The Voice 2 Final – Vote for your Favorite Contestant and Performance (POLLS)

You saw The Voice final tonight, now vote in the polls for favorite performance and favorite contestant.

The Voice Final – Favorite performance

The Voice Final – Favorite Contestant

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  • Ryan

    i vote for hollie cavanagh :D

  • Sybill Trelawney

    Clearly, the winner will be David Cook. 

  • Ryan

    i dont know, i think carrie underwood has a shot :P

  • Anonymous

    Beats the hell out me I do not see a winner in that group.

  • kesia monteith

    Bahaha! Yeah, where can I vote for Elise Testone? No better, there should be an option that says “The Voice UK is waaaaayyyyyy better”. Because it is ;)

  • kesia monteith

    Nah, I think it will be Kelly Clarkson. I see a future with that girl….LOL

  • Leandro

    I’ll vote for Juliet based on her preview’s performances. They should have given the title for her last week. Too bad she had pneumonia this week. 

    Can’t believe that Tony’s silly provocation is getting him the first place on i-tunes.

  • Stavros

    Came into this week a Juliet fan, leaving it a Chris Mann fan.  If there’s any justice his three BRILLIANT performances tonight will leave him the title.  I’ve never felt chills before but all three of his songs gave me goosies of one sort of another tonight! And just last week I was saying how much I didn’t like him!

  • Ryan

    really?!?! i dont think she will ever amount to the amazing success of javier *sarcasm*

  • Pam

    I don’t have an absolute favorite so I suppose if I did, it would be Jermaine.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised Juliet is the favorite. I definitely like her style of singing, but she didn’t sound great tonight.  

  • Jenna

    Rofl amazing comments <3

  • Jae


  • Leandro

    Maybe people are voting for her based on the fact she has pneumonia and gave before the 2 most amazing performances of the show this season. I know I am.

  • Anonymous

    She seems really good.  I’m not voting, just a casual viewer of this show.  :)

  • pj

    Not voting.  Don’t care.

  • Leandro

    Not a fan of the show either. Just a fan of Juliet. 

    Again, sad that Tony, being such a weak singer, is already #9 on i-tunes. He’s gonna win the whole thing just based on a silly provocation and Adam’s machinations.

    But we all know that not even 5% of his 550.000 followers will buy his album

  • Anonymous

    I like Juliet but not tonight.  Tony for the win!

  • Shirley Rose Paredes

    Adam and Tony is using all the controversies to win. Because all of us here knows that Tony really doesn’t have real fans. His followers are either fan of Adam and JT or an enemy of Xtina.. hahaha

    I’ll call it smart but dirty though..

  • Jake Williams

    Juliet is getting signed whether she wins or not. So I won’t break my tv if she doesn’t.

  • Josh

    This may be a stupid question but since I missed the show and had to watch clips, does anybody know if all 3 songs the artists did count on ITunes or just their main one?

  • Anonymous

    For the night of “pulling out all the stops” ’cause this is it, I wasn’t impressed with either Tony
    or Juliet. Jermaine has realized his dream of being in the spotlight, Chris, the opera singer,
    his duet with Christina was fantastic as well as his “You Lift Me Up”  (not sure if that is the
    title) but it’s all Colton….

  • Leandro

    It’s obvious at this point they tried their best for Juliet to win, since their first choice for a female singer, Lindsey, couldn’t pass through Chris Mann. But Cee-Lo’s song choices and Juliet’s health didn’t help it. But I think she’ll be OK. Her boyfriend is the lead singer of one of the biggest metal bands at this moment, and they’re also signed with Universal RP ( Black Veil Brides)and she has a name (small but significant) on the rock scene. So, she’ll not have a problem with the “rock creed”, I guess.

    ETA: there are much better pop-opera singers than Chris Mann, like Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Vitas, but they can’t sell record, they can only live with live shows. That’s the reality. And they’re also good looking.

  • Anonymous

     Josh, just the main song counts as a vote on iTunes.

  • sf3456

    Juliet is getting signed whether she wins or not. So I won’t break my tv if she doesn’t.

    Cee-Lo said on twitter if she doesn’t win because of the celebrity friends tweeting, he will sign her.

  • Leandro

    I doubt he’ll because UMG has preference and will sign her. Same thing with Jamar. I’ll not be surprised if RaeLynn is already signed with UMG/Nashville.

  • Anonymous

    If i’m basing my vote on the overall journey for them, I would have to go with Juliet for sure!
    If I’m basing my vote on yesterday’s performances, I would choose Tony Lucca for his rendition of “99 Problems”, which is my favorite song of the season after Lindsey Pavao’s “Say Aah”

  • Landon Cox

    Did they let Idol clear their songs for them? These choices are awful!

  • Anonymous

    Tony Lucca just revealed himself to be an obnoxious sexist jerk who can’t handle criticism from a woman. I’m very disappointed in Adam Levine for assisting him in this. Good on Xtina for calling both of them out.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    IF that’s true, then Tony may win the competition, but he’ll not likely be any kind of commercial success, since he’s being supported for reasons other than people liking his music/performances.

  • Trina

    Tony has had a huge, huge Twitter following before he even stepped foot on The Voice because he was well known in the Indie music scene so he definitely has his own fans. Obviously hes going to get votes from Adam Levine/anti Christina fans as well, but eh, hes a WGWG and his “type” has been winning singing competitions for years now so I would see nothing unusual about him winning. Adam is a dirty player though.

  • Anonymous

    Juliet was simply amazing last night, this group is so much better than Idol, the Idol singers are more like the Mickey Mouse club compared to these guys but I do love Hollie, I do.  Chris Mann is very good too and I liked Tony.  I loved Jamarr and Blake together.  I really liked the performances last night, except for Christina, she was awful and I wanted her to shut up so I could hear Chris and that dress UGH, no way could I wear a dress like that but did she not realize her back fat was visible. Someone really needs to get her a stylist for her performances. She has been looking so beautiful while she is judging then she gets on stage with that?

  • Anonymous

    My hope is that Tony is not getting as many votes as we think.. I am basing this on the fact that without Adam’s help he wouldnt have gotten past Katrina. I maxed out my phone and online votes for Juliet and Chris because I dont care which one wins.. just want it to be one of them.. I also bought both of thier songs on Itunes (and the Prayer). I am not worried too much about the itunes placement because so far it has not really been that great an indicator.. Lyndsay was a top seller but she isnt here now

  • anibundel

    If Tony wins, what’s the over/under on how long it will be until he’s on twitter, begging Nigel to put him back on television?

  • Velvetsun

    First, I like Juliet. She has been good all season, but gimme a break…CeeLo picked the wrong songs for her last night. Just because I like her doesn’t mean that I will insist she did an amazing job, when she obviously struggled.
    Second, I will NEVER understand why someone would purposely vote AGAINST a contestant. I mean, if you don’t really care who wins, why bother voting at all? It is silly, childish behavior, and a huge waste of time. No one is forcing you to watch the show. I gave up on Idol after watching it since the beginning because the contestants and ‘judges’ bored me to tears. 
    Vote for someone, or not at all.

  • Velvetsun

    I agree that this whole feud between Tony/Xtina is more about Adam/Xtina…but I think if Christina had just kept her mouth shut and tried to be professional about her criticisms for Tony, this whole thing would never have gotten so far. As it is, she is fueling the haters as much as Adam is.

  • Velvetsun

    I find it ironic that people are attacking Adam and Tony for picking that JZ song, but no one says a word about Christina falling out of her outfits each week, or CeeLo’s constant sexual innuendo during the audition rounds. If you’re going to get on a soap box about something, you can’t just pick and choose what you are outraged about.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch the voice, but i hope juliet wins.