The Voice 3 – Top 4 Semi-Final – iTunes Rankings, Poll Results, Predictions!

I think Trevin Hunte is in trouble.  He performed first, his song was boring, his performance was pitchy and his fellow 3 semi-finalists all had solid to outstanding performances.  Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David will likely head to the finals next week.

A 3 way final helps Cassadee. Nicholas and Terry are both throw back artists and will likely split votes. I expect Cassadee will be the winner when all is said and done.  I think it’s interesting that the producers decided on a 3 way final. If  Cassadee would have gone head to head with Terry, I don’t think she would have prevailed.  It’s tough for a girl to beat a rocker boy with an angelic voice.

I expect a ton of pimping for Cassadee  next week.

What do you think?

iTunes Rankings

1. Cassadee Pope – Stupid Boy
2. Terry McDermott – Let it Be
4. Nicholas David – Let it Be
34. Trevin Hunte – Wind Beneath My Wings

Poll Results

1. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – Stupid Boy – 54%
2.Terry McDermott – Team Blake – Let it Be – 23%
3. Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – You Are So Beautiful – 20%
4. Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – Wind Beneath My Wings – 4%


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  • Troy J. Roberson

    They have had 4 people in the finale the first two seasons so I don’t think this was done to sway things for Cassadee she will win anyway.

  • EH

    I think they went to a Top 3 because they have 90 minutes to fill and want to ensure that at least two of the mentors have something at stake. Cassadee seems like she’s been far ahead for awhile, and things seem to be really close between Nicholas & Terry.  

    I don’t see how Trevin could stay without the iTunes votes, but stranger things have happened. I’m cool with Cassadee winning, but I hope the guys get something out of this.

  • TravelinThru

    I think the 3-way Finale is not so much “helping Cassadee win” but to ensure there are more than 1 coach represented in the Finale.

    If the iTunes sales reflect the way votes have been going for the other methods, it looks like Team Blake has been ahead pretty much the last few weeks and the producers may not want only a Team Blake Finals.

  • Jonathan Frahm

    There is hardly any chance that Trevin isn’t leaving tonight. He’s the only one out of the 4 left who has seemingly reach his plateau, in my opinion. Not only was he boring last night, but he was also embarrassingly horrible. I do wish the best for him though. In general, he’s displayed an excellent voice.  

  • Jordan Kesler

    I think Cassadee would win no matter what the finale entailed. She has led on iTunes almost every week and is racking in a lot of that vote (which all counts toward the final winner). Now being the only girl left in the competition and having a HUGE likability factor (not to mention she’s hot), I think she’s a shoe in. And for the first time in The Voice history, I actually think the winner (if it’s Cassadee) will have some good commercial success.

  • mjsbigblog

    They have had 4 people in the finale the first two seasons so I don’t think this was done to sway things for Cassadee she will win anyway.

    It was announced in a press release, along with a bunch of other tweaks, that the final would be two contestants. The producers made a change, for whatever reason.

  • mjsbigblog

    History has shown that it’s difficult for a girl to beat a boy head to head in these types of competitions.

    iTunes rankings never tell the entire story.

  • anibundel

    Actually I think a three way doesn’t help Cassadee, because the four way finales in the past actually seemed to hurt the better candidates to sell after the show was over in the vote totals.
    But Trevin was totally bussed last night! Did you notice his hometown package didn’t show him performing, while all the other ones did? CeeLo looked so sad talking to him afterwards, like he knew the kid was cannon fodder.

  • Kesia Monteith

    The show doesn’t want another big voice black guy winning again, as Trevin seems unmarketable to boot, so he is not invited to compete in the finale. Heh, Heh. Oh well, if he had performed better last night, like his “And I’m Telling You” performance, I would have said he has every right to to be in the finale. But he’s young and can improve over time, plus I wasn’t he’s biggest fan or anything, so I don’t really care much if he left this week.

  • anibundel

    You know it’s funny to watch everything that made The Voice different and interesting–out of the closet gays and lesbian finalists, back-to-back black male winners who were indisputably the winner (unlike Idol, whose only black male winner has an asterix next to his name)–slowly disappear as they quietly morph into an XFactor/Idol clone.
    You know what else is fascinating? Watching Cassadee sell out wholesale in front of millions in order to win this thing. She came in a “punk pop singer” who claimed to want to be the next Avril Lavigne. There wasn’t a trace of that girl last night, as she stood before us in this gaudy gown singing a total hackneyed country tune. And damned if it didn’t sell.

  • Jordana33

    Every time I think Trevin is going home, he gets saved, which makes me think he has a ton of voters who aren’t paying for itunes…enough voters to make him overcome lower sales than other contestants. Have they ever announced the number of votes they get on The Voice? Doing the itunes math involves a lot of hand-waving, but I think that 50,000 downloads is probably enough to get someone to #1 in a 12-hour window, which becomes 500,000 votes with the bonus.  So basically, 5,000 avid fans with enough money  to download 10 copies of your song could be enough to get you to #1 on itunes? On Idol, 500,000 downloads wouldn’t be a huge advantage, but they limit the votes a lot more on The Voice.  Anyway, even if Trevin makes the finale, the cumulative itunes sales rule would prevent him from winning. 

  • IdolyEverAfter

    I think Casaddee has really grown this season.  She had some pitch issues early on, and had this tendency for a goat-like vibrato in the middle of notes, as opposed to when they are sustained.  And she’s worked hard.  I was definitely not sold on her early on.  I also think there is nothing wrong with a girl interesting in pop-rock or pop-punk showing her chops on some country flavored tunes.  Hello Kelly Clarkson?  Casaddee being hot surely won’t hurt her marketability.  It’s going to depend on how much the label believes they can turn her into a Kelly Clarkson-like success.  At this point, Kelly is a better role model than Avril, Kelly has definitely had longer sustained success.

    Oh, I forgot to add… my gosh Trevin was tough to listen to last night. There were those big notes at the end that were so off it hurt my ears. Christina can have him. Maybe he can be a backup singer on her tour. I don’t really see a big solo career for him.

  • Leandro

    Man, I’m telling you, if Trevin didn’t get the boot today, he’ll win this whole show. And it will be quite funny.

  • Landon Cox

    Slezak made a really good point that Cassadee is still likeable even after the over pimpage.

  • Leandro

    She always looked like as a lovely person to me. What’s is irritating is her singing.

  • irockhard

    Interesting as I distinctly remember Carson Daly say to Michael Slezek (in an interview after TV was nominated for an Emmy) that they would love to have a “Kelly Clarkson moment” when Michael was comparing TV to AI. Perhaps that’s what they trying to get with Cassaddee – a marketable female winner that goes on to superstardom. Well Cassadee is marketable, (she isn’t even half the singer Kelly is although that doesn’t matter), but Cassaddee is gonna need good songs and lots of promo if they want to make her a superstar.

  • chillj

    I’m surprised, MJ, that you don’t think Cassadee would win in a head to head with Terry.  Hmmm.  I think she would win that, but not a head to head with Nicholas.

    Which reminds me that I can go buy her song now that it doesn’t count as a vote.  :)

  • chillj

    Don’t over think it.  I think it is selling because it is a good song, well done.  No more.  I own no Cassadee and I like the song and plan to buy it, so…it is probably the only thing of Cassadee’s I will ever own.

  • chillj

    I think Cassadee has a nice enough voice, but it is not distinctly recognizable.  Most vocalists I buy I can instantly recognize; I don’t think she is “recognizable.”

  • EH

    I think Cassadee’s voice is simultaneously recognizable and irritating.  

    If the show were really manipulated, though, there wouldn’t even be two Team Blake members left to compete in the finale, so I respect Blake for not bussing Terry by giving him the rock equivalent of “Wind Beneath My Wings” last night, which I guess would be Against All Odds or Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.

    Of course, I suppose the Bryan Adams and Boston sh*tfests might have been early attempts to bus him, now that I think about it.

  • irockhard

    I’d say her voice is recognizable, especially her chipmunk high register. She sounds pleasant on songs like Over You but when she belts out those high notes she sounds squeaky.

  • Stooch

    I think people should remember they are only one person, and although their opinions are equally valid as any of mine.  But just because they don’t like a persons voice doesn’t make their opinion they final vote and the supreme point of view on the matter.  If people don’t like Cassadee’s voice well such is life, but many folks do.  Does it mean she’ll be successful or a big star, NO!  But the fact that “Over You” a cover song, is still on the top 100 of itunes, is probably very revealing to the record labels :)

  • spycig

    I think they changed it to a Final 3 to ensure 2 Coaches would be represented in the Finale…. I think Finale would’ve been either Cassadee and Terry or Cassadee and Nicohlas… but they couldn’t take the chance only one Coach would be in the Final!

  • inmyslumber

    I really don’t see why people think Cassadee would’ve lost in a two-person finale. You have twelve hours to vote 10 times per artist per method, so it’s not like vote splitting will do anything. Not to mention with the 10x multipler and all the iTunes votes carrying over to the final, Cassadee’s had it in the bag. Nearly every week, she’s been the highest on iTunes.

  • 1rollbounce2

    Maybe the finale was pushed to three because they got a good deal on duet partners.  Boston for Terry, Hall n Oates for nicholas, and a goat for Cassaddee. 

    I do not like one of the above, guess which one.

  • albean99

    Trevan impressed me in his audition but I’ve liked him less & less every week.  I think it’s the type of song he sings and I think he needs some seasoning.  I like Nicholas & Terry but I’ll be voting for Cassadee in the finals because I want a female winner & she’s the most marketable.  I think she’s improved a lot all season and even though Amanda was the one I wanted to win, I think Cassadee would be a good winner. 

  • hayes

    Yeah, Cee-lo doesn’t get that the iTunes sales are based largely on the song itself. I mean, who wants a cover of “Wind Beneath my Wings” on their iPod??

  • MrTemecula

    Do you mean the greatest of all time: Katy Perry!

  • Mariyas

    Cassadee will win hands down. And I like her and her singing. I love Nicholas but his “You Are So Beautiful” was not good. Terry doesn’t connect with me.

  • Nosgoth1979


    When I caught up on the Voice
    this morning I was bummed to see Trevin go. I thought he had a good shot at winning
    the entire show. It’s probably all Cassadee from this point forward.
    Unfortunately, I missed both the performance and the results episodes of The
    Voice, and setting my DVR never even crossed my mind. It makes me glad one of
    my coworkers at DISH talked me into getting a Hopper a while back. It’s a whole-home
    DVR from DISH, and it has this feature called PrimeTime Anytime which records
    the four major networks every night during primetime. So it’s been
    automatically recording the primetime shows I care about most and although it
    was hard to avoid spoilers for a couple of days (in regards to the performance
    episode), I was able to go back and catch up this morning!