SYTYCD 11- Top 20 Live Blog and Discussion

Join me tonight.

Tonight… they’re all dancing in their own style. New partners next week.

Jason DeRulo joins Mary and Nigel on the judging panel.

The Top 20 Opening Group Number

1) Brooklyn and Serge- Cha Cha by Dmitry Chaplin- Hell Yeah by Midnight Red
Brooklyn loves sharks. Serge is obsessed with cheese. Heading into tonight, I’m not sure I would have put Brooklyn in the Top 20. I’m still on the fence, because I’m seeing her in her own style. I think we’ve had better ballroom girls on the show before. Serge is strong, but his hair flipping around is distracting. I’m gonna get tired of him flipping his hair all the time. Cut it. Get it out of your face permanently. A decent start to the show, but not the kind of groundbreaking routine we will see later in the season. Mary loved it uncontrollably. She thought Brooklyn was beautiful, but she was off balance and not grounded. Mary says Serge is better than ever. Jason says it was an amazing start. Jordin Sparks is in the audience. Nigel says it was uplifting. Nigel says Brooklyn needs to play to her partner. Serge says never take no for an answer.

All the voting is online, or through the FOX App. There is no calling or texting. Wow.

2) Emily and Casey- Contemporary by Travis Wall- All Of Me by John Legend
Emily owns a ton of fedoras. Casey is a Disney fanatic. Casey will probably do well in the competition. My only problem is that he has a permanent smile on his face, so when the contemporary dance is sad, or angry, he’s only got one emotion. Emily was fantastic. I think they’ll both be safe next week. Jason thought it was amazing. Nigel says he likes reinvesting in alumni like Travis and Dmitry. Mary loved Emily’s extensions.

3) Valerie and Zack- Tap by Anthony- Sing by Ed Sheeran
Valerie makes good omlettes. Zack hates cereal. By adding the stairs it gives them another level (literally, and figuratively) to dance. It just looks harder than it probably is. Zack has personality for days. I think hee’s a better tapper than Valerie, who seems to struggle a bit in parts. One of Valerie’s slides almost looked like she was losing her balance. They got a standing O from Mary. Nigel, who loves Tap, just says Wow over and over. Nigel was upset that he couldn’t hear the taps because the audience was loud. Nigel says it was so likeable and brilliant. Mary says they were on fire. Jason has a tap background and understood how hard the stairs were.

4) Bridget and Stanley- Contemporary by Bonnie Story- Doesn’t Mean Goodbye by Jon McLaughlin
Bridget might have a foot fetish, and Stanley shares a birthday with Michael Jackson. This is my favorite dance of the night so far. I think Stanley is incredible. He dances from a real place, and Bridget is a comparable partner. I think Emily might be a hair better, but Bridget got the better routine. Mary says Wow, and makes a punny comment about Bonnie Story’s name. Mary says the height Stanley gets is unmatched. Jason liked it, and asks Bridget if she’ll massage his feet. Nigel says they have a lot to offer their future partners.

Jason Derulo is performing possibly after the break…

5) Jacque and Jourdan- Ballet by Marat- Black Swan by Tchaikovsky
Jackie is obsessed with her kitten, and Jourdan is afraid of pigeons. God those TURNS. I think Jackie is a better ballerina, but she has no screentime before this. It’ll be interesting to see if this routine made a dent in her non existent fanbase. Nigel is thrilled to have them. He hit both of them on technique. Mary says it takes unbelievable strength to do what they do.

Cat says if you want to dance with an All-Star, you can use an app and dance with an All Star. So not really.

Snoop Dogg joins Jason DeRulo for Wiggle. Jason put some clothes on awfully quickly. Props to Jason for singing live. Of course, that was pretaped. I love how the crowd just stops cheering all at once while Cat is talking. LOL.

Cat plugs National Dance Day. Nigel plugs the Dizzy Feet Gala.

6) Malene and Marcquet- Brazilian Samba by Louis Van Amstel- Morning Drums by Gregor Salto
EEEW. That shirt on Marcquet. Seriously. And Malene’s dress is kinda gross too. I normally don’t have a problem with costumes, but these two should only be brought out on St Patrick’s Day. As far as the dancing. I think Malene is stronger than Brooklyn, just right out of the gate. Marcquet is battling his hair like Serge. I just see braids flying all over the place. Otherwise, he’s a strong dancer. Nigel says Marcquet is a force to be reckoned with, and compares Malene to a rodeo bull. Mary makes some joke about hot samba rolls. Jason says he could tell they were in their element. He said “you know what I’m saying” three times, during his critique. Marcquet’s shirt needs to be burned.

7) Carly and Rudy- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey- Take It Easy by Jetta
Carly loved Cheerios. Rudy loves country music. Rudy is goofy in rehearsal. A fairly generic contemporary routine. I think Carly is stunning, and Rudy lacks the same presence that Stanley has when he dances. He’ll need to mature and find a good emotional center to shine in the competition. Carly was great though. Mary says the passion poured all over the stage. Mary tells Rudy to watch himself with his shoulders. Jason doesn’t think they’ll be going home.
Nigel says Rudy is really likeable, and wears his heart on his sleeve, but needs to develop his technique a bit more.

Jason said four people are going home. Nigel said they’re losing two. HOW MANY ARE GOING HOME?

8) Emilio and Teddy- Hip Hop by Christopher Scott- Nightshift by The Commodores
Teddy sings his 8 seconds. Emilio gives out his phone number. They have to work with a mop and mop bucket in the routine. Teddy is borderline cheesy, but he’s a good dancer. Emilio kills the routine, but looks like a child next to Teddy. Either Teddy is huge, or Emilio is tiny. Jason thought it was dope. Nigel says Emilio’s tricks are fantastic. Nigel calls out Teddy also being a tapper. Mary says it was mesmerizing, and says they should both be in the next Step Up movie. If Teddy bleached his hair, he could also be Max Headroom.

9) Jessica and Ricky- Contemporary by Sonya- Vow by Meredith Monk
Jessica loves sloths. Ricky loves to climb trees. They’re a match made in heaven. Ricky is incredible. This music is haunting. Jessica is beautiful. I have no idea what this piece is about, but I like it. This incredible simplistic music highlights the movement surprisingly well. That “Titanic” move was incredible. Best move of the night. A sick trick. Standing O from all three judges. Nigel says that this was another level entirely. He calls it otherworldly. Nigel is heartbroken that they’re getting split up, and says they would have walked away with the whole season if they had stayed together. Nigel says Ricky reminds him of Harry Potter. Nigel says it was one of the best routines ever. Mary says it came from heaven. Cat is trying to move them along. Jason thanks them for dancing.

10) Tanisha and Nick- Cha Cha by Louis Van Amstel- I’m A Freak by Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull
Tanisha is allergic to chlorine. Nick loves chocolate milk and loves his dog. These two have grating personalities. I don’t think either of them are the best ballroom male or female, nor are they the worst. I think they’re probably both somewhere in the middle. Tanisha just doesn’t have what Malene has, and Ricky just isn’t Serge. Mary hits Nick for some technique and loved Tanisha and the kiss. Jason says they hit hard. Nigel thinks they were fantastic.

Possibly in danger this week….
Bottom 3 Boys: Serge, Teddy, Casey
Bottom 3 Girls: Brooklyn, Jacque, Jourdan

I think a lot this week will have to do with placement and amount of screentime.

I’ll be doing a powerlist before next weeks show. I decided not to do one ahead of this show because I hadn’t seen everyone dance. Now I have.


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  • Annatree

    do you have to paid for the fox app? wow

  • Kesia Monteith

    Not going to even allow texting for votes? Boy….

  • sandry101

    well the tappers dont have to worry. that as a memorable and well done routine

  • Dean

    No calling or texting, they done lost it. All I ever did was call, ppl don’t feel like going online or downloading a fox app.

  • sandry101

    i hope stanley gets the votes. he’s such a talented and expressive dancer. bonnie did good. too bad it wasn’t closer to the end of the show

  • HermeticallySealed

    Thank you mute button

  • Miss Blue

    Liking this Jason Derulo song. I’m going to buy this. Although I think Snoop has lost his edge.

  • Kara Thrace

    That ballet might have been the worst “in your own style” I’ve seen on sytycd.

  • sandry101

    it really doesn’t matter how good malena and marquet are. tanisha and nick must be tptb choice for ballroom. well also serge because they fawned over him

  • Heidijoy

    You can vote on Facebook!! Not necessary to get Fox app

  • HermeticallySealed

    Agreed. Both were shaky, especially towards the finish. Also, not sure if it was the choreography, or the dancers, but the second half of the routine seemed like they were either out of synch, or just lost. If the choreography called for that, then their presentation should have been smoother. Either way, it came off amateurish.

  • Kara Thrace

    I think the choreography was above their ability. That guy seemed like a superstar and was probably used to working with much more skilled ballerinas. It looked to me like they just couldn’t keep up.

  • HermeticallySealed


  • sandry101

    ricky and jessica’s routine reminded me of fik-shun and amy. so that could be a sign. but i still enjoyed stanley and bridget more

  • Matthew Kitson

    First live show, and Jessica/Ricky already have a standout routine. Great thing about SYTYCD is that they all get the ball rolling in lives, no idea who’s going home.

    However I didn’t love Bridget/Stanley’s routine as much as everyone else apparently.

  • Dean

    I agree with all of this. It did remind me of Fikshun/Amy’s routine and i preferred Bridget/Stanley’s routine too. Honestly it felt like Ricky was just sticking his leg out alot of times. Lol

  • Matthew Kitson

    easier to just go online and vote then to have to write down a number, text number and call

  • Matthew Kitson


  • Kariann Hart

    The only problem is I voted but there was no submit button. My votes were being tabulated and then went no where.

  • Kariann Hart

    How great to see Dmitry Chaplin! I have always had a crush on him. Now all they need is for Pasha (sp) to return. Great dancing tonight!

  • Dean

    Not really, alot of ppl don’t really go online, just vote by phone. I think ppl already have the number they wanna call by the time the show’s over.

  • Alectric

    So apparently you can’t vote unless you have a Facebook account. Whether online or through the app, a Facebook account is required. That is really disappointing.

    My favorites were:
    Bridget and Stanley
    Emilio and Teddy
    Jessica and Ricky

    Hopefully others will vote for them. I agree with the predicted bottom 3.

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    Loved the tappers and hopefully they have some ability to adapt to other styles. A lot will depend on the partners they get obviously. I think the boys are going to be a little stronger this year.

    Jessica stood out for me in the auditions and again tonight followed closely by Malene and Carly.

    The guys were all pretty strong. I like Ricky’s dancing but his personality could wear thin. Stanley and Emilio were really good and Zach could be interesting. I thought Marquette would be better.

    We’ll know Nigel’s favorites when we see the pairings next week.

  • Kariann Hart

    Well, I am happy to say, I finally got through to vote from Facebook. There are many people objecting to the voting system. The phone line probably costs more?

  • Kariann Hart

    No, but people are having some difficulties.

  • sunchick

    Ricky is amazing. I wanted Nigel to shut up because people react negatively to his over effusive praise and I thought that piece should be allowed to speak for itself. I think that was Sonya’s best work since The Garden.

  • sunchick

    No. You can not compare the quality of Ricky’s movement to Fik Shun. I think it’s only because they’re all pocket size.

  • sunchick

    I loved the grumpy reaction of the choreographer. Usually they try to be supportive no matter what, but he was not having it.

  • Caroline B

    Raise your hand if you had
    “oooOooOOOoooOoo–ooo” stuck in your head for hours? Raise your
    hand. ;)

    (raises hand, still, after eleven hours)

    It was a great Top 20 night. I went to the top 20 live show in Season 9, and we had to wait through Green Mile footage before the dancers would come out and perform. Given the condensed nature of this season, I thought this was actually nice, pulling this aside and letting it be its own thing–the dancers in their elements.

  • Jazzyjen508

    I agree. I was so surprised by the hip hop routine I thought it was really cool but I think both of the guys are going to get annoying (personally emilio is already bugging me). I really love watching contemporary so I really enjoyed those routines. I also really liked the second routine of the night (the first contemporary routine of the night). Obviously Jessica and Rickey had the best contemporary routine but I was very happy for bridget that she was able to dance in her style with such strong emotion on her face since she struggled with exactly that in vegas.

  • Jazzyjen508

    thats normal for ballet. the hard core teachers, like the girls in the routine said, are usually very strict.

  • Jazzyjen508

    the girl was looking down a lot and the guy seemed to be trying to help her connect but she seemed more concentrated on the steps.

  • cableknitgal

    Jessica’s face when Ricky first touches her was beautiful. I wish there had been fewer contemporary dances. Of the latin ballroom Malene and Marcquet were the best (I was disappointed with Nick). I wanted the ballet to be really good and it wasn’t. The hip hop wasn’t anything special either. Valerie was too nervous but the routine was great. First tap routine that was really inspiring. I do like Stanley but he was wasted on that boring routine..

  • Jordana34

    My favorite performances of the night were by:
    Jessica And Ricky
    Emilio and Teddy
    Carly and Rudy

    What I loved about the above performances was the connection between the dancers and the fact that they were completely in synch (and absorbed) with the music. The hip hop was not technically perfect, but I loved the Broadway-style choreography and I think that the two dancers played off each other very well. Jessica and Ricky were also technically beautiful, which is why they were my favorite of the night. I also liked Bridget and Stanley.

    I was a bit disappointed with the Samba as well as the Tap and Cha Cha. In the latter two performances, I couldn’t tell if the dancers were just a bit nervous or they weren’t feeling the music. I certainly can’t blame them for not connecting with the music because the song choices were awful. I get that the producers want to use current songs but sometimes it just seems too forced and I could tell that the dancers were struggling to work with the beat especially in the tap piece. I think the . The Ballet was just OK but Jackie was definitely the better dancer of the two.

  • scoobynacks

    On the contrary, voting online is awesome. All I did for Idol this year was vote online. Didn’t call once and I used to call a ton. Threw my votes down, went about my business. “A lot” of people don’t vote by phone to the degree you think they do or Fox would still be using it. It’s all $$ based. Not enough people call or text to make it worth it. Don’t see how anybody could possibly prefer to call. Takes much more time and effort.

  • sunchick

    Yes, I know. I loved that he was so authentic, TV show be damned.

  • Jae

    this is my thought. He didn’t look none to pleased with their performance. And I think the dance showed them to be mediocre at best. I will be surprised if one or both of them aren’t inthe bottom.