The Voice 3 – The Top 6 – Favorite Contestant/Performance – Take The Polls!

You watched the The Voice Top 6 perform tonight. Which performance was your favorite? Who was your favorite contestant? Take the polls!

Who Was Your Favorite Contestant?

What Was Your Favorite Performance?

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  • sweetmm

    My favourite was Terry’s first song, IWTKWLI.  Blake was a genius by asking him to do a strip down version.  So glad he hit Top 10 itunes; looking forward to another old school rock next week :)

  • EvenMoreron

    I had Trevin and Terry leaving this week, but I think it will be Amanda and Melanie.  Cee-Lo’s critique of Melanie’s second song was bizarre I think he mumbled something under his breath, but I couldn’t make it out.  Either he couldn’t take himself seriously praising Melanie, or he couldn’t believe Adam was taking credit for that horrendous staging.  

  • kmd23

    I think that  Amanda, Melanie, or Trevin will be leaving this week. The top 3 will be Cassadee, Nicholas, and Terry. I do not agree with Cassadee staying or winning but I think she will.

  • steve2013

    if to base it of itunes its looking like its between Amanda/Trevin/Melanie which 2 go. Hopefully its Melanie/Trevin.

    Also whats the rules regarding the 10X votes if top 10 does it only go towards there votes if make final or does it count now.

  • spycig

    On iTunes right now Terry is #3, Nicholas is #5, Cassadee is #6 & #8! I’m a huge Cassadee fan and no I didn’t know her from Hey Monday, I’m a new fan from watching her on the Voice! I also love Terry! Blake is my favourite Coach, even though I didn’t like his artist last season but this season I’m loving them #TeamBlake all the way!

  • chillj

    I am shocked.  I have not liked Terry’s performances the past two weeks; I thought he was having voice problems.

  • steve2013

    Cassadee’s 2 songs are top 10 does that mean she will get 2 lots of 10x. This whole times the votes by 10 if make top 10 is just so unfair and id be saying that even if my fav amanda was in cassadees position

  • fuzzywuzzy

    iTunes rankings as of 8:45 AM EST:

    #2 – Terry – I Want to Know What Love Is
    #4 – Cassadee – Stand
    #5 – Nicholas – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    #7 – Cassadee – I’m With You
    #13 – Trevin – And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going
    #15 – Melanie – Crazy
    #20 – Melanie – The Show
    #25 – Amanda – (You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman
    #31 – Terry – Stay With Me
    #32 – Amanda – Here I Go Again
    #46 – Nicholas – September
    (#54 – Cassadee – Over You)
    #58 – Trevin – Walking on Sunshine

  • fuzzywuzzy

    What I don’t like is that the show invoked the “if you get a song in the top 10 at iTunes, then those download numbers (votes) are multiplied by 10″ rule when they saw that Cassadee had the potential to be so commercially successful. It’s blatant sign that they want her to win and exposes their hope that Cassadee will be The Voice’s first commercially successful winner.

  • notthatmary

    Terry has 4 songs in the Rock top 10 – #1,2,8,10 so, if Rock fans vote, he should be good.  I think Blake would love to have both his performers in the finals so don’t think he’ll buss him.  

  • CharlyBaltimore

    For the life of me I am unable to locate the iTunes rankings you folks refer to.  Could someone please include the link where to find it.  Thanks!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I used the overall “singles” rankings shown on the iTunes store site. 

    Here’s a site where the rankings are taken every few hours, and you can see how they have changed over time:

    If you want to access the singles ranking for a particular genre, go to the iTunes store, select “music” from the top menu, then select “rock” from the drop down menu on the right, then select “singles” to see the ranking of all of the singles in the rock genre.

  • Jason Scott

    If Amanda gets booted, I will seriously go postal…

  • nncw

    Well this is a difficult decision bc normally I am not attracted to rock and power house singers but based on performance I would say those are the ones that were best last night. I did like (not love) Nicholas’ Somewhere Over the Rainbow but I don’t think it will be enough to save him, I think Ceelo hasn’t figured out who Nicholas is as an artist so we are left with him choosing golden oldies for him which never seemed to fit who he might be as a contemporary singer. Nicholas may be more of a jazzy artist. Melanie Martinez is okay but I much prefer Xena from last year and she really didn’t have a great night in comparison to the other contestants and she looked visibly sad so that was sad. So I think it might be Nicholas and Melanie leaving although I still love Nicholas’ tone. 

  • Eilonwy

     It’s blatant sign that they want her to win and exposes their hope that Cassadee will be The Voice’s first commercially successful winner.

    I wonder if it’s Universal Republic Records, The Voice’s affiliated label, that pushed for the new test of commercial viability. 

    With The Voice going to twice a year, URR was looking at two winners each year whom nobody wanted to spend time on A&R for, since they weren’t likely to sell more than 20k albums anyway. URR has to be feeling kinda burned by the reality singing thing — they probably came in expecting Idol-sized sales on the debut album.

    I’m skeptical that real-life post-Voice sales will reflect the same enthusiasm as these iTunes surges, but I can see why URR might have wanted to try it.

  • tha_lita

    Just Google “2012-12-04 itunes top 10 songs”, Charly.

  • nncw

    I must say at the start of the season I thought Blake had the weakest team and that Christina and Ceelo had the strongest. So those who chose Blake as their mentor even though they were not Country artists were smart. The show’s producers must have known to give Christina and Ceelo a break from the show – as they become less likely to be chosen by the contestants as their mentors as their track record keeps falling. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I’m skeptical that real-life post-Voice sales will reflect the same
    enthusiasm as these iTunes surges, but I can see why URR might have
    wanted to try it.”

    I agree, but I think that they are willing to test if this “method” will work. One problem is that The Voice counts up to 10 downloads/person in their votes, so right there is behavior that isn’t really standard when it comes to single buying for most people. Since Cassadee appears to have a lot of rabid fans, her iTunes sales on the show could easily be reflective of these fans multiple-downloading her to much higher sales totals than would happen post-show. At this point, however, I think that The Voice, and especially the label, want to try to have a winner who at least has the potential to be a decent commercial success vs. the last 2 winners who have done very poorly commercially (I’m including Jermaine in this because sadly, I have no doubt that he will have very poor sales).

  • Amy Beth

    To me, the most interesting tidbit is that aside from Cassadee (who got both her songs in the Top 10 anyway), all the contestants charted better with the song they chose compared to the one their coach chose. 

    CeeLo did an especially thorough job of tanking his singers with his choices.

  • Amy Beth

    The Rock chart is pretty funny. It consists of Terry’s Voice songs, originals of some Voice songs and AC/DC’s greatest hits!

  • l. g.

    Yeah but the problem with that is that Cassadee won’t be commercially successful.  She is pretty generic and in no way has the versatility, range and voice like Amanda Brown – she doesn’t even come close.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I feel the same way, but I fear that the iTunes rankings will convince the show/label that Cassadee is the more commercial choice.

  • Jason Scott

    Cassadee’s Avril Lavigne sound is so outdated, even if she’s a good singer. Is there a market for that now? Doubtful.

  • Amy Beth

    Cassadee’s biggest Voice success has been with her version of Blake’s song. That song is STILL in the iTunes Top 100. If she wins, the label will probably insist that she put some country crossover on her album and release at least one as a single.

  • sweetmm

    Did Trevin made Top 10 before the cut-off time?  I can see he is no 9 now.  If he made it in time; Adam might end up without anyone too ;)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Cassadee is willing to be malleable, which is another reason why she’s being pimped.

    Trevin’s AIATY is now #9 at iTunes. If it made it into the top 10 by 10:00 AM, then that could save him from elimination tonight.

  • Kariann Hart

    I hope Amanda has a chance to be in the Finals. 

  • Ira

    Amanda must have a Xerox machine in her DNA. Nobody can be that consistently brilliant. This was her night. However, Nicholas is still the only one that I would purchase a CD from, or pay to see in concert.

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t think the iTunes rankings will mean much in terms of success post-show. Javier and Dia both had several strong-selling songs during their run on S1. Didn’t help them. Numerous Idols have had the songs they covered on the show rank high on iTunes as well — didn’t always help them.

    I would assume that URR is going to promote the winner much better than the S1 and S2 winners got promoted. That will be a much bigger help than where these cover songs are charting.

  • justmefornow

    That’s because TRUE rock fans buy albums, not singles. 
    Especially not singles from “The Voice”, lol.

  • thedeviledadvocate

        Tonight’s elimination show should be very interesting. Cassadee charted both songs in top 10, while Terry charted the highest, Nicholas charted between Cassadee’s two songs, and Trevin charted the lowest top ten. All these get the 10x’s bonus.

        How many total votes are cast using the various methods? Anyone have any idea? 1 million? 10 million? 25 million? The higher the total votes cast, the less meaningful the 10x’s bonus is on itunes.

    Terry 2 and 28

    Cassadee 3 and 7

    Nicholas 4 and 39

    Trevin 8 and 55

    Melanie 13 and 17

    Amanda 21 and 31

        Even though Terry and Trevin charted in the top 10, I think they are the two that will be eliminated. Cassadee will be safe. Terry, Nicholas and Trevin charted top 10, so it would seem the 10x’s bonus would make them safe and Melanie and Amanda would be out, however, Melanie’s 13 and 17 show a consistant fanbase, and Amanda’s 21 and 31 are not far behind her. Cassadee, Nicholas and Melanie (followed closely by Amanda) have had the most consistant presence on itunes overall, since the itunes bonus was introduced. Aside from Cassadee, a case could be made for any of the other five to be eliminated tonight, I’m hoping Nicholas and the girls make the cut. I like all six, but I think Terry and Trevin have had too many mediocre performances the last few weeks. Good luck to all the contestants.

  • spycig

    Well Terry, Nicholas & Trevin all have one song each in iTunes Top 10 and Cassadee has both her songs in the Top 10…. does this mean the end of Team Adam or do you think online and telephone voting will save them? Melanie has had songs in the Top 10 before but Amanda hasn’t so I think Amanda will go but it’s anyone’s guess who will go out of Nicholas, Trevin and Melanie… and actually I’m not sure if Trevin’s song made Top 10 before 10am or afterwards, in which case it wouldn’t be multiplied by 10…

  • Ira

     To be quite frank, you can’t really trust charts these days. There are plenty of people out there with money who want to push an act they have a vested interest in, and help them become a Voice winner. Buying $5,000 worth of downloads against a potential million dollar dear-aint rocket science.Those people have no issue with buying their own songs, or the person they manage to get their moment of fame. That as a result makes it an INACCURATE measure of any type!

  • Leandro

    TV isn’t attached to URR anymore, just UMG.

  • Leandro

    “in no way has the versatility, range and voice like Amanda Brow”

    Breaking news: it isn’t necessairly anymore to be a popstar, since….15 years ago.

    See Britney and now Katy Perry or Ke$ha.

  • Eilonwy

    TV isn’t attached to URR anymore, just UMG.

    Oh damn, that’s right — URR just got shuffled out of existence in one of UMG’s reorgs.

    Well, it doesn’t change the premise, though. Some UMG label has to sign the winner, and the prospect of signing a series of Javier Colons and Jermaine Pauls isn’t going to light the fire of any other label, either.

    I envision the UMG holiday party involving drinking games in which the loser’s label has to sign the winner of The Voice.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    The ‘oddsmakers’ partially agree with you.
    “According to oddsmakers, however, there’s only one overwhelming favorite.Cassadee Pope is the odds-on favorite at -200, according to internet gambling site Based on those odds, a bet of 100 dollars would only pay off 50 in winnings.Pope is the only contestant favored, the other five are underdogs. Amanda Brown is +350, which means a hundred dollar bet would pay off $350. A similar bet on Trevin Hunte would pay off $500, Melanie Martinez would pay $600, and a winning bet on Terry McDermott would bring you $1200.The longest odds belong to Nicholas David at +2000, which means a winning hundred dollar bet on him would pay off two thousand dollars.”

  • Leandro

    Maybe if the winner is Trevin Hunte your very funny joke will be accurate. But actually, if the winner is /cassadee, probably the winner of the drinking game will sign her, since she’s very marketable and her fanbase is bigger than most of idols. Unfortunately, she isn’t a good singer.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That may be true, but since The Voice only counts up to 10 downloads of any one song from one source, it would take recruiting a lot of people to exploit that aspect of voting.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Wasn’t “Dream On” a top 10 song by Amanda?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I read on another thread that someone thinks that Trevin’s song didn’t reach the top 10 until after the deadline (this poster says that at 10:15 AM, Trevin’s AIATY was still at #11, but they aren’t sure about that).

  • Reflects On Life

    Carly Rae Jepsen?

    Her music isn’t pop-rock like Avril’s, but her voice is an almost exact copy.

  • Eilonwy

    But , if the winner is Cassadee, probably the winner of the drinking game will sign her, since she’s very marketable

    Oh, UMG’s practically at the point of openly using The Voice as a promotional launch vehicle for Cassadee Pope. It’s not like she was an unknown before The Voice. Hey Monday had done everything right as an indie band (without ever really breaking out). The obvious reason to put her through this hamster habitrail — rather than just signing her months ago — is that it’s PR to build her a larger mainstream audience for a less niche debut.

  • spycig

    Not sure but it was before Top 10 songs were multiplied by 10 so it didn’t count

  • EvenMoreron

    I love how the iTunes rankings throw unpredictability (or predictability?) into trying to figure out who is leaving.  I can see Adam getting extremely po-ed if his team gets wiped out tonight.