The Voice 3 Playoffs Part 1 – TAKE THE POLL! (Who Was Your Favorite)

You watched the contestants from Team Blake Shelton and Team Adam Levine perform tonight. Now vote for your favorite!

  • jlscott13

    Amanda Brown, hands down, the best of the night.

  • lufausljc

    Totally agree

  • pj

    Amanda followed by Terry.  I can’t wait for Cody Belew though!

  • b_james

    Amanda was great, but I just really love Melanie’s style and voice.  I also think Joslyn is good.

  • Jordana33

    Amanda, Michaela and Terry were my favorites in that order. I wasn’t that crazy about Melanie’s live performance of “Hit the Roda Jack”, but I love the studio version.  

  • guinness 416

    I was …. uninspired? …. by the whole night.  They were all karaoke-ish and mostly mediocre.  At least Amanda has talent and charisma so like most people she’s my winner.  Like last season, this is around the point when I started thinking that as a group the contestants were not as good as they’d seemed in the blind auditions/battle rounds.  (In fairness, I’m not knowledgeable enough about Latin music in general or El Rey in particular to include Julio in this comment).

  • notthatmary

    Amanda, Terry, Julio.  Amanda because she had the only truly great performance, Terry because his voice is awesome even on a less than stellar song and Julio because he (like Amanda) chose an unexpected song and performed it beautifully.

    Don’t get the Cassadee love – same to me as Loren, Joselyn, Sylvia, Devin, Adrianna.  Long hair, long legs, pop voice.  Blah.

  • alain arias

    Cassadee Pope,  LOVE her..

  • OffLeash

    Amanda was incredible, and I didn’t even like her before, and I’m not into rocker chicks. But she was born to sing rock IMO. She could be the new Tina Turner. I hope she keeps rocking out, because she doesn’t stand out for me when she does other genres. She happens to be exceptional as a rocker, and a fierce performer. Cassadee should take note.

  • Loretta

    I really like Melanie Martinez.