The Voice 3 – The Final Top 3 – iTunes Rankings, Poll Results, Predictions!

The Voice voting methodology changes a little for final, and it’s a tad bit confusing.

The iTunes voting procedures have been altered. There will be NO iTunes bonus for contestants who hit the Top 10. BUT, EVERY iTUNES VOTE FROM THE LIVE ROUNDS INCLUDING PRIOR BONUSES will count as votes. EVERY song you download from a finalist (up to 10 votes for each eligible song) will count as a vote for your contestant:

For the sake of clarity, the Cumulative iTunes Vote Total will include iTunes downloads of eligible songs from the live performance episodes, up to a limit of ten (10) downloads per eligible song per valid iTunes account, beginning at the opening of the voting window for the November 12 episode and continuing until the close of the voting window for the finale, and will include downloads occurring during and outside the applicable voting windows for the performance episodes airing on November 12 through December 17, 2012.

You got that? You can read more at The Voice Online.

Here are this week’s iTunes rankings, including songs from prior weeks, since they count:

Top 12 iTunes Rankings (All Songs in the Top 100)

1. Cassadee Pope – Cry
5.  Terry McDermott – Broken Wing
6. Cassadee Pope – Over You
12. Terry McDermott – I Want to Know What Love Is
14. Nicholas David – Great Balls of Fire/Fire
24. Cassadee Pope – Stupid Boy
29. Terry McDermott and Blake Shelton – Dude Looks Like a Lady
35. Nicholas David and Cee Lo Green – Play that Funky Music White Boy
38. Blake Shelton and Cassadee Pope – Steve McQueen
43. Nicholas David – Lean on Me
73. Terry McDermott – Let it Be

Cassadee – 4 songs Top 100, 3 songs Top 25, 2 songs Top 10, 1 song Top 4
Terry – 4 songs Top 100, 2 songs Top 25, 2 songs Top 10, 0 songs Top 4
Nicholas – 3 songs Top 100, 1 song Top 25, 0 songs Top 10, 0 songs Top 4

Cassadee outranks everyone as far as iTunes is concerned. If iTunes counts for a significant portion of the votes, or if the vote totals are close, Cassadee’s iTunes dominance could win her the crown over Terry. I don’t even think Nicholas is a factor.

Check out the rough estimate from prior weeks.  I’m not counting recurrents here–ie songs from prior weeks that stayed high on the charts. I suspect Cassadee prevailed there as well.

Top 12 -Tunes

32 – Cassadee Pope – Behind These Hazel Eyes
46 – Terry McDermott – More Than a Feeling
77 – Nicholas David – The Power of Love

Top 10 iTunes Rankings

1. Cassadee Pope – Over You
17. Nicholas David – Lean On Me
69. Terry McDermott – Summer of ’69

Top 8

2. Are You Happy Now? – Cassadee Pope
8. What’s Going On – Nicholas David
19. Over – Terry McDermott

Top  6

2. Terry McDermott – Team Blake – “I Want To Know What Love Is”
3. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “Stand”
4.  Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – “Over the Rainbow”
7. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake – “I’m With You”
30. Terry McDermott – Team Blake – “Stay With Me”
40. Nicholas David – Team Cee L0 – “September”

Top 4

1. Cassadee Pope – Stupid Boy
2. Terry McDermott – Let it Be
4. Nicholas David – Let it Be
34. Trevin Hunte – Wind Beneath My Wings

Here are the results of our blog polls:

Favorite Contestant

1. Cassadee Pope – 57.51%
2. Terry McDermott – 23.56%
3. Nicholas David – 18.93%

Favorite Performance

1. Cassadee Pope – Cry – 38%
2. Cassadee Pope – Over You – 18.38%
3. Terry McDermott – I Wanna Know What Love Is – 11.39%
4. Nicholas David and Cee Lo Green – Play that Funky Music – 7.89%
5. Terry McDermott and Blake Shelton – Dude Looks Like a Lady – 6.88%
6. Nicholas David – Great Balls of Fire/Fire – 5.52%
7. Nicholas David – Lean on Me – 4.62$
8. Terry McDermott – Broken Wing – 4.06%
9. Cassadee Pope and Blake Shelton – Steve McQueen – 3.16

Look. Cassadee is at the top of the favorite performance list…and at the bottom. Her “Steve McQueen” performance with Blake only ranked at 38. No matter, her iTunes ranking overall have been dominant. I think she’s in an excellent position to take it all tonight. If Terry wins, we’ll know it was due to the Power of the Penis…

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  • mjsbigblog


  • iani

    I’ve followed TV mostly from some of the videos posted here, I don’t know what kind of success the 3 of them would have in the future but I think, Nicholas with his figure and personality, might be great in some historical movies if he’d be cast. When I saw him first time, my mind went directly to Quasimodo’s character, that role would be great for him I think. Cassadee’s beauty reminds me of Robin Wright’s cold beauty, hope Blake help her and get more exposure after the show, she is the easiest one to be marketable in MO. I don’t know what Terry can do as a solo artist, I’ve liked his “nostalgia”-music selection, but in the “present” I don’t see him ready/able to fight the reality of “everyday competition”. And lol, to his “power” of winning

  • chillj


  • Shair Shamsuddin

    In all seriousness, She had this in the bag. I think she will succeed after the show. Just look at her topping all the Itunes charts after she sang “over you”. People are getting crazy over Cassadee. 

    ETA: But somethingk’s fishy?? Why they change the votings at the very last minute. Do I smell TPTB pushing over Cassadee??

  • fuzzywuzzy

    NBC is airing a 1 hour repeat of yesterday’s performances before the actual finale, which is 2 hours long! Even though there will be lots of filler, there will also be lots of good entertainment by guest stars (Kelly and Bruno!!), so I’m not complaining. lol

  • sweetmm

    Looking forward to the finale; hopefully well get a great entertainment show tonight.  Cass should have this under her hat, but stranger things can happen as we’ve seen before.  However basing on last nights’ solid performances; it’ll be fair if she’ll get the crown :) 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Cassadee has this in the bag too, but I remember last season what a surprise it was when Jermaine Paul won, but then again, they did not have the iTunes 10x rule back then. If anyone could beat Cassadee, it would be Terry I think. If Cassadee does win, then I think that they will really go all out trying to make her a commercial success.

  • chillj

    Oh nooooo!  I guess I need to use my Sopranos filler, which I have been replacing the nightly news with.

  • Kirsten

    Nothing I like more than changing the rules after the voting ended. Tyrannical incumbents would love to be able to do that (but, the UN observers won’t let them so they rely on their rock-solid deceased voting block)

    Mark is even more ruthless than Nigel and Simon. He will go the super-extra mile to get the winner he wants this year.

    I have visions of Mark and his minions sitting in a room trying different strategies to get the win.

    Mark: Ten times bonus get X the win?
    Minion1: Nope. We are 550 votes shy.
    Mark:  Hmmm…well, how about 100 times bonus if you get two songs in the top 10?
    Minion2: Well, that will work, but won’t people maybe think that is a little unfair?
    Mark: Who cares? That purple rock trick I tried years ago in Survivor got us lots of chatter. Chatter means buzz. And buzz means ratings!
    Minion1: Um…the purple rock turned of a lot of our viewers. It was kind of a shark-jumping moment. Just saying.
    Mark: Right. How about we count up all the votes since the the top 12?
    Minion3: Just a sec….SUM those columns…Sorry, boss. X loses by even a wider margin if we do that.
    Mark: Dammit! I just did not spend the last 2 weeks revving up a bus to be defeated now. How about if we just count all the iTunes votes?
    Minion3: Okay…turn off those columns….include the 10x multiplier…Bingo! X wins by hair.
    Mark: Done and Done. Just send out a press release with the new rules before we go to air. I’m off to check out those mini-chocolate donuts at the craft services table.
    Minion2: ….Okay…who remembers what the new rules we just agreed to are?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Nothing I like more than changing the rules after the voting ended.”

    They weren’t changed. The rules that MJ posted have been posted on the Voice website for a while now.

  • Kirsten


    They weren’t changed. The rules that MJ posted have been posted on the Voice website for a while now.

    Define “a while”. If it isn’t before the season started, I call shennigans!