Taylor Hicks Sails With Jam Cruise 9 - Photos

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Taylor Hicks just disembarked from the Jam Cruise 9. The cruise left Florida on Jan. 4, traveling to Roatan, Honduras and Costa Maya, Mexico.

There was non-stop music onboard from jam greats like Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Ivan Neville, Stockholm Syndrome and more.

Taylor jammed with other bands, including a huge super jam on the last day at sea with Maceo Parker & friends. Taylor also hosted a Gong Show type competition.

I’m posting a few of the photos here, but you can see much, much more at TaylorHicksNews HERE.

Photos: Paul McLaren

More Photos after the JUMP…

  • lucy

    Well, that looks like fun.

  • http://jgrollersellshomes.com juliegr

    Thanks for starting the thread and the link to the photos. Taylor has been very busy networking and making waves in the Jam Band community. This isn’t his first contact with the Jam Band community as he took a cruise in 2004 before he started his AI journey.

    According to the coordinators of the cruise, they had an opportunity to observe Taylor Hicks in his “jam band” persona during an appearance while he was in CO at the Cervantes concert last fall and immediately decided to invite him to appear as a “special guest” on the cruise. Of course, Taylor accepted since he knows many of the musicians on the cruise and loves the Jam Band Community.

    Apparently there were at least 2500 passengers and more than 50 musical groups on the cruise — including the Robert Randolph and The Family Band, George Porter, Maceo, Anders Osborne and the Feat and many others.

  • googletot

    Thanks for the Taylor blog and the photos to go along with it. Taylor is all over the place these days, and his fans are very happy for him.

  • Indigobunting

    Wow, this looked like a blast! If I was to take a cruise that would be the type I would want to take; good music instead of just sitting and eating!

    Sounds like this was a big one, with multiple bands- 50, wow. Must have been lots of music to be heard.

  • Little Boy Blue

    Well, Simon Cowell keeps ridiculing people who’s singing he doesn’t like by comparing their performances with cruise ship performances.

    He doesn’t like Taylor Hicks and was unhappy that he won, which makes this development quite ironic.

    In my dreams, I was actually thinking of a Michael Buble type contestant who would actually perform THE LOVE BOAT (Jack Jones style) in one of the show themes just to spite SImon. But then, I guess that’ll never happen…

  • hoodathunk

    Haha…yes I wonder what Simon would say. It is ironic, although this cruise, unlike the one Simon had in mind, was packed with world-class musicians & serious music fans. I’m pleasantly surprised they invited Taylor, despite him being someone who gained fame on American Idol.

  • cochem

    excerpts from some reviews of the jam cruise at glide magazine

    http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/jam-cruise-journals-day-four-pt-1/ DAY 4

    “Directly after Rock Star Karoake, Taylor Hicks hosted the Gong Show in the theater, which was hilarious. Most contestants were gonged after getting heckled relentless by the audience. Judges included Jennifer Hartswick, Ron Johnson and Skerik, all of whom were extremely tough on those singing or performing. Hicks continued to embrace the Jam Cruise Experience on Day Four by performing a short set for those eating lunch in the cafeteria and by consoling the dejected contestants after they were gonged.”

    http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/jam-cruise-journals-nourished-soul/ DAY 3

    “Down in the Zebra Bar, JoJo’s Mardi Gras Band was holding court where the Widespread Panic keyboardist and his band of NoLa musicians were joined by Taylor Hicks for most of the set including a “fantastico” version of Love The One You’re With. As a Panic fan, it was clear Hicks was eating the experience up. Taylor continued to make his presence felt across the boat and will host the “Gong Show” this evening.”

    http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/jam-cruise-journal-knee-deep-in-it/ DAY 1

    “I must admit, I’m not the biggest Galactic fan, but they kept things interesting throughout there set thanks to various guest spots from Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley, Ivan Neville and a killer rendition of Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ featuring Taylor Hicks on vocals. Hicks has been making friends a plenty on the boat with the American Idol’s willingness to sit-in on everything and anything.”

  • Fullmoon

    Wow, Taylor got his own thread. I really like Taylor, he made S5 very entertaining.

  • tyrpen

    Taylor is hanging out and impressing some mighty good musicians nowadays. He is in his element. Not as mainstream as some are, but a very talented and diverse performer and musician. I believe he will be around a very long time. He can do it all.

  • Nina1

    Oh, wow, does that sound fun!

  • abbysee

    I would have enjoyed this cruise so much. If nothing else Taylor is a consummate musician, working and loving his craft. Always a fan of anyone who is so invested.

  • dancingqueen

    Just goes to show – success isn’t always about the sales & big venues. Sometimes, it’s about odd venues doing what you love with people you have idolized yourself. Tonight, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be in the stands at the BCS Championship game in Arizona, rooting Auburn on with his family & friends & other alumni like Charles Barkley & Bo Jackson. Taylor – you sure do have fun!

  • http://jgrollersellshomes.com juliegr

    To quote Taylor (and others) after Jennifer Gray won DWTS — “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER” (or a box).

    It’s obvious that Taylor Hicks isn’t a one trick pony. lol

    Hi abbysee!

  • http://web.me.com/silversharpee 4tay

    What a great week Taylor has had. He does not disappoint. Thanks for sharing the photos Paul so graciously shared. Looks like an intense week was had by all.

  • cochem

    Some great comments from jam cruise fans… http://www.jamcruise.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=12683

    And an article from popeater on the Gong Show http://www.popeater.com/2011/01/10/american-idol-taylor-hicks-gong-show/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    “It’s kinda funny, because you can draw some similarities between a gong and an Idol,” Hicks tells PopEater. “Now that Simon’s not with Idol anymore, I think you should just replace Simon with a gong. ‘Amateur Night at the Apollo’ had a siren — Idol should have a gong now. You know what? In my opinion, if they put a gong on Idol, it would ring all the time.”

    And ring it did — most contestants on Jam Cruise got the gong early on as Hicks added color commentary that would’ve made Simon Cowell proud.

  • http://jgrollersellshomes.com juliegr

    Sharing a video from the Jam Cruise Jo Jo’s MDB performing “Shaky Ground” – Taylor Hicks sitting in on harp!