The Voice 3 Top 12 – iTunes, Poll Ranking and Predictions

The highest placing The Voice single on iTunes this week is Trevin Hunte’s “When A Man Loves a Woman” which sits at #30. No Top 10s or 20s this week!

Having said that, to say that two girls will go home this week is a no-brainer prediction. Michaela Page, who sang first, and unmemorably, and Adriana Louise (THIS is the singer Christina chose over the divine De’Boroah last week? WTF???) who sang a karaoke version of “Good Girl” will likely be heading home.

What do you think? Who will be heading home tonight?

iTunes Rankings

30 – Trevin Hunte – When A Man Loves a Woman
32 – Cassadee Pope – Behind These Hazel Eyes
46 – Terry McDermott – More Than a Feeling
49 – Bryan Keith – Back to Black
60 – Melanie Martinez – Cough Syrup
77 – Nicholas David – The Power of Love
78 – Dez Duron – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
125 – Sylvia Yacoub – My Heart Will Go On
175 – Cody Belew – The Best
206 – Amanda Brown – Spectrum
296 – Michaela Paige – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Outside of the Top 400 – Adriana Louise – Good Girl

Reader Poll

1. Terry McDermott – More Than a Feeling – 14.97%
2. Cassadee Pope – Behind These Hazel Eyes – 13.22%
3. Bryan Keith – Back in Black – 11.46%
4. Trevin Hunte – When A Man Loves a Woman – 9.55%
5. Cody Belew – The Best – 9.39%
6. Dez Duron – Can’t Take My Eyes off You – 9.08%
7. Nicholas David – The Power of Love – 8.6%
8. Amanda Brown – Spectrum – 7.32%
9. Melanie Martinez – Cough Syrup – 6.85.%
10. Sylvia Yacoub – My Heart Will Go On – 3.98%
11. Michaela Paige – Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – 3.5%
12. Adriana Louise – Good Girl – 2.07%

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  • wingzdoc

    MJ – just a courtesy – you put Michaela’s name twice. You meant Adriana Louise for that second one ;)

  • Nasstopher

    It’s interesting how the poll here and the itunes ranking have the same 4 contestants at the top but in different order.
    So I guess what we can safely predict is that: Terry, Bryan, Cassadee and Trevin are safe for suuuuuure!
    And the two acts that are leaving are probably gonna be: Adriana and Michaela.
    Since they are at the bottom of both charts.

  • b_james

    I just can’t believe I like so many of these contestants this year.  Normally on The Voice I only have two or three that I really enjoy.  I think Melanie, Cody, Amanda, and Dez are at the top for me right now.

  • John

    Can’t wait for Melanie to be gone. I mute it every time she “sings”. Doesn’t look like it is going to be this week unfortunately. But I’m not worried, I will only have to mute her 1 more time as she will be gone next week.

  • notthatmary

    Terry had tweeted that he was number 1 on the rock chart again – just checked and he has number 1 and number 10.
    More Than a Feeling (The Voice Performance)Terry McDermott
    Don’t Stop Believin’Journey
    IrisThe Goo Goo Dolls
    Bring Me to Life Evanescence
    Dream On Aerosmith
    Chalk OutlineThree Days Grace
    Carry On (Call of Duty: Black Ops II Version)Avenged Sevenfold
    I Miss the MiseryHalestorm
    Drops of Jupiter Train
    Maybe I’m Amazed (The Voice Performance)Terry McDermott

  • Jordana33

    I really hope these polls are right! I like Michaela, but she had a weak performance last night, and Adriana has been average in all of her rounds, so I’d be OK with those two going. I’d say Dez, but I’m not delusional. It looks like Nicholas, Terry, Dez, Bryan and Trevin will all make it through without a problem. The only safe female is the one who already came with a fan base.   

    I’m still worried about Amanda; her cold definitely affected her voice last night, and I don’t know if she’s accumulated a loyal enough fan base to save her. Cody’s also far more popular at this site than anywhere else, so unfortunately, he might also be at risk.  In the prior round, he was the only contestant who was predicted (by our polls) to make the top 2 in his team (by a landslide!), but didn’t.  Nicholas (who was ranked 3rd) was saved over Cody. 

  • Leandro

    I would say easily it’s Michaela and Adrianna going home. But Amanda’s song was almost unrecognizable due to pitch problems and I don’t know if she already has a fanbas to save her. Let’s see what happens. 

  • Ronny Dias

    I still believe there are some people in this group who should/deserve to be going home before Adriana or even Michaela.

    But then again, there’s a huge difference between believing and voting. All I can do is the former.

  • Kevin Lie

    just stop with the Adriana Louise hate guys… She’s amazing and can sing her butt of if the right songs are given to her. Remember Domino and Already Gone??