The PS 22 Chorus of NYC Sing Phillip Phillips’ “Home” (VIDEO)

The famed PS22 chorus of New York City sing “Home” by Phillip Philips. Both David Cook and Carrie Underwood have performed their own songs with the chorus.

Phillip was not available to join in, unfortunately, but the kids do a really great job on their own.

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  • sdmama

    William Shatner talks about his long journey to come to terms with his Captain Kirk fame. I hope Phillip will do so faster than it took Bill.  This song is a gem.  Phillip should be able to handle both Home and his own songs. This was beautiful.

  • sporkle

    This is just beautiful. 

  • Kitwana

    What an honor for P2! Another feather in his cap. Home is the gift from Idol that just keeps on giving. If Cook or Kris got Home for their second CD, you gotta think their second eras would have been more successful. I think Home actually fits Cook’s voice and vibe more than P2. YMMV

  • p2fan

    I hope there will be a next time when PP can join.  So heart-rending.  So beautiful!

  • abbysee

    Really? I couldn’t imagine him singing this outside the idol stage.

    Eta: love PS. 22 one of my friends kid was in that chorus.

  • Kitwana

    Abbysee: based on sales and radio adds, I think Home has made it outside the Idol bubble. I guess it’s not clear whether the song would have been as successful for Cook or Kris because they would probably not have gotten the same promo. However, I do think Home is a very good song.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    Home has the lyric and the sound, the sound is not common or popular on this days which makes it atractive to people outside Idol, and the lyric is so positive that can be used or related to everyone.

  • Enough already!

    One must wonder how much better off some of the past Idol winners would be if they had been given such a good coronation song instead of the crap they got.  Does it really take 11 years of doing this show for the people who run it to know a good song from a bad one?   Guess I answered my own question.  

  • girlygirltoo

    Home has definitely made it outside the Idol bubble. Jury is still out on whether Phillip has.

  • TheOther

    Really? I couldn’t imagine him singing this outside the idol stage.

    Huh?  Phillip has performed the song many times outside of the Idol bubble.

    He’s actually in NY working on his album.  Went straight there from the Philippines.  He was spotted on the streets of Brooklyn today doing a photo shoot.  Then he goes on to his solo gigs in DC, Las Vegas, San Francisco, starting Fri.

  • durbesque

    I’ve been wondering… Was “Home” completely an accident?  Or did Jimmie know, or intuit, that Phillip had in him the perfect rawhide character, voice, accent, pronunciation, phrasing, ringing tones, for a heroic performance?   

    He makes the song 100% American by evoking the Civil War or a dusty Western by Clint Eastwood.  I’m as sure as I can be that Phillip had no idea he had it in him or that he even wanted it.        

  • Karen C

    I think Jimmy Iovine knew that Home would be a good song for Phillip and that it would do well. He’d been saying all year that he thought Phillip was an artist.  I think he made the right choice.

    It will be interesting to see how well his album does.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    One must wonder how much better off some of the past Idol winners would be if they had been given such a good coronation song instead of the crap they got.  Does it really take 11 years of doing this show for the people who run it to know a good song from a bad one?   Guess I answered my own question. 

    In a way, A Moment Like This being a big success kind of ruined it for so many other winners. It sold well (for its day) and got huge airplay. I think that made TPTB spend years trying to recreate the magic of AMLT (not only for the nice TV moment but also being a hit in the real world), but only really coming close with Time of My Life. Then the No Boundaries debacle happened, which led to TPTB next year giving up and making the Top 2 release popular covers instead.   Interscope came aboard the next year and the mentality toward coronation songs completely changed. They saw the coronation song as a huge opportunity to launch the Top 2 on the radio right after the finale with music in their own genres, instead of with adult contemporary ballads TPTB hoped would magically cross over to other formats. If AMLT had flopped or been just a modest hit, then maybe TPTB would have rethought their coronation song strategy years earlier.

    Before the finale, Jimmy commented positively about Jessica’s original song but didn’t mention anything about P2’s. I don’t know if that was because he wasn’t impressed with it, or he was, but just wanted people to be surprised when they heard it. Home has had a lot of luck as a song, so it would be fitting if Iovine really did think it was just okay, and figured Change Nothing was going to be the big hit out of the two songs.

  • Incipit

    Aww, PS22 is about as cool as it gets – sorry to read Phillip couldn’t sing with them. IMO, Their director is an organizational genius, keeping that music program alive and well, and so high profile in this day and age of cut backs. 

    I haven’t heard the song again since the finale in May – don’t really have a handle on what the genre is – Durbesque makes it sound like Americana, which I don’t listen to, and I will imagine it would fit some singers, but certainly not all the recent winners. I don’t even know if it’s really a fit for Phillip, but Iovine made it work. I guess we’ll see when the album comes out.

    But if Interscope never does another thing right – getting Coronation songs for subsequent winners that have ‘something’ to do with the music they are going to make will still be a huge step forward out of the “Souvenir’ Era of Sony…such a waste of goodwill that was…with few exceptions.

    All these winners ought to be going Platinum on their Coronary, and using it like a bridge to their first single. It was never Rocket Science – I wish whoever wins this new season even more Coronary success!


  • ri2

    These kids are so sweet and talented and they did a beautiful rendition of this song. I sure hope Phillip and the writers get to see this. So touching.

  • Sim Ai Khaw

    Jimmy Iovine say choosing single very difficult at one interview and he say it to Pia for Pia know how difficult to choose single and Jimmy say when he first heard “Home” demo immediately Jimmy had choose it and say that is the song and he insist it for PP2 when PP2 wanted his song written with from his somebody cousin i think in his interview many time PP2 mention “Home” is not really his kind of music. should give credit to song writers of “Home” to write such a good song “Greg Holden”(song writer/singer) and Drew Pearson(song writer) and to put it to AI and Jimmy brilliant to take it.

  • abbysee

    I never said the song wasn’t good. I just disagree that this was a song Cook would choose to sing. Certainly wouldn’t have helped his second Cd Imho.

    ETA: Ohhh, now I see…was intending to reply to Kitwana’s comment about Home fitting Cook more than Phillip. I disagreed that is all.

  • Karen C

    I don’t think this is a song that Cook would have chosen either, it’s really not his style.   However, IMO, I think Home would have been perfect for Lee Dewyze, and actually fits into his original music very well.

    Though if David Cook were given Home as his coronation single, I’m sure he would have done a terrific job with it, and it would have done well.  

    It wouldn’t have fit into his second cd at all.