The Voice 3 – Knockout Rounds Part Deux

Hang out with me tonight as I live blog The Voice, which continues the knockout rounds with Team Christina and Team Blake. Each will whittle their ten contestants to five like Cee-lo and Adam did previously.

Thanks to SirMac for his outstanding recap last night! I’m psyched that Cee-lo chose Cody “Bam Bam” Belew to continue in the competition. I think he has both talent AND personality, a good recipe for going deep when the live voting begins. I also think audiences might warm to Amanda Brown. I thought she showed some serious stage presence in her performance of Paris (Ooh La La). Props to Adam for actually choosing contestants he stole. I thought the steal was just a device to toss around fodder. Good to see it put to use. I also like that the two hours had ten performances — the filler in the Battle Round episodes was a bit much. I’m ready to get to the meat of the competition. How about you?

We start with a recap from last night, followed by a preview of tonight’s show.

Team Xtina. Devyn Delora vs. Laura Vivas
Devyn chooses a Whitney’s “I Have Nothing.” Christina tells her to stand and not move on stage. She hopes nerves don’t play into the life performance. Laura chooses “I Need To Know” by Marc Antony. Christina thinks it looks fun, but wants her to make sure she pays attention to pitch when slipping out of Spanish. Devyn is up first. She has the look and a pretty voice. I’m not digging her song choice though. Perhaps a bit of over-emoting. She sinks to her knees. Now Laura. She’s doing some sexy dancing. She’s fierce. Vocals might be suffering from her high energy. That was a bit OTT. Cee-lo says caliente and calls it grand. Blake thought Devyn did a good job with Whitney. Xtina thinks Devyn can benefit from her coaching more and chooses her.

Adriana Louise And Celica Westbrook
Christina chooses them because they both sing pop. Adriana chooses Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone.” Never a good move. Xtina gives her some phrasing tips. Celica chooses “Never Say Never” by the Beibs. She thinks it fits her age group. Xtina wants her to open up her body language and lose herself in the song. Adriana sounds fine, but lacks subtlety and nuance. Well, she brings in some softness at the end. Toyota Celica comes out swinging, but the sounds a little pitchy. Adam thinks they both have different things that make them strong. Blake says they both had pitch issues. Adam says Blake is mean. Blake calls him a bitch. Xtina thinks that was the strongest Adriana has been. Xtina appreciates Celica’s feistiness. She chooses Adriana. Not shocked. She’s more in Christina’s wheelhouse.

Alessandra Geurcio vs Dez Duran
She picked them because of their different styles. Alessandra chooses “Take a Bow” by Rhianna. She thinks she has a connection with Christina, who wants her to tap into her rasp. He chooses Lionel Richie’s “Stuck on You.” Christina thinks he has old soul in his voice. She coaches him on breathing techniques. Alessandra is up first. Dang, this girl has long legs. She’s trying to show some grit. I’m not completely buying it. Dez is up now. He sounds smooth and heartfelt. I would give him this round. Cee-lo thinks Dez is lucky to be on a team full of lovely ladies. Adam says they are both talented and picks Alessandra because of growth. Blake is no help. Christina is torn. She chooses Dez.

Chevonne vs De’borah
Chevonne is Lady Gaga’s former backup singer. She chooses Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself.” Christina thinks Chevonne is willing to give it her all, but has her work cut up for her. De’Borah is the misfit urkel-dressing woman from Chicago. She chooses “You Found Me” by the Fray. She is studying everything Christina says. Chevonne is up first. She’s doing a sassy version of the song. Manic even. Lots of energy. De’borah is up now. I prefer her. She sings with more conviction. How can you not love her? We’ll find out Christina’s choice after the break. Cee-lo says he would gladly have both on his team. Adam says they both have stage presence. He says while it’s Chevonne’s best performance, he picks De’borah as the stronger performer. Xtina loves them both dearly. She picks De’borah. Good. Cee=lo is bitching about Chevonne ignoring him.

Aquile vs. Syliva
Aquile picks “Grenade.” I forgot about him. He’s pretty and has a nice voice. Memorable? Time will tell. Sylvia picks Christina’s “Fighter.” Pandering or risky? Christina acknowledges that it’s a hard song to sing live, and gives her breathing tips. Aquile is up first. He’s a little generic. Sylvia has a little more spark in her performance, although I detected a little pitch problems in the middle. Xtina looks pleased. Cee-lo says it was dope to Aquile and calls him dog. They make Randy Jackson jokes. Blake thought Aquile was steady, but Sylvia kicked ass. Xtina liked them both and chooses Sylvia.

Team Blake up next. He thinks Xtina’s problem is that all her singers are in the same genre. I don’t see De’Borah as the same as Sylvia, but that’s just me.

Team Blake

Gracia Harrison vs Liz Davis
Gracia chooses “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. Uuh. I have liked her previously. Blake is worrying about her staying true to herself as an artist. She wants to show she’s versatile. Liz chooses “Gunpowder and Lead” by Blake’s spouse, Miranda Lambert. Risky or pandering? Blake says Liz has big shoes to fill. Gracia sounds good. I am just so done with this song. Liz comes out in a sexy black shorts number with a mullet skirt. It’s high energy. She’s sassy, but more sexy than pissed off. Hmmm. I like Gracia better. Xtina goes with Liz. Adam goes with Gracia even though she had a weird song choice. Blake thinks Liz has a better idea of who she is as an artist and goes with her. I agree with Adam.

Rudy Parris vs. Terry McDermitt
Rudy is singing Chris Brown’s “Forever.” He wants to make a pop song his own. Blake is worried about the song being too young. He’s not thrilled with the song choice. Terry chooses “Baby I’m Amazed.” He knows the song and thinks he has an advantage. Rudy is first. Kind of not my thing. Just didn’t get it. Terry is next. Sounds great. Xtina picks Terry hands down. Cee-lo liked Rudy, but was amazed by Terry. Adam loves Terry and wants him to go far. Blake says he didn’t think Rudy being all over the place musically worked for him this time. He chooses Terry.

Contestants! Song choice is key!

Collin McLauchlin vs. Michaela Page
Collin is happy to be on Team Blake. He choses “Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)” by the Script because it represents who he is as an artist. Michaela chooses Pat Benetar’s “Love is a Battlefield.” She thinks she can connect with it. Blake wants Michaela to be selfish and lose herself in the moment. Collin first. He’s solid, but not exciting. Michaela has a rad outfit. I think she’s fine, but trying too hard. Let’s see what the coaches think. Christina though Michaela has strut and emotionally connected to the song. Cee-lo thinks there’s a lot of growth in Michaela. Adam goes with Collin because he loves him. Blake heard flaws in both of them. He chooses Michaela.

Julio Ceasar Castillo vs. MarissaAnn
Blake wanted a pop vs latino match up. He picks “Somebody to Love” by Beiber. Oh no. Blake warns him about his enunciation. He dwarfs Julio when they hug. Marissaann was saved by Blake. She chooses “Lady Marmalade” to show off her vocals and wake up the crowd. Blake is pleasantly surprised, but thinks she has her work cut out for her too. Julio is first. I think he made a mistake with choosing this song. It seems very karaoke. Too bad. I liked him before. Marrisanna is up now. She has tude. I think she will win this hands down. Poor Julio. He was probably fodder before the bad song choice. Christina gives her a standing ovation. Blake says they are both great. He decides to go with Julio! I’m shocked. He didn’t think MarissaAnn did enough to change his mind about Julio.

Cassaddee Pope vs. Suzanna
Cassadee chose Maroon 5’s “Payphone.” I’m starting to wonder if all these coaches songs are picked because they also have a “list” to choose from. Blake is worrying about her changes to the song. Suzanna chooses to sing “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley. She’s worried the lack of a vocal moment int he song. Blake tells her to approach it like herself and not force it. Cassadee first. I’m not digging this. She’s having a hard time with the fast lyrics. Does better on the chorus. Nothing unique though. Suzanna up now. Cassadee looks on with worry. It’s groovy, but the fake accent is a little strange. I would pick Suzanna. Christina loves Suzanna and loves the song choice, although it’s weird song choice. Adam says Cassadee impressed him and would choose her. Personally, I’m not sure this was the best battle to end the show with. Blake picks Cassadee because of Suzanna’s safe song choice.

That’s a wrap. What did you think? We start with the live voting shows on Monday!

  • mileyfan123

    Blah Dez is bad

  • Leandro

    Team Christina is quite weak, IMO. She’s gonna lose all her acts in the first weeks after Top12;

  • chillj

    No one is paying attention to Dez’s singing.  He has other attributes.

  • pj

     He’s definitely vanilla, but I thought he won that round.

  • gbocampo

    If dez wins the voice, it’s definitely not for his singing. :)

  • Leandro

    All the acts that were stolen are being discarded. Chevonne isn’t the best singer but at least she’s entertaining, thing that few people in this show are. I would keep her over “Deboring”.

  • Leandro

    Christina talking about how her song is so difficult…ugh!

  • pj

     Actually, Adam chose two stolen people on his team last night.

  • mileyfan123

    I like Sylvia

  • Leandro

    Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that amanda is a stolen so good she’s. the other girl I barely remember. LOL

  • chillj

    Well, Blake, I would have gone with Gracia.  LIz seems like a very sophisticated actress playing a country singer.  LIke Sharon Stone.  Hon, that ain’t country,

  • mileyfan123

    I think Liz is right up there with Trevin as the best this season.

  • verov

    Bit late to the party tonight – appreciate the recap of what sounds like a lot of crap so far. Xtina’s Teeny Boppers are completely unmemorable.

    Ughhh Dez’ Quiff is still in this thing??? He annoys me almost as much as Melanie’s Whisper and his ‘other attributes’ aren’t even in the same league as Aquile’s (who is actually vanilla – I find Dez’s Quiff altogether flavourless).

    Aquile is gone presumably to avoid splitting the other-attribute-influenced vote?
    Perhaps they can form a boy band with Bieber-hair’s Waistcoat (the one who was eliminated yesterday), Bryan’s Fedora and Avery’s Vibrato. At least Avery can actually sing (terrible song choice last night BTW – what’s with the Chris Brown love? And now Rudy too???)

    Terry – yay.

  • chillj

    Wot!?!~!!!????????  He dumped Marissa Ann?  She was sensational!

  • chillj

    As Deb’Orah continues her career – and she will – she needs to change her name to one easier to type.  And spell.

  • Tomas

    Julio over MarissaAnn?! What the WHAT? Sorry Blake, but that makes no sense.

    Ugh, watch him toss Suzanna, too. Damn. Not loving some of these choices, I have to say.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Blake made some choices tonight that were the opposite of mine. Christina’s team is pretty weak. I enjoyed the singers who sang yesterday a lot more.

  • mileyfan123

    Suzanna :(

  • mileyfan123

    I only like Trevin, Sylvia, Amanda, and Liz. The talent seems pretty weak actually..I would say worse than X Factor, Season 2 of the Voice USA, and The Voice UK.

  • Leandro

    It’s official. Cassadee can poop on stage she will win this whole thing. She can’t sing but his enormous and rabid fanbase will carry her. I’m seriously thinking about not watch this show until she’s voted off.

  • Jordana33

    Ugghhh!  How did Aquile get eliminated? He was one of the best contestants on Xtina’s team. Now she’s left with a bunch of loud screechy generic singers and Dez. WTF? Other than D’borah, her team is pretty weak. 

  • sweetmm

    I don’t care if people call me shallow but I’m so happy I’ll get to see more of Dez ;)

  • Whiteshirt

    Julio — you got your clock cleaned buddy. Better pick a better song next week.

    Susanna you got robbed. The only reason that I can think of that Blake would pick that off key version of Payphone is that he knows she comes with a builtin crew of tweeting texting fans. Cassadee Pope was awful tonight.

  • gbocampo

    Adam’s team is the strongest. But the winning contestant is on Blake’s team named Cassadee. Unless, another black contestant sings a very inspiring song and wins the whole thing for his/her life story worth watching on Lifetime.

  • kmd23

    I like Dez better than Cassadee. I just don’t see where Cassadee is that great. She did not sing that good tonight at all.

  • verov

    Another night of deck-stacking – booting any perceived competition for the chosen ones in order to avoid splitting the public vote.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    I’m surprised there’s so much hate for Dez. I really like his voice- super cool tone and really clean runs. Haven’t watched today’s battles yet but so far, I like him a lot more than most of the other contestants who are still in this thing, purely from a musical perspective. Don’t think he’s “vanilla” at all.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Collin McLauchlin vs. Michaela Page”

    I think that Collin is the type who would have gone very far on Idol. Good, but nothing special.

    “Cassaddee Pope vs. Suzanna”

    I thought that Suzanna was far better than Cassadee, who was pretty generic. Cassadee gave a pretty uninspiring performance and seemed unsure of herself. I was surprised that Blake chose her.

    “Julio over MarissaAnn?! What the WHAT? Sorry Blake, but that makes no sense.”

    Yep. Another surprising choice. Even Blake’s rationale for choosing Julio was weak.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Why does Cassadee have such a large, rabid fanbase?

  • Leandro

    Because she was in a famous band before.

  • Leandro

    LOL. The lucky bastard only has to take care of himself and not smash his face against a wall and he’ll go far.

  • verov

     “Even Blake’s rationale for choosing Julio was weak.”
    Maybe he’s trying to court the coveted Hispanic vote (LOL – extrapolating a bit from the election there, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Blake has him sing in Spanish again come the live rounds….)

  • sweetmm

    Watching all Xtina’s KO rounds again:
    Laura is a great entertainer but Devyn was the better vocalist; Xtina choice for me is right.  Adriana vs Celica; pretty obvious again Xtina chose the better voice.  
    I mighty glad Dez stay :) and the round he deserved it as Alessandra did not do well this time around. 
    Chevonne vocals were all over the place, I always have a soft spot for De’borah and glad she did decent tonight. 
    The only round where I feel that I wished Xtina had not chosen the better performance; I’m gonna miss Aquile but hey Sylvia really did well.
    5/5 Xtina chosed the better performer; she fights fair I guess.

  • Jordana33

    Adam’s team is the strongest. But the winning contestant is on Blake’s team named Cassadee. Unless, another black contestant sings a very inspiring song and wins the whole thing for his/her life story worth watching on Lifetime

    Or they could just sing better than Cassadee, which shouldn’t be so hard. Not getting the race references here. 

  • Tomas

    Well, after this week I think it’s pretty clear the judges have their own favorites and have done the best they could to ensure those favorites will go far unimpeded. A lot of talented vocalists got the shaft in favor of lesser contestants, in my opinion. Kayla, Nicole, Caitlin, Aquile, MarissaAnn, Suzanna… Instead we have foddery material like Joselyn, MacKenzie, Devyn, Dez, Julio… *sigh* No idea what’s been happening.

    Adam has the strongest team, I think. The only weak link on it is Joselyn. Christina’s has no diversity, save for De’Borah. Cee Lo and Blake’s teams seem fairly average, at the moment.

    I’ll be rooting for Amanda, Loren, Bryan, Melanie, Nicholas, De’Borah and Terry. Maybe Trevin, Cody, Diego, Adriana, Liz, Michaela or Cassadee if they sing well and choose good songs. At this point I usually have a clear favorite, but not this season. I’m just going to wait and see if someone can truly impress me.

  • Ronny Dias

    Blake himself told us the reason he chose Julio: He wanted the most diverse group he could possibly have. That’s definitely his strategy to be this year’s winner!
    Sorry to see both MarissaAnn and Chevonne leave at once.

  • Leandro

    IDK at this point if singing better than Cassadee (which every contestant left but Julio can do) is a decisive factor.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    so after the battle rounds and knockout rounds, i like these performances:

    Terry – except for a minor mishap at the top, that ko performance won me over
    Amanda – battle rounds and ko
    Loren – ko
    Cody – ko AND personality lol
    Bryan – i like his voice but admittedly and contrary to what Adam said, i’m not so sure if he can actually connect to the audience
    De’borah – battle rounds
    Nicholas – battle rounds
    Melanie – yeah she’s one note but interestingly enough the only performance i didn’t like from her was actually her blind audition

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Dez sings in earnest, but I find him very cheesy and corny.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    and nasally.  i want a sing off between him and Diego who also had that similar whiny quality to his voice.  and then they could rip each other’s clothes

  • fuzzywuzzy

    ” Adam goes with Gracia even though she had a weird song choice.”

    The asteroid song is a weird song choice? lol I think that I’m one of the few people on the planet who likes that song.

  • sweetmm

    My thoughts on Blake’s KO rounds:
    Gracia bored me and Liz was owning the stage and her vocals was ok too, I’m with Blake on this.
    Rudy poor judgement on song choice gave the advantage to the resident British rocker Terry :)  Truly love Terry’s performance tonight.
    Michaela out-performed Collin; no brainer who should go through.
    MarissaAnn was hell of a lot better than Julio; so I don’t understand Blake’s choice.
    If Suzanna had chosen a better song, she might just had a chance.  Cassaddee was pretty bad tonight.  Blake went for the “favourite” and he is wise in doing so.

  • guinness 416

    I think he’s cheesy too, and not very interesting.  Not particularly impressed by tonight’s bunch to be honest, I can’t see any of them winning.  Mind you I wouldn’t have bet the house on Jermaine either so who knows.

  • mtlfan2

    Julio over MarissaAnn was really not a good choice. the rest seems to have been decided well for me tonight

  • sweetmm

    Suzanna Choffel ?@SuzannaChoffel
    What they didn’t show: Ceelo singing my praises & me saying how I chose that song cause Marley has influenced my music so much.#iaintmad

    Unfortunately the song did not showcase your voice :( You blew yr chance in my opinion.

  • sweetmm

    Yep that’s the only bad decision for me too.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    as a singer, i very much prefer Suzanna over Cassadee but her song choice was disappointing.  she did better than Cass imo but not great enough to make it a total blowout

  • Leandro

    ” Blake picks Cassadee because of Suzanna’s safe song choice.”

    Wow. How can a reggae song be safe for Suzanna, and indie/folk artist? Blake barely can hide the fact he already had chosen Cassadee over Suzanna, no matter how they sounded. Same thing with Julio.

  • girlygirltoo

    None of the performances by Team Christina contestants were very good.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Blake barely can hide the fact he already had chosen Cassadee over Suzanna, no matter how they sounded. Same thing with Julio.”

    More than the other judges, Blake appears to have predetermined who would “win” the knockout pairings and is very reluctant to change his mind.

  • Wellworn

    Susanna and Laura got robbed. 

  • Me Whoiam

    I love Liz’s voice, I think she sounds a bit like Martina McBride.  I thought Gracia did a good job on her song, as well.  I just prefer Liz’s voice overall.  Chevonne, Laura, Rudy, and Aquile were four of my favorites, so I’m disappointed that they were all eliminated.  I am glad that Terry, Sylvia, Liz, Michaela, and De’Borah made it, though.  I didn’t like MarissaAnn’s previous two performances, but, I did like her performance of Lady Marmalade. 

  • Whiteshirt

    In whole, I think team Cee-Lo is the strongest. Then Adam (mainly because of Brian Keith), then Blake, then TEAM XTINA!

    Blake could win again, because of the the voting block of Cassadee, but I am hoping someone from team Cee-Lo wins — he hands down has the most interesting team.

  • Reynaldo Pagsolingan

     Suzanna edged out Cassadee in all aspects. I now officially hate this show.

  • Reflects On Life

    Ceelo has the most interesting itunes-downloadable recognizable voices & styles.

    But when it comes to live singing, TERRY is my favorite hands down, in every single one of his performances, I just get lost in his voice.  Kinda like Juliet last year and Javier & Dia the year before.

  • Kariann Hart

    I really like Cody and I can see why Dez is still there.  Dez reminds me of Mario Lopez.  I haven’t picked my favorite female yet.  Let’s see how the live rounds go. 

    I don’t know that The Voice has better talent than X-Factor, but I am enjoying it a lot more.  We’ll see which show brings forth a million song seller.  I also like the judges better on The Voice.

  • Dwayne Robert Allan Morrison

    You know I dont care if I get hated on for saying this….I LOVE LIZ! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH CASSADDEE! LOVE ME SOME SYLIVA!!!

    Liz show win the show; she’s hot, can sing anything! I know there are some haterz for Cassaddee but shes awesome. I am listening to payphone on repeat. her voice is so different. Her band made such great music and I cant wait to hear more….I kinda want her to sing Avril.

    SYLIVA is the full POP package. get some more styling for her and I am on board.



  • Dwayne Robert Allan Morrison


  • Dwayne Robert Allan Morrison


  • Dwayne Robert Allan Morrison

    all my friends hate payphone and she made us like it. thats why she is amazing. enough said.

  • Dwayne Robert Allan Morrison

    ahhh i love this!!! agree completely. But i really love Cassaddee.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    and this is one of the reasons why it’s hard for me to appreciate Cassadee.  fans keep hyping her up and spamming her name but she’s not delivering enough to match how vocal her fans are about her being great

  • pj

    Haha.  Gotta laugh too.  Right now my faves are (in no particular order except for abc) Amanda, Cody, De’Borah, and Terry.  That can easily change. 
    I thought my recap of Cassadee’s performance was… kind.  ;-)

  • mikaylaislove

    Was this mentioned on the Voice? Did xtina remember her? 
    Wiki: “In 2004, Pope started singing backround for the superstar Christina Aguilara .”

  • Jordana33

    I sort of feel like the knockout rounds undid everything good about the battle rounds. Ultimately, the only good thing that came out of the battle rounds save (and is still around) is Amanda Brown. I really don’t get the concept of the knockout rounds. At a point in the competition when we’ve already heard these artists perform twice and are starting to pick our favorites, the fates of contestants should not be determined by how they sing one song against one other person on the team. The judges should pick a top five. Yesterday wasn’t so bad. Cee-Lo picked fairly and Adam picked fairly most of the times (although I still don’t get Bryan Keith!). However, Xtina picked a bunch of  Xtina-clones for her team and Blake’s choices just seemed pre-determined. 

    At this point, my favorites are Cody, Amanda, Terry, Nikolas, Lauren, Trevin and D’borah. However,  I really think that Gracie, Aquile,  Joe and Laura should have also made it through to the live rounds.  

  • Claude Dee

    Blake made some weird decisions tonight, no? Cassadee’s blind audition was still her best performance. Her Battle Rounds performance (they only showed 2 seconds of it, so maybe it was bad) and this latest performance was kinda weak. She was unsure? uncomfortable? singing Payphone. Suzanna should have won!!! 
    Don’t get me started on that Julio guy.Team Blake’s team this year is mehhh.. Cassadee is his only hope. Moving on…Imo, Dez Duron may not be the greatest singer in the competition, but the guy can sannng and he sings with so much emotion. He deserves to go through. He’s the only rose among the thorns! Hah.I love De’Borah!!! And Adriana blew me away with that high note! :) 

  • bahogbugan_simj

    for some coaches, it makes little difference.  it’s just a formality (most likely in Blake’s case).  if you change the rule to picking out the top 5 instead of the match-ups, i have little doubt Blake will still choose the same people

    i think Adam did use the knockout round concept for the most part in his choices and to a lesser extent CeeLo

    the primary purpose for the KO round is to milk bits of drama of the final “casting process”.  i used the word “casting process” because that’s how i see the pre-live show segments of any singing competitions whether it’s The Voice, AI or X-Factor

    so i don’t mind this part of the format that much even if i disagreed with some of the choices.  i actually think these KO episodes have been the best so far in terms of pacing

    my only real complaint is that 16 singers per team is a bit too much. they ended up montaging some contestants during the battle rounds. i think they should go back to 12

  • Aavari

    Never, ever watched the show before and have no idea what
    the rules are, but I did catch the last half last night. I’ve never seen or
    heard any of these performers before so these are really first impressions of
    each of these singers:

    Very impressed by MarissaAnn, sure she was showboating but
    she’s got the voice to do it. She was fabulous, what a good song choice.  Totally didn’t get that Blake picked Julio
    over her, with his very odd song choice and very unimpressive performance.

    I preferred Collin to Michaela.  On my TV, at least, Michaela’s voice was getting
    overpowered by the music, couldn’t hear her. And when you could, some parts
    were very shouty. Which is too bad, as she seemed much better than that in her
    behind the scenes stuff. Blake probably made the right choice with her, but I hope this performance is not typical of her.

    I think I adore Terry! That was great! As for Rudy, I loved
    that he was able to inject some soulful emotion into what is really just a
    bubble gum pop song, but I couldn’t get past the fact that he was singing a
    bubble gum pop song.

    I thought Cassadee was awful, sorry. Her voice warbled on every
    line, her delivery was just all wrong for that song. I preferred Susanna, but
    it wasn’t a hugely memorable performance. I think she was right to be worried
    about not having a vocal moment.

    Sorry for the ignorance, but what happens to those who were
    not picked? Are they out for good?

  • chillj

    I don’t know where her Cassadee’s  base came from, but you sure ran headlong into it.  I thought she was off key.

  • chillj

    Not to mention her fans are rude, yell, and can not punctuate.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I don’t know where her Cassadee’s  base came from, but you sure ran headlong into it.”

    lol It appears that a large portion of Cassadee’s fanbase is just as rabid and obnoxious as Idol fans of the same ilk. 

    “I thought she was off key.”

    I thought that Cassadee had some pitch issues, although they weren’t horrible. I was mainly struck by her apparent lack of confidence and she seemed very nervous, leading to a pretty average performance.

    “Not to mention her fans are rude, yell, and can not punctuate.”

    Yep. Again, the same characteristics as a faction of Idol fans. lol

  • Incipit

    Oops. Came in too soon – I don’t mess with this until they have a cast…got the week wrong – but I was curious about this Ms Pope…so much hype. 

    Nope, not living up to it – not with that song, anyway. Repetitve melody gave her no chance to show off this voice she’s supposed to have, vocals were breathy, very thin on the top, and the top note was unsupported and didn’t sound good at all.Didn’t see/feel/hear any connection to the song, not that this song gives her much to connect to. Are we to believe she picked it?

    The girl she sang against, her voice had a much better timbre…but neither one of them impressed me with their choices, or the execution. JMO.

    I’ll check back next week, I guess.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Current iTunes rankings for songs from last night:

    37 MacKenzie Bourg – Call Me Maybe (The Voice Performance)

    118 Cassadee Pope – Payphone – (The Voice Performance)

    119 Melanie Martinez – Bulletproof (The Voice Performance)

    129 Trevin Hunte – Against All Odds (The Voice Performance)

    158 Terry McDermott – Maybe I’m Amazed (The Voice Performance)

    178 Nicholas David – Put Your Records On (The Voice Performance)

    Not surprised that MacKenzie’s rendition of CMM is selling so well.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Nope, not living up to it – not with that song, anyway. Repetitve
    melody gave her no chance to show off this voice she’s supposed to have,
    vocals were breathy, very thin on the top, and the top note was
    unsupported and didn’t sound good at all.Didn’t see/feel/hear any
    connection to the song, not that this song gives her much to connect to.
    Are we to believe she picked it?”

    I agree, and yes, this round the contestants are supposed to have chosen their song to help show who they are as an artist (hence, the repeated commentary by the coaches on song choice).

  • Incipit

     this round the contestants are supposed to have chosen their song to help show who they are as an artist 

    Ah, I see. Thanks, fuzzywuzzy. I’m at a loss then why she would pick this…unless because it’s a judge’s song? It did nothing for her voice…and that leads me to think she doesn’t ‘know’ who she is as an artist, and what really suits her abilities.

    Contestants in that position very seldom entertain me. They are frustrating to listen to. IMO.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Twitter followers (in brackets) added to iTunes rankings:

    37 MacKenzie Bourg – Call Me Maybe (The Voice Performance) ETA: From Monday’s show (21,801 followers)

    118 Cassadee Pope – Payphone – (The Voice Performance) (187,451 Followers)

    119 Melanie Martinez – Bulletproof (The Voice Performance) ETA: From Monday’s show (15,802 followers)

    129 Trevin Hunte – Against All Odds (The Voice Performance) ETA: from Monday’s show (8,957 followers)

    158 Terry McDermott – Maybe I’m Amazed (The Voice Performance) (6,558 followers)

    178 Nicholas David – Put Your Records On (The Voice Performance) ETA: From Monday’s show (3,910 followers)


  • Listening

    The kncokout round was frustrating for me even though I liked the thought they could pick their own song and we got to different songs. It was like everytime I liked an act the mentor would pick a different one. And the straw that broke the camel’s back when Blake picked  Julio whom I believe was the marachie guy over MarissaAnn. My sister and I both thought she was superior it wasn’t even close Julio was awkward and uncomfortable on stage. His vocals were timid. While Marrisanne was bold and powerful. I was telling mys sis that she’d been stolen from Christina and I thought she’d been stupid to let her go.  I’d also mentioned that usually the one I liked didn’t get picked but k=noway would that happen now. It would be complete madness the difference in stage presence and skill level were so apparent. I threw up my arms and screamed noway when Blake picked Julio he said something like i’ve gotten to know Julio better. Uggg Blake you moron if you don’t blood promise to keep someone on your team it don’t matter who you know better it’ who’ll give the better performance. If you didn’t like how she arranges songs you can teach her how to do it you’d be her mentor.

    The knockout rounds were just so aggravating.

  • jga94

    Julio over NarissaAnn and then Cassadee over Suzanna?!Whaaaat? Those two eliminated were clearly vocally better than the winners….Blake would always comment about pitch issues…..Cassadee was all over the place with that song….I mean I thought it was terrible…maybe that was the reason why before she wasn’t a soloist but belonged to a band…she’s not that good….

    I think Blake is setting up Cassadee to be his ultimate bet…he’s eliminating similar young pop singers (ie MarrisaAnn) who can sing better than her….hope Terry gets further….I think for Blake’s team, Terry’s the best(actually the only good one left in his team)…

    I think that if one considers overall performance and promise, Gracia would havee been a better pick…just that her song choice sucked…

    For Christina’s team, I hope De’borah outlasts them all….they’re all alike and Dez is not that good….

    The ones I like are De’borah, Terry and Nicolas

  • Connie D

    Rudy Parris was awesome! Too bad he had to sing against Terry McDermott.

  • chillj

    In additon, there were not many stellar song choices; they seemed very limited.  I hate seeing the best singers get picked off due to “strategy.”  It’s nuts.

  • OffLeash

    I agreed with Blake picking Julio, and although Cassadee wasn’t at her best, I still find her more interesting vocally and as an artist than Suzanna who picked a song that didn’t suit her at all IMO.

    In this round, the coaches by now know much more about their artists than we do obviously. They’ve spent enough time with them, and they can already tell who in their opinions is more interesting as an artist, and who can perform better under stress.

  • Chris Corey

      First of all the talent this season on the Voice way surpasses last season and first season. I have to admit after seeing all the teams its clear Cee-Lo has the best team. He had the best team last season too. Cee-Lo’s five Trevin, Nickolas, Cody, Mackenzie and Diego are very unique and distinct and super uber talented. Isn’t it telling four of the five Cee-Lo’s picks are on th intunes charts. Also most of his team if u all didn’t notice Cee-Lo only turned around for them in the blind auditions the others rejected them. Lets remember Cee-Lo only turned around for Amanda Brown. Cee-Lo goes for the off beat and unique. Anyone agree Cee-Lo has by far the best team? Adam’s is a close second. I thought Adam/Cee-Lo had strong picks. X Tiina has the most boring team. I thought Laura should have been secleted over Devon but Devon has the more marketable look. On Blake’s I thought MariassaAnn was fabulous. Which coach has the best team to you?

  • Leandro

    For me: Cee-Lo>> Adam (just because of Loren and Amanda)>> Christina>>>>>>>>>>>>> Blake

    Blake screwed totally his team yesterday.

  • OffLeash

    Cee Lo might be useless as a coach IMO (I don’t find his platitudes very useful to his artists) but he does know how to pick interesting contestants who are already “ready” for prime time.

    I even agreed with his not picking Avery, who was an early fave of mine. Avery will be a superstar some day, but after this week’s bad song choice and performance, I had to admit he’s not ready yet. He’s still way too young and immature as an artist.

  • Karen W.

    I thought Terry was adorable and sounded amazing!    I liked Cassaddee when she sang Torn during auditions but she was way off key last night.

  • hcpoirot

    Blake has the weakest team. None of them really stand out both from vocal point and stage presence. None of them are memorable.

    Christina though she choose lots of diva belter, but at least I can still remember one or two acts from her team.

    This year ily between Adam and Cee Lo team who will win this.

  • hcpoirot

    Surprisingly lots of contestants are tripping over song choices. Best example is Avery. he choose Justin Bieber song and get cut.

    Terrible. Justin song are nice to hear on radio but not that great to sing live and hoping votes from viewers.

    So in the future for hopeful contestants: If you had to pick song between the ever boring Whitney Houstons songs or Justin Bieber songs, you had to choose Whitney songs every time.

  • Jordana33

    My Team Rankings would be:
    1. Cee-Lo. Good contenders are Trevin, Cody and Nikolas and Mackenzie. (It would have been stronger with either Caitlin, Avery or Mycle, but overall, he made good choices)
    2. Adam: Best contestants: Amanda,  Lauren and possibly Melanie (would have been stronger with Joe)
    3. Xtina: Best: D’borah. Dez has improved and will probably go far on looks alone. (would have been stronger with Aquile and Laura)
    4. Blake: Best contestant: Terry. If he kept everyone he got rid of, his team would have been stronger.