The Voice 3 – Premiere Part 3 Live Blog

PJ here. Let’s watch The Voice! I’m new at live blogging, so be kind. And watch X-Factor because MJ is really good at this. :=)

So far, I’ve been enjoying The Voice. Blind audition gimmicks FTW! I don’t think Idol would have a female Urkel. Just saying…

Judge pimping. We have a diverse group apparently.

Samuel Moutoun is up. He is from Colorado. His dad was in a band. He makes pizza and washes dishes, but doesn’t want this to be his career. He has a pimple and is going to sing Bob Marley. “Redemption Song” and the chairs are turning. First Adam and then Cee Lo. Xtina has joined the mix.

Blake admits he’s a fool, but can’t wait for the bickering. Xtina feels relaxed. Cee Lo loves the Bob Marley, but didn’t see it as an imitation. Adam says he’s a scholar of the style, but brought his own feeling to it. Samuel picks Adam.

Chris Trousedale was in a boy band with Jesse McCartney called Dream Street. It’s hard work in a restaurant when you had fame as a boy bander, y’all. He is here to prove he still has it. It is going to be different. He’s going to change his life and destiny. He’s singing “Glad You Came” and has pink high tops. They look rubber. He moon walks. None of the coaches give a crap. Blake has to show off…

Montage of rejects.

Nigerian-born Maryland resident Nelly Echo is up. His father was incarcerated unfairly. He likes positive music and his father has been exonerated. He wants to uplift people. He has a guitar. Rut Roh. We shall see, he says wisely. He’s singing “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Xtina turns around and fans herself. Adam also turns. Xtina says she was the first to push her button and finds him compelling. Adam thinks he’s different. Nelly picks Xtina because she turned first. His blue shirt is cute.

2 Steel Girls are a Nashville mother daughter duo. They play in a family band. They make sacrifices to play and make dreams come true. Had to quit jobs and sell houses. Singing Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” Cee Lo first pushes the button. Adam doesn’t know what to do with a duo. Blake says he does. He wants to be the guy to protect their relationship. He’s playing dirty. They pick Blake.

Montage of Cee-Lo losing pop girls to Xtina. Finally he scored a babe away from Adam.

Hip Hop dancer Domo is famous in China. She has a healthy attitude. She can sing like Xtina and Mariah! She’s doing “Don’t Cha.” Cee Loo turns around and is sucking his fingers. She plays up to him. He wants her. She has a one/leg one short sort of outfit. Don’t know what to call it. She likes herself a lot.

The day is coming to an end and we get a shoe factory worker from Vermont. Her name is Nicole Nelson. She’s groovy. I think that’s a wig, but if I am wrong, I’m sorry. Dang. She’s singing “Hallelujah.” She’s good, but really they need to retire this song. Crowd loves it. No turns so far. Oh, there goes Adam and then all of them. They want her. Xtina calls her magical. Adam points out he turned around first. Cee Lo says it was a beautiful performance. She is an organic food lover (told ya she was groovy). Blake says he’s organic. Adam says it’s organic BS. She doesn’t know what to do. Originally thought Blake but goes with Adam.

So there it is folks. I missed Jenn getting evicted from Big Brother for this, so don’t hate… appreciate! MJ will provide video later.

  • chillj

    Well, I’m here;  I think I was the wrong demographic for X Factor.  Where is everyone?

  • koshka

    it’ll be interesting to see the ratings when they come out. 

  • Jordana33

    I’m here! I keep jumping between X Factor and The Voice.  

  • Kirsten

    He has a pimple

    These sob stories just keep getting stranger and stranger.

  • Jordana33

    Wow.. .X tina really knows how to make a case for herself! Those two country girls are slightly pitchy. 

  • geekygirl

    I am bouncing back and forth, damn, why can’t they stagger commercials!

  • Claude Dee

    That awkward moment when this thread is too quiet. LOL

  • iloveoliver

    OMG that girl with long black hair is arrogant!!

  • chillj

    Both threads seem pretty quiet.  Great night for those of us with ADHD.  I liked the mom and daughter, though they were a little pitchy.  They were better than little Bieb on the other channel (Think what could happen if they combined shows).

  • pj

    These sob stories just keep getting stranger and stranger.

    I must confess that was me editorializing.

  • Karen W.

    I’m bouncing back between both shows as well!

  • Jordana33

    If that last contestant on Cee-Lo’s team makes it past the battle rounds (a big IF), I can look forward to some fantastic trainwreck dance numbers. 

  • chillj

    I loved Nicole Nelson!  Nice version – and what a centered lady.  She’s got it.

  • chillj

    The first ever schizoid version.

  • Leandro

    I’ll download later both shows. I’m gonna watch The Olate Dogs on AGT. lol

  • Guest

     thanks for ruining big brother for me -_-

  • pj

     Oh, sorry.  :-(

  • durbesque

    Haven’t watched the other 2 shows yet, but “The Voice” has hit the perfect mix of quality contestants, entertaining judges, and tasteful editing. 

  • Jordana33

    PJ, Thanks for doing such a great job liveblogging The Voice!

  • Kariann Hart

    I have been pleasantly surprised how good “The Voice” is this year.  There is some great talent there.  The only major mistake I saw was passing over Anita Antoinette and her Reggae styling.  That girl was awesome and they did invite her back for next season.

    I caught bits and pieces of X-Factor.   I did see the crying girl who had been bullied.  I felt sorry for her, but then I wished she had stopped crying at some point.  I  also watched the AGT Finals.  Very good!

    I didn’t miss a minute of “The Voice.”  I can catch the other two tomorrow.

  • Leandro

    LOL. Did they just bring Javier Colon back with a different name?

  • Tuki

    I actually like The Voice better than X Factor. It just seems more real and less fabricated.
    Tonight´s show was great. Great editing, good singing. 
    I also like that they don´t put on joke contestants. And…I love the judges.

  • sweetmm

    Nicole sounds great and so does Echo in a normal strong/beautiful tone.  What I love about The Voice is that we get to also hear those quirky non generic voices :)

  • Steph

    The Voice kicked X-Factor’s butt in the talent dept.

    Simon & company are going to have to offer up more than Britney close ups and mediocre bullying victims if they are going to beat The Voice because I heard nor saw any great singers on X Factor tonight.

    No one on X-Factor is as likable as Blake friggin’ Shelton. I enjoyed that pathetic ‘moonwalk.’ Lol.

  • pj

    I totally love this show and hope it gets better with the tweaks.  I love the chair turning and having the judges beg.  That’s the best.  ;-)

  • nncw

    I prefer The Voice over X Factor. They seem to be screening for a higher caliber of singer. The interaction between the “judges” is really entertaining and they really focus on the contestants and provide greater insight into what makes a great singer. X Factor really turns me off – they have a big story about not bullying with people crying and on the other hand they bring on contestants that are really not worthy just so they can encourage people to boo  or make fun of a person .

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Nice job on the live blogging, PJ! Right now, I still like Idol the best, but the new X-Factor is better than last year, and there’s some good talent on The Voice this year, so there’s lots of entertainment for reality singing show fans like me.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree. So far, The Voice’s overall talent is much better than the X-Factor (I’m assuming the the X-Factor would have put some of their best talent on the debut show). It will be interesting to see the ratings tomorrow.

  • OffLeash

    This is my favorite show right now. The judges have the perfect chemistry, they’re kind to the contestants but their comments are very useful and intelligent. The talent this year is amazing. I’m really excited about this season.

    I yielded to curiosity and watched XF tonight, but although I thought Demi and Britney were great -Demi is absolutely adorable, and Britney is so kind and mature- I got annoyed by the bad auditions, most seemed like plants to me. I don’t really have the time to watch both shows, so The Voice it is. Brilliant show. Now I’m praying the reality show gods that they did revamp the battle rounds real good.

  • Leandro

    Imagine if Erin Martin could sing. She would be Domo. Can she conquer the viewers? No.

  • kd29

     I agree. I like the voice better for the auditions part. The X Factor has too many phony stories.  Nice recap.

  • Lori

    Does anyone know how they get the contestants for The Voice? I haven’t seen advertised cattle call auditions like XFactor, AGT, and Idol. 

    Judging by the comments, which is purely non-scientific ;) The Voice won. It has the most comments. But then again, I’m commenting here and I didn’t watch it or Xfactor. After investing my summer in Big Brother and AGT, I watched those shows. Voice and XF will be on til December! 

  • lagom_lubot_si_mj

    Some strong singers this episode but as to whether they chose the right coach remains to be seen LOL

  • Kirsten


    I must confess that was me editorializing.

    LOL. I had visions of this poor kid who had led such a charmed life he was really having to search for his “sob” story (and you need a good “sob” story). For a teenager, a pimple can be pretty tragic, so he went with that.

  • Mase Wallace

    i admit i missed x factor for this, it was a good show last night i fell asleep after it finished, i didn’t miss much from x factor apparently,although i’d audition for that show before this since amateurs apparently cant compete on this show

  • poipugirl

    pj:  Thanks for doing the blogging for The Voice!  I need mj’s blog to cover all these reality shows so I know what happened!