The Voice 2 – Blind Auditions #5 - Who Was Your Favorite? Take the Poll

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The Blind Auditions are over! Who was your favorite The Voice contestant tonight? Take the Pool!

  • Miz

    Really liked Whitney Myer. Very interesting voice and delivery.

  • Aden

    Sh*t!!!  Winner of The Voice Sara Hill.  She sounded awesome!  Move over Jennifer Hudson!

  • sweetmm

    Kudos to Sera Hill; she was terribly excited and nervous singing with Xtina but she held her own.  Hope to hear more great performances from her :)

  • Kariann Hart

    I also thought Sera Hill did a great job.  She didn’t need Christina to sing with her – I already liked her.  However, that did add extra fun to the show.

  • Anonymous

    I would’ve voted for Whitney too if I could vote twice but I went with Sera. For originality, I would’ve stuck with Whitney. I usually hate it when people sing No One on singing competitions but hers was a really unique take on the song. Sera though sang a difficult song and she nailed it.