The Glee Project Ratings Improve

Sunday’s cable ratings are in via TVByTheNumbers, and the news is good–even if ever so slightly–for The Glee Project:

Not in the table below, but Oxygen’s The Glee Project was up from last week’s premiere which drew just 455,000 average viewers to 527,000 viewers.

Yeah.  Better than last week, but still not great. The show probably will not be renewed for another season.

Check out my recaps of the first two shows Individuality and Theatricality.  I’m not crazy addicted to this show, but I like it and will definitely see it through to the end, if only just to see who gets that 7 episode arc on Glee next season.

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  • Tera2

    Its good the ratings improved a bit for glee project. They showed repeat on Bravo and that should help. I only watch Glee ocassionally, but I like Glee project. I watched it originally for Sam Larsen, but a few of them are talented. I’ll keep checking it out. I didn’t know they were gonna drag on the show for more than 6 weeks though.

    I hope the ratings improve for Kara’s show “Platinum hit” too. After Idol I like that one most of music shows, and want it to get renewed next season, but it may not.

  • hcpoirot

    For a singing / talent reality series, this is the second worst new show after CMT Superstar. (I hope CMT didnot get renew for second season. All those fake and ironic challenges)

    Glee Project is not good too. They keep telling us in 2 episodes that they not only want to find a person who can sing, but also dance and lots of personality.

    But if you watched episode 1-2, what did you get? Tons of singing. The kids sing all the time from the beggining, studio session, video clip and bottom 3 sing for survival.

    Are Glee want to find American Idol contestant? They should also add acting challenges inside cause Glee also about acting.

    But nooooooo. More and more singing. And what is personality had to do getting a part in Glee? YOu can be nice or not in real life, but if you not good at acting and a little singing, you are out.

    I bet the winner here probably get a line or two in each Glee episode or only background singers.

    Hoping this show also not get any renew. Just a waste of time.

  • hcpoirot

    Not to mention the song that the kids singing is sing too many many many times in TV. Lady Gaga songs? Bruno Mars?


    Even Platinum Hits much better than this. At least the song are new and fresh. (Cause its new songs)