The Voice 3 – Finale Duet Partners Revealed

Are you ready for The Voice finale week? Tonight, the Top 3 finalists, Casadee Pope, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David will battle it out for The Voice crown. The winner will be announced tomorrow night in a two hour extravaganza beginning at 8 pm.

Now, Yahoo Music reveals the special duet partners who will team up for performances with the remaining 3 finalists at tomorrow night’s finale.

Cassadee Pope – Avril Lavign
Terry McDermott – Peter Frampton
Nicholas David – Smokey Robinson

Pretty much the usual singing competition suspects!

Also performing at tomorrow’s big finale,  will be Rihanna who will perform her latest hit, “Diamonds.” Bruno Mars will sing “When I Was Your Man.” Kelly Clarkson will belt her catchy pop single, “Catch My Breath” and The Killers will rock out on “Runaways.”


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  • Larc

    I think it’s high time they retired Smokey Robinson from things such as this.  He’s too noticeably far past his prime.

  • poipugirl

    Can’t wait!

  • EH

    It looks like these duets are actually happening tomorrow.

    iTunes has their songs up and boy do Cee Lo and Blake hate their boys.  Poor Nicholas is singing “Great Balls of Fire” and Terry is singing, gulp, Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings” which is probably the worst song in the world except for Mr. Mister’s other song.  All you can hear on his recording is loud drums.

    Cassadee is singing Faith Hill’s Cry, which is a good choice for her.

    Duets with coaches:Steve McQueen – Blake/Cassadee
    Dude Looks Like a Lady (BARF) – Blake/Terry
    Play that Funky Music – CeeLo/Nick

    Repeats: Over You, Lean on Me and I Want to Know What Love Is

  • Jason Scott

    WHY is Blake pushing Cassadee to be Country?! She’s. not. country. Oy.

    Anyways, I see her repeat is “Over You.” Way to pander to votes with a super sentimental song…

  • Leandro

    As I expected, they’re throwing under the bus more and more and more the guys to crown Cantsingdee the winner

  • Ronny Dias

    Avril joining Cassadee on stage shouldn’t be called a duet. It seems as a competition proposed for the former: ‘Who can sound more like myself?’

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m not a fan of any of the remaining contestants (my fave was Amanda), so I don’t have too much personal interest in the show tonight. I do think that the producers are doing their best to have Cassadee win (bad song choices to sabotage the guys, etc.) and even though I think that she’s a weak singer, I guess that TPTB believe that she’s their best chance at having a commercially successful winner. The lineup of guest stars for tomorrow is really terrific though – looking forward to Kelly and Bruno! 

  • EH

    Actually, Nick’s song title says “Great Balls of Fire/Fire” but the entire 90 second clip is Hendrix’s “Fire” which is not that bad for him.

  • EvenMoreron

    Are the Killers still confirmed? I heard Brandon has laryngitis.

  • heartly

    That’s what I’ve been wondering.  Unless they taped something before because they are supposed to be on the east coast tomorrow too.  I haven’t seen them mentioned in any tv ads since Friday either.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    “…….to crown Cantsingdee as the winner”

    (Sorry, can’t control my fingers… too itchy…)

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    those who dislike Cassadee should get over with

    Jamar Rogers said: Cassadee’s Youtube hits left everyone in the dust. Really?…0.0…1ac.1.gScx7gRkzCA

  • 1rollbounce2

    A 30 yr old and 2 70ish yr olds for duet partners?  That CRAP for Nicholas’ song?  And Terry’s too for that matter?  Save me the pain and crown the Pope why don’tcha?????

    And is it my imagination or is Kelly’s latest single not ca ca ca ca catching on like “they” thought it would?  Her sales aren’t “all that” are they?   Kinda disappointing for me anyway.

    Let Kelly duet with cassaddee so we can really see how much she sucks.  (Cassaddee of course)

  • girlygirltoo

    How predictable are these duet partners? People keep comparing Cassadee to Avril (although I think Avril is way way way edgier), they stick Terry and Nicholas with people who really haven’t been relevant in terms of the music that is popular/current since the 1970’s — although both Frampton and Robinson are icons.

  • concerntotheunfortunate

    President Obama, Garth Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, even Simon Cowell (huh?) tweeted @BlakeShelton supporting @CassadeePope and TerryMacDermott! 
    Wow!What’s happening here?

  • EH

    Um, that would be Blake’s sense of humor happening there. : )

  • Kirsten

    Cassadee Pope – Avril Lavign

    That makes sense since Cassadee has been trying to be Avril all season.

    Terry McDermott – Peter Frampton

    Again, perfect fit since that is exactly the ancient style of rock that Terry sings.

    Nicholas David – Smokey Robinson

    Eh? I guess Smokey offered to be on the show, so Nicholas gets to sing with him.

    At least Smokey is a very generous duet partner and will let Nicholas shine.

  • Jordana33

    Wow. Could they make the finale any more boring?

  • Kariann Hart

    I really don’t see any problems here.  I have enjoyed the season and would be happy if Terry won.  However, Cassadee is more marketable and she’s the one they want.

  • iani

    A TK fan was there at TV show and confirmed that TK taped the performance last week  and they sing tonight “Here With Me”, a ballad from their new album and at the very end of the song Cassadee sings with Brandon. It’s strange that they don’t sing their new single.

  • EvenMoreron

    Here With Me is the new Killers single, the video is already up on their Vevo.