a good song.  She sounded good for the most part but if you have heard that song, she did miss a few notes.  Really good falsetto though.  It did seem that Nicholas was sick, and he seemed strained towards the end.  Terry was doing the good karaoke stuff again, and Trevin’s expiration date is showing. 

  • wordnerdarchie

    Cassadee is at #2, but can she pass Bruno?  (Terry at#5)

  • sweetmm

    Lets see if TVoice voters keeps on being savvy by not voting for Trevin to go through.  After re-watching all performances again, he is the weakest link.  

    What I like about tonight’s show is that, yes everyone is aware the execs are pimping Cassadee and lo and behold, she delivered fabulously to make a statement she deserved a spot in the finals.

    The two chaps that from first day we knew had the voice but we never thought could go through until the end due to their “out-dated” music take had caught the hearts of so many music lovers and voters.  I would truly love to see both Terry & Nicholas next week with Cassadee :)

  • durbesque

    What’s an 18-year-old boy doing singing a Bette Midler song?  He just drags it along, no build, no arc, no diction, his worst as far as I remember.

  • Mariyas

    From the start, Cassadee is among the vocalists I like as well as the humble Trevin and Nicholas for being unique. Terry is not on my list, just am not impressed. 
    Tonight, only Cassadee sang like a winner. Terry only looked good because of the back up singers and the song itself. Nicholas was off tonight, could be not feeling well but I think he forgot the words just kept repeating ‘You Are So Beautiful’ over and over. Trevin’s rendition was not his best performance but I still think it’s more than OK.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Man, CeeLo got screwed last season. If the format was like how it is now during the second season, Jamar and Juliette would have been in the top three, and CeeLo would have had a better chance to win. The two he has left won’t cut it by any means. Blake’s team didn’t deserve it last season to win, and frankly, I have mix feelings whether he deserves it this season. Lucky for him he does have Cassadee, but during that performance, I can only think of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood blowing this song out of the water.

  • kmd23

     The best part of the The Voice tonight was watching the Michael Buble Christmas show the was on after it. lol.

  • beanowl

    Just watched Trevin perform (West coast). Boyfriend heard the noise from the other room and asked me to please mute the TV next time they’re beating cats on The Voice.

  • Kobe

    At around 12am EST, Cassadee reached #1, Terry at #3, Nicholas at #12, and Trevin at #56.

  • sweetmm

    Come on St Nick’s fans buy his itunes; at least make it Top 10!!!  

  • Kariann Hart

    Trevin was struglling and made me wonder how he got as far as he did?  I think Terry’s perfomance was my favorite of the night.

  • Kobe

    Trevin probably survived by combining the powers of Jacob Lusk, Joshua Ledet, and Jermaine Paul to create the ultimate BLACK DIVA NEVER DIES army but fortunately the power of the kryptonite (AKA iTunes), is going to stop the Black Diva.

  • weareallinnocent

    Not being a Voice expert, has one coach ever had both finalists on his/her team? If not, that would seem to be the reason for the 3 person final, wouldn’t it? To guarantee that does not happen?

    Anyway, I’ve not watched all the episodes, but Nicholas and Trevin have been favs of mine. Terry and Cassadee did top them tonight though.

  • Nedsdag

    Cassadee’s voice grates on me, but then again, she’s not my cup of tea and since I am in the minority, I guess she will win.

    (still bitter about Amanda).

  • Reflects On Life

    Until this season, there were 4 people in the finale- 1 from each team.  So until the finale, each contestant was only in direct competition with his teammates.  So this is the first season where 2 people from the same team could theoretically be in the finale anyways.

  • Jason Scott

    It’s because there are more heartfelt/emotional songs to attach to in Country, than in any other genre.

    Cass has already said multiple times that she wants to go pop-rock.

  • Peggy Smith

    They shouldn’t compare the two shows anyway.  Idol had 4 judges for a while.  They just dropped back to 3 for the 3 years that J-Lo and Steven Tyler were on.  I can say one thing in comparison.  I much prefer the blind auditions of the Voice with all decent singers over the neverending audition shows for Idol where they put bad singers on just to make fun of people.

  • Listening

    Ummm I didn’t like any of the performances. They were either bad/irritating or boring and some times you’d get a combination. I mean
    really REALLY this is what we get for a semi-final. The voice is touted
    as the singing competition based purely on talent. And THAT was supposed to be the best. I’m sorry but that was a major disappointment.
    And the girl leading the charge Cassadee was so annoying, Her high/ shrill voice grated on my nerves. Really this is pleasant to people, that key was just to high for her.

    I’m absolutely astonished at the placement of these voice performances on Itunes. 3 of them broke into the top 10, Cassadee is 1 and Terry is 3. WHAT!?It’s like people are under a spell and can’t actually hear the true notes coming out of these guys mouths and instead hear angelic music. I feel like i’m in the twilight zone. The only why I can explain what’s happening is that people are being sucked into the idea/vibe of the song rather than the contestants actual vocal performance.

    I just don’t get it.

  • Incipit

    Umm I didn’t like any of the performances. 

    OK. Good to read I’m not the only one, Listening. Heh. Nobody on this show I would buy music from.

     – but what if there was just a side contest on which judge/mentor on any show is the most consistently awful song chooser? They’re all pretty bad…but I think CeeLo could win, based on those boring choices tonight. A random  roulette wheel of songs could probably do better than what they stick these contestants with. 

    IMO. Of Course.

  • Leandro


  • wordnerdarchie

    Just popped in to see…. so Cassadee made it to #1 (factor of 1.0), Terry is at #3 (.71875) and Nick is #7 (.40625).  Trevin is bringing up the rear #39 (.1162109375).  I think Trevin is going to be a goner.  (timestamp of 7 am eastern)

  • RemusL

    Cassadee is about as country as Taylor Swift. I’ve never considered Taylor Swift truly country.

  • jga94

    Terry was the best followed by Cassaddee…

  • Leandro

    “I wonder if the sudden switch to a 3 person final is an attempt to split votes in Cassadee’s favor? Because she could have a hard time prevailing going head to head with ANY of the men.”

    This is THE REASON. She can`t conquer teh casual vote. But they didn`t change because she’s a woman, but because it’s Cassadee. I bet if it were Amanda they probably wouldnt do it.

  • aj rabin

    Check out how Paris Bennet sang Wind beneath my wings on Season 5 on idol. Now thats how it’s supposed to be sung!

  • windmills

    I’d started watching the performances by video once they were down to 8 people. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who’s doomed not to get Cassadee. I thought she spent a lot of time yelling Stupid Boy and though it was a passionate performance, I didn’t think she delivered the lyrics with any sensitivity. That’s kind of the pop tendency I guess and you’re probably bound to come up short when the original singer was Keith Urban. It’s not that Cassadee can’t sing, she has pretty good vocal flexibility and range and at least in this performance, she wasn’t falling off her notes like she did last week. She’s just not my cup of tea: she’s got Kelly’s Breakaway style without the warmth of her voice and without her soulfulness (so, I guess her Avril comparison’s spot on, though Cassadee’s probably a better live singer nowadays). I’ll be curious to check out her original tunes though. I wasn’t impressed by the Hey Mondays songs I heard. 

    Terry sounded so good but, I thought he rushed Let It Be and it felt emotionally phoned in, especially when I was watching him as opposed to listening to him. At this point in the competition, I don’t know if he has another level of emotional connectivity in him. 

    I would’ve preferred for Nicholas to go uptempo and more current this week but Ceelo was stuck on dated overdone schmaltz for both his guys. I still really like his tone and even more so his phrasing. He did seem to struggle a little bit when he tried to rough it up, I agree he was sick. I was kind of missing that last high falsetto. He at least managed to make an impression with his version of You Are So Beautiful. 

    Oh Trevin. Such a ridiculous amount of raw talent, probably more than anybody else on The Voice this season. He pushed it too far in his upper register too many times in that song though he usually got the right notes back in the end. In the end I think he’s probably too young and too raw to have developed a style of his own. I hope he finds a mentor who can help him discipline himself vocally. 

  • Loretta

    Didn’t watch last night, just listened to the above and was underwhelmed.

    Cassidee was best but her tone still grates to my ears.

    I have heard better versions of Let it Be on Idol than Terry’s

    St. Nick just ok

    Trevin was really off.  He should go home.

  • Jordana33

    I think that the Voice picked their winner before way before the live rounds and just made up rules as they went along to ensure the outcome they wanted. Something’s wrong when the best performer in the top 4 is Cassadee Pope. What happened to all the great contestants who auditioned?

    Interestingly, I just realized that Cassadee was the only top 12 contestant who had her battle rounds montaged. In fact, she and Loren Allred might have been only contestants in the live rounds (top 20) without a fully aired battle rounds. I’m not surprised about Loren, because she was never pimped. However, to omit Cassadee’s, their most pimped contestant, could only mean one thing, IMO:  Her performance was weak and producers didn’t want viewers to know that she was unfairly advanced over a better contestant…otherwise, there would have been backlash.

    This just sums up why these manipulations are irritating.  People can argue that Cassadee has proven to naysayers that she deserves to be in the top 4. However, you can’t compare someone who got 8-10 chances to prove herself to a seemingly better contestant who was eliminated too early. Maybe if Blake had given Suzannah or Gracia the same chance, they would have been the clear frontrunners. 

  • Bill Mitchell

    Seriously, wtf did they do to Cassadee Pope’s hair?

  • Leandro

    I think her battle wouldn’t be a montage, but the episode was suddenly reduced to one hour (presidential debate??). I think  TPTB made her TCO to win when strangely the judges pressed the button so quickly.