The Voice 3 – Premiere Part 2 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

It’s The Voice 3 Premiere Part 2!  And it’s only 1 hour tonight.  I’ll be live blogging right here.  The highlights from tonight’s hour long Blind Auditions included the big voiced and vivacious Adrianna Louise–easily my favorite singer tonight. Although, I don’t think I found my favorite in tonight’s bunch. Aquile has a fantastically warm tone, but I’m not convinced he has star power yet. We’ll see.

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Adrianna Louise – Domino – Brooklyn, NY – When she was 9 years old, a gang robbed her father’s store. It turned into a home invasion. YIKES.  Music is the thing that saved her. Adam and Cee Lo turn around immediately. I think they could tell she’s hot. Heh. Christina turns around and then finally, Blake. She’s got a big, clear voice and performs with verve and f energy. Christina says, “We belong together…I want you on my team.”  Cee Lo says she performs like a “consummate professional.”  Adam says her live vocals have that nice recorded quality. Blake loves the middle part of her range. “It makes me smile.” Christina is pushing hard for her! She points to Cee Lo, “He’s pervy!”  And of course, Adrianna chooses Team Christina

Casey Mussigmann – “Sweet Home Alabama” – His passion is music and wrestling. He actually wrestles.  He messed up his knee in college and gained 100 pounds. He got into music and it turned his life around.  Casey has a clear, sweet, strong voice. Very pure and on point. He would sound awesome on the radio. He’s a big, sloppy looking guy, but the image stuff can be fixed. Blake turns around first, then Cee L0, who likes that he gave the song country swagger, but he sings with soul too. Blake dug the ass spanking. Ha.  Blake says he really wants to bring a country singer to the finals. The producers must tell the contestants to pause before they choose a coach, even if they know who they want–to create tension.  Cause, you know Casey wanted Blake. Of course, Casey chooses Team Blake.

Aquile – “Your Song” – Bi-racial African American grew up in Wyoming, with his white mom, around mostly white people. He encountered racism there. His jaw was broken after he was hit in the mouth. After his mouth was wired shut, he learned to play guitar.  Aquile has a strong John Legend vibe going on. He’s got a great tone, but his phrasing could have been more dynamic. I was a little bored by the end of his performance. Christina and Adam turn around right away. Cee Lo turns around at the very last minute.  Adam loves the “Rich unique buttery consistency” of Aquile’s vocals.   Christina says she “got him” as a vocalist. She wants a private concert. Heh. Cee Lo asks Aquile what he wants. He says he’s looking to be challenged.  Cee Lo says he’ll help him “color outside of the lines.”  Aquile chooses Team Christina

Ryan Fogarty – 28 – “Tomorrow” – He is the tour coordinator for Leann Rimes. Leann realized he could sing at karaoke. She appears in his video package to vouch for him. Uh. He’s not that great. His vocals are wobbly. Perhaps he’s nervous. Total karaoke, for sure. So far, no one is turning around.  Oh Leann! Giving your boy false hope.  NOBODY turned around. Christina says the vocal lacked consistency. Blake says his interpretation was too much like the original. He needs more development, says Blake.

Brett Hite, Jamie Lampert, Matt Carr, got no love. The latter two were especially horrible.

Mackenzie Bourg – 19 – “Pumped Up Kicks” – Only a young man, he contracted a horrible virus that nearly killed him. His body shut down. He was in a coma. He woke up the night before Superbowl Sunday. After seeing The Voice commercial, His family encouraged him to try out. Dude has a quirky charm, but I’m with Christian, he didn’t really take the song anywhere. Cee Lo turns around first. Christina was waiting for the song to go somewhere, and it didn’t get there for her. She compares his smile to Justin Bieber. He’d rather be compared to Harry Potter. Mackenzie is on Team Cee Lo.

Julio Castill0 –  “La Bamba” – Oh. He was a tiny mariachi singer at one time. Mariachi is how he supports his family. e. His epileptic dad can’t find a job.  He’s going to sing an entire song in Spanish. “La Bamba” is an obvious choice, but it was probably smart to choose a song the coaches would likely recognize. In fact, a look of pleased recognition crosses Blake’s face as soon as he begins singing. So it was smart. Julio has a pure, clean voice, but I don’t know how far he can get singing Latin music. But you never know. It’s niche, but he might find an audience. Blake turns around right away with a HUGE grin on his face. Cee Lo turns around at the very last minute. Blake thinks he has a strong, technically strong voice. Blake REALLY wants this guy. He sings a little Mariachi.  Adam’s impersonation of Blake is hilarious “I see a gymnasium, with a kitty cat and a horse in it.” Heh. “Different is what I do,” says Cee Lo. Julio chooses Team Blake

Adam picked up NO singers tonight.

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  • TheGreatXL

    I kind of hope this wrestler body slams Carson… don’t pretend you all weren’t thinking it!

  • whoisthatwoman

    Didn’t care for the cowboy.  Was surprised both CeeLo and Blake turned around.  Or maybe their strategy is to have some fodder.  There are 16 on each team this season.

  • Leandro

    Obvious that the country guy chose Blake. So obvious as the country girl yesterday.

    If you sing R&B, Rock, Pop, Alt., any genre you can go with any judge. But if you sing country, you HAVE TO go with Blake Shelton.

    If Blake has a real talent that no one can deny, this talent is making connections in the country music world.

  • Jordana33

    Thanks goodness they didn’t turn around for Mr. “I know I’m just a karaoke singer” 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The Voice could have not split their second show and had a 2 hour show tonight. But I notice that AGT is scheduled against the second hour of X-Factor tomorrow, so I’m wondering if NBC was miffed about that.

  • Kirsten

    When she was 9 years old, a gang robbed her father’s store. It turned
    into a home invasion. YIKES.  Music is the thing that saved her.

    I’m sorry, but how exactly did that work? Did she sing like the harp from Jack in the Beanstalk and  put the gang to sleep? Did she sing so badly, it chased the gang from the store? Did she sing a dance song and they all started dancing? Did she start singing “Rawhide” and they suddenly stopped throwing bottles at her.

    I’m a west coaster, so I’m honestly puzzled about how this worked.

  • Kesia Monteith

    This guy looks like Stefano

  • TheGreatXL

    They could have not split the show, but then how would they get their digs at X-Factor? ;)

  • Jordana33

    The AGT finale is scheduled against both days of the X-Factor on Wednesday and Thursday, with Thursday being AGT’s finale. Simon isn’t complaining about AGT because it’s his show. It’s hard to tell how NBC feels, because they’re a lot less vocal than Simon!. I doubt it was in The Voice’s best interest to split tonight’s show, but I suspect it had more to do with NBC wanting to premiere their new sitcoms tonight.

  • Jordana33

    Eh….not an exciting group of contestants today. Perhaps the best are in the 2nd hour, LOL. 

  • chillj

    Yeah, I think the backstories are getting out of hand.

  • emlz

    Adrianna was bad, but it was no worse than when I heard Jessie J sing live during the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony. I love the song, but I have never heard someone that bad on such a big stage. So anyway, I guess that means Adrianna could make it on radio. I did find it funny when Mackenzie chose Harry Potter over Justin Bieber. Combined with his song choice, at least I know he has decent taste in music.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    The talent was a lot more uneven tonight. No one who I thought was really good. I wonder if they loaded up the debut show with all of the best talent?

  • Leandro

    Very boring episode. Even the judges seem to be bored. They’re not passionate about convince the contestants like they were last season. This show can’t work twice a year with the same judges.

  • wutwut

    I thought Aquile was really good, I think he could do well if Christina picks good songs for him.

  • suenigma

    Wutwut, I’m with you. I think Aquile is really special too. What a voice. What a face. He’s got this calm, easygoing, smiley vibe when he sings – very soothing, very John Legend. And not a bum note. I thought it built to a nice crescendo at the end, so I wasn’t bored.

    The other picks were good singers and have their charms, but nobody else knocked my socks off tonight. The back stories are a little much, I agree, but I have to say that I REALLY appreciate that this show treats everybody with a lot of respect, and more importantly, doesn’t subject us to heinous singers and nut cases for “amusement”.

    ETA: This is a big issue in my household. My sons (10 and 12) are very sensitive and suffer second hand embarrassment very easily for the kids on Idol and X-Factor. They won’t watch the audition episodes with me, period. They also appreciate the more modern song choices on The Voice. It’s their favorite singing competition by far.

  • sweetmm

    I have to say Team Xtina bags the best singers of the night.  Domino is not an easy song to sing and Adriana sang it well!!!  Aquile seems to have the package and with good song choices can go a long way, I can see him getting the votes.

  • durbesque

    The chairs stole it.  They express the judges’ feelings stronger than words can.  Loved Aquile and La Bamba most.  Though the hour felt complete, I would have welcomed more.

  • girlygirltoo

    Aquile was good but I didn’t hear anything unique in his performance. Mackenzie has an interesting quirky tone but that wasn’t a great performance. It didn’t go anywhere.  Maybe it was the wrong song. I would be interested to hear him again.

  • Claude Dee

    Is it me or the premiere and the episode tonight was a total snooze fest? Not liking two seasons of the Voice in one year. :|

  • Not fit to print

    I like Adrianna and Julio best. Elton John is not easy to sing so I’m having a little affection for Aquile. Not sold on watching it on TV, though, at this point. 

  • Miz

    Mackenzie was my favorite. I like his offbeat looks, his voice, and his song choice.

    Aquile’s singing was sleepy to me and I expected more. He’s definitely going to be the heartthrob vote. VERY good looking young man.

    Adrianna sang and performed well, but there is something off-putting about her. She reminds me of a Disney princess – the animated kind.

    I felt bad for Ryan Fogarty. I’m betting he can really sing, but his nerves got the best of him and his voice shook through the whole performance. He knew he blew it and took it well that nobody turned around.

    I liked Julio Castillo, but I think he may be an early cut. I could be wrong.

  • whoisthatwoman

    lol…balances out the complaints that we don’t get to know them.

  • OffLeash

    I really love this show. So much talent, no too obvious fodder like on Idol and XF, and we’re spared the awful auditions unlike with the other shows. The first night was a succession of great talent. Last night, several stand outs, but I’m gonna bet Xtina wins this year. She has a fantastic team, and I think Aquile (?) could win this. Adam’s team is very strong too.

    I had decided to watch XF live tonight, but now I’m torn. If The Voice manages to really make the battle rounds a lot better, I might even ditch Idol for good in the spring. Even the audience doesn’t make me wanna throw my TV out the window. Of course they’ll probably rotate the judges, but the current panel is perfection IMO. 

  • Sara Traynor

    i enjoyed the episode.  I liked Adrianna the most.  The rest were OK really, but my main like about the episode was that it was so much shorter than last night! I watch the next day so don’t even have ads but I felt that the first show went on forever!  I would say that they’ll be hurt by having yet another show tonight (serves them right :D)

  • Sara Traynor

    Also, jeepers, they were laying the sob stories on thick!